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Who REALLY Has the Guns and the Bullets in America? You? Guess Again.

Nobody’s Opinion

Over the weekend, I got this email from a reader with information on the events out West. As I said last week—because I’ve been following the elections I have not been paying attention to the Bundy situation out West. Waco, New Orleans, Boston, and Ruby Ridge, we are just getting used to the fact, that our government can send in armed forces, and do whatever they like in our country, whenever they like.

And the Obama administration has been stockpiling ammunition since he got into office. bundy one

The video above an excellent video by Ron Paul, from 1997. He explains how all those government Departments are being armed. These ‘unconstitutional’ departments, are where most of our laws are passed, thereby taking the law making job out of Congress and putting it into the hands of basically the President. These departments: IRS, BLM, Commerce, Education…you name it,…Obama has supplied them all with full ammunition and bullets, enough to kill every citizen in the country six time over.

Arming governmental organizations outside of our military to be used on our own soil, is against the Constitution, and it’s a danger to all of us…as the poor soul who was killed last week found out, with not much attention.

And it gets worse…other countries are now in on it: Below is an important letter explaining the problem:waco two

Oh, and by the way, remember that two days ago, North Korea launched another missile test, and also remember that North Korea was given the technology to be able to build nuclear weapons by President Bill Clinton who did not even have to go through Congress. He, went through the Commerce Department, and Boeing made some big money.

Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama should all be in jail for the treasons that they have all committed. And so, next time you hear Ted Cruz spout off about the Consitution, wonder why he never mentions impeachment.

And now we find out…foreign countries really are running the show.

Read more here.

(Thanks goes to Madermere for the head-ups.)

Issued by Judge Anna Maria Riezinger

January 3, 2016

Although it may come as a surprise to many Americans we have been mischaracterized and misidentified as British Crown Subjects for the better part of a hundred years. This travesty has never been corrected; instead, the British Crown, a commercial investment organization, has kidnapped and press-ganged American land assets into the international jurisdiction of the sea and has pillaged our labor and our resources without mercy in criminal conspiracy and contempt of our Constitution. They have been aided and abetted in this activity by members of the American Bar Association and the Internal Revenue Service acting as licensed privateers.

These vipers nurtured in our bosom pretending to be our “Friends” and our “Allies” and even our “Trustees” have practiced identity theft against the American people, have involved us in their own private bankruptcies as sureties obligated to pay their debts; they have pretended that because of their fraud against us, we have “abandoned” our property including our land patents, our bank accounts, and our organic states. They have usurped against our lawful government, enslaved our people, and acted as criminals in our midst.bullets two

The corporations responsible for this behavior are no different and no better than Walmart or Sears or Burger King; they have used names like “Bureau of Land Management” or “United States Department of Agriculture” and so on under color of law.

The “Bureau of Land Management” is not an actual unit of the American government. It is a foreign corporation whose only business here is to provide us with “essential governmental services”.

The land patents to the western states are owed to the States of America and the Indigenous Tribal Governments without exception. The only ownership accruing to the Federal United States dba District of Columbia Municipal Corporation or in other corporate guises is vested entirely in the ten square miles of the District and limited to its Boundary Stones. The only ownership vested in the Federal Government in the western states or anywhere else is a lease interest in facilities that have been provided to expedite their service missions.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) facilities being occupied by American Militiamen were bought and paid for by the people of this country for the use of the BLM with the understanding that the BLM is a unit of the American government and is working in good faith for the people of this nation.

However, according to the public and private records, the BLM is not in fact any part of our lawful government at all and has not been so for decades. It is a privately owned foreign “governmental services corporation” operating under color of law; it has no business interfering in the activities of the ranchers and farmers, occupying government facilities under conditions of fraud, or otherwise presenting false claims of interest, ownership, or authority.arms three

The Hammonds and the Bundy Family are Priority Creditors of all the governmental services corporations which are now or which have operated in this country in the past. They are tax exempt and their “vessels in commerce”— meaning the various trusts and public utilities operated under their NAMES without their knowledge or consent— are all tax-prepaid. They and their countrymen are owed the patent to all land within the geographically defined boundaries of their respective states, free and clear of liens, encumbrances, or other presumptions against their property rights by foreign corporations operating under conditions of self-interested fraud.

BLM employees are here to provide “essential governmental services”. Those services do not include acting as undeclared commercial mercenaries operating under color of law and against the best interests of their employers and benefactors. Any federal employee offering to harm or interfere in the normal occupations of their employers, that is, the people of this country, or to prohibit their employer’s customary use of the land and resources they are heir to is acting as an Outlaw in contempt of the Public Law and the actual Constitution and is subject to arrest under the Bounty Hunter provisions of the United States Statutes-at-Large.

Being employed by BLM like being employed by JC PENNY confers no special authority, grants no immunity, and is not a license to undertake any activity that would otherwise be unlawful—including trespassing on private property, making fraudulent claims, and racketeering under armed force. The rule for federal employees and law enforcement officials including “Federal State” and “Federal County” officials is that if you can’t do it in your private capacity, you can’t do it at all.

Members of the Press Corps are similarly reminded of their responsibility to safeguard public safety and obey the Public Law, including their obligation not to incite, misrepresent, or engage in insurrection against the lawful government of the people, by the people, and for the people. This is not a country of the corporation, by the corporation or for the corporation. Anyone needing to be reminded of that fact should question both their education and their sanity.

