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Sheriff Joe Wants to Know, Where did the Media Go?

Nobody Knows

Well…Donald Trump TRIED to make a big deal out of it, but evidently, Romney shut him down. Joe has done serious research into the fact that Obama broke the law, and forged documents to become President.

The fact that NOBODY in Congress…and that means…Nobody, even pursued this at all, is proof that they are all corrupt. All of them.

Because nobody wanted to get the man on fraud, he’s got complete power, and is grabbing more.

Ask yourself: What would George Washington have done?

HA. Firing squad. Traitors were shot back then.

With people like Glenn Beck saying constantly, “There ARE no conspiracies.”  the powerful can do just about anything. Untill good men wise up, nothing will happen.

As my readers know, I was hoping, for all his faults and bombastic proclivity to promote himself, I was hoping Trump would have run. Obama needed to be hammered. Instead we got the “nice guy ” again. Nothing wrong with a nice guy, but you don’t bring a puppy to a knife fight.

I think the Rhino’s talked Trump out of running. …got him to back Romney with promises of great real estate deals.

Too bad.

And…now..I go to rake the leaves off my yard. Sorry Joe…the American people..still love ya! Don’t stop fighting.

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JFK Advises Obama….From Profiles in Courage

Nobody’s Notes

Today is the day patriotic Americans have been waiting for, and it seems that it will be just one man who will decide if Obamacare is  enacted— Justice Kennedy. If the Supreme Court lets Obamacare stand, then obviously we have become Russia, or Italy, or pick your favorite despotic government, because this Nobody Knows that Obamacare is not constitutional.

But who’s obeying the Constitution anymore? Here we see our Secretary of State, Comrade Clinton, pretty much making fun of the Constitution as she puts on a Mask and spits out the serious and important words at a swearing-in ceremony–basically making fun of it all. Nobody Remembers when swearing-in ceremonies used to be taken seriously, and discussions of purple pantsuits were left in the ladies washroom.

On a lighter note, I’ve never seen Hillary look better.

Nobody also remembers that there would be a tropical hurricane in the Sahara before an American President would call up a newly elected Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt, as his army of brotherhood men are shouting Allah Akbar outside in celebration, thereby gaining control of a military funded by…the same American President, and that President ccongratulates him.

Nobody Knows how a President can ignore the obvious fact that no matter how much you tell the new Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt you would like him to be a moderate–he’s not going to do it.

Obama cares deeply about “women’s rights” in the U.S., but the women in Egypt can go to Allah in a handbasket, and sometimes that basket will contain their own bloody, chopped off hands if they are not good. Obama probably plans to call up the new Muslim Brotherhood President and say, “I’ll send you more money if you keep the stoning down..I mean..uh…I’m trying to win a reelection here.”

Women in Egypt will now go back even further into slavery. Nobody Wonders how that poor pregnant women who did NOT vote for the Muslim brotherhood, the one whose husband beat her to death because she didn’t–How did HE know how she voted? What? Do the husbands get to see how the women vote? How’s that work? Or–did she tell him?

In our own country, we have more than enough to be concerned about: Someone is having just too much fun starting fires in Colorado. Notice how NOBODY ever mentions who is starting all these fires?  Is it Jose? Muhammad? Janet Napolitano? Nobody Cares that since Bill Clinton became President, our national fires have skyrocketed.
Global warming? Ha. Try…Smokey the Immigrant.
Obama doesn’t really care about catching the people who every year, seem intent on just burning us out of house and home. He doesn’t NEED fire to do that, just executive orders. All he has his mind on is getting reelected, and very creative people are  thinking up ways to get Obama money:—
Getting married? Ask everyone to just send the money you would spend on a gift to the Obama’s registry online! Sent that gift card to the bride and groom that says– Dear Mr. and Mrs O’Donnell: I was going to send you both to Hawaii for your wedding present but I decided instead to send that $4,000 to Obama’s election campaign in your name! Inclosed is the certificate that you can frame on your wall! Sincerely, Uncle Joe and Martha.
Want to buy mom a birthday gift? Just send that money to Obama! Nobody Cares about the bride and groom, or mom’s birthday..Hey, Obama will take care of them!

In an interview in AARP, Obama said:

“I do want to make sure that when Malia and Sasha are entering their 50’s  we still have the security of Social Security. Of Medicare.” (Obviously President’s children get to take Social Security at the age of 50. The rest of us will get it at 122.) 

Nobody Wonders where Obama learned to do math: He has added millions of illegals, and their families, onto the Medicare rolls, and now we find out that it seems our Medicare dollars have been going to, among various places..CUBA! Three Congressmen are spilling the beans on that:

“Clearly, the program vulnerabilities that facilitate billions of dollars to be stolen from the Medicare program each year also allow for some of that money to be funneled to foreign countries,” the three congressmen said. “Thus far, it does not appear that CMS has addressed the concept of nominee owners, false storefronts, and shell companies in any of its enrollment regulations or its Provider Screening statement of work,” they said.

Earlier this week, federal officials in Miami charged Oscar Sanchez in connection with a criminal operation that resulted in an estimated $31 million going to Cuban banks.“If confirmed, this indicates that Medicare program dollars are not only funding international criminal syndicates, but may be helping prop up the Castro government,” the congressmen said.

Oh gee…what does it matter? We are supporting Castro and Raul, and who knows who else with Medicare fraud? Is this a coincidence?

If you don’t think so, then go ahead, you’ll find lots of  hundred-dollar bills in your nearest drain sewer, along with an air plane ticket to Cuba where you will get the best medical attention in the world.  Go ahead…get a heart operation while you’ll there, tell me how that goes.

The upcoming election doesn’t look so good for Obama, but, Nobody Wins if we think he is going down without a fight. In the history of the world, dictators have been known to do some pretty draconian things. Cruel and intentional is the usual modus operandi.

.As JFK once said in Profiles in Courage

“There is little that is more important for an American citizen to know than the history and tradition of his country. Without such knowledge, he stands uncertain and defenseless before the world, knowing neither where he has come from nor where he is going. With such knowledge, he is no longer alone but draws a strength far greater than his own from the cumulative experience of the past and a cumulative vision of the future.”

And that about sums it up: Obama’s not sure where he came from (Kenya, Hawaii, or China) or where he is going—But Nobody Knowsthat the American people will be more than willing to help him find his way home, back to whatever brotherhood who will have him. 

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Daniel Hannan Talks About Common Law

Nobody Flashes

While the Supreme Court is going to decide about whether the federal government has the right to tell us all that we MUST buy something, or else face jail time and fines, I thought this video of Daniel Hannon should be shown to remind us just how far our country has come from giving the individual citizen the liberty that was once, the very basis of common law. We got our laws from the great Brits before us, and Daniel reminds us all.

Last night I watched a video made by a young man, who was sitting on his new farm, that he had just put all his money into. He pleaded that when the economy gets worse, he will be ahead, because he did not put all his money in gold and silver…but food. And then, the commentators reminded him that the government could come take his land any time they wanted.

They had a very good point. So then, only if you had gold and silver could you fend them off.  The message they were all telling him is: once Big Brother gets the will have very little rights.

And this is why I really like Daniel Hannon..he fights for liberty everywhere.

Will the Supreme Court rule to the common law with Obamacare? Will one of the conservative judges give in? We shall see in a few days.

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