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Nobody’s Perfect: Harry Reid Now VS Harry Reid Then

Nobody’s Perfect

This week we have Harry Reid now, VS Harry Reid then.

FIRST: Harry Reid of the present day: We have all found out, thanks to some good Americans who stood with flags in hand and America in their hearts, that Harry Reid was behind last week’s WACO like invasion of the Bundy ranch. Yes, Harry sent helicopter and a 200 BLM armed militia.Harry Reid, AM terrorist

So much for Mr. Mormon nice guy.

(Where WAS the governor on this?)

In my last post this week, I noted that “green” energy, is all about liberals taking control of just about everything…and have you noticed that the democrats have a nasty habit of selling off America, piece by piece, to the Chinese? Jimmy Carter let the Chinese have the Panama Canal. Bill Clinton sold nuclear secrets to them along with many of our most important ports, among other things. Obama has opened up our oil fields now, to China. Even Bush wouldn’t do that.

So, this is nothing new. The reason this was a turning point, is that Harry wanted to take land and property from a common American for his Chinese friends.  Harry would have had to kill quite a few to get his way— he’s not that stupid.

And it’s no doubt that Harry was behind it all. Harry’s former senior advisor, Neil Komze, is now director of BLM, which sent helicopters and over 200 armed men..for what? To protect the turtles? On its website, BLM it had documents stating that the agency wanted Bundy’s cattle off the land. When the standoff became national news, they took it down.

Harry was going to make a lot of money:Harry Reid green pork

From WND

They were getting a mega-deal. On April 3, 3012, Bloomberg reported Chinese billionaire Wang Yusuo, one of China’s richest citizens and the founder of ENN, had teamed up with Harry Reid to win incentives including land 113 miles southeast of Las Vegas that ENN sought to buy for $4.5 million, less than one-eighth of the land’s $38.6 million assessed value. But the story gets better. Harry Reid’s son, Rory Reid, was the chief representative for a Chinese energy firm planning to build a $5-billion solar plant on public land in Laughlin, Nev.

And, yes, money exchanged hands between ENN and Reid. The Chinese energy company contributed $40,650 individually and through its political action committee to Sen. Reid over the previous three election cycles.

Reid was recruited by ENN during a 2011 trip he took to China with nine other U.S. senators, supposedly to invite Chinese investment in the United States. The Senate group accompanying Reid on his 2011 trip to China included six other Democrats and three Republicans: Richard Shelby, R-Ala.; Barbara Boxer, D-Calif.; Dick Durbin, D-Ill.; Mike Enzi, R-Wyo.; Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.; Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J.; Johnny Isakson, R-Ga.; Jeff Merkley, D-Ore.; and Michael Bennet, D-Colo.

Funny isn’t it? Who’s the biggest crony capitalist in the nation? Harry Reid, is one of the biggest, and so to divert your attention away from his money-making mafia traitorous deals, he goes after the Koch Bothers.

Who’s the biggest Anti American here? the Koch brothers, or Harry Reid?

A Nobody comment I stole from Glenn Beck’s site:

Over the past twenty five years, from 1989 to 2014, Koch Industries has donated $18,083,948 in political contributions to Republicans. While that seems like a large sum, it only ranks them as number 59 on the list of top all-time political donors – behind 18 different unions. Many of the 58 contributors above Koch industries donate to Harry Reid. Could that be what Harry is trying to cover up with his accusations?

Read the Koch Brothers intentions (in the Wall Street Journal) here—it’s pretty clear they are great Americans.

Second, Harry Reid of Yesterday: He 2007 got a transportation bill to build a bridge on land he owned over the Colorado River. He used campaign donations to buy Christmas Gifts to the staff at the condominium where he resides. HE helped get his friend Harvey Whittemore, a Nevada attorney lobbyist who of course, like the Chinese gave heavily to Harry’s election to build a billion dollar golf course, Coyote Springs, (which endangered several endangered species.) His son was his attorney.

Jack Abramoff helped him receive over $50,000 from four tribes to help their gaming interests.Harry Reid cartoon

And the WORST of what he has done, as Majority Leader of the Senate: has destroyed much of our Constitution.

So who wins the Nobody’s Perfect award for the Week?

The Harry Reid of today; or the Harry Reid of yesterday?

Harry Reid wins now, then, and in the future as one of the most despicable degenerates to ever hold office, and proof that the mob is alive and well in the democratic party. He vows to get revenge on those American patriots. (Yes, he hates the tea party as much as the Koch brothers)

George Washington would have had him hanged for treason, and now, there are MILLIONS of Americans who really miss George.

God bless those Americans for standing up to Harry…but remember, he’ll be back. Bullies are just like that.


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Van Jones Wants to Rule the Goyims

Nobody’s OpinionMonkeys thinkning

Last week’s standoff in Nevada, was a perfect example on how communists, or as Van Jones likes to call himself, progressives, plan to take over, and control the world. Just about everybody knows that a few hundred cattle are not going to kill of a turtle species, but that’s how the left intents to “take” over the world: with eco-green ‘energy’ that all of them will make a lot of money off of.

The turtle needs to be saved, but the cow, farts. It’s gotta go. So what if it feeds the world? They don’t want it, and they don’t want you to be able to eat hamburgers and drink milk…that’s only for them…like Obamacare.


They are doing this for our own good.

It’s not the first time a group of men have tried to take over the world, but listen to Van Jones explain, that they have to ‘change’ America in little steps. Those little steps add up. Actually, they have managed to take over our schools, and universities with hundreds of little steps. And Michelle Obama is now telling us what she WANTS us to eat. She has even changed McDonald’s menu, and her demands have cost billions of dollars to everyone in the food industry.

Make no mistake, that’s no little step.

Little steps. How many little steps have been taken to get rid of religion and the family?  How many little steps have been taken to knock out small businesses? For that matter, how many BIG steps have been taken to fortify wealth into just a very few hands?

