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Nobody Remembers—But Dick Morris Explains

Nobody Remembers

I got this video on Thanksgiving, but it’s not what you can imagine…you know, the usual story of Thanksgiving. In this video, Dick makes you think about how the English Civil War lead to our Civil War by the difference in the people who settled in Jamestown, and the people who settled in Massachusetts.

I have never heard this theory or quite thought of it that way, and so, I wanted to share this view of history, which makes perfect sense.


And if amfortas can give us HIS opinion on the matter, that would add more insight. (Being as he has a strong British historical connection.)



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Nobody Reads About Swallowed Maleness

Nobody Reads

I’m currently in the weird and strange section at my local library, and I came across the most fascinating story yesterday —so of course, I just had to reprint some of it here.

The book is Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial God. THE LOST BOOK OF ENKI by Zechariah Sitchin.

Who is Zechariah Sitchin? He’s a graduate of the University of London and his hobby is reading Sumerian clay tablets.Tablets

Let me set this up: The Sumerian Tablets are the history of a race of ‘gods’ from another planet called Nibiru, who came to earth to mine our gold, and to take it back to their planet. Did these aliens have a sophisticated political system? You would have thought so, but no. They ruled by hereditary Lords and Kings. And so, when the ruler, Alalu, came to Earth, and found the gold, he figured his fate for all time as the planet’s most celebrated hero was set.

Ha! Let this be a lesson to all gods.

After he set up base camp on earth, along came some of his sons and Alalu (the guy who found the gold) was really happy to see them, UNTILL it came time to decide who should rule what. The one son, who was after Dad’s job, Anu, said…Let’s draw lots!

Alalu, lost. His sons got to rule the Earth, and their home planet. He was pretty pissed off.

So he suggested that since he was the rightful ruler, they should wrestle for it.Tablets two

Okay, I’ve set up the scene:

With disdain Alalu took off his clothing, likewise did Anu unrobe.

In nakedness did the two royals begin to grapple, a mighty struggle it was

Alalu bent his knee, to the ground Alalu fell:

Anu on the chest of Alalu with his foot pressed down, victory in the wrestling thereby declaring.

By wrestling the decision was made: I am the King, to Nibiru. Alalu shall not return!

So was Anu saying as he removed his foot from the fallen Alalu.

Up as a lighting Alalu from the ground arose. By the legs Anu he pulled down.

His mouth was wide open, swiftly he the malehood of Anu bit off.

The malehood of Anu did Alalu swallow.

In pained agony did Anu a cry to the heavens shout:

As you can guess, Alalu was taken to a nearby planet (Mars?) and left to die.

And IF we are truly decedents from these wacko’s, then I’d say, it explains a lot of history, including how we got Al Sharpton.

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If Dick Morris Is Right About Third Terms…What Does That Mean?

Nobody Wonders

Here Dick Morris gives his insights on the historical record that the American people do not elect third terms, therefore, since Obama is so unpopular, Hillary will not stand a chance.

Nobody Wonders, since the demographics of the country have changed so radically, and with the influx of new immigrants before 2016, if this theory holds up.

We can only hope.

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Nobody Reports White Genocide

Nobody Reports

Okay. So you may already have suspected this: Western Civilization is killing seems on purpose. At least the leaders of the 1% seem to have a plan. And by Western Civilization, I mean the Brits and the Americans…and Europe. (Japan can be included)

Pat Buchanan has been writing about this for years: The white people are just not having enough kids, MOSTLY due to the fact that their leaders have found it in themselves to make the mostly white successful middle classes of America-England, Australia, Canada— PAY for the blacks, the Muslims, the Hispanics…to reproduce themselves as fast as possible.

Today, I heard on the radio how the U.N. was outraged that the majority blacks in Detroit, (The whites are now minority) had their water turned off if they didn’t pay their water bills.

The white people MOVED, therefore, they can’t stick them with the bill.

I laughed at this title when I first saw it: White genocide.

I’m not laughing anymore.

(H/T Moonbattery)





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Which Man Was Right?


Nobody Remembers

I am still reading Joseph J. Ellis’s First Family, and today I found a particular interesting passage that I thought FIT the current political scene today: How conservatives and liberals, “Now called progressives” look at life so differently, and it started way back at our founding, with Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

Conservatives are pragmatists. Progressives are dreamers. John Adams, was a pragmatist. Thomas Jefferson, was a dreamer. And this Nobody Wonders, if the New World Order progressive got their ideas from Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson and Adams

Here are some excerpts from the book, that makes it exceedingly clear: ..nothing has much changed.

