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Nobody’s Email: Perfect Timing

Nobody Gets Email

Zoologist Mark Carwardine must have a hot line to the Blue Whale psychic network.

It looks like this Blue Whale is showing up, just for him.


(Thanks to Kim Komando)

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Nobody Flashes Happy News!

Nobody Flashes

How about some happy news for once?

How PROUD are we of our American soldiers, who ONCE AGAIN, came to the aid of the French! They took down a terrorist while they were on vacation no less….



And one more happy picture! Maybe?


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Nobody Knows What Trump Will Do Next

Nobody Knows

Despite the fact that Jeb Bush went on the attack today, emailing Alabama republicans and making Donald Trump out to be some kind of baby killing, liberal nutcase, Donald Trump did a Trump Tsunami on the Friday night in Alabama….and it was shown on all the channels…ALMOST as if he was already President! When was the last time you can remember THAT happening? And he talked, and laughed, and was just a regular human being. They say you have to imagine yourself having a beer with the guy, and Donald does just that. .He REALLY knows how to sell himself…which is why he is going to stay ahead of the pack, because when it comes down to it, you have to sell yourself, and in this age of the camera and personality, the other guys, lets face it, in that department, they don’t stand much of a chance next to Trump.

What was really fun, was that as soon as his speech was over, NONE of the networks had any of their usual pundits on to interpret the message for you.

I think…they were all stunned. Not that we won’t hear how terrible he was on the Sunday talk shows. People love him.

Jeb Bush had this to say:

“Trump’s positions are out of step with the Alabama way of life,” reads the e-mail, which the Bush campaign shared with reporters.

Tell me, since WHEN does Jeb Bush know anything about Alabama’s way of life? When was the last time he was there? Who WRITES this stuff?

And speaking of stuff:

They are spreading rumors that Michelle and Obama are going to split up after the White House, and she and Valerie Jarrett are going to go live in Spain.Michelle and Valerie

“Valerie sees Michelle and herself sitting on the boards of a handful of corporations, giving speeches for big bucks, writing books, and living large. Michelle has had the time of her life in the White House, and she doesn’t want to step down from that luxurious Air Force One lifestyle. Speaking to Steve Malzberg, Klein (a reporter) said he believes that such a move does not mean Michelle and Barack Obama are having marriage problems, but rather that Michelle wants to spread her wings after eight years of supporting her husband’s presidency.”

Right. How many of you out there believe that if you love someone, you go live in another country for a year, raise your hands?

I know. Wouldn’t that be a trip if neither Bernie Sander or Joe Biden was the nominee but Michelle was?Michelle

Nobody Knows it, but it is being whispered that Michelle should get in the race…but I don’t know….that’s pretty far-fetched..but…uh…wait, I’m not letting it spoil my memories of Donald tonight. I wouldn’t even think about it if I was her…in fact, I hope she STAYS there.

It’s Saturday— Enough already.

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Nobody’s Email: No Need to Repeal the 14th Amendment–Mark Levin

Nobody Gets Email

I missed this one, and so I was very glad an email! (Thanks to snopercod!)

Trump caused an outrage when he suggest that families need to leave…the ones who came here illegally and had children, and those children became automatic citizens. He says the whole family need to LEAVE.

And I agree.

Just think how LONG this has been going on. They have told us FOREVER that is our 14th amendment. Now we find out that the United States is the only country in the world who grants citizenship to children born to non-citizens.

The great Mark Levin, has schooled everybody to the truth, and everybody was talking about this today. Rush Limbaugh spent an hour on it.

Listen and learn your Constitution. The Rino’s were appalled, and Al Sharpton kept crying about how cruel Trump was being to “the little children!”

By the way, I am usually listening to Mark when I write my blogs at night. He is always on the money.


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Nobody Remembers Alexander Hamilton

Nobody Remembers…Alexander Hamiton two

So, how did we get into this fine mess that we find ourselves in? How did the big money corporations and elites of Harvard and Yale, end up ruling over all the rest of us?

It goes waaaay BACK to Alexander Hamilton, and the beginning of the country: Hey, nothing is new under the sun is it?Continentals

The Revolutionary War, was like all wars, expensive. We started out in deep dept.

