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We’ve all heard Obama say “It’s the law of the land. It’s here to stay!” as often as he said, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

Which is exactly why, we should all keep fighting this….it’s a death sentence. It’s a holocaust.

And the worst is yet to come.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Guilty Sebelius VS Guilty Dogs

Nobody’s Perfect:

This week we have the woman responsible for the Obamacare rollout, actually become speechless after she hears the how much people HATE it. Does she respond to the abomination called Obamacare?

NO…she is guilty. Thus the silence.

Hey, it happens to all of us. For instance, if you had just totally wreaked your wife’s brand new $55,000 Cadillac Sedan, and she had accused you of not paying attention, you too, would remain speechless. Obamacare is destroying the nation…and she IS guilty of promoting this holocaust on us all.

But hey, she’s getting paid to say something and she doesn’t.

And then, we have these guilty dogs. Yes, all over the nation, dogs are eating slippers, peeing on just made beds, ripping up cat litter, and doing things that are making their masters lives…very unpleasant. As you can see, when caught, they do the same than as Sebelius: they say…nothing.

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

Congratulations Kathleen, you win.

Not only should you have been fired years ago, you never should have been hired in the first place. No dog on the planet is causing the damage that you are inflicting upon millions…

We LOVE our dogs. You on the other hand, are in the American dog house.


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First Day of Baseball: Last Day for Obamacare Signup

Nobody Flashes

It’s opening day for baseball in America, and the last day to sign up for Obamacare before you ‘supposedly’ get fined. Which event got more boos? New York Mayor Bill de Blasio throwing out the first pitch? Or the Obamacare website which, once again, crashed twice. This pretty much sums up that reaction;

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Chelsea Clinton: Selling Obamahermama Care

Nobody Cares

Jimmy Fallon had Michelle Obama on the first week, now, it’s the Clinton’s turn. And so, it’s Chelsea’s promoting Obamacare and getting Jimmy to also….and you will be seeing her everywhere in the next few years promoting mama, except on the front page of the weekly tabloids where Dad hogs all the limelight with his favorite “bunnies”.Bill with Bunny RanchBill with hookers

So, when are the men going to get “free” prostitutes, isn’t that in the coverage somewhere? After all, women get free pills, men should demand their fair share.

(Or better yet, send the bill to Bill.)

The very fact that Chelsea Clinton has been kept out of the limelight up until now…shows you how well-planned out the Clinton’s think ahead. She is now going to be the one who they will use to promote the mother…as “caring’ about young women.

What can we do?

I don’t know. You tell me.

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Do These Rich Moms Care About YOU?

Nobody Cares

Here’s the latest puke Obamacare propaganda film made by the moms of Jennifer Anderson, Alicia Keys, (among others) and the most famous ‘single’ mom of all: Michelle Obama who claims she is being obnoxious because she loves you. That’s why I suppose, Obama has to lie every single day: He loves us.

I’m going to have NIGHTMARES tonight after watching this.

Notice how they all say how “bad” those kids of theirs were? In other words, only mom is an angel, and in the words of Michelle Obama “you guys are knuckleheads.”

Even if your 28, you’re still a child, and the state needs to take care of you.

Hey, I’m sure every one of these RICH kids could afford their own medical bills, they don’t NEED Obamacare, so if you happen to be that 32-year-old child who is feeling bad after watching this because these moms care for you…

Write them a letter and ask them to pay for yours. After all, they can afford it…you can’t.

Do I sound pissed off? Good.

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Nobody’s Fool: Michelle Backmann

Nobody’s Fool

The Democrats are trying to manufacture another scandal today, claiming Issa was a ‘bully’, and racist, all to get Issa removed, all in an effort to protect Obama’s involvement of the IRS…so while that circus is going on, we might remind ourselves that Ted Cruz today at CPAC reminded us that repealing Obamacare is still a good option. This “It’s the law of the land” is BS, as was the very act of slavery itself, which was sanctified in the halls of Congress by DEMOCRATS.

So, Michelle reminds us in this speech about how women and children are REALLY going to be the victims of Obamacare…listen, and get mad.

I did.

Michelle Backmann wins the Nobody’s Fool award for the week. They try to hide her, but thanks to Youtube, we can go, and find her.