The idea of a few men running the world is nothing new. Just by accident, a few weeks ago, I came upon a book that contained, the “Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion.” If you search the internet, you will never in a hundred years find out where this piece of work came from, but one thing you will learn when reading it, is that men (And let’s be frank here, the Jews aren’t the only ones) have been trying to figure out how to control the world since before the floods.Protocals of Zion

For instance, in Protocol No 1

“it must be noted that men with bad instincts are more in number than the good, and therefore the best results in governing them are attained by violence and terrorization, and not by academic discussions. Every man aims at power, everyone would like to become a dictator if only he could, and rare indeed are the men who would not be willing to sacrifice the welfare of all for the sake of securing their own welfare.”

I don’t agree with this at all…it seems to me the world over, that most people just want to be left alone. Most people are good, and the proof of that is the fact that we all drive on the right side of the street. Now, if you take this as describing Obama, I’d say he hit it right on. ..but imagine Van Jones saying this: “All men are harming the planet for their own selfish reasons, therefore only people like me should rule.” This gives them the right in their minds to be…ruthless pigs.

“Political freedom is an idea but not a fact. This idea one must know how to apply whenever it appears necessary with this bait of an idea to attract the masses of the people to one’s party for the purpose of crushing another who is in authority.”

Okay, they call this liberalism; Name the enemy first. The GOP are racist, misogynists, who will let you drown after a tsunami (one of Van Jones favorite images) and therefore elect the democrats! So they did, and you gave them power…to crush you.

“The political has nothing in common with the moral. The ruler who is governed by the moral is not a skilled politician, and is therefore unstable on his throne. Great national qualities, like frankness and honesty, are vices in politics, for they bring down ruler from their thrones more effectively and more certainly than the most powerful enemy. Such qualities must be the attributes of the kingdoms of the goyim, (Nobodies) but we must in no wise be guided by them. “Van Jones with Newt

The democrats I think have this philosophy tattooed on their foreheads, with invisible ink. Obamacare will kill millions…it’s not moral, and yet, they passed it on Christmas Eve. Can’t get more immoral than that. They don’t care, it’s about control, and wealth.

“On the ruins of the natural and genealogical aristocracy of the goyim we have set up the aristocracy of our educated class of the goyim we have set up the aristocracy of our educated class headed by the aristocracy of money. “

Can you say, Harvard, Yale, (Van Jones went to Yale, hard to believe isn’t it?)  Oxford?

Anyway, that’s just Protocol No. one. There’s 24 of them. And they mirror what is happening today in the elites halls of ‘progressives’ from both parties. You have to wonder if they don’t put a copy on their pillow at night at all the top hotels.

The Obama still have two more years to “fundamentally change America” and today, we saw another shooting: a “Nazi” shot some Jews here in America. Guns is top on the lists.

Their agenda has been clear: Control—. Of the internet, of your health, your energy consumption, how much money you are allowed to make, how long you will be allowed to work, and how many cows can walk on your ranch. Oh, and don’t have kids. Be gay and adopt. We’d like that.

Glenn Beck exposed Van Jones for what he was…he was an avowed communist. So poor Obama had to get him another job. Now you can see him on Crossfire on CNN where he can take the illiterates of his generation…down to tyranny. Step by step.

Am I worried about Van Jones?

Ha. Nobody watches CNN…now if he gets on FOX…



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The Democrats are CLEAR: The End…is near.

Nobody Wonders

Since I am a “night” person, I had CPAN on last night and heard some pretty incredible statements by democrats, trying to get us all excited about ‘saving’ the planet

Senator Angus King said this:Climate change one

“We have an obligation to pass on the earth to our children. It’s not going to be free.”

I love this. Democrats feel NO obligation whatsoever in their children’s future economic welfare, passing onto their children a $17 trillion dollar debt, or their educational future—passing on an educational system that isn’t even as good as the one in Estonia, passing on dying cities whose infrastructures are crumbling, passing on a bi-lingual nation, passing on an unprotected nation, and one daily more in dire danger from outside attacks from our enemies because they are too busy monitoring citizens, passing on a heath systems which will kill millions, passing on a nation with no jobs dependent forever on the state..

.BUT, they care deeply about the earth.

Senator Jeff Merkley actually claimed that

“Our winters are not as bad as they used to be”

Since Jeff is from Oregon, and this winter, Niagara Falls, AND all the lakes above Michigan froze solid, Nobody Wonders where e Jeff spends most of his time.

The US must lead this new “Save our planet” by paying for it through our electric bills. Sure, China is polluting, but if we would lead, he is SURE the rest of the world will follow!  Also, he had fires in his state, because of global warming.  Forgetting to mention that the National Forest Service does not take care of the Forests anymore, and we have lots of arsonist starting fires, and Obama makes sure that he controls the water to put out these fires, and won’t let them HAVE any water, as he did in Arizona.climate change six

Senator Christophe Coons of Delaware said that he took his kids on vacation last year, to see some glazers and it broke their little hearts when the glazier had been melting, and that’s why sea levels are rising!

Hey, it breaks my heart every year when I can’t take my family on vacation—ANYWHERE due to the poor economy. I would take a melting glazier any day of the week, and I promise, everyone in the family would be excited.

More Congressmen came onto the floor, and they punched it up: Military bases will be closed due to FLOODS! AND they will be stretched to the limit because its our military that goes all over the world to save people in climate disasters, people in Bangladesh will DIE! Companies are DEMANDING global warming taxes! Something must be done. ( I was waiting for somebody to mention chemtrails, but nobody did.)

And then, this morning, saving the planet was put on hold. Everything was forgotten because Diane Feinstein was pissed off because the CIA was spying on HER!

Something tells me, climate change is NOT going to be a subject on the democratic ticket in the upcoming elections. Our poor children will have to suffer, because the democrats care so much more about…

Power. Who knew?climate change five

And if Diane Feinstein thinks we care about her problem…I suggest she get herself a water bottle and squirt it on her face.