The highest Law Officer in this country is the County Sheriff who has accepted the public office, received his bond, and taken his Oath. He is enabled to deputize as many men as he needs to enforce the Public Law within the borders of his county and may require the use of any and all equipment and facilities paid for with public funds in pursuit of these ends. He works directly for the people of his county and is accountable only to them.arms two

All federal employees are guests of the people of each county and state. So long as they pursue their lawful duties and do not inappropriately presume upon, threaten, harass, or otherwise offer to harm their hosts, over-reach their lawful jurisdiction, or make false claims against land assets they are owed safe conduct and support. The moment they breach the peace, break the Public Law, offer contempt against the Constitution, engage in operations under color of law—including trespass on private property, cattle rustling, armed racketeering and so on, they are subject to arrest like any common felon.

The people of this country are the employers, benefactors, and Priority Creditors of all federal corporations, all federal employees, all federal contractors, and all federal officials. The people did not grant their hirelings any power to harass them, indebt them, mischaracterize them, change their political status, seize upon their property, defraud them, trespass upon them, or engage in any other criminal activity whatsoever.

It must be squarely recognized that the burning of barns is arson. The theft and removal of livestock is cattle rustling. The bringing of false claims of indebtedness and obligation is fraud. The presentation of weapons, especially tactical weapons, employed in any of these activities is assault and attempted racketeering under force by undeclared private mercenary forces. It is now easy to recognize that these are crimes masquerading as “law enforcement”.

The private in-house laws of corporations must remain in accord with the Public Law or those corporations must be liquidated as crime syndicates and their assets distributed to those they have harmed and to their lawful creditors. This includes the BLM, the UNITED STATES, the AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION, the STATE OF OREGON, or any other corporation found to be operating in violation of the Public Law and their own charter.

Any questions may be addressed to:  Judge Anna Maria Riezinger  (907) 250-5087  Judge Bruce Doucette  (720) 338-0394

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Christie Takes Out Rubio: Trump Comes Out on Top. Ron Paul Says Cruz is Goldman Sachs…

Trump is right twoNobody Flashes

After the debate last night, in which Chris Christie single handily threw Rubio under the New Jersey bus…I was searching the internet and there were two things that caught my eye:

FIRST ONE was Ron Paul’s comment about Ted Cruz:

“You take a guy like Cruz, people are liking the Cruz — they think he’s for the free market, and [in reality] he’s owned by Goldman Sachs,” Paul said of the Texas senator on Fox Business’ Varney & Company.

That’s exactly what Donald Trump has insinuated about Ted Cruz. Ron Paul is a bit more of a purest than his son. I’ve always like Ron Paul.

Ted Cruz tried very hard to explain, sounding ever so loquacious, why his people had told everyone that Ben was dropping out, but Ben wasn’t buying it. Neither was Trump.

The SECOND ONE was this picture from Europe, where demonstrations are being held all over to protest the influx of Islamic migrants.

So, the British snobs and the E.U. elites might hate Donald Trump, but the PEOPLE…are with us here in America.

And isn’t it refreshing to see an American politician supported overseas?

YOU BET! It makes for a good start of a Super Bowl Sunday.

It gives you hope…it’s a start….May your favorite team win!





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Nobody Flashes NFL Bad Lip Reading

Nobody Flashes


Time for some bad lip reading….before the puppy bowl. Go ahead and watch it on YouTube…really funny. And remember…Krypton, is not a planet.


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Rush Limbaugh Will Ride the GOP Train into the Sunset

Nobody Cares

Since I was the one who attacked Glenn Beck this week, imagine my surprise to read, that I wasn’t the only one who was getting on his case. I said that many of Glenn Beck’s followers had left him, and I had NO idea how right I was: Check out this article that talks about just how far the Glenn Beck empire has fallen..Beck has lost millions and had to lay off hundreds of his own people.

But, I wanted to talk about another conservative talk show Guru: The great Rush Limbaugh.Rush Limbaugh two

Since I’m the political junkie that I am, I have been listening to Rush Limbaugh every day…for the last two or three months…(long time listener) and here’s what everybody needs to remember about Rush:

When Donald Trump was leading in the polls, Rush Limbaugh spent a good two hours of his program talking mostly about Trump. How he thought outside the box, he was nothing that Washington had ever seen before…etc., etc, anybody listening to Rush would assume that Rush was supporting Trump.

And then…Cruz won in Iowa. What did Rush do? He jumped on the Cruz bandwagon. A lot of Trump fans (like me) wondered what had happened. Even today, I heard Rush say that Cruz cheating in Iowa was very typical of elections and we should all stop being babies and move on.

Never mind that when Ben CARSON was going up in the polls, Rush was all full of praise for the man, and it was Ben that was really hurt by Cruz’s deception so for Rush to dismiss it was rather insulting.

It was…and is…downright hypocritical. Especially for a man who is promoting the Founders with his children’s book. Most all of the founders would have cried “FRAUD!”

AND THEN…all of a sudden…Rush was on the Rubio train…trying to assure his listeners that Rubio was NOT an establishment conservative. No,…he just made a mistake with immigration…just ignore that ‘mistake’…Nobody’s Perfect, he said.

