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Nobody’s Perfect: GOP Presidential Candidates

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The big news this week, was the great rise of Donald Trump. With each passing day, Trump has gained such a remarkable lead in the Presidential race, that the rest of the Presidential  GOP candidates could only sit back and see their own presidential ambitions fading as fast as babies popping bubbles in a bubble bath.

So, the GOP candidates were all there tonight on the debate stage in New Hampshire…and by a wonderful twist of fate, were made to sit next to each other and listen to each other.

The looks on their faces said it all: You could see frustration, anger…hopelessness, and better than most Americans, the real leader was so far ahead, he just didn’t show up.  I bet Jeb Bush wished he would have skipped this instead of Iowa. Jeb Bush skipped IOWA, but this was New Hampshire–it’s near Bush country.  Jeb was leading there..for about 2 days.

I didn’t get to watch it all, but I did catch their closing speeches where they were asked to give a 30 second summation of why they want to be President.

Here’s my grades on their speeches:

Rand Paul: Rand, is pretty mad. He’s mad at Trump. He’s mad because in his mind there IS no contest as to who should be President. He did throw out a nice idea about being able to take the cost of college on your taxes, but then, if everyone is paying a flat tax, HOW does he do that? Rand is having trouble smiling these days. His final speech was not really convincing…mainly because he’s angry. He gets a C+

Marco Rubio: Rubio spent a LOT of time trying to convince everybody that amnesty that he signed up for, well he’s rethinking that. Despite his enthusiasm, and his tough talk on Iraq, he still seems green. Very green.  His speech rated a…C

Ted Cruz: After watching Rand, I must admit, I didn’t think Cruz could muster much. But boy, I was surprised. Out of all the candidates he seems to sincerely love America. His speech was very Presidential— while many would consider it full of political platitudes, when coming out of his mouth, it ends up being uplifting and inspiring. And we have seen, that Ted is the one who stands up to Congress…so he’s easy to believe. I gave his speech an A. Best of the night.

Ben Carson: You get the feeling by far that Ben Carson is the smartest guy in the room.  But his ending speech sounded more like a guy just having a conversation and being a teacher, which I think is his greatest gift. Ben is reaching for the stars and so let’s hope, he lands at least on the Moon. I gave his speech a nice four

Scott Walker: What is it about this guy? I just can’t get enthused about him. Maybe he’s TOO cerebral.  He talked mostly about HIS record and kept off what he would do for the country, which I don’t think he has a clue. He’s got his state down, but the world?  He never attacks Washington D.C., which is why I don’t trust him. His speech was lame, I give him a C.

Rick Perry: Rick is VERY hard not to like. He is fun to listen to, and full of that good-old-boy Texan lovable personality that speaks America. But, Bush had that too, remember?

He talked about energy, putting forth his strong points. Rick’s speech,  next to Ted Cruz’s, was the most fun of the night. I give his speech an B+. Although, most of us can’t believe that our best days are ahead of us. Not really…But he IS trying to get that last spot.

Bobby Jindall: Mr. Jindall is one of my favorites…I can picture him as President. He’s probably the ONLY governor that I would trust. Too bad the camera man gave him such a terrible shot for his speech. Was that on purpose? SURE! I gave his speech a C++…not quite lofty enough.

Lindsey Graham: Well. We need to GO to war, and kill ISIS or they will kill us. That’s his story. When he got to his speech he choked up, and couldn’t talk. REALLY? What is it with these Rino’s crying? His speech was so bad, I gave it a D-…and that’s only because he was crying.

Carly Fiona: The commentator tried to trip her up. Out of all the contenders, she does have the experience to deal with world leaders. I even think she would be more competent than even Sarah Palin, and that’s saying something. She has NOT given up, and good for her. I gave her speech a B+ She did great tonight.

Rick Santorin: Rick has matured, and seems to be getting better with age….but the media has ignored the guy entirely because he really is the MOST conservative of all of them.  I gave his speech a B.

John Kasich: I have NO idea what he said. All I can do is get visions of his face, which reminds me of one of those charpoy dogs. I DO remember him saying he has been a ‘servant’ of the public forever, and that’s when I stopped listening to him. So, I’m not going to even grade him.

Chris Christie: The commentator’s question gave him a big punch, but Chris stood his ground. Still, none of us can forget him being buddy with Obama. His speech was not much. Christie already knows he doesn’t stand a chance….I think he’s already accepted it. I give his speech a D.

George Pataki: George sounded like he just said everything that Carly said. LOL! Everybody loves him it seems, but there you go, another politician…and from New York no less. Sorry, I don’t remember his speech. I must have had a brain freeze.

Jeb Bush: Boy, did HE mess up. When asked how different he was from his father and brother, he started to stammer and talk about how he had a Tee Shirt that said if you talked against his dad he would meet you outside and beat you up. The guy cut him short before he could say anymore.

Jeb, got a big F.

So, there you go, none of them are perfect, but there are a few gems.



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From Kings, to Queens, to Presidents…Too Much Power.

Nobody Reports

At around 7.30 in this video, Bill Clinton says that he thinks X Presidents should be able to run for a third term. He keeps saying, “Not me of course” and you think, that’s absurd. But I have been saying that the Presidency…the office itself, is the dream job of men. To be the King of the world, and with the power of the Presidency NOW…you can bet that Bill Clinton, Obama, and both George W. and Daddy Bush DREAM of never having to leave the office. When you think of their addiction to power, Nixon in retrospect looks humble next to them all.