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Obama’s House of Cards

Nobody’s Opinion

Right before this interview today on George Stephanopoulos This Week, they showed “President” Obama talking about Kevin’s Spacey’s very popular Netflix program: House of Cards. (I could NOT find Obama’s take anywhere on Youtube) Obama laughed as he usually does when caught in a lie, and remarked that House of Cards was simply a fantasy, but he sure wished that he was like Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey’s character)  because he could get a lot more done.Obama excuse

If you haven’t seen House of Cards, it’s like the West Wing, but more realistic.

Obama’s comment reminded me of a comment that President George W. Bush’s Quote made while HE was President.

“I told all four that there are going to be some times where we don’t agree with each other, but that’s OK. If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I’m the dictator,” Bush joked.—, December 18, 2000

Every conservative that watches Frank Underwood on House of Cards, thinks he is watching every democratic politician that every graced the halls of power. George Stephanopoulos and Obama have gone out their way in interviews to reiterate how NOTHING like the program ever happens in real life Washington D.C..


The problem I have is deciding if Obama is more like Frank Underwood or Tony Soprano.  Remember when he said when they bring a knife to the fight, he will bring a gun?

Before you say, “He was just kidding.”…ask yourself: Should any politician even talk that way?

House of Cards has become a big hit.  As the writer said tonight, where else are you going to find so much drama but in Washington?Criminals

Kevin says in the beginning of this interview, most people think that the show is 99 percent correct.  Many of us do believe that our politicians, murder, cheat, steal, and do just about everything under the sun, and to think this, is not farfetched at all. It’s not a fantasy.  Just turn on your TV set.

What’s even more impossible to believe, is that so many people still don’t think our government would resort to such measures.

But…we know, by the polls, that both Congress and the President are at all-time lows…so I’d say we’re getting there. And that’s the point: THEY know it too.

(What to do about it? )

We see it right before our eyes. Corruption is at the highest levels of our government and nobody ever goes to jail. The Clintons alone had at least 60 people who worked for them over the years, all mysteriously die—whether by accident, or heart attacks. What are the odds?

When Hillary Clinton, as First Lady, ran into Vince Foster’s office to shred documents, after he ‘killed’ himself, and before the police could get there—well—- it didn’t exactly make her look innocent. What was she looking for?

When Obama lies almost every day, even at the expense of people losing jobs and medical care, can we expect him NOT to be capable of murder?

Many Americans think so, and that’s why the series is so popular. Kevin is brilliant in House of Cards,  but notice, at the end of this interview he makes the same point about politicians that Steve Spielberg made in Lincoln—which is: Presidents must commit a few crimes to get the end result they want. In LBJ’s case it was the passage of three civil rights bills. Therefore the ends justify the means. It’s the one solid mantra of any ‘progressive.’ They live by that, and it excuses every single crime they make. That’s why Sibelius was never held responsible, or the IRS, never held responsible, or Hillary Clinton, never held responsible….

House of Cards at My House

House of Cards at My House

(Hell, Bill Clinton knowingly gave blood filled with AIDS to Canada while governor of Arkansas, and he was never held responsible.)

Kevin Spacey is a liberal last time I checked, and the new series mentions the Tea Party, the elections coming up…and some themes of liberals, like the “rapes’ of the military, and big businesses controlling the White House. But, Kevin’s character is a democratic rascal…so House of Cards is going to be a big hit with the majority of the American people, just like 24 was.

But— I remind myself, the very popular 24 helped American get used to the idea of electing the first black President by portraying him as one of the most honest, politicians to ever grace the White House–the actor himself even admitted this:

Haysbert believes that his playing of David Palmer on 24 helped Barack Obama—whom Haysbert supported—to win the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.[10][11]–Wikipedia

How did that turn out? Obama was NOT the honest President from 24, in fact, he was the exact opposite.

So…Are we being manipulated again, with the very lovable character of Frank Underwood?

Wasn’t Tony Soprano lovable? Are you seeing the pattern?

Is the House of Cards just another social propaganda mechanism to get the masses of conservatives left in America, hooked on a pop culture’s series, only to find out, that Hollywood puts out the baited hook, you get addicted, then all of a sudden you are accepting the fact that Presidents should be able to kill, cheat, lie and destroy, for the benefit of –the American people?

A ruthless man, is to be admired?

And would Hollywood participate in such deception?obama lover

That thought has been a giant dichotomy to me. Why would Steven Spielberg make such a strong stand and support for Israel, and then come out and support Obama.

Or—is it always just about the money?

Do they try to write the truth in-between the lines, but are as duplicitous to the politicians as the politicians are to us?

Nobody Knows, but I wish I did. And that’s the theme I am coming up with.  Many democrats believe the American people are not capable of running their own lives and only the ELITES know what is good for us, and I’ve even heard some democrats say that they were GLAD that Obama lied to the people, otherwise Obamacare would have never been passed.

And if that’s true, then I think it’s about time we blew Obama’s flimsy and corrupt House of Cards back to Hollywood.

Frank Underwood, would,  I HOPE— be pleased.

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Mayor Nagin: Mayor Reed—Emergency Experts

Nobody Wins

The city of Atlanta was hit with a major ice storm yesterday, hundreds of people were stranded on highways and schools for more than 23 hours… and it’s no surprise that the Democratic mayor–did nothing.

The result was gridlock on freeways that are jammed even on normal days. Countless vehicles were stranded and many of them abandoned. Officials said 239 children spent Tuesday night aboard school buses; thousands of others stayed overnight in their schools.

One woman’s 12-mile commute home took 16 hours. Another woman gave birth while stuck in traffic; police arrived just in time to help. Drivers who gave up trying to get home took shelter at fire stations, churches and grocery stores.traffic jam

CNN did a good job drilling Mayor Reed on WHY he did nothing, but notice how good he is at passing the blame: It was the teacher’s fault. This morning–they were blaming the weatherman–because George Bush wasn’t around. Yes, it’s got to be rough when your President is a democrat and you are the mayor of a big city, and you can’t blame the President when you &$% up and your own citizens are mad at you.