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Obama Learned Lessons From Street Gangs

Nobody’s Flashes

—How long it takes to cancel Obamacare if you happen to enroll, and want out—about the same time it would take to go to the moon and come back.

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Obamacare is the ESSENSE of Inequality

Nobody’s Opinion:

Last week we found out that over 40 billionaires got subsidies from the new farm bill. That will make a lot of rich billionaires, richer…did Obama say anything?

And today, we find out that all the governors from both parties think that, well, hey, we don’t like Obamacare but repealing it would be ‘complicated.” The ever obnoxious ‘President”  Obama has been touring the country, with his new message to the American people.Obama and socialism

With quotes like:

So let me repeat: The combined trends of increased inequality and decreasing mobility pose a fundamental threat to the American Dream, our way of life, and what we stand for around the globe.  And it is not simply a moral claim that I’m making here.  There are practical consequences to rising inequality and reduced mobility. For one thing, these trends are bad for our economy.  One study finds that growth is more fragile and recessions are more frequent in countries with greater inequality. 


So—why then did Obama push Obamacare down our throats if he believes so fervently that inequality is a fundamental threat to the American Dream? Because, any way you look at it, Obamacare is a another gift to the rich, and a slam to the poor. It is the poster boy bill of unequal rights.

Obamacare is at its very core: the essence of inequity. Only the rich and well connected, (Comrades!) will get into the good hospitals and doctors that, once upon an American Dream, all of us could visit and afford:

From Healthcare:

As if the millions of Americans set to lose their existing health insurance coverage as a result of Obamacare was not bad enough, a recent survey by has found that many top hospitals across the nation will no longer be accessible to the average person with a new “eligible” plan. In fact, many major hospitals are being excluded from Obamacare coverage altogether, which means that millions of previously covered individuals will have to settle for subpar care at other “in-network” facilities.

However, politicians, government workers, union members and other “insiders” excluded from Obamacare will presumably still have access to these hospitals, which means that they will receive the highest quality care while everyone else suffers on the lower tier. This, of course, was most likely the plan all along with Obamacare — the elite will continue to have access to high-quality healthcare, while everyone else is forced to accept poor-quality, rationed “care.” will be required to go to other facilities, even if their previous insurance plans were accepted by these same hospitals.

In my own life, my family had insurance that I could use at the best hospitals in St. Louis. And many people do not know, that there are good hospitals, and the not so good. There are hospitals that will kill you if you don’t pay attention. There are hospitals that specialize, as in cancer, strokes, heart surgery…they are all different.Obama cartoon on inequality

I found this out in my own family. When I was a caretaker to my parents, they were always admitted to the hospital that was closest to the house. Why? Because when you have a sick relative, and you have to work, sometimes it’s the difference between a two hour drive out of your night, to a ten minute one. You don’t want to be in the car for an hour and get to spend only five minutes with a sick loved one.

But, after what I witnessed at my local hospital—the mistakes, the complete lack of care, not to mention—it seemed most nurses just wanted every patient to die as quickly as possible to rid them of one less patient to wait on— I decided that for my own care if I should need care, I would go the best hospital my insurance would allow, which was a good 20 minutes drive. I would know, that if I had a major illness, like cancer, I would have a good chance of survival.

So I picked a hospital called St. John’s Mercy, (yes, it’s Catholic) and I had my gall bladder operation there, and the difference between that hospital, and the one close to my house was unbelievable. I felt like I was in Disneyland. The doctor that treated me told me himself that he would NEVER advise anyone to go to that  “other” hospital—it was the worst.

Just last week, I got a letter from that doctor saying he no longer took our insurance.Obama care supporters

So, now, I have to take my chances with Stephen King.

Thanks Obama.

We should remember that the ONLY man who stood up for the inequality of Obamacare, where the rich and elite would get the greatest care availably, and the rest of America left to die…was Ted Cruz and a few of his friends.

Our Congress, to this day, remains mostly silent about repealing it. So that means, that every man and woman who does not come out against repealing it, but just fixing it, should not get your vote.

I don’t care what party you are from.