So what IS Rush doing? He’s all over the map. Whoever is the hot potato at the moment, Rush is there to sing his praises. Here’s what this Nobody Thinks it’s all about:

ONE: Ratings. Rush has not stayed number one by picking winners and losers like Glen Beck. Beck picked Cruz, attacked Trump with every breathe, and lost millions of dollars.

AND TWO: Whoever gets the nomination, whether it’s Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Jeb, or Christie, you can be assured that Rush Limbaugh will be right in front of the pack saying that if you…the listeners of Rush Limbaugh do NOT go to vote for the Republican, then we will get Hillary, and the country will be destroyed and it will be YOU..YOU…YOU that destroyed it.

Yes YOU. Not Rush.  Paul Ryan is already repeating that message.

Rush had used this shame tactic for decades to make millions like me, hold our noses and go an vote for Dole, McCain, Romney, and yes, Bush twice.  Because we’ve been let down so much, there are now in the country more Independents than Republican OR Democrats.  Rush HATES Independents.

This time, it’s not going to work. Last time, Rush swore Mitt Romney lost because the base stayed home. And they stayed home in Rush’s opinion because they are morons.

It matters not that the system is broken, what matters to Rush Limbaugh, is that it continues.Rush Limbaugh

The Republican Party, must survive. Even if it’s just a mirror of the Democrats. To many in America, Rush Limbaugh IS the head of the Republican Party. His whole show is based on this mantle.

Rush Limbaugh KNOWS how to survive. The rest of us…well…we’re expendable. And Americans are getting fed up with people that we admire, telling us how to think, act, and vote, and if we don’t we are morons.

It’s our country too. None of these political radio hosts or pundits have to LIVE here. They all live in gated community bubbles.  They don’t have to decide between their medications and food.

This is not the America that Rush Limbaugh grew up in. BOTH parties have taking America down the path of destruction.

Someday, even Rush Limbaugh, will have to recognize that reality. In the meantime, he is being very careful not to insult any of the candidates and he will excuse most all of their felonies, and dirty tricks, because to RUSH..What matters to Rush is the survival of the Republican Party, which to him, is America.

And that party left the people a LOOOOOOG time ago. The Bush’s GOP/DEM Globalization left the train station, and left America lying in the dust bowl of long forgotten tracks to prosperity.

Somebody ought to tell him. We all stand waiting….for the next train….that is nowhere in sight. All we hear are the crickets chirping.

All we see…is the setting sun…with a lone voice telling us…

AMERICA IS GREAT…it’s YOU that missed the train.

Right. And WHEN will the next one get here? We’re listening Rush….



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Nobody Remembers—” A Defense of the Constitution”

Nobody Remembers

In honor of the Anniversary of the Constitution, I thought a few words from John Adams would be an appropriate mark for the day: (Of course…no favoritism here. (haha) John adams two

Not many people know that John Adams wrote the FIRST and oldest Constitution in the United States. He wrote the Massachusetts Constitution, which pre-dated the United States’ Constitution, which upon, believe it or not,  our three branches of government: judicial, legislative, and executive were based.

While he was overseas during the making of the Constitution, he wrote a long dissertation called “A Defense of the Constitution” and “Thoughts on Government” and sent all members of Congress copies, upon which they all had read before the convention. Like his stance on slavery, which he received very little credit, and being the only member of the founding fathers who had no slaves on principle, John Adams also got little credit for his work in the construction of our own Constitution.

If not for the great American historian, David McCullough, not many people would even know about the many things John Adams did to help found the country, and that’s including writing the pre-cursor of the original document that we all know and hail and the most perfect governmental document ever produced in the history of mankind.

Here’s a few thoughts that I picked out from …

 A Defense of the Constitution: By John Adams

where the great and rich will have the greatest influence in the public councils, they will continually make unequal laws in their own favor, unless the poorer majority unite, which they rarely do, set up an opposition to them, and run them down by making unequal laws against them. In every society where property exists, there will ever be a struggle between rich and poor. Mixed in one assembly, equal law can never be expected. They will either be made by numbers to plunder the few who are rich, or by influence to fleece the may who are poor. Both rich and poor, then, must be made independent, that equal justice may be done, and equal liberty enjoyed by all.

The passions and appetites are parts of human nature, as well as reason and the moral sense. In the institution of government, it must be remembered that, although reason ought always to govern individuals, it certainly never did since the Fall, and never will, till the Millennium: and human nature must be taken as it is, as it has been, and will be.Obama burns constitution

The passions and desired of the majority of the representatives in an assembly being in their nature insatiable and unlimited by anything within their own breast, and having nothing to control them without, will crave more and more indulgence, and, as they have the power, they will have the gratification: and Nedham’s government will have no security of continuing free, —

There is no man so blind as not to see, that to talk of founding a government upon a supposition that nations and great bodies of men, left to themselves, will practice a course of self denial, is either to babble like a new-born infant or to deceive like an unprincipled impostor.