But…guess what? Remember when the Mayor of New Orleans blamed President George W. Bush for Katrina?

Ray Nagin rose to American political fame in swift, albeit uncensored, fashion — as the New Orleans mayor who publicly trashed and pleaded with President George W. Bush to save his city in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  “Flying over in Air Force One doesn’t do it justice,” Nagin said during a radio interview a few days after the storm hit on Aug. 29, 2005. 

Then the photo came out, of George flying over New Orleans and not even landing. Why, he should have sent in the 45th battalion! They never got over it, and to this day, President George W. Bush is blamed for the misery suffered after Katrina. But…it wasn’t his fault. He was actually following the law. By our Constitution, if you have a disaster in your city, it’s the Mayor and the Governor of that state that are responsible to handle it. The Federal government can only come in when ASKED. And nobody asked the President for DAYS.GB over New Orleans

Nobody Thinks that was because Nagin really messed up big time…the democrats manipulated it so that the President would be blamed, instead of the mayor.

When does a democrat NOT blame a republican for something that they do?

Wal-Mart came to the rescue when Mayor Nagin was sitting around bitching about everything. But that’s democrats. Nagin was such a crook. He is just now being persecuted for what he did during the time of Katrina. (READ ABOUT THAT HERE)

President George W. Bush did right by not landing…he really was thinking of the people. The whole apparatus of Air Force One would have been a headache at the time when people didn’t need one. Nevertheless…that didn’t stop Obama from landing In New Jersey and getting his photo-op with Chris Christie while he made all kinds of promises those suffering people after Hurricane Sandy—-

Which of course, were all lies.

The CNN reporter is right: It was the mayor’s fault. He should have salted those roads. Atlanta is not doing too good financially, and if Kasim is anything like Nagin, who knows what corruption he is in? As for the democratic governor, Nathan Deal?

Around the time the traffic jam started, Deal and Reed were at an award ceremony recognizing the mayor as the “2014 Georgian of the Year.” Deal spokesman Brian Robinson said the governor left before 1:30 p.m. and was in constant contact with emergency officials.

Nevertheless: It’s already been suggested that the small communities cannot handle things at all. All power should just be put in the hands of the President.  I actually heard that on CNN. They can’t blame George Bush, so they are going to do the next best thing: Take all power away from the states and put that power in the hands of Obama.

Nobody Wins when democrats run the country.

So whatever happened to Nagin? He’s going to court:

Mayor nagin

The indictment states Nagin accepted more than $160,000 in bribes and truckloads of free granite for his family business in exchange for promoting the interests of businessman Frank Fradella — who secured millions of dollars in city contract work after the hurricane. The hurricane and its aftermath killed roughly 1,800 people and cost an estimated $108 billion.

Nagin moved to Dallas after leaving office and founded CRN Initiatives LLC, which specializes in publishing, public speaking and emergency preparedness.

You cannot make this stuff up.

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Wendy Davis and Bill Clinton. What?

Wendy DavisNobody Knows

Before Ted Cruz, there was Wendy Davis.

Yes, remember Wendy? She made her big mark in history on June 25, 2012, when she strapped on a catheter in Texas,  and filibuster to block Senate Bill 5, which banned abortions after 20 weeks and required doctors to have admitting privilege at a nearby hospital.  Rick Perry won that fight, but Wendy became a feminist hero overnight—Which was the plan. The Democrats WANT Texas. And they are running the blond from…where else?


But…evidently Wendy hasn’t got the very important art of lying down quite yet.

Nobody Knows how hard it was for one poor and desperate single mom, to go from going to college, working to support herself and her two daughters while she was struggling, and all her own effort…actually make it to Harvard law school, ONLY to jump into the Texas race for governor?

Wow. What a woman, you might say.  Not since Hillary have we heard such fortitude of strength. Imagine, having to support her two kids, struggle through law school at Harvard, losing sleep, worrying, staying up late at night helping the girls with their schools work…


Wait. Hear it from her own lips:

Wendy Davis will tell you…her life has been rough.Wendy Davis 2

“I had a baby. I got divorced by the time I was 19 years old … After I got divorced, I lived in a mobile home park in southeast Fort Worth.”

Yes, prepare for another round of— “Women have had it SO tough, and they are not paid like the men, and they are losing the battle for equality” blah, blah, blah. It was Obama’s theme song in his last election, and it will be the new theme in Hillary’s campaign for President.

Once again…”Mistreated women of the world…UNIT!

But…somehow it has slipped out: Behind Wendy Davis’s miraculous story of success.. (shhhhh….) .There was a husband for whom she could not have attained that success. Imagine that? A man who not only paid for her education but took care of the kids while she got her degree!

From Wikipedia:

Davis’s website says she made her way through college and Harvard Law School “with the help of academic scholarships and student loans,” but her second husband, with whom she had a second daughter, also made significant financial contributions. When the future state senator met lawyer Jeff Davis, she was working two jobs and attending Texas Christian University on an academic scholarship and a Pell Grant. After their marriage, he paid for the last two years of her undergraduate degree. While Davis attended Harvard Law School, her husband cared for the two girls back in Texas and helped pay her tuition, cashing in his 401(k) and taking out a loan.

And then the very DAY after he made the last loan payment—: She divorced him.

Nobody Knows how many men have met this same fate: But go ahead: Tell us.

The main reason Texas should beware of this harpie, who likes to mention the word vagina on the Senate floor, is her vindictive nature.

Davis first ran for the Fort Worth city council in 1996.[4] She was defeated.[4] After her defeat Davis sued the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, American Broadcasting Company, and the Disney Company, which at the time owned the Star-Telegram and ABC.[4] The Texas Tribune stated that she alleged “that biased coverage led to her defeat and caused injury to her physical and mental health“.[

**********************************Wendy Davis blue

Nobody Knows if the democrats have bigger and better things in store for MS Davies if she loses her run for governor, but, I suggest,  Bill Clinton is not too old to step in and help the poor woman out. I can just hear their new campaign song now..