When Jefferson and Adams were in Paris, representing the United States, Jefferson lived in Adams house, and so the future of the new country, and the direction it was going to take, was discussed at length. Of course, at that time, they were both highly intelligent gentleman, and bonded by the recent revolution….but that didn’t last. As you can see, they were world’s apart when it came to how they looked at the world..

Jefferson On TRADE: With regard to international trade, he described his beau ideal as the permanent elimination of all tariffs and embargoes, in effect the creation of a global marketplace committed to free trade, unencumbered by national restrictions of any sort. He proposed that all commercial negotiations with European powers, most especially Great Britain, proceed from these utopian assumptions, which he was convinced were destined to shape the international economy of the future. It was Jefferson’s anticipation of globalization.

(A view still held by Rockefeller, the Bushes, Obama, the Clintons, and every progressive that has ever had the vision of a one world government. Obama takes all his actions FIRST as a citizen of the world. Ebola is a WORLD problem. That trumps America.)

John believed that nations viewed the international marketplace through the prism of their own sovereign. Great Britain already enjoyed the lion’s share of American exports, so it had no incentive to drop import duties or make concessions to American merchants or shippers.

“We must not, my Friend, be the Bubbles of our own Liberal Sentiments.” said John.

Jefferson’s romantic prescriptions were surely beautiful, but their implementation must await arrival of the Second Coming, when all men became angels at last.

On Muslims: The Muslims were plundering European and American vessels in the western Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic, seizing the cargoes as prizes, sending the passengers and crew into slavery, then demand exorbitant ransom for their release.Barbary Pirates

(This still funds them today…kidnapping has put billions in their pockets.)

Both Adams and Jefferson met with the ambassador of Tripoli to try to solve the problem:

“The Ambassador apprised us that it was founded (the beheadings etc.) on the Laws of the Prophet that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners.”

(This has NOT changed, not matter how many times Obama says it’s not so.)

Jefferson proposed an alliance of the United States and all European states victimized by these pirates ante creation of joint naval force in the Mediterranean to destroy their corsair, ravage their ports, and put an end once and for all, to their savagery. He was suggestion an early version of NATO.

John reminded him while noble, the European powers, so jealous of each other, would never agree to such an alliance. Second, the cost of such an enterprise, would be larger than the requested ransom and more than the American government would ever approve, And…America had no Navy.

John than said, “We ought not to fight them at all unless we determine to fight them forever.”

John Adams was the senior in Paris, so he decided to pay the bribe until America could develop a Navy, and John managed to talk the ambassador down (price) by blowing larger smoke rights from a hug Turkish pipe which prompted the ambassador to exclaim, “Monsieru, vous etes un Turc.”Fergusion mob

And it wasn’t just John that disagreed with Jefferson’s continual fantasies of a utopian world. Abigail had a different view of internal rebellions. When hearing of the Shay’s Rebellion Jefferson wrote, “I like a little rebellion now and then, It is like a storm in the atmosphere.” Abigail thought such liberal sentiments were only possible from someone safely ensconced in Paris, far from the trauma.

Abigail wrote that Jefferson seemed to take for granted, “Ignorant, wrestles desperadoes, without conscience or principles, have led a deluded multitude to follow their standard. ” They should be punished rather than pardoned, an outcome that Jefferson would be well advised to embrace.

(I’m sure both John and Abigail would say that very same thing about the Ferguson “protest.” )

Jefferson’s ‘party’ became known as the Jefferson Republicans which were really the beginnings of the Democratic party, which faded and was brought back by Andrew Jackson, who formed the party of today.

So next time you see Bill Clinton on TV, remember, his middle name isn’t “Jefferson” for nothing. The progressive idiots have been around for a very looooooooog time. And they continue to try to put the round world in their square hole.

NWONew World Order One




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Nobody Remembers the REAL Reason for Mistletoe

Nobody RemembersKilt man

I don’t meet too many men in kilts do you? But today, but there he was…towing over me…over six feet four, long blond hair to his shoulders, sporting a big, thick gray beard, standing in front of me proudly showing off his blue kilt…..telling me he was the runt of the litter. I didn’t catch his name…but it was Mcsomething or other, and it was his store I was in: a store full of kilts, and hats, and dragons, and crosses, and sheets of arms, and history galore.

It was boring, hot, and humid out–and I had been out in it all day. It was cool in this shop, and wonderfully full of history. We got into a conversations about clans, and Scots—- Wales and Ireland— and the sad demise of red hair.

“So, are you in favor of the Scots getting their independence?” I asked.Dragon

“Well, have you heard that the Vikings, who own the oil fields, want official recognition of their special status and they may use their vast oil reserves as a bargaining chip to win the right to referendum, if the Scots do not vote for Independence?”