Here we see Obama expressing the wish: HE would like to stay President, because of course, he’s so good at it. But…those African leaders who refuse to leave, well, they should give it up, even though he doesn’t want to.

And by the way, Clinton’s whole speech in the first video points out that it’s ALL about global. Watch how he dances around the stimulus debacle, and watch how he basically admits that the BIG banks and corporations worked with big business to globalized the world and ALL that money into a few pockets, but…well…they just didn’t think about the damage that would do. They hadn’t figured that part out yet. So, see, it was good for some, just not for the little guys. They just didn’t see that…somehow they missed it.

Is it ANY wonder in the world that the big corporations want the same people as President forever? Even if Obama become head of the United Nations, he will NEVER have the life he is living now.

Notice at the end of this video…Hillary’s plug?

Personally, I think they should get rid of the office entirely. Or limit them to having no power. Maybe let the Presidents be caretakers of the White House parties, where they can ONLY invite other country’s government officials to entertain. For that position they would have to be born IN America, and pass a drug and IQ test. They would still get elected, but the campaign would last no more than one month–two months tops. The long election cycle is all about propaganda and brainwashing the masses into accepting their fate. They want you to think that it was YOU that picked your president!


If Jeb or Hillary gets in, the rest of the country should revolt. (in my dreams)

We’d be better off with just a historical landmark for people to visit….because the perks and power of the Presidency of the United States it seems, no man can resist becoming a tyrant. At least not ones with the last name of Bush, Clinton, or Obama.

Maybe people think our country can survive these corporate/dynasties…but I’m, not so sure.

Can we? The next election, will decide.


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Are We Sparta? Or Are We Athens?

Nobody’s Opinion

Today was the first really hot day here in the Mid-West. Global warming is happening in just the right politically correct spots it seems. and Missouri somehow missed the global warming Obama buttcake report. The whole month of June in Missouri was so cool, we had to turn on our heaters at night, and walk around in warm socks.

I noticed it snowed in California, yesterday— In July.

So, my dreams of getting out in the hot sun was FINALLY going to happen. You can imagine how excited I was . I couldn’t wait to jump in the local pool.  I was standing in line waiting to get in, and I noticed a big family of Spanish speaking people in front of me.  There were at least 10 kids, and at $8.00 a head for just the kids, that’s $80.00. And about four adults. ($12.00) I didn’t see any money exchanged. They went in very happily…and somehow manage it without speaking a word of English.  Immigrants, I have noticed, in just the last six months, have virtually flooded my little Missouri ‘city.’ None of them speak English. And they don’t have to. Our schools provide special translators for up to 41 languages. Shopping at the Wal-marts here is like walking around Miami International.

My husband and I walk around Wal-Mart and play, “What language is THAT?” game.Mexicans at Wal mart one

They don’t have to learn English anymore.

While I was standing behind this big family, I was thinking that the young white kids in America can’t find jobs, and some of them decided to not even have kids because they can’t even support themselves, and yet, the Mexicans are having dozens—-Because they don’t have to support them.

The citizens who live here and have jobs are supporting them.This is happening everywhere in America, and people are sick of it.

But back to the pool:  BECAUSE some kid threw up in the pool yesterday, the main pool was closed. So I came home to the Sunday Cable news shows, which are almost as disgusting as the pool being closed down due to a bad taco…and low and behold, I was just as disgusted listening to bad taco’s on TV. (Why do I do this to myself?)And they were ALL attacking Donald Trump. You would have thought he bombed Pearl Harbor. Or…worse yet, attacked Obamacare.

The only ones so far, that haven’t attacked Donald Trump are Ann Coulter, Ted Cruz, and Carly Fiorina. That’s three out of…what? 335?

The smart people of America, know that that attacks are a result of Donald getting over 12,000 people to come to hear him talk in Arizona. Jeb Bush couldn’t attract over 12,00o people unless he was in Mexico City and promised them all free tickets to Disneyworld, so yes, our rich elite Rino’s in Washington are VERY worried.

Trump is now in first place. If he keeps it up, he will remain there. The G-8 will have to put aside their vacations and met at Camp David instead of their Swiss chalets, and soon.Trump in Arizona

What’s the main ‘talking point’? Trump is a  “sideshow.” They think if they just keep repeating it, everyone will believe it.

Peggy Noonan was especially contrite. She trashed him by saying that he was some kind of bombastic oaf. Yes, Peggy the elite, who was all a ‘ga-ga’ about Obama. She didn’t change her love affair with Obama until well after his second election. But she worked for Reagan you know, so she is pedigree. She realizes that the people are angry, but Trump is just not a serious candidate.—-Says the woman who loved that serious candidate, Obama.Peggy Noonan

George W. and Bill Clinton had to get together to try to calm the mobs. The Ex Presidents are all telling us “not to get angry” and gee—Trump is going to spoil it for the Republicans who NEED the Hispanic votes.

Don’t they get it? They are telling the citizens of America that they care more about the Hispanic vote than they do the American vote. But no…they don’t. Jeb expects us all to work longer hours because there are all those little Hispanic mouths we will have to feed. The GOP can no longer count on their base to vote for them. Especially if they run Jeb. Their message is whites will be the minority so they should just shut up and forget they even LIVE here, or their parents and sons and daughters died in wars to keep the country in liberty.  The fact is…there are STILL a lot of white people who are sick of being told they are racist, selfish, greedy, and FAT, while our politicians put us all down daily.