“There’s a place for usssss…somewhere a place for usssss….hold my had and I’ll take you there…somewhereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”    


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JFK: Just Because They Write Our History, Doesn’t Mean We Have to Believe It.

Nobody’s Opinion

On the day that Kennedy was assassinated I remember they let us out of school early. I was sad to hear it, but more sad for those around me. Children were crying on the bus ride home. My parents, really didn’t have much to say about the event to my brother and I, because we had heard them talking many times about how they didn’t trust Kennedy. Both my parents were WWII veterans, and to them, Kennedy didn’t have the right war experience. He was a rich man’s son, was all show, and we had to dig bunkers in the back yard because the man was so incompetent.Bob Schieffer

Today, on all the Sunday talk shows, JFK was the top subject. All the pundits came to praise the man, and stayed to the historical record: Oswald was the lone gunman, and all these conspiracy nuts out there writing pages of conspiracy theories, are just that: conspiracy nuts.  In fact, Bob Schieffer, on Face the Nation, went so far as to say Lee Harvey Oswald was a right-wing radical. And of course, Texas, where all those right-wing nut jobs live,  was more responsible for his death than most anybody.

What? What does this tell us? Our media is state controlled and has been for decades.

Three men have come out with books on the killing of Kennedy recently, in order  to take advantage of the 50th anniversary of his death: Bill O’Reilly, Jerome Corsi, and Roger Stone. Bill O’Reilly, takes the ‘Oswald acted alone” course which he always does, because he is part of the ‘insiders’ of Washington.  But Corsi and Stone, have a different take, which is—-

LBJ, (that right-wing terrorist), was the man that killed Kennedy. (Along with the help of Dulles)

I had read this theory about 15 years ago. I had found a book at some old garage sale,  written by LBJ’s lawyer.  He admitted that he really thought, due to his legal associations with LBJ, and LBJ’s  ‘admittance’ on his deathbed, that LBJ was guilty.

Good luck finding that book anywhere.

Last night on Coast to Coast, Roger Stone, the author of The Man Who Killed Kennedy,  said this: LBJ was the man who had him assassinated, (because he was the man who would benefit the most) and he also concluded he killed Bobby Kennedy, and Martin Luther King.  Nobody Thinks that most of the evidence that Kennedy was killed by his vice president, not only makes sense, but for so many prominent people to take the stance that our government would never do such a thing—is just such nonsense it borders almost on absurdity. It shows uncontestable ignorance of not only  history, but human behavior.Roger Stone

But…the main goal is, and always will be— to protect the OFFICE of the Presidency at all costs. Lie, bully, cheat but protect that office to the point of death, because it represents what the office must have beyond a shadow of a doubt: complete legitimacy. The illusion of a perfect benevolent leader must never be refuted.   And so this year, they brought in Tom Hanks to put out some strong propaganda to get those people who are actually thinking out loud in public—- to stop it. He made a movie about it: Parkland.

Stone says this on his website.

Now let’s circle back to Tom Hanks, who cared enough to capitalize on the 50th anniversary of the president’s death, but not enough to research what actually happened on Nov. 22, 1963. Parkland makes no mention of the strange wounds found by the emergency room workers, because this would be contrary to the autopsy performed under military supervision at Bethesda Naval Hospital. The grapefruit sized exit wound in the back of Kennedy’s head, described by more than forty witnesses, is also missing from the film. Even Tom Robinson, the mortician who prepared Kennedy for his casket, clearly indicated the large exit wound on the back of the head was “pretty much between” Kennedy’s ears. The Warren Commission went against the description of virtually every eyewitness and concluded that the back of Kennedy’s skull was intact, again concealing a shot from the front… Tom Hanks also followed suit.

At the time, the Secret Service was under orders, and the man at the helm was the one who gained the most from the president’s assassination: Lyndon Johnson. Lyndon Johnson ordered that the presidential limousine–which was in fact the crime scene–be immediately destroyed.

( Remember when Clinton ordered our Navy carriers to quickly get John Jr. plane out of the ocean and immediately destroyed?)

And so…if you realized that Kennedy was killed for political reasons, whether to stop him from getting rid of the Federal Reserve, or stopping our involvement in Vietnam, or to stop LBJ from going to jail, (He was by all accounts a big time criminal with ties to the mob)— you realize that the leaders of the Western world are no better than some communist dictators.


The Bunch right after his death on Air Force One.

If they want to destroy their enemies, by killing them…they just do.

And if people believe that LBJ killed Kennedy, then anything is possible, is it not?

Nobody Thinks there were plenty of reason for the Royal Family to kill Diana. And JFK Jr. was going to run for Congress in New York, which would have prevented Hillary from running for President, because she needed that seat. The Clintons have a long line of mysterious murders in their past, which is ignored by all but the few.

And what about Jackie?—- That sweet, innocent, high society beauty? It’s Jackie’s reaction that always bothered me. If you ever listened to Jackie, she talked JUST like Marilyn Monroe, in that very fake raspy breath. I remember hearing her talking to LBJ one day on the radio, (not long after Jacks’ death) and it was almost as if she was giving him sex over the phone. It was astounding to me. Was she in on it?

Was she finally tired of Jack screwing everything in sight?

In the next few days, we will all have to go once again through the reels of the  glamorized fantasy of what a great man he was, and conservatives will be pointing out the good things he did: like lowering taxes and getting us to the moon. And compared to Obama, Kennedy was a sweetheart. Despite the democrats milking his legacy every year because they need all the help they can get, the truth seems to be that LBJ had to get the help of the mob and the CIA to pull it off. Is it any wonder the tremendous PR they have created to guard the democratic party? They HAD to do it. It was a matter of survival to them all.