Okay. I had no idea we still had Viking, but evidently in the Shetland Islands, there are about 23,000 of them, and they claim to be…Vikings. And the Scots, NEED that oil. I wouldn’t mess with them.

And then, while we were talking about the Knights of the Templar, somehow he got on the subject of warriors…and Mistletoe. He described some ancient battle that had taken place, long ago in Celtic land…and how it ended under Mistletoe.Celts

What? Yes, there’s more to Mistletoe than kissing.

He took me to a doorway, and pointed up to a 8×11 picture frame, which hung underneath a Mistletoe, and on which, this was inscribed:


In ancient Celtic language Mistletoe means “All Heal”. It was believed that the Mistletoe held miraculous magical qualities. Healing and making poisons harmless, it was used for fertility in animals and humans, it gave protection from witchcraft and evil spirits and brought good luck and blessings.

It was considered so scared in fact that when enemies happened to meet in the forest under Mistletoe they would lay down their arms and call a truce until the next day.

From this custom came the practice of hanging Mistletoe in a doorway or middle of a room as a token of peace and good will Mistletoe twoto all comers.

In cultures across pre-Christian Europe, mistletoe was seen as a representation of divine male essence (and thus romance, fertility and vitality).

I was so in wonder at the story, that the man took DOWN the frame, and the fake mistletoe about it, and handed it to me.

“No…I can’t take that..let me pay you for it.” I said.

“Hey, I can give this to you if I want to, hell, it’s my store.” he said.

To which he got a big hug from me, and come to think about it, I was too flabbergasted to do much of anything but smile.mistletoe one

And then he said, “There is another custom about the mistletoe that I don’t tell anyone, and that’s you pluck a berry THAN you can kiss the girl until all the berries all gone. One berry equals one kiss. But when all the berries are gone, that’s it. No more kisses. I don’t want people plucking all the berries off, so I don’t mention that bit.”

I was thinking about giving the mistletoe and the history to a friend, but…how could I part with such a nice gift from a complete stranger?

So think about this: Men in the heat of battle stopping DEAD in their tracks…due to some parasitic weed. Can you imagine Isis doing that?

Someday I’m going back to that store, and this time, I’m taking my camera.  I will never look upon Mistletoe the same way.

In fact, it’s going above my doorway and staying there all year round.

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Send the Looters to Saudi Arabia….

Nobody’s Opinion

“Thou shall not steal.”

Watching the looters all last week in Ferguson, I often wondered…why is the outrage only held for the cop, and not for the looters that destroyed all the local shops, and for what? Those shop owners had NOTHING to do with the cop’s action. Nothing.looting two

Most of those shops, were owned by Chinese and other ‘minorities’, not the hated white people.

And by the way….to be a ‘minority’ now in America, gives you automatic special privileges over everybody else. That is now…the norm. Just the word itself, promotes inequality, always putting one group over another. There is nothing that is fair and equal about that at all. And yet, free stuff is giving daily to “minorities, in order to equalized society we are told.

Food stamps, subsidized housing, college tuitions, free lunches at school, free cell phones, free cable TV, free furniture: Call it what you will: socialism, communism— whatever, but when you take from one group and redistribute it to another, you are stealing from one group and giving to another.

It IS a form of stealing. BUT…if the government steals, it’s okay. (That’s a blog in itself.)

But, back to people stealing: Why do some people steal and some people don’t? Is it religion?

You can’t tell me some of those kids in Ferguson didn’t have grandma raising them up NOT to steal.Looting one

Most every society on the planet agrees that stealing is bad. It’s unfair, and in most countries, it’s a serious crime:

In Saudi Arabia if you steal, they cut off your hand. They also behead you. So far this year they have a rate of more than one executions a day. Rape, murder, apostasy, armed robbery and drug trafficking are all punishable by death under the kingdom’s strict interpretation of Islamic teachings.

But, here in America, looting is tolerated. One of the most unbelievable things that Al Sharpton said about Mike Brown stealing cigars is that everybody knows that there’s ‘stealing’ and there’s ‘shoplifting.” not a crime.

Al explained that Mike Brown, was ‘shoplifting’. That’s okay. The democrats then got on CNN and went on to explain that “all kids shoplifting” it’s just something every kid does.

Well, I didn’t. In fact, in this country not so long ago, shoplifting was considered really bad. It was stealing, and if you were caught, it was never good.

But—Since Obama was elected, the blacks have had full permission in this country to shoplift to their heart’s content. In fact, it’s become a fun game for them…they shoplift and then they go knock people out. Okay, so they did in the sixties, and the seventies, and the eighties, but…it’s gone full moon-Monty now.