And if you are a democrat you might want to think about the horror and inequality that Obamcare is going to create, because when you get cancer guess what? Do you know Obama? Then nice knowing ya!

Obamacare not only is going to create the biggest inequality ever witnessed in America, it’s going to kill a lot of people who otherwise would have gotten healthcare.

And if genocide isn’t a high crime and misdemeanor I don’t know what is.Ted Cruz

So, Ted Cruz, please run for President. I don’t think we could trust any other politician to repeal it.

Ob-be-wan, you might be our only hope.

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Nobody Wonders—A LOT.

Nobody Wonders

—How they can turn characters like Noah from the Bible, into a liberal propaganda movie about too many people being on the earth. I suppose that will be the excuse given from God. God WAS a liberal who decided to kill all those pesky people  with a flood.

—How Obama can dictate laws by which the businesses of the country must obey, or be forced to pay fines or go to jail.Obama pen

___How, because he rules by his pen, we cannot call factually call him a fascist dictator.

—How they can keep claiming that America is in recovery when a third of its people are out of work.

—-How Obama can give raises to contractors with the stroke of his pen.

—-How the stock market can keep making billions for the rich, while the rest of the country’s economy slowly dies.

—How a Republican can be elected Mayor of San Diago, despite the unions and Obama’s democratic machine working overtime in a district where 63 percent of the votes went to Obama,  and the press ignore it, and what this means for Marco Rubio

___How the Obama can give the most expensive state dinner…with the finest and most expensive food and decor, and then lecture us on the rich and poor, and expect everyone to think HE deserves to waste our money on himself.

—How Obama can delay his horrible Obama mandates on businesses until after all elections, just because everyone is finding out how much he lied–and let the little people suffer, even though he claims to be against ‘the rich’. If he is against the rich, stop giving them breaks.Obama's State Dinner

—How Obama can punish anyone in buseinsses who fires someone because of the expense of Obamcare,  thereby depriving everyone of free speech for  fear of a tax penalty.

—How almost all of Congress remains silent, on anything he does, including giving himself more money each and every year, simply because  he CAN due to the color of his skin.

—Why we have to feel sorry for the children of immigrants who did not commit the crime of their parents, but not for the white people whose ancestors committed the crimes of slavery.John Adams

—and WHY my ancestors, who were the ONLY founders who had no slaves ON PRINCIPLE,  were not given a monument in Washington D.C.

Wow…I’m in a bad mood..

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How to Get Into Obama’s ER…

Nobody Reads

In the number one best seller, Liberty and Tyranny, Mark Levin had this to report about health care in Great Britain:Mark Lavin

In Great Britain, in order to limit waiting time in emergency rooms, the National Health Service has mandated that all patients admitted to a hospital be treated within four hours. However, the inefficiencies of a government-run system cannot be cured by the passage of a law. Consequently, instead of sitting for house in the hospital waiting room, thousand of patients are forced to wait in ambulances parked outside emergency rooms. Having patients wait in ambulances allows hospital to see loophole in delaying care. If the patient is waiting in an ambulance, he cannot be admitted to the hospital and, therefore does not need to be treated  waiting the four hour legal time period.

Nobody predicts this will become commonplace in America, because, in MY neighborhood, this was happening long before Obamacare.

Have you ever seen that commercial on TV that tells you that if you are having a stroke, it’s imperative that you get to the hospital as soon as you can?


When my mother suffered her stroke one Friday the 13th, 2001, the paramedics arrived at the house, within four minutes. It was some kind of record I thought.

As I ran out and jumped into the front seat of the ambulance, the driver…just sat there. We didn’t move.

“WHY are we not moving?” I asked.

“Well, I can’t go unless I get an okay from a hospital that will permit me to enter.”

Long story short, we sat in front of my house for a good twenty minutes, and then the guy drove about 5 miles an hour, hoping for a “go” to continue to the nearest hospital. And he only took off because I was losing my patience. We arrived at the hospital about an hour later, (a ten minute drive from my house) and sat THERE another fifteen minutes.

Because this happened to me TWICE…I finally figured out what the hold-up was.

You see, in St. Louis, blacks shoot themselves up every night. So in America, the gunshot young gang members and black drug dealers ALWAYS get first dibs on the hospitals. And if there are more than two, than any old person having a stroke or heart attack will be told to go to another hospital or wait …until they have time for them.