Jackie made sure that the real truth will not be looked till way beyond 2050— Too bad we can’t ask her why.  And no one in Congress will ever look into it, because what IS important to our “state leaders” is the myth of the ever loving, caring, never hurt a soul –honest United State President, leader of the ‘free’ world, and that image remains untarnished. You know, they would never kill people.Especially a famous one.

Just because they write the history doesn’t mean we have to believe it.LBJ and Jack

Oh…yes—Stone worked for Nixon, and Nixon admitted that LBJ killed Kennedy, one night after he had a little too much to drink.

The question is: Do you believe him, or is this just another right-wing conspiracy? Many Americans are starting to wonder….

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It’s a Beautiful Day in My Neighborhood…

Nobody Wins–

—When your local town is filled with just as many crooks as Washington.

While we marvel at the lies in Washington, here in St. Louis, the local democrats are just as good at stealing money.steve webb

Right next door to me, is the city of Florissant, and the town’s representative, Steve Webb,  just did his very best imitation of Jesse Jackson Jr.

CLAYTON, MO (KTVI) – Missouri State Representative Steve Webb of Florissant has been charged with violating laws for reporting and use of campaign money. He has been charged with a felony for stealing campaign funds and spending them on himself.

According to a St. Louis Post-Dispatch report he has received $28,916 worth of gifts from lobbyists. Nearly two-thirds of the value of those gifts came from utilities. He serves on the House Utilities Committee.

St. Louis County Police say that Webb asked for a political contribution of $3,000 from Community Loans of America. He told them that the donation would be used to sponsor a reception held by the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus in Washington, D.C. Webb then deposited the funds into a bank account he established with the name of Missouri Black Caucus.  Then he transferred the funds into his personal bank account and used the funds for personal use.

I want to know what happened to all the money that we don’t know about.Obama promise

And just to prove that the local democratic women can steal just as well as the men, we have another robber of money, She just got caught:

ST. LOUIS • A Florissant woman was indicted Wednesday on 24 counts of tax fraud.

Federal prosecutors in St. Louis say Evelyn Silas, 53, an employee with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in St. Louis, filed fraudulent tax returns in order to collect tax money for relatives, friends and herself from 2009 to 2011. Authorities say she filed phony business and individual returns resulting in losses of an estimated $90,000.

Silas often directed the IRS to send her family and friends’ tax refunds to her own bank account, the indictment says. Silas would then forward a portion of the refund to the taxpayer and keep some for herself.

(Bet you’ve had this happen in YOUR little town:)

And to prove to you, that it’s not only the black democrats that can steal, did I mention the local liberal judges like to do cocaine?Fogarty

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A former probation officer pleads guilty to supplying cocaine to judges in St. Clair County.

Federal agents say James Fogarty admitted he sold drugs to two St. Clair County Judges; Judge Michael Cook and deceased Judge Joe Christ. Christ died of a cocaine overdose.

Fogarty went straight to jail after pleading guilty and will be sentenced to 60 months in February. The Judge warned that he may cancel this deal if prosecutors find Fogarty’s cocaine killed Christ.

Wow. We have congressmen stealing money from the public till, a government worker who wanted her equal opportunity to steal from the public till, and judges dying from cocaine overdose.

And now the GOOD news:

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– The St. Louis Airport Commission took a major step toward its latest attempt to become a major player in international cargo.  The beginnings of a deal are in place with a Texas company to create a customs hub for goods going in and out of Mexico, which would literally and figuratively replace the ill-fated “China Hub” project.

If the judges weren’t dead from bad cocaine, they would have been in ecstasy to learn that soon, coming to St. Louis, will be the Mexicans cartels, who will no longer have to drive their trucks of cocaine through Texas. Just think—- James Fogarty wouldn’t have had to do jail time.

And if you live in Florissant and are not fortunate enough to have a government job , don’t worry. They will need help unloading all those planes.

And THIS is why I don’t go out of the house, unless I have to.

Death Countdown Watch

Death Countdown Watch

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Zonation on Racist Democrats

Nobody’s Fool

I couldn’t help myself…Zonation continues to impress me with his intellectual savvy. Here, Zo and his friends, point out how racist this liberal commercial is, and democrats in general.

So, Zo and his nation wins my Nobody’s Fool Award of the week! We need MORE! MORE!

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Democratic Chresmomancy (Prophesy of Lunatics)

Nobody’s Opinion

John Boehner is getting Palined.

The Democrats are raving mad prophesies about how John Boehner is destroying the whole country.  Of course, it’s not true…but the propaganda is almost breathtaking on the liberal side.

And they know how to attack–below the belt.  Obama is a master of divide and conquer. Kris 24

The mad ravings go on: Boehner has been captured by the evil empire of the Tea Party (the new Jews) who will take the country, and the whole WORLD into Armageddon by not acquiescing to the President’s wishes, which are…give me Obamacare and raise my Credit Card amount.

—or else you will never visit Mt. Rushmore again.

I watched all the Sunday  talk shows, and all I heard is how horrible it will be if the country’s defaults, which it can do if Boehner and Obama do not talk. So they say. Obama in cash

Both pundits from both sides were fear mongering to the fullest of their ability. Add that to the History Channel on going predictions of global warming destruction, and 60 Minutes destroying the world by comets, and you get the feeling that they want the whole world scared out of their minds.

Some social scientist somewhere has determined it’s best to keep everyone in great fear.

But amazingly, I only heard ONE man, suggest  that all Obama has to do, is take 30 percent of the taxes he collects and pay the interest on our loans, when that day comes.  Pretty simple. Then they can go back to fighting. Obama now, has the power to end it all….but he won’t. He must be forced. He wants the default. He intends to destroy America, and then, transform it.

So, why do the conservatives have trouble attacking? They should be on full attack right now.

It’s just not natural to them, is it?

The one thing the democrats have going for them, is control of Hollywood, and the entertainment industry, who can make damaging commercial like this one—.