Obama has kept completely quiet about it all. And why shouldn’t he be quiet?  Obamacare steals money out of everybody’s pocket…doesn’t it?

Obama lies. And steals. Why should we expect anything different from black kids?

We can’t.

So, why do some people steal and other’s don’t? It’s it just a natural human instinct to steal? I might envy someone’s emerald ring, but I would never want to steal it. Which brings us to another old Moses commandment:

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s.Moses and the ten commandments

We don’t talk about his rule much, but let’s suppose that Moses was just a man leading his people out of Egypt. Let’s suppose because Moses came to a point in the desert where he thought himself: “These people keep fighting with each other, how the heck am I going to control them? They are stealing each other’s food, flirting with one another’s wives, other men’s possessions, how in the world am I to stop this?”

I guess if you think that God is going to smack you down in the middle of the desert with a huge holy comet, you might think twice.

God bless Moses. They just don’t make leaders like that anymore.

And so, those Ten Commandments helped keep civilizations together since who knows when. But..they aren’t working anymore.


“They” are getting rid of God. (Yes, you cannot even say “God bless you!” in school.) Some would say, we are one sneeze away from hell on earth.

You get rid of God, and who’s to say you can’t do whatever the heck you want? –like play one more round of golf after someone has been beheaded.

So, why do people steal?

Are we just one up from Planet of the Apes?

Even animals steals. There isn’t a day goes by that one of my dogs doesn’t ‘steal treats from the other one.

She doesn’t need it. She’s not starving. She does it simply because, she can. She just wants it.

And so, just like dogs, the blacks will continue to steal whatever and whenever they can, not because they need the stuff, or because they feel injustice in their lives….

They are doing it just because they can.

Not better than dogs.

So, in the light of the fact that Obama and his leftist commie ninnies are letting Moses’ ten commandments go by the wayside of history, maybe we should lobby Congress for a new law that says:

Anyone who loots a store, or is caught on camera shoplifting: Will be sent to Saudi Arabia immediately.—-it’s the least we can do Arab law two

Let Jesse Jackson raise their ransom. …after all…he is their …Moses.

The horror of that would be so scary, I bet looting would become a thing of the past. Why…Christianity would probably make a big comeback! We might get another movie..

“Tom Hanks plays Moses.”

Hey..why not? At this point: All suggestions are welcomed.


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Nobody’s Thoughts on Lincoln’s Home

Nobody Flashes

Just a short report on my visit to the Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield, IL.

Lincoln's Bed

Lincoln’s Bed

The local maps…are a joke. They have all the sights and only a few main streets, and we got lost about 40 times. Ask directions.

We kept hearing that Lincoln was a poor man: Nevertheless, he managed to own a house which by all accounts, would be considered upper middle class in 2014.

It contains the ugliest wall paper this side of the Atlantic.

Lincoln was the best dad a kid could have, the kids could play baseball in the living room.

He liked to torture himself. For instance, this was the desk in his bedroom. My only conclusion is he took off his legs to sit down.

WHY the local citizens decided to build the rest of his neighborhood is beyond all reason. Go to Main Street in Disneyland, it’s much more entertaining.

Not even George Washington has had more books written about him.

Abe's Desk

Abe’s Desk

Do NOT…I repeat, DO NOT, wear any symbol of the American flag on your person or you will be followed around the city by big, burly, men packing weapons and looking mean.

The Capitol building where the representatives of Illinois come together has more marble than probably the Vatican. Of course, nobody was there, leaving the billions of dollars worth of marble, looking very lonely.



The Governor’s mansion has lots of democratic parties. (For the looters in Ferguson) let me inform you that the chandeliers alone are worth, about as much as the Mona Liza. They will also tell you that this mansion is the biggest in the nation. right. sure.

The best part of the visit was the museum itself. Disney helped and so, you could see Mary’s various dresses, and a room of political cartoons that made you sick because they made it into a fun house, and five politicians in 3D holograms yelling at you about how Lincoln was a black lover, or put it more succinctly, it was like having Al Sharpton and Harry Reid on each side of your head, yelling at you in Chinese. VERY effective to make you want to GET OUT of the museum.

We didn’t go see Spielberg’s props, as they wanted more money.

In the Library, they have given a cast of Lincoln’s hand to a few very famous people: Bill Clinton, Steven Spielberg, and The Pope. By the way….Lincoln had VERY tiny hands. Big feet, and evidently, a blond girlfriend.

Lincoln's Family

Lincoln’s Family

At the end of the day, because it was rush hour, we finally made it to his tomb, which is HUGE! But, don’t make the mistake that it’s just a grave. You can go into it, and walk for what seems miles, into an endless underground maze of….MORE marble, and then you come upon his big marble coffin. His family is on the other side.