I’m sure this happens in all cities. It doesn’t seem fair. The older white people, who worked hard, pay taxes, raised families, good honest people, are pushed aside for the low-life criminal.

Of course, if you are say, 65, and having a stroke, and if you make it to the hospital in time, you can recover from that stroke and live many years.

Look at Hillary Clinton.

So, I expect to see the ambulances lining up in America, as they do in Britain…..maybe the answer is, if you are having a stroke, tell the ambulance driver you’re illegal, and have someone shoot you in the leg. You have a better chance of your leg healing, the brain bleeding for more than an hour…not so much.

Go ahead, start practicing a few Spanish words now……”My name is Jose e manna…I’ve beeeeennnn shot! Alla Puta! ” gang members

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Obamacare: Conspriacy to Kill? Or Just…Pragmatic Ignorance?

Nobody’s Opinion.

Would you call Obamacare a conspiracy? I was thinking about this after reading snopercod’s comment last week that he didn’t believe in conspiracies. So that got me to thinking…when a bill is passed in the night, on Christmas Eve, and nobody knows what’s in it, could that be called a conspiracy?People speak

And if it can be called a conspiracy—- a conspiracy to what? Some have even said that the rollout was meant to fail, so that Obama could implement the one payer system he really wants.

To this nobody, it sure feels like one. One that a government hatched in secret, to give the elites control over our doctors and our lives, and lies were told in order to get us to accept it. Sort of like when the Nazi’s told everyone they were just going to take a nice shower after their journey.

In Obamacare— a panel of 15 will decided who will get what life saving procedures and when.  Obamacare, admitted by all, will end up rationing care. Many people, who just 30 years ago, would have gotten the best treatment no matter what, will now die.

We are watching a very ‘poor’ family recently, feel the full effects of that ‘dying’ mandate. Young, 13-year-old  Jahi McMath, went into a hospital, to get her tonsils out, and ended up…in a coma. And now her poor parents are being told to let the poor girl die. She is a vegetable they are being told.  Hospital spokesmen’s come out with great sorrow for the “dead’ girl. No apologies for the obvious blunder of them being responsible for her condition in the first place.

But is she really brain-dead? Highly unlikely. There has been case after case where people have come out of coma’s and lived. The brain is such a complicated and wondrous thing. The brain can relearn. Both hemispheres can reconnect after extensive damage. There are hundreds of cases where this has happened. IF they have keep her brain nourished, she has a chance…if the government would just get out of the way. Jahi McMath

I’ve been in this scene. I was told the same thing when my mother had a stroke back in 2000.  Three neurosurgeons declared her brain dead, and she was talking to me. She lived almost a year, learned how to walk again, and she talked again…and she had her mind until the day she died after her stroke.  I fought that hospital day and night to get just the tiniest simple human care for her. It was a constant and unbelievable battle. If not for one doctor from India, they would have taken the feeding tube out and let her starve. I had to fight to keep that tube in.

And it was all about the money.

My mother, was 78. One of the reasons my mother lost so much of her ability to talk was BECAUSE of the many mistakes the hospital made. (Like not noticing her lung was collapsed after being admitted….for three days.)  There was no excuse for it, no reason for it, and I’ve never been able to explain it. To everyone at the hospital, the fact that my mother was fighting for her life at 78, was a complete annoyance. I saw over and over again…human cruelty from everyone on staff. I felt like I was walking in a Stephen King nightmares. But then I realized they were all on the same page: if you are pass a certain age…to everyone’s concern, it’s time for you to move on. It’s Obama’s theory. Just go.

You do not need another ten years to run up our bills.  That attitude is everywhere. And if you are comatose…just die.

But the brain can recover. Millions of older people have strokes and come back. Young people recover from major brain injuries. Jahi's parents

My mother had lived her life, imagine that happening to parents of a young girl?  Anyone who has lost a child, knows. She has a right to the best care, the BEST technology, until her times comes.

That used to be standard care in America….what happened?