We BUILT this country, damn it. As Ann Coulter points out, we were colonists, not immigrants. This is NOT Mexico! (Okay, they took California back…) And we don’t want you to kill us all off with Obamacare either.

Yes, we ARE angry you elite snob media pundits! And we’re also mad that you’re not. We know you all go home to your big mansions in Chevy Chase and Georgetown. You could care less about any of us out here in the heartland. Eagle eyes

Peggy did admit one thing: Since the elite GOP couldn’t defeat Obama after his first terrible term, we privilege white people put republicans BACK into power in 2010. Every single candidate ran on repealing  Obamacare. They got in. They did nothing. And they let Obama break every law. They lied. Only ONE man stood and tried, and the rest of the party beat him to a pulp for it. Ted Cruz has not quite got over that. He did not fight back. He simpered a bit, and went quietly.

Is it any wonder we love a man who tells them all to get lost?

And aren’t we in the same boat as Greece?  The Greek people WANTED out of the EU. The Greek people VOTED no.

And the one man they trusted to walk away from the EU..changed his mind.

They……….. were………… betrayed.

Less than a week after they triumphantly gave international creditors a bloody nose by rejecting a harsh austerity plan, angry and bewildered Greeks are left wondering how they now find themselves swallowing an even worse deal.

“I voted ‘No’. And of course this new proposal doesn’t correspond to that ‘No’,” Vassilis Sika, 20, who is unemployed, said in Athens.

“I feel like a slave. They do what they want, and we can’t participate.”

How many people feel just like Vassilis? (My hand is up.)

So, do we join Donald in Sparta?

Greece two

Or Greece in Athens?





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United States –“Independence, Never?”

Nobody’s Opinion

“Independence Forever.” Those were the last words spoken to a reporter by John Adams on the day he died, when asked what he wanted to tell the world on July the 4th. They weren’t the last words he spoke…his last words were “Jefferson still lives.”

Actually, no…Thomas Jefferson had died earlier that day…July 4, 1826.Adams and Jefferson

Quite a remarkable statement considering some of the utterly deceiving and cruel things that Thomas Jefferson did to John Adams during his lifetime. Like when he hired a newspaper reporter to say vile and vicious lies about John during the election. Neither John Adams or Thomas Jefferson wanted the new country to split into two political fractions, but they did—-and it started in their lifetimes. But–there were a few times when a third party tried to break through.

There have been 11 Presidential elections where a candidate ran on an Independent ticket, Ross Perot being the most famous one. Mr. Perot was blamed for ‘ruining’ the GOP chances in 1990, and this put Bill Clinton in. Remember that?

They made Ross Perot out to be insane. But, Ross was right. NAFTA lead us down the road of all the jobs going out of the country, and the middle class disappearing. Clinton passed NAFTA, Bush passed the North American Union and it’s been downhill since then. Both Bush and the Clinton’s work for ‘globalization”…which is all about Crony capitalism. That alone has been the biggest factor in destroying the middle class.

America is now finally tired of both parties…and it’s a fact, that there are now more Independent voters than Democrats OR Republicans. But..we  have no choice at the voting box. You either vote Democrat OR Republican. We have no ‘third’ party to vote for. Don’t like either one of them? Tough. Your vote then, doesn’t count. . Basically, they have rigged the system.Ross Perot

Both parties have made sure that another party cannot rise up against them, so Donald had no choice–he had to run as a Republican.

Despite all they are throwing at him, in GOP polls, Trump is running second, (Of course he is, Jeb has been in first from the start which shows you how you can’t believe in polls.) In the democratic polls, he is leading:

Mr. Trump was touting his first place in an average of 105 polls. Of the 14 candidates who have declared, Trump topped the field with 13.6 per cent support to 13.3 per cent for Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor and son and brother of two past presidents.Jeb Bush two

The democrats are loving this. Despite the fact that Bernie Sanders is drawing much bigger crowds than Hillary, and most of the democrats don’t really want her, they stand behind her 100 percent.  The republicans go after each other, but you NEVER see that happening with the Democrats.

Mitt Romney is having a nice sleep over for Rubio and Gov. Chris Christie. Of course, Trump in all fairness, already has given his opinions on the whole lot of them–they almost had to strike back.

The Bush operators  said this:

“Donald Trump is like watching a roadside accident,” Ari Fleischer, a former spokesman for George W Bush, told Politico. “Everybody pulls over to see the mess. And Trump thinks that’s entertainment. But running for president is serious. And the risk for the party is that he tarnishes everybody.”

(Nobody thinks: The Bushes are not tarnished? The GOP is not tarnished? The GOP is tarnished every time they give in to Obama.)

Jeb Bush said this:

“I don’t think he represents the Republican Party, and his views are way out of the mainstream of what Republicans think. No one suggests that we shouldn’t control our borders – everybody has a belief that we should control our borders. But to make these extraordinarily ugly kind of comments is not reflective of the Republican Party. Trump is wrong on this.”

To which Trump said this:

They picked on Ross Perot's ears.

They picked on Ross Perot’s ears.

“Today, Jeb Bush once again proves that he is out of touch with the American people,” Trump said in response to Bush’s words. “… he doesn’t understand anything about the border or border security. In fact, Jeb believes illegal immigrants who break our laws when they cross our border come ‘out of love.'”

Ann Coulter says this:

“If Rubio or Jeb gets the nomination, it’s going to be President Hillary and expect a full Supreme Court of Ruth Bader Ginsburgs. I don’t think either will get the nomination, but I am sure neither of them will become president.”