From the History of the American People: 

In 1775 Congress authorized an issue of $2 million of bills of credit called Continentals to finance the war. By 1779 (December) $241.6 million of Continentals had been authorized. This was only part of the borrowing, which also included US Loan Certificates, foreign loans, bill of credit issued by the states, and other paper debts. Together they produced the worst inflation in United States history. By 1789 the Continentals were virtually valueless. By 1987 the debt had risen to $40 million domestic and $13 million Foreign.

(Sound familiar? How much did the Iraq war cost? A few trillion?)

Hamilton suggested that Congress gave one dollar for every hundred to the embittered people counting themselves lucky to get anything. And then he suggested that the Federal government take on all the debts of the states.

And so, Hamilton managed to pull the United States out of debt, with enough money to give Jefferson the means to make the Louisiana Purchase. BUT…the country was middle class, and was growing, and rich by most standards. Hamilton was looking good.Alexander Hamilton

But he didn’t stop at that:  Hamilton kept going. He convinced Congress that we needed a national money supply and so Congress chartered the Bank of North America as the first private commercial bank in the country and the first to get government incorporation. The bank opened in Philadelphia in 1782, and Franklin, Jefferson, Hamilton, James Monroe, and Jay were among its original stockholders and depositors. Hamilton wanted it to be more like the Bank of England. He wanted a board of 25 men, a main office and eight branches, serving as the government’s fiscal arm.  Most of its stock was held by the government which was also its principal customer.

(Sound like the Federal Reserve?)

When Jefferson saw the concentration of power that this empire building was going to bring about, he protested against it.   Jefferson was from wealth, and Hamilton was from poverty. So, while Jefferson wanted to curtail the growth of centralized moneyed government, Hamilton wanted to expand it. In fact Hamilton despised the poor. Especially the farmers, who hated the banks.

Hamilton wanted an elite an aristocracy to keep “the turbulent and uncontrollable masses” in subjection. But the elite had to be tough-minded, motivated by its own self interest. And because he wanted the elite to rule, Hamilton wanted a permanent senate who served for life, like a House of Lords. And it was this establishment of the Central bank that started the split of the countries into “parties.”

“Two parties began to form, in the new state, North versus South, farmers versus manufacturers, Virginia versus Massachusetts, states’ rights men versus federalist centralizers, old versus new. Jefferson protested that he had no wish to found a party.

“If I could not go to heaven but with a party, I would not go there at all.” Thomas Jefferson. 

But that is what, in the 1790s, he did.Alexander Hamiton three

Hamilton was believed to be the founding father of the Republican Party. Jefferson, the Democrats, and we have forever been troubled by the lot of them ever since.

Nobody Wonders if Bill “Jefferson” Clinton added that middle name sometime in his life, to give himself political points.

What? Do you really think he was born with it?

HA! I want to see THAT birth certificate.


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Nobody’s Fool: Dinesh D’Souza

Nobody’s Fool

Here’s another one of Obama’s number one enemies—the loyal patriot, Dinesh D’Souza.

He lays out plainly what Obama is doing, to destroy America…

I might have to get this DVD.

How can you NOT love this guy? I’m one of his biggest fans.

Dinesh is Nobody’s Fool...EVER.  They silenced him, nobody talks about him anymore.

And for that reason alone, I’m going to keep searching for his voice.

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Who’s the Bigger Traitor? Hillary Clinton or Edward Snowden?

Nobody Wins

FINALLY! Hillary’s “I did NOT have sex with that woman, NOT ONE TIME!” moment has arrived. Some day, we will be seeing this repeated on every historical flashback.  This video is what will do her in.

So, she broke the law…she kept her own server (against the law) and sent Top Secret documents over that server, which was also copied to some young couple in Colorado, who kept it in their bathroom closet. No doubt—there couldn’t have been a more unsecured server in the whole country— but she didn’t care.

Notice how she goes, “I turned IN that server!” Right. After she erased everything on it. And Hillary keeps pretending ignorance. Nooooooo…she couldn’t take a clothe and ‘wipe’ her server, are you crazy? But now, they’ve found out, all the cell phones that received Hillary’s messages are being …wiped clean.

State Department BlackBerry devices issued to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s aides Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin have likely been destroyed or sold off, the department said in a court filing on Wednesday.

As Rush Limbaugh has pointed out, years ago, and according to Rush, this is a fact, Hillary got a book about how to erase emails and how to avoid breaking the law when you do. If she didn’t read it…Bill did.