Compare Jahil’s situation to 85- year old Ariel Sharon, the great Jewish prime minister, who has been in a coma since 2007. Ariel is just now losing kidney function. But he has and will continue to be kept on life support until that moment comes. There was never any talk in 2007, of some hospital saying, “He’s brain-dead. We will not feed him anymore.”

Why, HIS mind is fine!  In January 2013, Israeli specialists reported Sharon had showed “significant brain activity” in an MRI scan, responding to pictures of his family seven years after the stroke.Areail Sharoon

Good thing they didn’t pull the plug, which means…starving him.There is a big difference if you are one of the elite.

And so, that is the concern to me,  Obamacare is a death warrant to millions, and the Congress and Obama have exempted themselves from it.

If that isn’t evil I don’t know what is.

So again: Is Obamacare a conspiracy?  According to the dictionary definition: a conspiracy is  an evil unlawful, treacherous, plan by two or more persons….so no. Even though Obamacare is evil, and treacherous, and conceived by many people, it’s no secret.

But…the record shows that our government has conspired to decide who lives and who dies in Obamacare. Can it be possible that NOBODY in the government knew about this?  We saw that fiasco when Terry Shrivo was FORCED by the government to die. To starve. When you take someone off life support, you starve them. Her parents would have taken care of her forever, but our powerful government said: “NO.”Terri Schiavo

Just yesterday, I heard an x-cabinet member of Ronald Reagan site on the side of Jahi being brain-dead. “Who’s going to pay for this?” he cried in an anxious voice?

Well, whose going to pay for our trillion dollar debt that the politicians rang up? Why did we have to pay for Wall Street, GM? Everybody’s abortions?

Even if the McMath’s  could pay for Jahil’s care,  under Obamacare, any doctor who treated her would be in for deep fines.

My heart goes out to those poor parents, because even if they had picked their little girl up and walked out of that hospital (something I once did with my dad) they would have been found and persecuted.

Michelle Malkin said it best in her column last week:

“We don’t know what God has planned for Jahi. But I do know this: America has become a throwaway culture where everything and everyone — from utensils to diapers to cameras to babies — is disposable. Elites sneer at the sanctity of life. The Terri Schiavo case brought out the worst, most dehumanizing impulses of American medical ethics debates. And from the attacks I’ve seen on the McMaths family, little has changed.”

And it’s not going to, unless we all raise our voices about the conspiracy against us.

Our very lives depend on it.

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A Few Last 2013 Thoughts….

Nobody Reports…

A few more thoughts on New Year’s Eve…basically, this is what’s coming to America.

And here’s more from Thomas Sowell….

What ObamaCare has done, thanks to Chief Justice Roberts’ Supreme Court decision, is reduce us all from free citizens to cowed subjects, whom the federal government can order around in our own personal lives, in defiance of the 10th Amendment and all the other protections of our freedom in the Constitution of the United States.

ObamaCare is more than a medical problem, though there are predictable medical problems — and even catastrophes — that will unfold in the course of 2014 and beyond. Our betters have now been empowered to run our lives, with whatever combination of arrogance and incompetence they may have, or however much they lie.

This means that Republicans have to decide whether their top priority is internal strife among the different wings of the party — another circular firing squad — or whether either wing puts the country first.

And last but certainly not least…thoughts from the past, still relevant today…

Mark Twain

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Could Dracula’s Bloodline Run Through Obama’s Veins?

Nobody Remembers

Now that the fun and parties of the holidays are almost over, we must remember: The bloodsucking taxes of Obamacare will be hitting us in 2014, so I’m using that unpleasant thought to go back in history in order to’ remember’ the first most famous bloodsucker in history: Dracula.Vlad III

Once upon a time, in the part of Romania called Wallachia, there was a Hungarian Prince called Mircea the Elder. Mircea had a son out of wedlock, and so, Planned Parenthood not being founded yet, he named the son Vlad and gave him away to be bought up in the court of Hungary’s King Sigismund, no doubt to keep him away from his wife.

That seemed a smart move at the time, but we all know what happens when parents desert their children and let other people raise them.  (See White House)

When Micea died, Vlad was not given control of Wallachia, (remember, he was a one-night stand) but to make him feel a bit better, he was made a Knight of the Order of the Dragon. The Dragons were formed to defend the Christian world from the Turks. And to make him feel even more important, they gave him the name Dracul, which means dragon, and made him the governor of Transylvania.