I want to know what brain-pea thought that by putting on a crying baby (something that would be especially offensive to any man) make them hate John Boehner?

Are the IQ of football fans really that low? Pretty sick.

But not as sickening as the video just released by SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. (Caution…you might get brain damage from actually watching this. Not for children.)

Anybody that grew up watching real comedians on SNL know that this was not a comedy routine, but a straight-out propaganda  bullet meant to destroy John Boehner and Michelle Beckmann. It’s hard not to listen to the words, but try. It’s pure Obama.

Can you Imagine Miley Cyrus doing that to Nancy Pelosi?

How about it young conservative video entrepreneurs? Go ahead!  Put Nancy on the slab with her legs spread open……in fact, put Obama kissing gay men, and Harry Reid naked in Las Vegas trying to pick up hookers, who all refuse his money. Go ahead. As long as you don’t insult Islam, you should be safe, right?

Imagine how Miley’s video is going to go all over the world…to tell everyone that ‘We are a nation of sluts and gays.” Thanks Miley!  It’s not John Boehner that is embarrassing  America

And, by the way…where’s Oprah? Remember when she costs Tom Cruise millions of dollars in revenue simply because he jumped on her couch and proclaimed that he was in love?Tom Cruise

The WHOLE liberal media  complex attacked the guy…for being in love.! For months. It was the most horrible thing to happen to the liberal man.

A man…proclaiming love…for a …woman. Oh…God forbid!

You would have thought someone killed the Pope

So, my point is, the democrats think that the young people in this country want to all be sluts.

And gay.  And be taken care them. And told what to eat, drink, drive, and who to have sex with. It’s communism 101.

They tried to intimidate us on gun control. It didn’t work.

If John Boehner stands his ground, he will be preserving our Republic.

BUT…if all this succeeds to do is to get Obama to delay Obamacare mandate for individuals until AFTER the 2014 elections…..

It’s then when we will find out just how many lunatics we have.

Chresmonmnacy will become more than just a funny word out of a book on Superstitions.

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Nobody Reports Charlie Rangel’s Mental Capacity

Nobody Reports

A black woman, named Miriam, Carey went crazy in the Capitol today—-due to a problem in her mental capacity. It seems she used her car to ram into, quite a few heavy objects. The team DEMS (Democrats Emoting Monster Shit) who are fighting for Obamacare got right into the REAL message today, and a man who also suffers from a severe mental and moral capacity was the first to release his thoughts on it. Charlie Rangel

Charlie Rangel said this:

“Listen, people are so frustrated and angry with members of Congress, particularly Republicans,” Mr. Rangel told Politicker today. “My first thought was that frustration ignited somebody already imbalanced and caused this type of thing.”

“There are people working for the government, not getting their paychecks, saying, ‘Why me?’” he added.

Oh…so THAT’S why she was trying to get into the White House. Here I thought she was blaming the President…maybe she got the White House and the Capitol mixed up.

In any case, they shot her dead. We will never know why she wanted to talk to the President, but I can’t wait to hear it. Were Dental Hygienists furloughed?

Charlie Rangel isn’t the only one who gets to guess at this one. MY first thought was…that was the action of a women that was really pissed off at the President.

How do we know she didn’t have Obama’s kid in the back seat?Kris 25

I’m just saying.

One thing I did notice: At the beginning of the day, everyone was against Obama, and the momentum was in Ted Cruz’s favor. By the end of the day, ALL the news networks reported, including FOX:

Obama popularity was rising. The Polls say it’s so.

And in case you haven’t notice, Polls are used to brainwash you into giving up, and giving in.

Don’t believe any of them.



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Nobody’s Fool: Rep (D, FL) Alan Grayson

Nobody’s Fool

This week, we have a democrat, who, unlike the other democrats who are rushing to support Obama on his strike in Syria, stood up to the beautiful but clueless Alex Witt. Alan Grayson’s interview starts at exactly 2.48, so just fast forward it if you want to miss the girls chatting.

What is so great about Alan’s response, is how bias Alex’s questions are towards the great Obama, and how calmly and with factual certainty in his own principles Alan answer her loaded questions.

It’s worth the watch!

So, this week, Democratic Representative, Alan Grayson, wins my Nobody’s Fool award for the week.

Thank you sir—for your common sense.

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Nobody Asks: Who EXACTLY–Benefits from Wars in the Middle East?

Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows just why Obama and the Rino’s are crying out for war with Syria. Everybody that I read is pretty much guessing that it’s all to save Obama from his own big mouth. But Nobody Thinks we should ask the very old but very sensible question: Who benefits? It’s blatantly obvious that the United States citizens, would be hurt. We don’t have the money or the will to fight another senseless war in the Middle East—-but how about our elites?

What are they getting out of this?Beohner

Nobody Knows and wonders—-what and IF some of our entranced Senators and Presidents get some personal money out of this from…big corporations, or even worse…other countries?

Nobody Knows…how influential big corporations and Saudi money are in calling the shots in Washington D.C.  It seems, every politician in Washington is controlled and by big wads of money.  P.J. O’Rourke was right when he said we have a Parliament of Whores.  Nobody Wonders if we can also add a recent gaggle of Presidential Whores to that great title.Saudi King and Obama

Let’s go back to the first gulf war. Daddy Bush told us we were going over there to protect a defenseless country named Kuwait, and Saddam was a bad guy. Remember, we backed that ‘bad’ guy with chemical weapons, military hardware, and millions of dollars to help those poor tribal lords in Iraq fight Iran.  We did the very same thing with bin Laden, in Afghanistan, to help him fight Russia

How did that turn out for us?