And Ken Crow, leader of the Tea Party said this:

“Americans are sick and tired of corrupt government and career politicians. He will straighten out the economy and defend our borders. Americans want a John Wayne right now, someone who’ll be a champion of our country.”

So, here’s the good news. You can tell who you shouldn’t vote for by the way they react to Donald Trump…one man refuse to do it.ted Cruz two

Ted Cruz said this

“I salute Donald Trump for focusing on the need to address illegal immigration,” the Texas senator said on NBC’s Meet the Press in an interview that aired Sunday. “The Washington cartel doesn’t want to address that. The Washington cartel doesn’t believe we need to secure the borders. The Washington cartel supports amnesty and I think amnesty’s wrong, and I salute Donald Trump for focusing on it. He has a colorful way of speaking. It’s not the way I speak, but I’m not going to engage in the media’s game of throwing rocks and attacking other Republicans. I’m just not going to do it.”

The bad news is: The established Washington GOP Rinos will stop at nothing to destroy Donald Trump. They will keep him off the ticket at all costs.

There will be no “Independent” or “Write in for President–Trump has to get the nomination.

And that in itself…is about as high a mountain as any Independent thinker can climb.

Can you call Donald Trump an Independent Thinker? Yep. As we have seen, nobody tells Donald Trump what to think or what not to think. He is not influenced or afraid to stand up to his own party.

America wants her Independence Again. Have we finally come, full circle?

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The Pontifical Pontoon of New Jersey Wants the White House

Nobody Reports

The fact that Greece’s economy is collapsing (Oh, and we forgot to tell you, Puerto Rico’s is too) got pushed onto the back burner today because the big man, the ponderous pontifical pontoon of New Jersey, Chris Christie, announced his run for President in his old high school gym. And what a melodramatic oration it was—the fat boy of New Jersey made it to the top.The boss

And he did it all by being a typical politician. He speaks well. He looks like he will get things done.  The speech was the same old song…”I will represent the People!”

Right. And my grandmother is still alive and working for Hooters.

Christie let it be known that he wasn’t going to mess around: His message was, crooks have taken your social security, and therefore, it’s broke. But I’m the only guy who is going fix it. I will do what’s right, not what’s popular and therefore, I’m the man to save the country. You will have to get less, and work longer…that’s just the fact folks, so belly up your money.

Uh…we already have one of these “my way or the highway” buffoons in the White House, which was Christie’s message.

While many people are knocking Donald Trump, compared to Chris Christie, Donald is mellow. I’d take his “You’re fired” any day of the week to Christie’s “Shut up!”  I have visions of Christie telling the American people on a daily basis, “SHUT UP!  I will TELL you how it’s going to be!”

Whatever. And it doesn’t look like he plays much golf, so we won’t get relief from that.Christie and Obama

Christie’s sight has always been for the Presidency. His speech at the Republican Convention was all about HIM…not Romney. Everybody was going “Huh?” What’s he talking about? I thought he was going to praise Romney? Truly it was a slap in the face. And then when he came out embracing Obama right before the election, many people thought THAT lost the election for Romney. If Christie couldn’t stand by the conservatives, and stay away from Obama for one more week, then what?

It was a major slap in the fact to Romney.

It was all about Christie. To us, and in retrospect, Christie knew he could destroy Romney, but then that’s good, because running against Obama in 2016 would be great for him. And that was his plan.

It was a selfish move for the country. But come on..the guy has a HUGE appetite. He wants the big banana.  He wants it all….and he’s foaming at the mouth for it.

Personally, I think the democrats will stay off him, because at heart, he’s a New Jersey boy: And what do you think of when you think of New Jersey?

Corruption. Mafia. Union…thugs. Men who push their weight around and are used to getting their way.

That’s Chris Christie.

At first, we were all amazed at his brazenness.

Now, he’s just another schoolyard bully.

Like I said, we already have on bully in the White House.  Why elect another?



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What Person on the Planet Is SURE to Survive Anything?

Nobody’s Opinion

Here’s a question to ponder: Why in the world, would anyone want to spend millions, (in a few cases billions) of dollars just to become President? The job pays…$400,000.

Sure: There are the obvious perks: The best chef in the world, Air Force One, anything in the world you want is yours for the asking. Power, money, control, your place in history—but then again, think of the job? Who in their right mind would want that job?

Is it me? Or is the fact that so MANY people are running this year a bit–excessive? Surely they all know that the more that get in the race, the less chance they might have of winning. That’s not stopping any of them. President 2016

That question has been bothering me. Most of us are very pleased to see so many likable candidates reaching out to the American people for support. Everybody knows—- unless you are a Woody Harrison look-a-like surfer and living on welfare, that we are heading for a collapse…of some kind. If the Iranians don’t attack, then there’s Russia, or China, and it’s not just the Syrians running out of their country–according to Alex Jones, ALL the billionaires are grabbing what gold they have and moving to their New Zealand bunkers. Even Texas wants it’s gold back from the Feds.

The rich rats are jumping off the ship in droves, so to speak.

But back to the question: Why are so many running?

Many seem very sincere: Among those Cruz, Paul, Rubio, Carson, and Fiorina.

But Huckabee? Santorum? Graham? Really?

These people want that job BADLY. You can hear it in their voices. For instance, watch in this fabulous speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition, how Carly Fiorina is fighting back to get a place on the debate ticket, which is democracy at its best don’t you think? (Okay…that was supposed to be sarcastic.)  She is going gangbusters (the speech was great: Start at 10.00, and if you have little time, go ahead to 20.00 the ending is brilliant.) but the “polls’ could kick her out of the debates.