And last but not least…a word about the “press”…and a warming from Adams: who had studied history more than perhaps any of the founders:John adams one

The press, that great barrier and bulwark of the rights of mankind, when it is protected in its freedom by law, can now no longer be free: if the authors, writers, and printers, will not accept of the hire that will be offered them, they must submit to the ruin that will be denounced against them. The presses, with much secrecy and concealment, will be made the vehicles of calumny against the minority and, of panegyric and empirical applauses of the leaders of the majority, and no remedy can possibly be obtained. In one word, the whole system of affairs, and every conceivable motive of hope and fear, will be employed to promote the private interests of a few, and their obsequious majority: and there is no remedy but in arms. Accordingly we find in all the Italian republics, the minority always were driven to arms in despair.

Compare these thoughts to the men from “Harvard” of today…and speaking of Harvard, John’s grandson, Henry Adams, tells you all you need to know about “Harvard” in his book…

“The Education of Henry Adams.”

It’s one of the reasons I don’t always abide by “Harvard” standards.

Now, let’s see what politician even mentions the Constitution today…shall we?

I’m guessing Ted Cruz. Let’s see if I win.


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Shall We Worship the Golden Calf of Glenn Beck? OR….Where’s Moses When You Need Him?

Nobody Wins

Out of all the people that are sticking up for the dirty trick that Ted Cruz pulled in the Iowa primary, I must say, it’s Glenn Beck’s defense of Ted Cruz that is the most disturbing.glenn beck three

Hey…I was one of the people who way back when fell in love with Glenn Beck when he was on FOX. I loved the history he taught. I loved the way he kept trying to explain the progressive moments.  I loved his show and watched it every afternoon. And I even went out and brought his first book. the way, was I think the ONLY book he wrote by himself. He pushed that book endlessly on his radio show…like it was the next best thing since Ayn Rand decided to enlightened the world about communism, and trust me I was pretty excited when I bought it…but: It was a piece of crap. Basically it was about a man who tried to pick up a woman in a bar, and in-between the obvious bio-notes of Glenn’s alcoholic past, he tried to present some deep dark secrets…and it was just….crap. After that, Glen wisely got other authors to write his books, which were much more informative and worth reading. They did all the work, while he raked in the rewards.

When Glenn left FOX, probably due to the fact that he started preaching religion every day, I followed him to the web. Then, one day I heard he was coming to my local book store.

And the strangest thing happened at that book store. I remember standing in line and watching Glenn Beck greet each person.  I got a REALLY creepy gut feeling in my stomach that..I instantly did not like the man. He reeked of fakeness. His smile was the same to everyone. He was TOO nice. TOO sweet. TOO fake, and too rehearsed.  In other words, he was not real to me.

Now, I’m an entertainer, and I know what’s it’s like to put on a persona. To me, I was witnessing a man who thought he had been chosen by God himself to do something. He was the answer to God himself, and America itself, and …I can’t describe it…it was creepy.  I have never trusted that kind of person.

I remember hearing Glenn say in one of his famous tearful blockbuster confessions, that he had wrecked his first marriage by being a selfish alcoholic, and now, he was cured.  SOME…alcoholics are mean and cruel people.  Don’t kid yourself, they were mean and cruel before they started drinking. Do you think it just disappears when they get sober? Not all the time.  I worked in bars all my life, and alcohol just exaggerates your core personality. Some drunks are kind…and then…there are the mean drunks. If I had to take an educated guess: I’d say Glenn was the mean drunk.

To his credit, he got sober.glenn beck six

Anyway, I gave him a picture of George Washington that day, drawn on a fan that had taking me hours to make, and he just gave me the queerest look…as if it was a piece of junk.  I think I remember him saying thank you…Well, no…. I actually don’t remember that…he quickly handed it to his butt-buddy…and you know, I can’t say he wasn’t nice to everyone…

There was just something not right about him.

So, I continued to listen to Glenn day after day, until he started viciously attacking Donald Trump.  It’s one thing to support a candidate…and I would have understood if Donald Trump had the reputation of the Clintons, but what had Tump done to deserve such hatred?

Not a thing. Glenn Beck was out to crucify him no matter what.

I wasn’t the only one who stopped listening to him. Millions of Beck followers got turned off by his hatred. It was frankly, shocking.

And what did Glenn Beck have to say about what Ted Cruz did to Ben Carson? Remember, Ted Cruz’s people told all the voters on that important night that Ben Carson had dropped out. He stuck up for Ted. Why…anybody who says they are leaving for a change of clothes MEANS that they are dropping out of the race, said Glenn, and Ted had every right to go after his votes.


Unless Ben Carson had made a formal announcement that he WAS dropping out of the race, Ted Cruz’s people should not have told ANYONE that he was out of the race.

It’s that simple. That was a big fat lie…and it was said on purpose to get Ben’s people. Glenn pretty much admits that.

Sorry Glenn. ….Jesus is NOT on your side when it comes to bearing false witness, and trying to twist the truth. You are NOT a true Christian. Obama has his skin, you have your ‘faith’ and neither one of you has morals.

What is good about all of this, is Ben Carson, proved to be the man of honor in this. Ben Carson proved to be the better man.Glenn beck and cruz

NOT Ted Cruz. And certainly not Glenn Beck.

The fact that what Ted Cruz did was not illegal, according to Neil Cavuto, shows you why Ben Carson and Donald Trump seem to be the only two honest people here. It damn well SHOULD be illegal, AND as Ben Carson has pointed out, it’s exactly why people are fed up with politicians.