They do this same strange habit today to pacify certain people. Since Hillary is from Chicago, she should have run as a Senator of Chicago, but…she was not allowed so they let her be a Senator of New York.

I know, off subject.

Dracul had three legitimate sons in Transylvania: Mircea, Vlad and Radu. And so he went and took back his dad’s seat of power in Wallachia, but instead of being a true Dragon, he got the Turks to help him do it.

So much for the honor of the Dragon.

Dracul, like his father before him, sent two of his sons, Vlad and Radu to live in Adrianople, which was the seat of the Ottoman Empire. This sending kids away from their parents, never ends up well. As it happens, this time it was a good thing they were away because in 1448, Dracul and Mirea (Dad and oldest son) were killed in Wallachia by the Hungarian government and that made the Turks pretty nervous.Dracula poster

SO— What to do? The Hungarians had taken BACK Wallachia. So the Turks armed 17-year-old Vlad, who was known as “Son of Dragon,” which is what the name Dracula really means, and after a few years of fighting, Dracula, son of Dracul, took back his throne in Wallachia, and announced he was going to be called Prince Vlad III

( A name that I think Obama should seriously consider when he gets back off his vacation.)

THEN— Right after he was crowned Prince, Dracula invited all the destitute souls from the streets of his kingdom to a great feast at his castle. After the feast he got all the poor, frail, and aged and asked if they would like to be without care, lacking nothing in this world?

To which they all cried, “I want my Obamaphone!” No, that was just one lady, who was the mother of Nostradamus, but they all, of course said, “YES! YES! And FOOD STAMPS, please!”

And then— Dracula boarded up the castle and—- set it on fire.  He said, there was little place in his society for people who would be a burden, and anybody who did not contribute to the community should receive little sympathy. (And to think– we now see this very same concept in Common Core)

And YOU thought Obamacare came from the communist playbooks. HA! Read your history.impalers

Dracula didn’t stop there. He took similar action with Wallachia’s dignitaries. He had the old ones impaled, and sent the others to build him a castle at Poenari. (Which still stands today) And then he got his own nobles put in their old positions.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Gee. Obama fired all our top generals, he’s stacking the courts with his buddies that will obey him…he’s just like Dracula!

HA! Not yet. You see, Dracula really enjoyed watching people die by being hoisted onto sharpened poles. His people called him Vlad the Impaler. He liked to skin people and boil them alive. He killed children and the old, and it is said that 20,000 dead bodies hung from the walls of Tirgoviste, and by the end of his time, he had killed 80,000, or who know how many? This was before we had government accountants.

Dracula liked everyone to see the impaled bodies. It was his way of getting good PR for the Dracula Health Care Plan.

Have you heard Obama say he wanted to do any of these things? NO. All he has said is that if his enemies bring a knife to the fight, he will bring a gun. No, Obama is much kinder. Instead of putting people in boiling water and watching them die, he just likes to hear that they will be dying from lack of his Obamacare…slowly, painfully, and with no mercy.Obamacare and Cancer

That’s a far cry from impaling. Obama may have much in common with Dracula, but you must admit, his methods of killing are much more civilized.

Dracula was so disgusting that even the Turks couldn’t stand him anymore, and so the Turks sent his brother Ragu to kill him. Like most megalomaniacs, Dracula ran, and Ragu ruled for awhile. After Ragu died of syphilis, Dracula came back and got back his throne But the Turks, in the end, came back and killed him.

The Ottoman Sultan then displayed his head on a spike in Constantinople…just to assure everyone that the wicked witch of the North was really dead.

There ‘s a bloodsucking message to be learned here: Taxes can suck the life out of you surely as someone impaling you and watching you die a slow death.

Nobody Thinks Obama and Vlad, both children thrown away by their own parents, have something in common. Dracula loved watching people die, slow and painfully. And by the looks of it, Obama is getting a big kick out of watching Americans be tortured in a slow death..spiral with no revival.Socialized Medicine

Forget the birth certificate: Let’s run a DNA blood test, and look for the Dracula blood line. Think I’m crazy?