So, what did I learn? If our government spent even a ‘smidgen’ of the taxpayer’s money they put into building themselves monuments and Presidential libraries, and instead, spend it on the people, we would not own China one penny.

Italy is going to sink from lack of marble.

Besides all of that, I had a great day!

PS. My husband would like to add: “What was a Muslim, doing at the tomb?”

Answer: Looking for her emancipator.

Abe's Tomb

Abe’s Tomb

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Nobody Remembers, Masada–now Sinjar

Nobody Remembers

Tonight, in Iraq, people are crying out. When you watch this video, and hear this woman’s plea, you can’t help but think of mass extinctions throughout history. It seems, another mass genocide is about to occur–40,000 people are trapped on Mt. Sinjar in Iraq. ISIS, will kill them. They are in siege, and starving.

I’m sure BECAUSE of this video, Obama has come out tonight and said he’d send some air support and some food. But…that’s about it. It was enough to make me ashamed. Disgusted. Obama has caused the whole Iraq implosion, and now he wants to seem like a hero?

And yet, yesterday, President Bush AND President Obama were wining and dining the fat cat ruthless dictators of Africa at the White House.

I guess its, “Let’s just move on to the minerals in Africa.”

What’s insidious about this, is that due to Obama’s utter incompetence as a leader— the gains that our men made in Iraq mean nothing to Obama. As far as many Americans can see, like Vietnam, America has pulled out, and millions will be slaughtered. Once again, our leaders have made a mockery of our country.

This woman’s tears are heartbreaking. Too bad, we don’t see the Christians video’s isn’t it? Yes, they are being slaughtered everywhere too.

But, when nobody stops evil, history repeats itself.

Nobody Remembers that a mountain siege happened once before in history: Masada.Masada

In AD 73, the Roman general Flavius Silva marched thousands of troops to the base of the plateau and built a siege wall around it, trapping the 967 Jewish men, women, and children at the top. The Roman forces built a ramp along the western edge of the plateau and hauled equipment to the top to batter down the walls of the fortress. As the Romans were breaching the defenses, the leader of the rebels, Elazer Ben Ya’ir, persuaded his people to burn their belongings and to kill themselves rather than let the women and children be taken as slaves. When the Romans reached the top, Josephus says, they were

“met with the multitude of the slain, but could take no pleasure in the fact, though it were done to their enemies. Nor could they do other than wonder at the courage of their resolution, and at the immovable contempt of death which so great a number of them had shown, when they went through with such an action as that was.”

The only survivors were two women and five children who had hidden themselves and so lived to describe the rebels’ last acts to the Romans.

And George and Laura, and Obama and Michelle…dine at the White House— our great leaders, while another country–that they spent trillions of our money on—and men DIED to liberate…is left in ruins.

Pass the hypocrisy.



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Gun Control….Works

Nobody Flashes

Obama has three more items on his big plate of “change.” Gun Control, Climate Change, and Amnesty.

I thought this video could cover all three very well.

(h/t Moonbattery)


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Joyanna’s Family Album

Nobody Flashes

I don’t share too many personal stories on my blog, first because I think that they wouldn’t interest anyone, and second, because of the fact that now that the government is keeping every piece of information about every single person in their Brave New World NSA files, why offer any of it up?

But–yesterday I was talking to my son, and he was very upset that he found out that all the pictures on the cell phone that he dropped might be lost. He doesn’t have a computer. And that got me to thinking about those people in California…and the horrible fires, and what do you take when you only have an hour to get out of your house?

People take their pictures and their pets.

So, I was cleaning out the storage room, and found some old family photographs that I thought I would share with you…..The first three…were taken by my dad, who was a Seabee in WWII. He was stationed all over the islands of the Pacific, and as I look at this FIRST picture I remember a story he told me about sleeping…because sometimes my father when he was taking a nap, he would actually sleep with his eyes open! I kid you not. When I asked him how he learned to do such a trick he told me he got in the habit when he was sleeping on the islands, because the rats were SO big, they would eat you while you slept. Of course, being I kid, I thought he was kidding me. But he was serious. He was scared of rats. I have no idea what island this was, like most men of his generation, he never talked about the war.

Rats. Big Rats. Okay Dad, I believe you.

In that SECOND picture, looks like they were getting fired upon, doesn’t it? I’m pretty sure he took this one. They were waiting orders to go ashore.

And…sweet victory…THIRD picture–an abandoned Jap Tank.