Pride cometh before the fall, Glenn.

After I saw Glenn Beck in person that day, I still remember the horrible feeling I had in my gut when I met him.

The feeling said: Glenn Beck is all about…Glenn Beck.Glenn beck five

He is making himself a millionaire off the desperation of the poor people of America.  Glenn is making us all THINK..he cares.  He doesn’t give a two-bit about you, it’s all about him.

Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck.

What else did the Bible say? Beware of false prophets.

Remember when Glenn Beck was buying up priceless treasures of American History? And then he put it all in a big motor trailer, sent it on tour and charged the American people just to see it?

P.T. Barnum would be proud.

Nobody Thinks Donald Trump would have let you see it all for free.

But then again, maybe this is all, as Glenn Says: Much ado about nothing.  Read his own words and decide for yourself:

Is Glenn the next Moses? Or just another Golden Calf?



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If Ben Carson was a Democrat He’d be SLAMMING down the Race Card.


Nobody Wonders

Let’s get this straight: We funded bin Laden and his band of cut-throat brothers to fight Russia in Afghanistan…. and what did he do for all the millions that were sent to him?

He brought down the twin towers.bin laden

Obama has continued the same “supply the enemy ISIS to fight Assad with weapons” and now, they are taking over the whole Middle East. Obama has been funding any Muslim radical group that wants to fight against “Assad” presumably because Assad is good friends with Russia….who wants a monopoly on the oil.  And then he turns around and gives Iran nukes.

Obama, being the Muslim that he is: sees both sides of the issue…give him credit for being open minded. (Just kidding.)

Assad is the enemy of Saudi Arabia. Bush would have had the same attitude.

Are you seeing the pattern here?

And now, all the candidates running for office want to do the same thing: Get back into the Middle East and keep spending our money there.

Who benefits from all our Presidents rushing over there to spend our men’s lives and money?

It doesn’t matter what President we have, they spent our BILLIONS defending the Saudi Royal Family.

Our soldiers die, their men don’t.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Now, the ‘elites’ of both Europe and America are bending over backwards to accept their populations into our countries.

In the meantime, neither Democrats OR Republican let America drill for her own oil, which is plentiful. Obama has shut down our coal industry…further crippling our country.

BUT…the candidates of BOTH sides, with the exception of Trump and Rand Paul, are calling for more involvement in the Middle East.

I’m with Sarah Palin: Let them fight it out among themselves.

Afghanistan’s economy is worsening and its security deteriorating despite more than a decade of U.S.-led reconstruction efforts and more than $100 billion poured into the country, according to the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, an independent oversight agency created by Congress in 2008.


In the short term, a bigger focus on agriculture — which makes up the majority of the country’s economy — could start employing people and boost food security. Building better roads and monitoring them to decrease Taliban-enforced tariffs could greatly improve the country’s economy, Weinbaum said.


Oil and rare mineral reserves could be a lucrative, long-term answer.


“There is a lot of promise in mineral, gas and oil wealth underneath the Afghan dust,” said Felbab-Brown.

Nobody Wonders how long it will take the American people to figure out that Afghanistan is all about getting those rare minerals for America…forget the oil fields. The relationship between American Presidents and Saudi Kings is well entrenched. But the minerals? That’s open game..

Why does America need those minerals? (Besides Wall Street getting rich again.)

Because China has already gotten most of the minerals in the world under their control: About 97% of the market.

What do you need these minerals for?

Cell phones and technology….Zuckerberg and Microsoft. Bezos and GE. Not to mention…. jets for the rich and famous, and weapons of war.

LOTS of money in them there hills of Afghanistan

In the mean time, Donald Trump and Sarah Palin have come out saying that Ted Cruz should have to pay some sort of price for cheating in IOWA.

A simple apology is not enough. In an HONEST world, they are right. Ted is wrong. Not very Christian of him is it? If Ben Carson was a democrat he’s be slamming down the ‘race’ card.

Ted attacks them back, along with the Huffington Post as being sore losers and whiners. Ted is morphing into Hillary Clinton. Rubio mexico

On the other hand, FOX and even Rush Limbaugh today are doing promotions on how Marco Rubio truly is NOT a Rino.

Rubio will give us amnesty, no matter whether he is a ‘Rino’ or not. It’s THE main objective of the Rino’s so Nobody Wonders how Rush thinks he can get by with that bit of a verbal shrug.

Rush says…‘Nobody’s Perfect” except him of course…accept it…take another look at Rubio.

In the meantime Rush’s brother supports Ted (I can cheat too and get by with it!) Cruz.

Are we heading for civil war?

Will Barbara Bush come to rescue the nation?

Can I get a vowel amigos?


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Bernie Sander MIGHT Become President…Will the “Babies be Blamed?”

Nobody Knows

You have to love the hoopla today:Cruz vs rubio two

Mark Levine started out his radio program tonight putting down the media for saying that Trump was going to win Iowa, as if it was a personal insult to his intelligence. The word was all over today that Cruz’s victory speech wasn’t half as good as Rubio’s, and I can’t wait until Rubio talks to Cruz in Spanish….and they start getting into fights in Spanish.

I want to hear some Spanish, don’t you? Let’s get Jerry Springer to referee.