Sorry America….WE decide the polls. (You know, the rich and powerfully paid.)

The GOP decides whether you are ‘popular’ enough to be in the debates?

What is this? Survival? bunker two

People are so MAD at politicians they could spit. So therefore, Trump and Fiorina look to be the only two business candidates, which to many, gives them an advantage.

And Trump is trying to eliminate her (who is his best competition) by saying she lost big in California.

To a CONSERVATIVE…that’s a badge of honor. California doesn’t want her? She must be doing something right.

But here’s a thought…dare I speak it? If I would put myself in their place…IF the world is headed for WW III, or a total economic collapse..(read the web, it’s EVERYWHERE.) There would be NO better job of the planet to have than to be the President of the United States.

So, one must honestly ask: Is this race also about sheer survival?

Think of it: If you were President, with all the thousands of people protecting just you alone, and your family, you WOULD survive, even if the whole planet went under.

You might have to stay out of the sun in your extra luxurious hidden bunker for a few years, but most people would be happy to be there.

Let’s see…what would their bunkers look like?:

Bush? Hey, his family more than any other knows the perks of being President. BUT..Bush’s family is SO big, you’d need at least one in every state to hold them all. Bush shows off artwork

Cruz? No, he really seems sincere about it…I can’t put him up there. But his dad’s presence alone would make everybody else want to be there. 

Paul? His own father is trying to warn the world that it is coming.  They could sit in the bunker and say, “We TRIED to warn them.”

Rubio? Not sure…what did Jeb Bush show him? We don’t know. But Rubio would probably start a good re-population program of little Rubio’s…there would be a lot of future kids. 

Carson? Carson is NOT stupid….at least he wouldn’t need a doctor. 

Huckabee? Oh yes, he wants in that bunker. And I’m sure he already has a bunker just in case, with a concert hall. 

Graham? Hell yes.  I’m thinkin….The whole Bunny Ranch. 

Fiorina?  She would probably be busy working on a NEW America the whole time. 

Walker? He’s a question mark to me.  They keep him off the TV pretty much..Who IS this guy? Is he the wild card? 

Trump? As much as I like the guy, he would definitely want that power to have his whole family protected. To him it would be a no-brainer.  He would redesign whatever bunker Obama has designed on the first day, with the Trump lettering on all the bunker towels. Everybody would be afraid to use them. 

Should we all be so cynical to think that ALL these people running truly want to save America? Every one of them is selfless?

Ha ha! Does Bill Clinton like to use oblong objects on young interns in hallways?

Anyway, as we watch Obama travel the world playing golf, you have to wonder…

When is the executive order coming to suspend the 2016 Presidential election? Is he trying to cause a massive attack in order to keep himself in power?

Scary thought isn’t it? (Scarlett O’Hara says: I just won’t think of that today..I’ll worry about that tomorrow!)

If the world is as bad as we are all reading…

Then Obama won’t even have to make a phone call…all he will need is his pen….and his putter.

And probably…his favorite pizza maker from St. Louis.

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Jimmy Fallon And His Master…Bater, Jeb Bush

Nobody Knows

–How COULD the GOP be more clueless. Jeb Bush just did a “slow jam” with Jimmy Fallon, and notice…how stupid his handlers were.

Jimmy Fallon AND the black guy behind him…all they did was make sexual innuendo jokes. And Jeb played along?

How stupid is this guy? Or…how desperate?

That did NOT happen with Obama. With Obama the black guy singer, AND Jimmy Fallon, sang about pushing Obama’s agenda and blaming the GOP Congress.

Now, notice how they treat Jeb.

They made Jeb Bush look like a fool. And yet, somebody at the Bush organization thought this was a good idea?

Anyway, here’s Jeb…now compare…the subtle lack of respect.

It’s a funny skit, but do you think the Bush organization even gets the fact that they are very cleverly being mocked? Master…bater? 

Nobody Knows. 


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It’s Nobody’s Secret That I Like Donald Trump

Nobody Reports

Well…HE DID IT! 

And boy, did he send some mighty big shock waves through the party-controlled media.

After his speech, FOX sort of just pushed off talking about it, and CNN didn’t even mention it.

Rush Limbaugh said he laughed all through it.

I thought it was a great speech. But then, who am I?  Just a Nobody…sorry Rush. For all the great founding documents (and I am of course as proud of that as any) the REAL reason America became so great is because of the great wealth we created from the start…and Donald is right. America needs to get rich again.

Maybe Rush should get off the golf courses too, and look around.

This vast land…gave the simple man who came over from Europe…all he needed to have to build, to invent, to create, to exceed, to become the biggest winners on the planet.

And our politicians, have taken all that away. Year by year. Inch by inch. They are choking us…and Obama is daily shaming us.

Donald showed….REAL passion. Everybody else looks like they rehearsed for months just to say a simple line off their notes.

Okay, it’s no secret I like Donald….and want to know something else? I’ve never seen his show…but I HAVE read his books…and he is the real deal.

Now, let’s see what all the other guys have to offer..right?


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Run Donald! Run!

Nobody Flashes

Isn’t it refreshing to hear someone NOT speak in politicians crapola?

I’m STILL hoping Donald Trump runs.

They say…he might announce…tomorrow.

Both Jeb and Hillary’s people will be doing double face palms.

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Put DOWN…the Bongos.