Hillary Clinton should go to jail. She was the Secretary of STATE for God’s sake. All foreign nations would have been trying to hack her for secrets, and it’s a 90 percent chance that they did, since China has hacked every branch of the U.S. Government so far. And yet…

She is running for President…with the blessings from both parties.

The point I want to get at here is that Hillary, despite the egregious crimes she has committed, (and this is only one in her vast repertoire) protected at all costs by our media. The state run media (And that includes FOX) is “Can she still stay in the race? CAN SHE COME BACK? Well it’s Hillary! How exciting!”

She is…above the law.

Now, consider Edward Snowden…remember him? He’s living in a very small apartment in Russia. My husband and I watched Citizen 4 tonight, and I admire him more than ever. The journalists from the Guardian, and Edward, were smart enough to document on film the whole episode of Edward running away. Give it a watch if you can.snowden two

Yes—our govenment, was FURIOUS at what he did. Because of Edward Snowden, the whole world knows the vast job that OUR government has been doing in secret, spending billions of our tax dollars, building a spy network all over the globe. There is no doubt in my mind that the man IS a hero.  Glenn Beck, called him a traitor, and he wasn’t the only one.

In the film you see that Edward Snowdon went out of his WAY to protect the information he had. If he collected it all, I’m sure it was because he knew what he was doing could cost his life and it was for his own protection. He wasn’t going to make any money off the deal, but everybody wants to live, including Edward.

What’s so sad, is that the trouble that these guys went through to let the world know what was happening, did not produce more results….but Rand Paul did get a little something—(Which our govenment will just do anyway.)

Already his leaks have led Congress to end the government’s bulk collection of telephone metadata and instead require the U.S. government to access such data from the telecom companies, which will be trusted with storing it.

Our national media made Edward Snowden out the be the biggest traitor since Benedict Arnold. But now YOU compare, Edward’s Snowden’s truth, with Hillary Clinton’s:

How are they going to save Hillary? I wouldn’t doubt if they don’t try to compare her to Edward Snowden, a man who GAVE our secrets to Russia and China. Hillary did not such thing!

First, he’s too smart. But…as I was looking around for a tape by Snowden I noticed below: WHAT? Snowden thinks the U.S. is run by aleins?

Well then, I thought…he truly is a nut. We could only WISH. And then it hit me: This is OUR government’s misinformation…they are trying to smear him.

I noticed that there were no videos’ of Snowden saying that. What all the video’s SAY —-is that his ‘documents’ claim that. And it’s coming from Obama’s new best friends…


You have to love it…propaganda of misinformation being released in an Iranian newspaper to help Hillary Clinton.

So, message here is: Always remember…and trust your gut. On this day in 1962 in St. Louis, the temperature was 105. Global warming has always been around….and so has Hillary Clinton.

It’s time she bite the dust and we can get in a President that will bring Edward Snowden home, where he belongs. We could sure use him now, protecting us.




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Nobody Wonders Where Donald Would Put Sarah Palin….

Nobody Wonders

I was SO excited to catch this Sarah Palin interview on Youtube, I just HAD to post it. According to rumors, Donald and Sarah Palin really love and respect each other and imagine how simply great it would be if Donald put her high up in his cabinet—oh boy–imagine that!!

I was on a website today, and most websites are all saying…Donald CAN’T win. The GOP won’t let him. It’s all rigged.

BUT…I can tell you that if he ran as an Independent, he would have Democrats flocking to change their votes. He would certainly get more black votes than Hillary. Nobody Thinks the only thing that will stop Donald’s momentum is an attack on the United States—which Obama seems to be trying desperately to make happen.

Nobody Wonders just how many other people are as excited by Sarah Palin’s enthusiasm as I am? It sure was good to see Sarah at her best…and I think that the Vice Presidency would not be enough for her talents. I would love Donald to fire that old dragon breath that replaced Holder and put Sarah at the Head of the Justice Department….just imagine what she could do. Squirrel

And no, I’m still not watching FOX NEWS.


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First Gay President Hires First Gay Transvestite

Nobody ReportsObama and french minister

Another first needs to be reported today: Obama has hired the first transgender man to work in the White House…and added to the joy, he’s also black!Raffi_Freedman-Gurspan

Could this be Obama’s Monica Lewinsky? A representative of the White House said this:

“President Obama has long said he wants his Administration to look like the American people,” Keisling said in a statement. “I have understood this to include transgender Americans. A transgender person was inevitably going to work in the White House. That the first transgender appointee is a transgender woman of color is itself significant.”