I just heard Shawn Hannity on the radio scold everyone who will refuse to vote in the next election if THEIR candidate doesn’t get picked. And WHY are we even talking about that now?

Evidently the elites are already worried that nobody will come out to vote for any GOP candidate after Iowa.  Personally, I think they are reading our emails.

He called us “babies.” because no matter WHO it is, we must go out and vote because to stay home would give Hillary the election.

BOTH Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney have already said that Donald Trump will NOT be the candidate. So…who will be? Paul Ryan?

Besides, they said that very same thing when nobody wanted to vote for Bob Dole, John McCain, or Mitt Romney. We didn’t stay home in the mid-term elections, and what good did it do? Not a damn bit of good.

I’m going to be a baby someday and call his show and say if I’m a baby then he must be a glowworm, and at least I’m a natural-born citizen and can now run for President.  Glowworms have no rights.

Frankly, all the conservative talk show hosts can call us “babies” all they want. The system is broken. Calling us names is not going to make us fear Hillary and go out and vote. We just saw what happened in Iowa..and we know Hillary would be the choice of Wall Street.

Have you noticed your local stores lately are closing down? Wall Street is closing Wal-Marts! What’s next? The Dollar Store? I’m not messing with em’.

I say we take a tip from the British and strip the Presidency of all powers. Let’s get rid of the office all together.  Think of the MONEY we’d save! We could have a contest for a really good-looking couple to throw parties for all the countries and Congress and just be hosts…like the Queen is. Or how about a lottery? Whoever wins draws the ticket can occupy the White House for a year and get paid. Or maybe we could just say we now claim our “undocumented citizenship of Kafkaland” and claim the whole Midwest as our country..

Speaking of Kafka.Bernie Sanders two.

Nobody really knows who won the Democratic primary in Iowa, but  almost nobody with a brain thinks it was Hillary Clinton. If I were Bernie Sanders I’d demand a recount. But then again, Bernie must not know anybody on the Supreme Court.  If Bernie loses he can always get a job at the University of Columbia in Missouri. Ferguson, Missouri is looking for a good mayor. He keeps saying he’s looking for a revolution, what a better place to start one?

All kidding aside, the whole Presidential election process has become a big money-making farce. When you hear Whoopi Goldberg say “WE THE PEOPLE” are deciding our fate” have to wonder what is shaking in underneath those dreadlocks.

Frankly, to this Nobody it looks like it’s all being staged.

The lengths they will go to convince the people that they are really in charge is beyond comprehension, until you comprehend what’s at stake for THEM.

Meantime: Obama is going to spend money to cure cancer and get the West Coast ready for the big earthquake that is coming soon. …which might happen RIGHT before the election.

I’m just saying…

And speaking of that…Nobody Knows why nobody is saying..”I’m just saying..” anymore?


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Ted, Rubio, Carson and the Aliens in the Room….

Here’s one of the reasons I continue to support Trump: The European leaders have gone mad. Hundreds of women are being raped by the Muslim men who just can’t seem to help themselves to the new utopia of free food, free sex, free room and board, and free rape fests, where they can go enjoy a beer afterwards!.

Obama is bringing these men into our country by the thousands, where he is hoping that the blacks will become Muslims, and the whites will be helpless.

At LEAST we still have our guns, not that is going to help us after the fact.

Chaos is the order for the elites.

I guess they have to destroy it all before they ‘build’ it back up again. If Europe just wanted the free labor, I’m sure they could have gotten them from Mexico. Hey! We’d be glad to ship some of our illegals over….all they had to do was ask. hillary_space-alien

On another fine afternoon note: It seems fans of Ted Cruz use a Clinton-type dirty political trip to make sure Ted Cruz won the day in Iowa…What’s so Clintonion about this is that Ted Cruz blamed it on CNN!

Of course he did! Ted is learning all the old liberal tricks…like using his children in one of his ads. Long ago, it was the democratic party that MARVELED at the underhanded tricks the Clintons used to get power…and now, the GOP is taking that Bible in hand and slapping back. Bravo Ted! The ends justify the means…right?

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Sen. Ted Cruz apologized for potentially confusing Iowa Republican leaders by suggesting during Monday’s caucuses that rival Ben Carson was dropping out.

Cruz issued the mea culpa after Carson accused him of foul play.

“This was a mistake from our end, and for that I apologize to Dr. Carson,” Cruz said in a statement Tuesday.

Cruz won the Iowa caucuses; Carson came in distant fourth.

Cruz said the mixup began after his staffers saw an online CNN story saying Carson “was not carrying on to New Hampshire and South Carolina,” an apparent reference to an article about Carson’s plans to head home to Florida after the Iowa caucuses.

I didn’t listen to all the pundits today, I watched the Jerry Springer Show. It was like I never turned off FOX.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Donald Trump VS Dogs On the Stairs

Nobody’s Perfect

Okay. So Donald Trump lost by a ‘hair’ to Ted Cruz in Iowa. It’s not the end of the world as we know it…he still has New Hamphire and South Carolina.

Why did Donald Trump lose when everyone had him pick to win?

  1. Nobody in American history has been more attacked by his own party than Donald Trump. As Sarah Palin pointed out: His own party! Clearly, the elites (and that includes Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio) do NOT want him anywhere near the White House because of what he could do to the whole corrupt system of which they all feed. To me that means, he IS the guy you want.