Nobody’s Opinion


How many people got so sick and tired of hearing about the poor mistreated black people in Baltimore, so they turned off their TVs, and went out to enjoy the spring weather…raise your hands?

Here’s what I want to know: What did we learn from this besides the fact that, whenever liberals get together to celebrate in the streets, some damn fool has to bring out his bongo’s?  No offense to African American bongo players…, but Jeeeeezzz…you are insulting  pygmies, and many fond memories of Dobie Gillis.O'Mallybaby serious

Go home and practice will ya?

In order to ‘impress’ and calm down those poor black people, they bought in a young woman who not only told us how she came to this great moment in her short life…as a prosecuting attorney of Baltimore, but we got full details of what those cops did to ‘kill’ that black man in Baltimore, which came down to …they didn’t buckle his seat belt.

Baltimore it’s been reported (I’ve read, because I got tired of watching it) has been celebrating hard at the news,  only to direct America to the fact that more ‘riots’ are to come, and even more good news on top of that:

Hillary Clinton will now have competition from her own party, and it comes in the form of a man who RAN Baltimore for the last decade: Governor Martin O’Malley.

In the words of Rahm Emmanuel, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” O’Malley, who was in Ireland at the time of the riots, has rushed back to save not only the city he help destroy, but the whole country.  Kennedy is dead, so the next best Irish democrat, sees the opportunity of his lifetime, and has decided to run for President…Hillary now has two contenders!

It’s about damn time. I mean, what kind of screwed up-country has one person running from one side, and 40 from the other?

O’Malley is very hip: He declares the Hispanic immigrants the new Americans and wants them to have free college. He also backs gay marriage. And…he’s Catholic! He’s perfect.

But watch this video: here’s what makes him a fine candidate to challenge Hillary to a debate: Watch how he turns the very fact that Baltimore is a result of his policies, into, not it’s not HIS, but America’s fault.

Brilliant. I was confused after his first sentence. Republicans will never call Hillary a liar to her face in a debate, but this guy will talk rings around Hillary. She’ll get flustered just trying to get him to shut up. In fact, that’s got to be the ONLY reason the guy has stayed in office for as long as he has.

With Baltimore, it’s clear: Voters wanted a fraud they can believe in.

And he even plays guitar…and I bet…somewhere in his office is a set of bongo’s.bongos

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Rand Paul: Refreshingly Full Speed Ahead!

Nobody Reports

Today, Ron’s son came out to run for President 2016. Already the left and the Rino’s are on the attack…big time…

Something tells me, this time, their attacks are not going to stick.  Right now, I would take any of them over Jeb Bush. Let’s hope this time, we get some supernatural help.

I’d settle for Buddha. Or the FORCE. Or Zeus. Or Jesus. Or the Planet Mars.  Any supernatural force to come in and keep us from another Bush or Clinton would be welcomed at this point.

Enjoy this short clip. I did.

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Nobody Remembers the Kennedy Dynasty

Nobody Remembers

We are entering the century of American dynasties. Bushes VS the Clintons.  Their grandchildren already have places carved out for them at the White House no doubt, and their personal butlers already picked.

Have you noticed? Hillary does not appear without Chelsea at her side, and it’s clear to everyone that she is being primed to someday run for President just like her mother.  We now have two families that demand the mantle of “it’s my turn” crown…how did this happen?

It all was brought about, by the Kennedy dynasty.Kennedy dynasty

I can still remember the Kennedy Dynasty and the night it died on the cross.

The death of young John F. Kennedy certified that the Clinton’s would be the new dynasty of the future. Everybody knew Caroline could not muster the mantle, and Ted was too old.  So, how did the Kennedy’s take the Presidency and turn it into an American Kingdom?

If you said corruption and WIN!

Here’s some excerpts from “A History of the American People” by Paul Johnson, and how the Kennedy’s defeated the much more experienced Richard Nixon:

Nixon was, for 8 years, Vice President to President Eisenhower and had sat in the House from 1947. He had traveled all over the world, and stood up to Nikita Khrushchev. He also had a distinguished wartime career in the Navy. Nixon also exposed Alger Hiss (as a communist) and Kennedy had praised him for doing so.  Nixon was by all accounts a great Senator.Kennedy VS Nixon

Kennedy had served in the House, and then as senator.

But in the sixties, the media turned, to what it is today. Especially the Eastern media.  In other words, it was in the sixties that the liberals took over the press.  And the way they presented Nixon laid the groundwork for what happens today.

Nixon should have been an America media hero. He came from nowhere. His family background was respectable but obscure. He worked his way through an unfashionable college. He had no money except what he earned by his own efforts. He had, to begin with, no influential friends of connections. He was an autodidact and voracious reader, always trying to better himself intellectually as well as professionally. Yet, from start to finish the media especially the “quality ” press, distrusted him, consistently denigrated him, and sought to destroy him. indeed in a sense did destroy him.

The media also destroyed him about Alger Hiss, they accused him of being a McCartheyite. Not until after Nixon’s death was Hiss found guilty.

By contrast the media did everything its power to build up and sustain the beatific myth of John F. Kennedy throughout his life and long after his death. The media protected him, suppressed what it  knew to be the truth about him, and if necessary, lied about him , on a scale which it had never done even for FDR.

Joe Kennedy made his money illegally through money lending, Hollywood, stock jobbing and bootleg liquor among many other deals. His mob connections included Meyer Lansky, Frank Costello, and Doc Stacher. He wanted his oldest son to be President, but he was killed in the war.