In the FOURTH one down, that’s my grandfather George Hart, and his new wife Anna, whom I’m told is the woman I looked most like. My mother said she looked at me the day I was born and exclaimed “She has the Toelle eyes!” Anna’s father was a Prussian farmer, and the “Toelle’s” eyes were shaped…different than most. Anyway, I picked this picture because I believe that was one of the first Model T’s…anybody good at cars? The other woman was a friend of my grandmothers, who moved from Missouri to California, lived in a trailer park in Yucaipa,  and died a horrible death of emphysema as I remember. But in this picture, they are all young, happy, and going for a Sunday drive. Check out the license plate.

Big enough?

Moving down to the FIFTH picture–we see Anna’s father, great-great grandpa Toelle. He and Anna, and her mother, had moved to the United States from Prussia, and bought a farm right on the banks of the Mississippi, about 30 miles North of the St. Louis Arch. The reason I love this picture is that is my mother on grandpa’s horse. He adored my mom, and my mom adored him right back. I believe the happiest days of her childhood were spent on grandpa’s Toelle’s farm, where she learned to work for her keep and rides on BIG BLUE, by climbing into the hen house and getting all the eggs. Grandpa Toelle, was just a farmer, but he had over 1000 people attend his funeral, and had a street named after him. My mother said he was the kindest person she ever knew.

And on to the SIX picture…that’s Grandpa’s Toelle’s favorite little girl all grown up, about 16, and she had just bought her first horse and named her Lady. Her father made her pick weeds in the yard all summer, and for every big basket of weeds, she got five dollars. She was of course mad because her father had bought her older brother (by two years) a car, and he didn’t have to do a thing for it. While it seemed cruel, at the time, later on in life, she fought the brother for control of her father’s printing company, took it out of the hands of her brother (who was running it into the ground because he was never there, and then, when she got complete control…ran it successfully.

And last picture: I have no idea who took this picture, someone in our family, but I THINK that is the Spirit of St. Louis. I do know that is Lambert Field. Or it could be older. Anybody who knows anything about planes (snopercod?,amfortas?) could actually figure this out for me, I would be of course…grateful. I think my grandfather Hart took the picture, but I’m not sure.

My son today, reminded me that it’s our memories, our families, the times of our lives that are important. And I want to personally thank you for letting me share them.


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Nobody Remembers the Cuban Missile Crisis

Nobody Remembers

Russia. We are told she is no longer a threat to us. She is no longer a super power we are told, and yet, Putin is bringing back the cold war, and he did it this week by putting a ‘spy’ ship in Cuba. And so those of us who DO remember this famous speech, also remember that on  9/11 a few dozen men brought the great United States to its knees…proving that Russia doesn’t HAVE to be a superpower…all Russia needs to do is get one EMP over the middle of the United States and we are toast.

Just one. Not a hard thing for many, and certainly not Russia.

When I listen to Kennedy, I can’t help but compare Kennedy with Obama…and realize the vast difference in intelligence. Kennedy at least acted like an American President. Obama acts like a political version of Will Smith. Not only has Obama put America back to the sixties in terms of racial relations, he has put America once again on a path where we will start living in fear because he sells weapons to our enemies, and attacks what few allies we have left.

Putin has finished his successful Olympics (Where Russians were top gold winners) and now he sends 150,000 troops to take back the Ukraine. Who’s going to stop him? Mr. Swift Boat John Kerry?

Last night I heard a general say on the radio that we will be down to just 100,000 troops that will be capable of firing bullets.

So, on that note, listen again to President John F. Kennedy, if not his finest hour, at least, unlike Obama, he made a bold attempt to control the situation…and it worked. If Obama had been President, I’m sure Youtube would not have been invented.


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Nobody Remembers Why We Are Fat

Nobody Remembers

When I was a kid, nobody was ‘obese.’  Every kid I knew was perfect. Normal.  Leave it to Beaver size.

Once a week, my parents drove my brother and I to dancing lessons….110 miles one way across the Tamiami Trail to Miami from Naples.  My mother wanted us to be the next Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers–what she got was The Lone Ranger and Tonto. (Another blog)

You would THINK at five, that the highlight of my trip would have been the fabulous underground millionaire shops at the Fountain Blue Hotel where we took our lessons..where movie stars would walk by and hope to be noticed. Or the underground window at the bar, where you could see the swimmers legs dangling under the pool. (Dad loved to stand by that one) Or the excitement of looking for alligators crossing the road. White Castle


The highlight of those Saturdays was…WHITE CASTLE.  What my brother and I would do for lunch at White Castle. My parents would say, “Hey! So what if it’s a long drive, and you would rather stay home and play with your friends…we’ll go to White Castle!”

You think kids want to sit in a car for two hours, just to be taught how to do the cha-cha by some Cuban guy who couldn’t speak English? Heck no. It was promise of those White Castle smothered in ketchup that made us both into perfect little angels.