If you TRUST that Hillary Clinton, who drew crowds of about ten people wherever she went, compared to Bernie Sanders who drew crowds of thousands, actually won in Iowa…then to trust that Donald lost to Ted Cruz, might be an error on your part. Hillary had Bill Gates to help her out.

Personally, I don’t think Donald dropping out of the last debate hurt him, I think what REALLY hurt him was when the Vets presented him with a ring of honor to wear, and he did NOT wear it. That, was noticed by every vet and Trump supporter in the nation. It was to my mind so far, his BIGGEST mistake. He should have put that ring on, at least for the rest of the program, and he didn’t. Donald…that was STUPID. Admit it and win their trust back.

  • Also, the money he raised was by all his rich friends. Not smart on his part. This wasn’t your typical fund raiser.
  • Ted Cruz, put out some really nasty ads about Trump, far nastier than anything that Trump had put out.
  • Obama as mean
  • Ted Cruz, no doubt at all, had people from the ‘elites’ helping him out…because the main focus is to get rid of Trump. THEN Cruz. Cruz will be surprised when Rubio takes the lead, or else, he will simply join the establishment when in office.
  • Trump got sidetracked into fights with everyone else, instead of delivering his message which is: we will HAVE no country.
Okay, …I’m still a Trump supporter. He’s new to dirty politics…and as you can see from this video below…Trump is a lot like some of these dogs: when you are trying out a way to get to a certain point you try all kinds of different approaches. Some of them…not well thought out.
Trump will learn. He IS our last hope, I must admit, I liked Cruz before, but his face is getting too…pandering,  and his ‘preaching’ and his metamorphosis into the typical “I will do ANYTHING to get power.” is becoming annoying.
All the rich conservative pundits who HAVE jobs and have no fear of losing them…will keep attacking Trump, and we will get Hillary or Rubio (Or Jeb) in the White House and the country will continue to slowly kill itself off. Once Trump and Cruz are gone…Hillary has the White House.
Ted should have joined up with Trump…for the country’s sake. But…he is still that 18-year- old we saw in the video, sadly, new to the fame.
In the meantime, remember…UNTIL Obama actually leaves the White House…we are all FUBARED.  And since records of history are being broken here…
Don’t be surprised if Obama hangs around a while. After all, Michael Bloomberg gave himself another term as Mayor of New York,  and not a thing happened to him.
Do you honestly think the Congress would impeach him? Do you really think the democrats would join in?
So, Donald is not perfect…but I agree with Schlafly, he’s the best hope we got.


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Ted Attacks Trump for NOT BEING THERE? Uh…Big problem there Ted…

Nobody Reports

I’ve been going over a few of Ted Cruz’s campaign ads, were he make Donald look like a fraud.

And then I heard him on the radio today talking about how HE stood against Obamacare in his famous all-night filibuster on the Senate floor, and Donald Trump did not speak out.

I find that rally a joke.

FIRST: Donald Trump is and WAS not…in Congress. Perhaps if he had been in the Senate, he would have been right next to Cruz helping out.

SECOND: That was BEFORE Donald Trump announced he was even running for President. Not fair Ted. Not fair.

THIRD: All the conservative media, everywhere, with the exception of Rush Limbaugh are supporting Ted Cruz, insinuating that Donald Trump is not conservative.

Donald is conservative in all the right stuff. Good enough for me.

So, would you rather endorse a conservative who probably will not win the election? Or support a man who will be able to win?

Ted Cruz says he will repeal Obamacare on his first day…of course, he can’t do that now can he? Talk about executive order stuff.

Anyway, this ad attacks nobody.




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Donald Trump’s Advice: “Trust Your Gut.” Iowa

Nobody’s Opinion

While the heavy race for the Iowa caucuses are going on right at this moment, we can only watch and shake our heads:Davo three

Ted Cruz has found Jesus, and called upon him to help him get elected.

Jeb Bush has gone to New Hampshire, he never had any intention of hanging out in Iowa anyway.

Bernie Sanders is drawing big college crowds filled with kids who have hopes and dreams of free everything, while the polls say Hillary will win, go figure.

Rubio is attacking Ted, Ted is attacking Rubio, both are morphing into the evil politicians we all have had too much of.

The governor of Iowa doesn’t want the big welfare ethanol for votes checks to stop.

Donald Trump is sill leading but somehow either HAARP or mother nature (Probably both) has created a nice big blizzard to discourage those newly formed Trump supporters that everyone is hoping do NOT show up, and get lost in the corn fields. Sandy saved Obama…remember?

But Iowa is not where we should have our eyes right now…our eyes should be on Davos.

Yes, Davos, Switzerland—a galaxy far away where our  lives are REALLY  being ruled, by the elite bankers of Europe, China, and the United States. They were discussing this morning  how small businesses are now, in this day and age of cyber attacks, a threat to the global markets unlike we have ever seen. Why…some small business could bring down the whole global financial network because THEY don’t have the protection that those big Fortune 500 have!dAvos

It’s a worry to them, along with the fact that their plans of building a one world global finance system must NOT be interrupted, damn the poor people. Nations wanting their sovereignty back are a big problem, because nations must be all joined together by the big global bankers….borders and cultures be damned.