So, Jack got the crown.

“I guess Dad has decided he’s going to be the ventriloquist, so that leaves me the role of dummy.”

But, Jack also dealt with gangsters and bluff. The list of lies told about his health were formidable. He was addicted to amphetamines, and his health and sexual life completely hidden by the press.

“Profiles in Courage”,  which earn as a ‘disorganized” somewhat incoherent melange for secondary sources, was turned by Theodore Sorensen and team of academic historians and professional writers into a readable book, and won the Pulitzer prize for biography. Those who suggested the book was not written by Jack, were sued for libel or even, at Joe’s request, investigated by the FBI.

Old Joe set about making Kennedy first a congressman, then a senator, then president. Kennedy’s political ascent, however was based essentially on money and corruption. It is not always clear he was award of his father’s malpractices. Naturally he knew of the dishonesty and lies that made him a war hero and a literary celebrity. But getting him into the House and Senate took enormous sums of money.

Joe loaned the editor of the Boston Post half a million to secure his support. Essentially he was a half-ambitious, half-reluctant, dutiful son and heir following the masterful demands of his father to get to the top by fair means or foul.

Mafia money went to pay off key election officials including local sheriffs, who were handed a total of $50,000 to get out the Kennedy vote by any means. In return, Joe promised the mobsters assistance in federal investigation.

To win election, they invented lies…like the missile gap. Kennedy said that Eisenhower had allowed a missile gap, which was hogwash.

And then, there was the famous debate, in which the Kennedy’s knew Nixon had a bad knee, so they insisted on standing. They also knew he sweated a lot. They rigged that…and did everything they could to make Nixon look bad, although by all accounts, he won that debate.

Like Obama, Kennedy won…barely: 34,227,496 to 34,107,646.

Daley gave Kennedy the windy city, and Lyndon Johnson gave him Texas. Later there was evidence of fraud, and Nixon probably won by 250,000 votes.

We’ll never know.

So, Joe Kennedy, along with the help of the Mafia, and LOTS of money, got his son elected to President. And the mafia and the democrats have been in bed ever since. Everybody knows this: But nobody talks about it.

And doesn’t it make you wonder just WHO put up the money to get Obama elected? Mmmmmmm?

I will add to this—I think Obama probably lost that last election, there was so much fraud,…but the dynasties are coming back….Bush dynasty

The media sold us Obama. Who are they going to sell us this time?

In other words…who’s the bigger crook?

And which dynasty will be left standing…the Clinton’s or the Bushes?

Clinton dynasty


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Nobody Remembers: Michael Bloomberg—GOP Pres. Candidate, 2016?

Nobody Remembers

In the lifestyles of the rich and famous, Michael Bloomberg, is in the top one percent. He is the 16th richest person in the world, down from the 13th BECAUSE…of how much he had to spend to be Mayor of New

Michael has the proud honor of having spent the most self-financed campaign in U.S. History when he ran for a third term as mayor of New York. He spent almost $110 million of his own money to win in 2009, breaking his own previous record of $75 million that he spent in 2001 and 2005. This means that he spent about $185 dollars a vote and won by a margin of 4.4 percent.

“Bloomberg is richer than ever, with his fortune up $6 billion since last year, thanks to the performance of Bloomberg LP, the financial data firm he founded in 1982 after being fired from Salomon Brothers. He owns 88% of the company, which generated $8.3 billion in 2013 revenues. Bloomberg also owns at least 10 homes in Manhattan, Westchester County, Bermuda, Vail and the Hamptons”

How did ONE man become so rich, so rich that he even granted himself a third term as mayor, by changing the law?

He is THE King of Wall Street: From Wiki….

In 1982, Merrill Lynch became the new company’s first customer, installing 22 of the company’s Market Master terminals and investing $30 million in the company. The company was renamed Bloomberg L.P. in 1987.[1] By 1990, it had installed 8,000 terminals.[20] Over the years, ancillary products including Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Message, and Bloomberg Tradebook were launched.[21]

On October 2, 2008, Bloomberg announced that he would seek to extend the city’s term limits law and run for a third mayoral term in 2009, arguing that a leader of his field is needed during the Wall Street financial crisis. “Handling this financial crisis while strengthening essential services … is a challenge I want to take on,”bloomberg 3

He is socially liberal or progressive, supporting abortion rights, same-sex marriage, gun control measures, and a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, for example. On economics, foreign, and domestic issues, Bloomberg tends to be conservative.

Nobody will be surprised if Bloomberg runs for President in 2016, against Hillary. This nobody thinks he might be the surprise nobody is counting on

After all, he fits the New World Order Presidential Control Freak…..PERFECTLY.

He’s a progressive Rino with lots of money.

On January 31, 2014, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced that he had appointed Mr. Bloomberg as his Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change, assisting him in consultations with mayors and related key stakeholders to raise political will and mobilize action among cities as part of a long-term strategy to advance efforts on climate change.[7]

This year, Harvard gave Bloomberg and Daddy Bush awards, and Bloomberg delivered the commencement speech in which he scolded the students for not letting in the conservative voice….Like him—-the rich globalist Rino, which IS no different than Obama, or Hillary, or Jeb Bush, or Chris Christie. Michale bloomberg

We had Mitt Romney…Wall Street guy. Will Bloomberg get in the next race?

Remember, he HAS the money, and that was all he needed in New York.

And if Michael Bloomberg should get into the Presidency, would he continue the globalist agenda of controlling us all? Would he simply BAN guns like he banned big gulps? After all, Obama tried to get it done, but didn’t.