I’ve been a burger girl ever since.

Back then, there were not the hundreds of fast food franchises there are today, so is it any wonder that America is on the fat side?  I think one of the reasons that America gets fatter by the minute, is because every single town in America has the food strip….you know: Fast Food Heaven Lane. EVERY single town across America is one big glutton street.  America really manufactures— Franchisees. Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, McDonald’s, KFC…Pizza Hut, etc….

But….according to National Geographic, we can’t blame our fatness on fast food, no…we can blame it on:Monkey three


Yes….that lovable NOT fat ancestor of ours, is the reason we are fat.

Once upon a time, 22 million years ago, the monkeys lazed around in the African rain forest, living on fruit which they ate year round. And then, about 5 million years later, seas receded and ice caps expanded. So, the curious monkeys went over a bridge to some different rain forests.

In other words, like the 49er’s looking for gold in the California desert, they got lost. And it kept getting colder. They couldn’t find fruit any longer, and the trees started losing their leaves.

(I hate when that happens.)

Anyway, the woods started filling up with lots of starving apes. So what happened? According  to a scientist named Johnson, a mutation happened. Ape mutated some genes and became a  wildly efficient processor of fructose. Even small amounts of sugar were stored as fat, in order to survive months when winter came upon the land and food was scarce.

And then the monkeys moved BACK to Africa and kept that mutative fat storage survival gene and passed it down to us, who according to the scientists— we been struggling with ever since.fat guy

That’s why, IF I go and eat the Blue Bunny Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream in my fridge, right now, I will have stored fat for the next two years.

And since sugar stimulates the same pleasure centers of the brain that respond to heroin and cocaine you CAN become addictive to it, and IF you become addicted to let’s say…doughnuts, you can rest assured that your body will store that sugar as fat, and you can blame that on the monkey.

Or if you prefer: the ice age that Al Gore missed.

And in case you haven’t noticed, we ARE coming into another ice age. This could present another problem.Ice age

The monkeys might have to go exploring again, and not be able to find fruit, AGAIN, and their genes will mutate…AGAIN…and future humans will be so big, they won’t be able to walk.

They will have to outlaw sugar. (Wait…they did that in New York.)

Instead of all these geneticists trying to design the perfect human baby, maybe they should be working on a gene mutations that takes sugar and turns it into muscle instead. What good is a smart baby if it craves sugar? Huh? Think about that.

And MAYBE  the real reason scientists are studying all these monkeys, is  because they are waiting for the monkeys to mutate into humans.

Frankly, I am too. I want them to start talking so that we can ask them why they are not fat?

There’s more than one missing link in the scientific liberal basket.

I’m not sure just what to do with this information but, now that I think about it,  I’m going to go have  a few scoops of chocolate cherry ice cream, and then maybe…White Castle for lunch tomorrow.

I learned my lesson from National Geographic: Don’t Starve–your ancestors will never forgive you.

It’s the least we can do for ‘evolution.’  Go ahead—have one more….


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MAYBE…It Was the Number, 13. …Or not.

Nobody’s Opinion

When midnight comes on December 31, this year, many of us will be pondering the year that was, and inside my mind, after the obligatory midnight kiss will be the question…..WHY? Why God– why? Where were you?  Why was 2013 so $&% up? Was it just Obama’s fault? Why did we have giant Wieners running for New York city mayors (to replace old giant wieners) and Dennis Rodman’s hugging our worst enemy? Was this the best Obama could come up with to handle Kim Jong Mini Me? A transvestite basketball player? Is the country being run by some half-wit idiot whose vast knowledge consists of all his favorite players of the NBA?Obama dictatorship

And how about Canadian Toronto mayors doing crack and talking about killing people? And Miley Cyrus, discovering that she can make a lot of money if she just sluts her twurk into every man she sees..and then we start seeing twerting parties on the streets of New York, as if it’s the same as jogging?

And then there were the black teenagers stealing and rioting, and enjoying knockout games knowing their black President approves, and everyone in the liberal media ignored it, because whites deserve it you know.

If you had to choose between a twerk and a knock-out I suppose you would be grateful for a twerk, but really—-If one didn’t know better (and I don’t claim to, but I will) it seems that the progressives are promoting sex simply because abortions make plan parenthood sooooo much money. The more sex, the worst the economy, the more abortions, the more money the taxpayers have to fork out: the more government jobs are created.  It’s a win/win for Obama.