It’s amazing to listen to these people talk. In the first place, the REASON they are so rich, is 1. Most of them do not pay taxes, nor do their corporations, and….

  1. They have the big advantage of being able to get the fastest speed on the stock market trades…because THEY and their big Wall Street houses get to the market before anybody else in the world, due to the fact that they have the fastest computers (built and owned by a few of course) thereby giving them total profit-making advantage. They don’t have to work, they make their money out of thin air.

They actually DO control the world. In 2008, the taxpayers of America gave more money to the bankers in England and Europe than to our own banks. Then they SWALLOWED up all the little banks in America.

So nice of George Bush. Read enough about it, and it all seemed to be manipulated towards the few. Who of course, got rich off of it. Davos two

And this brings me back to Donald Trump. Donald knows the trade deals these global banks are cooking up, and they are not good for the United States OR Donald Trump. It’s a hand-picked club of the top one percenters and Donald Trump is not in it…nor a few of his friends.

And it’s Donald Trump that could cause some real damage to the global bankers should he become President. He has friends in high places too. Rand Paul doesn’t. Neither does Ted Cruz.

The global bankers want Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton as President. I just found out the other day that the Bush family owned a majority of the oil wells around Saudi Arabia. They just sold a bunch of them for billions. How in the world do they keep that stuff secret? Was the bombing of Iraq all about talking care of he Saud Family? So one can only imagine, if Hillary was getting millions from the Saudi Princes, what were the Bushes getting? Was that war all for the Bushes helping out the Saud family?

And guess who was playing golf with Obama and John Boehner during the last government shut down? Why, Time Magazine’s pick for the Republican Party, John Kasich…working with John Bonehead to give Obama everything he needed.

What I’m getting at is Iowa is more important than they realize. Like Trump pointed out..Ted Cruz did NOT disclose his loans from Citibank or Wall Street.

At least with Trump, what you see is what you’ll get. Besides Rand Paul, how do any of us know about any of them?Trump tonight

We don’t.

We don’t.

So, if you can’t make up your mind Iowa…Donald Trump has excellent advice:

Always…trust your gut….it’s almost always right.


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Nobody’s Email: One of the Best Jobs in China


Nobody Gets Email

Here’s a fun email…

How would you like to get 32,000 USD for taking care of pandas all day? It sounds too good to be true, but panda caretaker is a real job in China, at the Giant Panda Protection and Research Center.


“Your work has only one mission,” reports China Daily. “Spending 365 days with the pandas and sharing in their joys and sorrows. You need perseverance for this job.

It looks easy and fun right? I don’t know if I could do this 365 days a year…but it’s fun to watch…not too much cuter babies exist than baby pandas. Which makes you think: I bet there are a lot of human babies in China that don’t get this much love.

(Thanks to Mona)

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Nobody’s Email: Catholic VS Muslim

Nobody Get Email

Just about EVERYBODY knows that if you went to a Catholic school, you got a top-notch education. Its why most of the rich send their kids to such.

Here’s an email that reminds us that the Christian faith, and the Catholic church, has done much in the world to improve the lives of millions, unlike those American Muslims Obama created out of thin air…come to think of it…everything he says is true comes out of thin air.

(Thanks to madmemere)

Catholics vs Muslims

Whatever your religion, if any, this still makes a valid point.

Charity Hospital run by the Sisters of Charity in New Orleans, along with the Upjohn company developed
the plasma system in the 1930’s that saved so many lives in WWII, Korea, Vietnam and in the middle east now.Nuns

During the Civil War most of the nurses were nuns.

Even if you are not Catholic, this is eye opening:

When the Catholic Church was founded, there were no hospitals. Today, one out of five people in this country
receive their medical care at a Catholic hospital.

When the Catholic Church was  founded, there were no schools. Today, the Catholic Church teaches 3 million
students a day, in its more than 250 Catholic Colleges and Universities, in its more than 1200 Catholic High
Schools and in its more than 5000 Catholic grade schools.

Every day, the Catholic Church feeds, clothes, shelters and educates more people than any other organization
in the world.

The new Obama Health Mandate could end all this and the tax payers would have to make up the loss.

Also, all Catholic adoption services will come to an end… a human disaster.

There are more than 77 million Catholics in this country. It takes an estimated 50 million Catholic votes
to elect a president.

I am asking all of you to go to the polls in 2016 and be united in replacing all Senators and Congressional
Representatives with someone who will respect the Catholic Church, all Christians, and all Religions.

Mr. President, you said, “The USA is not a Christian Nation”. You are wrong – we are a Christian Nation
founded on Judeo-Christian values allowing all religions in America to worship and practice freely….
something that Islam will never do.

Oh, by the way, on MUSLIM HERITAGE IN America …. Have you ever been to a Muslim hospital, heard a Muslim
orchestra, seen a Muslim band march in a parade, know of a Muslim charity, ever seen Muslims shaking hands
with a Muslim Girl Scout, or ever seen a Muslim Candy Striper volunteering in a hospital?

Have you ever seen a Muslim do much of anything that contributes positively to the American way of life?


One more note – in every church or synagogue I have ever been in the United States, I have always seen an
American flag.

No mosque in the United States carries an American flag.

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