Take a big gulp and think about that.Bloomberg 2

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Jeb Bush Wants Free Love, No Attacks, and a Hispanic Nation

Nobody’s Opinion

It’s official: Jeb Bush, who got a big interview on Fox this morning, is not running, but why then do we have to see Jeb Bush for a whole hour on Fox Sunday, if he’s not running? He’s been EVERYWHERE on cable.

Why the big sweet promotion for Chris Christie if you’re not thinking of having him as your VP?Jeb Bush

I don’t know about you, but politicians getting hour-long programs about themselves, and then saying “I don’t know yet if I’m running.” is getting old. How stupid do they think we are?

Pretty stupid.

My god, it was a Bush love fest on FOX this morning. They started out yesterday replaying the biography of Daddy Bush, a man who’s biggest accomplishment was…what again? Protecting Kuwait?

And some Bush kid said it was the right thing that Daddy Bush did not go in and get Saddam. They won’t tell you WHY it was right.

What? Did George W. needed a legacy?.

(Yes, I don’t like the Bushes, the Clinton’s, the Obama’s, the Pelosi’s, the Reid’s…want to see my list?)

As I watched it for the second time, I realized the whole family was saying things like–

“LOOK! Just think how impressed Vladimir Putin was when he rode on Daddy’s speed boat, and look how fast daddy’s boat can go!”

I’m sure Putin was really impressed. (You’re kidding me right?)

He took Putin for a ride on his boat? Wow. And we are supposed to feel GOOD that they all love Bill Clinton?

FACT: Daddy Bush was elected on the coat tails of Ronald Reagan. Nobody knew much about Herbert Walker…just that he promised to continued Reagan’s efforts. So he got in on that alone. After all, Ronald Reagan defeated Russia, and said the famous, ” Tear down this wall!” And the German people did.

Imagine my surprise today when Bill Gates (right after the interview with Jeb Bush) declared that it was George H.W. Bush that bought down the Berlin Wall and is finally getting credit. Telling the Tea Party Patriots of course, that Ronald Reagan did not do it, Bush did.Daddy Bush getting award

(Please. I know his legacy runs kind of short, but aren’t they reaching here?)

Bill Gates sounded like he was doing a job interview for his old job back. Lots of tough talk on what HE would do with Russia.

Anyway, Daddy Bush was born with more than a silver spoon in his mouth— more like a plutonium shovel. Prescott Bush was the man. HE was the big wealthy Wall Street guy. You can go a long way when dad has connections.

The love fest went on: Daddy Bush was the youngest fighter pilot (in my Nobody Opinion, his biggest accomplishment) And then they made the biggest deal about how brave he was to move to that dust bowl of Texas…and worked his way up to become a successful oil man.

As IF he started from scratch in the oil business like the rest of us.

In the biography of Daddy Bush, they didn’t talk much about his accomplishments in the CIA. (Were there any?) The hour-long program was mostly to promote the family as really good people. Daddy Bush can barbecue. Daddy Bush is very sweet. Daddy Bush had a nice dog. Mrs. Bush did most of the talking, and acted like he was just an old Fuddy dud.

(Which he is–now.)

So is ‘Fuddy Duddy’ going to die soon? Or was this all about shining up the Bush’s image for Jeb?Daddy Bush and mom

You got It: After Daddy Bush…Jeb got his big interview.

There is one thing that is especially creepy to me, about Jeb, and it’s not his fault. He has all the same facial and “aw gosh shucks” expressions that George W. had. It’s a tick in the family that extremely annoying to watch.

And although Obama is the worst President in our history, many people (myself included) BLAME George W. for Obama even getting on the ticket.

Conservatives everywhere felt…betrayed by George W. Bush.

The Wall Street Bailout..was the nail. It was saying to the whole country, yes, the GOP looks out for big business before you guys, the democrats were right.

“I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system.” –George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Dec. 16, 2008

Right. Thanks George.George W. Bush

Jeb figures he won’t get the women vote, so he’s going for the Hispanics. He basically tells the good citizens of America that illegal immigration is an act of love for the starving people to come and feed their families.

What he doesn’t tell you is that this love is very expensive, and it’s YOUR expense–you just need to find it in your hearts…to love.

Hell Jeb, you feed them. YOU love them. Or better yet, go run for office in Mexico so they don’t have to leave. Take your favorite commie school program Common Core with you.

Jeb Bush says one factor in his decision will be whether he can deliver an optimistic message without getting drawn into a political “mud fight.”

“In my case, that means, ‘can one do it joyfully?’” he said.

NOBODY SAYS: Hell no Jeb, we are going to make your life miserable! We don’t want you to be joyful. Why should we? You want to turn us into Mexico.Illegls

He also says the other main factor in his decision to run will be whether it’s OK with his family

Really? We all know it’s okay with your family Jeb, but it’s not your family that runs America. (Or…is it?)

Really Jeb, move to Mexico and run for President there. If you do a good enough job, then, maybe we’ll think about it.

I am surprised they are starting Jeb’s campaigning so early, but I think this is more about stopping the Tea Party in Congress in 2014, than the 2016 elections. This is about the old-established GOP staying in control. When you can get your face on all the cable networks for free, and you’re not even running yet…that’s power. That’s…a monopoly. That’s not American. That’s Dynasty.

Jeb Bush says it’s all about “winning.” That’s right Jeb, so…do us all a favor, and don’t run. Or if you must…how about Mayor of Miami?

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