In October 2011, Prince Charles publicly claimed that he is a descendant of Vlad the Impaler. The claim accompanied his announcement of a pledge to help conserve the forested areas of Transylvania.

See? Obama is related by blood to George W. Bush, who IS related to Prince Charles.

I’m serious. Maybe there IS a torture gene. (Okay, I’ll shut up.)

(Note: Some historians have put a honorable twist on Dracula saying he had to protect himself from the Muslims, since he was a Christian. WHY the Christians want to claim him is beyond me.)

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ObamaCare, Target, Phil Robertson, McDonalds, and Segway: Nobody’s Perfect

Nobody’s Perfect

We had a slew of big bloopers this week, so let’s get right to them!

FIRST: Obamacare. What’s not to love? The 3,847 lies that Obama told you? The fact that you can’t see your favorite doctor? You lost your insurance and can’t get on the website? The only hospital that will take Obamacare is across the river in East St. Louis? You are being forced to pay for abortions? Your new deductable is now higher than the price of a new car? You have a pre-condition but can’t afford to pay for Obamacare, because it’s actually MORE than if you had paid under a regular insurance plan? You’re a single guy,  but you have to pay for other people’s babies to come into the world?Obamacare Pirate

Yes, Obamacares.

Obama just signed up today…as a joke. The  website was a joke.  Every top security expert basically said, THEY wouldn’t go on it— nevertheless despite the fact that even Target has better protection, the Obama’s keep pushing people to sign up. Hey, it’s not their bank account that’s going to be stolen, why should they care?

And because it’s the LAW (And this was your last day folks to get that great care) you have no choice but to RISK losing all your information to some hack in Saudi Arabia…

SECOND—Target. We just learned that Target got hacked and over 40 million people’s bank cards are at risk.  Which makes you wonder why Target, is getting more bad press than Obamacare?

It’s obviously okay if Obama’s website is not secure, but it’s a catastrophe if Target isn’t. Good thing the media is just as outraged about Obamacare security as Target’s——

Wait… they’re not.

THIRD: Phil Roberson— a man who never pretended to like pajama’s, admitted that he was a Bible believing man, who didn’t find the idea of having sex with men appealing, put the nation in an uproar, and A & E suspended him.

Was this done so we wouldn’t notice the billions of dollars Obama is charging the taxpayer for his big Hawaii vacation and the Obamacare disaster? Notice how every time Obama looks bad, something else happens to take our eyes off Obama?Cracker Barrel

A&E banished Phil from his own show and then turned around and had a Duck Dynasty marathon. But, the biggest surprise came when the country-themed Cracker Barrel restaurant said they were no longer going to sell Duck Dynasty products in their store.

Talk about stupid. Have you ever seen Katie Coric brag about eating at a Cracker Barrel? At least 80 percent of their customers are what the elites call rednecks.

Cracker Barrel took all of one day to apologize. A&E…didn’t. And Twitter is blocking links to a website set up to support Phil., who refuses to apologize. (Good for him)

Fourth: Twitter: Let’s throw Twitter in this lot too.

Fifth: McDonalds: Also last week, we heard that McDonald’s was “unable to sell enough,”  Mighty Chicken Wings BECAUSE they cost too much, and were too spicy. Also reported, they are advising their employees NOT to eat fast food. (LOL!)

It’s one thing to compete with StarBucks, but quite another to compete with the Colonel. Big mistake.Mighty wings

Six: Segway  I can bet you didn’t hear about this one. Remember, when they hyped the next greatest invention? Even Steve Jobs was excited by it…and we waited, and waited, and it was—–

The Segway! That big expensive scooter that was going to get the world to stop walking.

Everybody in the world was going to use one. (Made BEFORE the Mighty Wings goof up.) Have you SEEN the Mall cops lately? They could use a good jog.

Evidently (I just read this today and imagine my surprise!)  in 2010 James W. Heselden, the British businessman who owned Segway, fell to his death from a cliff when his scooter malfunctioned during a tour of his estate.Segway

(I KNOW I’m not suppose to laugh. Leave me alone.)

Nobody Wonders if that scooter was a Segway, and what we can expect from future Karma.

I’ll let you know.

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