Daddy Bush gave our military support to those adorable Sunni sheiks in Saudi Arabia in order to protect them, and their family, and their oil with the FIRST Gulf war.  Bush the elder put on a real patriotic display for…making himself look good and protecting the Sheiks.  The propaganda was so good…we didn’t mind much, because we still had money.Saudi King and Cheny

Then we had Clinton protecting  the Muslims in Kosovo in THAT civil war. Remember, there was another ‘bad’ guy…Milosevic.  Nobody Knows how necessary that was. Clinton kept away from bin Laden, refused the man nine times, because bin Laden had relatives in the Saudi family. He literally ignored the bombing of the Cole, (We will FIND the criminals who did this!) and the first bombing of the World Trade Center, which was done by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Clinton airlifted Bosnian refugees over here because he felt sorry for them. He dropped 80,000 into St. Louis.

Expect more refugees from Syria to come over here because  the democrats are already demanding it.Clinton Kosovo

After 9.11, Bush Jr. protected the Saudi’s kids and sent out planes to pick up their families here, while everybody else was grounded. Even though almost ALL of the hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, Bush blamed one lone man. bin Laden, and he kept inviting those old Sheiks down to his Texas ranch, where he could give them big kisses. Saudi and Bush

Obama just has the thugs into the White House.

Who here believes that George W. Bush didn’t know where bin Laden was for ten years…raise your hands.

(Okay. You there. Go back to your granola.)

Obama continued the Saudi King worship with low bows.

Are you starting to see a pattern here? Jeb Bush is about to give Hillary Clinton, the butcher enabler of Benghazi, a metal of honor. Hillary has a Muslim Brotherhood woman as her assistant and she is now the right hand man of Obama.

Tell me, when will  the American people get some attention from their Presidents?

All these years, our Presidents have been protecting the Saudi’s family…and we are still doing it. Iran is their biggest enemy. How nice it would be for them if we took out Syria, and then Iran?

You could say that our Presidents are doing this to keep us in oil, but we can easily get oil from other places, including our own country, and yet, we NEVER do.  Our Congress AND President make damn sure we stay forever dependent on the Saudi oil.

Why? I want to know….what’s in it for them? Iraq War one

Nobody knows, if the reason that rich people want the Presidency so badly is that the top politicians have their own very secret, and very lucrative contracts with Saudi Arabia? After all, the Saudi’s and the Muslim Brotherhood are both Wahhabi. It would explain why we have a Muslim sympathize in the White House. The Saudi’s could have told the Rhino’s at the top, that they wanted  a Muslim someday, in the Presidency.  John McCain could have been in on that deal. After all, he ran to lose, it was almost too obvious.

Are our Presidents and some of our Senators on the payrolls of Saudi Kings?

Because Nobody Knows how John McCain, a decorated war veteran, could say this:

The bloodcurdling cry of “Allahu akbar” is a war cry, and is meant to “strike terror in the hearts of the unbelievers.” You can’t tell me John McCain doesn’t know that.

Nobody Knows if the Boston  Mayor Menino who said when a reporter asked him what he’d do with Detroit  “I’d blow up the place and start all over.” if John McCain would think it was okay if the Mayor said “Thank GOD!” after he did it? (And wasn’t THAT a racist statement?)

Nobody Knows why the democrats, Hillary Clinton and Al Gore helped get the network Al-Jazeera broadcasted into American homes, while in Egypt, the Muslims’ Brotherhood network has been banned. Al Gore made millions, but what did Hillary get?

Nobody knows why now, Ft. Hood was treated as a work place accident. Nobody Knows why American Tea Party is higher on the FBI list as terrorist than al-Qaeda.

Are our Presidents getting paid in secret by the Saudi’s to keep us at war? After all, a few top men making billions from secret payouts from foreign countries would be very hard to prove, and very easy to hide. Look how long they hid everything else? (NSA( We still don’t know who killed JFK, and never will. Did FDR make a deal that American Presidents would forever more protect the Saudi Family as long as a few key people at the top of our government got big payouts? Could the Saudi Kings have insisted that payout as long as America was kept dependent on their oil?Iraq War

Nobody knows, but it would sure explain the absolute absurdity of the last four President and their actions. And when you look all around you, it’s the ONLY answer that explains it all.

If you think I’m nuts about this theory, ask yourself:  “What have they done for YOU lately?”

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Carlos Danger, Billy Pork-Sword, Michael Flapdoodle….

Nobody Knows—

How the democratic women can keep claiming to be die-hard feminists when they keep hanging around and forgiving scumbags husbands for basically being no-class horn dogs. They want to destroy all men, but they let their husbands humiliate them again and again, and act like the simpering women when the men keep insulting them. I guess they want the world to think they are “saints” or something. Some of us just think they are stupid. Not to mention, they NEVER apologize to the other women who are being hounded by their husband perverts.

But success and power trump morality, or honesty, or any kind of decency. Hillary must have told Huma to say:

“I love him, I have forgiven him, I believe in him and as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward.” 

“Moving foward”?

To what? The White House? It wouldn’t be the first time a power couple who are married in name only occupies the White House. We all know that Hillary and Bill Clinton no longer have a marriage, but still get together for photo ops, because the brand must never be comprimised. And NO where in the news will you ever hear the real truth: that Hillary and Bill are faking it.

To conservative women everywhere, Hillary and Huma are big hypocrites, and weak women. If they were the true feminists they claim to be they would NOT put up with sexual predators for husbands.

We all know Carlos Danger will just find another name to go under, because to him, his penis is very exciting and he just can’t keep it off the internet.

But, hey, I’m here to help him out! I’ve got some great undercover names for him to use:

Billy Pork-sword.

Bobby Foreman

Carlito Mucho Arm

Mano Thirdleg

Ricky Thorn

Jimmy Valbowski

Brad Virilia

Anthony Sexile

I could go on, but my Slang dictionary is worn-out.

Nobody Knows just how ‘hard-up’ New Yorkers are for a Mayor—but the one they have certainly proves that just about any pervert can run for Mayor and win.

If New York elects Mayor Weiner, they deserve whatever they get, I’d just post a picture of his wiener on the Empire State Building, with a big sign that read:  “Move forward New York! ” …or move out.

Kris 11

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