More single moms to be ruled by the state. The men, especially that manly man—have to be controlled.  Our soldiers come back from a fruitless war, so maimed, and for what? For most of Obama’s service more of the military committed suicide than were killed in battle. after they realized what had just happened to them. They come back to a country they can’t even get a job in? gay flag

And lately it’s been the gays. The new norm being gay. NOBODY has been bothering the gays for years, but the progressives HAVE to create a gay crisis, so Boy Scouts now support open gayness…and nobody even explains how five year old boys even KNOW if they are gay?

And for the first time in our history, A Russian President is a better leader.

(And thanks to Obama, we pay the RUSSIANS to get into space.)

I think I know the answer I have a very good explanation, something so obvious that no one has even mentioned it, for fear…it was that number…13.

There IS a reason that they build skyscrapers without a 13th floor. Thirteen, has been known to be a bad mojo. scandal cartoon

Nobody Thinks that in the future we just skip all years with the number 13 in them….the next one coming up, 3013. OMG…skip it. Go to 3014.

What was so bad about 2013 Joyanna you might say?

ONE WORD: Obama. (No doubt there is a 13 in his name)

No conservative in the U.S. understood how this man got reelected. And this Nobody suspects everything: You bet I do. Massive fraud took place, and somehow, the numbers were fixed…in Chicago. (With the help of Soros) I based this on pure speculation of Obama crying big Obama tears of thanks in his Chicago War room after the election, and from watching the Clinton’s operations for years, I imagine he knew he really lost, but his young techies pulled it off.

And don’t kid yourself: Obama has all those techies in his pocket. That’s why they sent the Obamacare website to Canada.

Deny everything.

Nothing the Democrats do are legit. They know nothing, they delay, they deny, they lie, they hide evidence, they destroy evidence, and they spin, spin, spin.

Let’s not forget the attacks.

And the liberal media is there to collect their checks. America is in a whole new level of Soviet style propaganda: Only America is better at it.

Okay, we thought. So we have to put up with him…what more can he do?Obama, Stalin, Hilter

Plenty. He left the poor man who helped him catch bin Laden in a jail in Pakistan to rot. He let four men in Benghazi to die. (By all reports the stand down order came from the top.) And then, we had open gays, and women on the front lines, and too much rape. Our military was in such tatters, the Navy Seals that brought down bin Laden, were put in an old Vietnam copter, flown into no man’s land, and all those on board, killed.

Obama had their bodies cremated on the spot, which points to a cover up.

Obama has been covering up for years: His birth certificate, his gay lovers, his ties to communists, to the Muslim Brotherhood, and don’t forget his old pal…Buddy Love.


Then there was everyone finding out about the IRS targeting and hurting the good people wanting to join the last of the Americans: The IRS did it, and thumbed their noses at Congress….and these people will run your health care.


Yes, speaking of health care, Obama lied, and lied and lied again….and then said…”Oh, you didn’t understand what I meant.” We not only will have the highest taxes in the world, we will now have the worst health care system. kid scare

Congress didn’t read it, and that was on purpose. You knew that, didn’t you?

Well maybe not. It was 2013. Obviously many people’s brains went into coma’s.

Obamacare was built to finally destroy America, and make us Mexico, all the better to merge my dear. In the meantime, they make SURE you see the lifestyles of the rich and famous on your cable TV to pump up that good old fashion jealousy, so that Obama can play the old tried and true communist rich against the poor, black against white, and pass the ketchup please.

But…hold on: there was some good news: Obama TRIED to take our guns away after Sandy Hook. Millions went out and armed themselves. Obama TRIED to start a war in Syria. Millions of American said: Hell no…we won’t go! Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, we’ve seen enough good men die…and you won’t even protect our men?

Yep, we won that one.

For now.

On a personal note, the only bad thing that happened to me was I had a tooth pulled. But my son, and my brother, both lost jobs, and are facing dire hardships. And medical problems. And I can’t help them.

Obama is destroying the middle class. And then he has the nerve to say he cares about it.kris 56

You see, they work in the private sector. And they can’t get welfare. And they don’t WANT welfare.

And the one thing that proves that its 2013 is the biggest enemy of the year is one lone kid, who told the world, that our every move was being watched.

And HE..not Obama, is being attacked by both parties of our government.

Which means, yes—the sad truth is the whole lot of them ( with a few exceptions)  are just as corrupt as any government on the planet. Except, we’re AMERICA! We’ll have the best dictatorship police state, and tyranny that any NSA can build!

We always do it better!

They say, the people let this happen.

Don’t you believe it.

So, by midnight, we will be thinking, it will be easy to remember 2013, Obama was President, and he broke the country.

What will he do in 2014? Raise the debt limit again? Start WWIII? Give amnesty to all illegal’s? Take full control of everything?

The questions seems to me to be…supernatural

How superstitious are you?

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