But, evidently this is just Obama’s first step…his new employee wants Obama to take it further:

To really end the suffering transgender detainees face, the Obama administration must release transgender detainees for whom being in detention makes them a target of sexual assault and violence,” Freedman-Gurspan declared in June.

Poor dears, they may have murdered someone, but jail is no place for them…nevertheless while they are too delicate to survive in jail, according to Obama, they are NOT too delicate to join our military!

The Pentagon is preparing to lift its ban on transgender individuals in the military.

Well…I suppose since Michelle is always out of the White House, Obama needs somebody to talk to.

Obama…taking us to the infinity of destruction and poster


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Nobody’s Perfect: Hillary Clinton VS Chinese Lady

Nobody’s Perfect

Some people, just can’t control themselves…..and this week, we have two fine examples of women destroying property that does NOT belong to them!

First Up: The woman in the above video. Evidently, she didn’t like her haircut and probably didn’t get her money back. I’ve had my share of bad haircuts from women hairdressers so I can relate to this woman. You tell them…”Just cut off an inch” and they cut off seven inches.  You show them a picture and they tell you it won’t work on your face, then make you look like a yo-yo without a string. When I got my first haircut, my hair was below my waist. She was told to cut it to the middle of my back. So she got a rubber band, tied it off at the neck, and CUT right there, and then proudly walked back with the full length of perfectly healthy hair and sold it.

So…I get it. BUT…I just went home and cried. (Okay, I was twelve) THIS woman came back into the shop with it looks like her husband’s slippers, and destroyed every mirror in the shop.

That’s not too…smart.

Second Up: Hillary Rotten Clinton. She destroyed all the emails ever sent to her when she was Secretary of State and it was easy, because she illegally put her own server in her own home just so she could HIDE all the emails from the public and everybody else. And then, she erased them all.

It’s the old “Dog ate my homework” excuse, but in this case, she admitted there was nothing on that stupid old server in her house, except yoga pictures and Chelsea’s wedding. Hillary and Nixon

Hillary said, when she was subpoenaed to hand them over, that..Sorry,–gone. And then she stalled. And then she PRINTED some and handed them over to make the process go longer. And then she stalled some more, and kept declaring there were no emails left to see. So, some clever people starting asking the people she emailed for them….like a guy named Reines:

The State Department has admitted to having located 81,159 emails belonging to Reines. Of those, State found 22 percent may be responsive to the FOIA request made back in 2012. “The Department believes that it will need to conduct a line-by-line review of an estimated 17,855 emails for applicable FOIA exemptions,” the status update reads.

The good news is: They have found more than enough emails that were top-secret to prove that Hillary was lying, and committed a felony

. The bad news is: Only Obama can punish her. And that’s not going to happen.

So, who wins the “Nobody’s Perfect” award for the week? Hillary and server

Have you begun to notice I purposely pick the most egregious crimes of Hillary and Obama to compare? I hope so. While the Chinese women (don’t mess with Chinese women) should not have lost her control…she will have to pay for that crime I’m sure, as there’s no question who did it. I would have at least found my own shoes before the planned attack, but that’s me.

Hillary on the other hand, has committed felonies, and treason, and she won’t have to pay a DIME back to anyone.

While Hillary didn’t take a sledgehammer to her server, she might as well have.

So, congratulations Hillary!  You won the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the last two decades. I suggest you take that award I’m bestowing on you and wear it proudly. You truly are…rotten.

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Nixon and HIS Famous Trade Agreements

Nobody Flashes

I am always looking for explanations of our ‘American’ trade treaties, and here we see, American Presidents have been screwing the Americans out of their dollar for decades.

Enjoy! Or…maybe not. Funny isn’t it? Bill and Hillary were raised to HATE Nixon…Hillary even worked on the prosecution of Nixon, and yet, when they got in power, they made Nixon look like an amateur when it came to sneaky deals. They didn’t call him Tricky Dicky for nothing.

Whenever I see pictures of Kissinger, I can’t help it…I think of Peter Sellers in Dr. Strangelove….where he gave one of his most memorable performances.

You can CERTAINLY enjoy that!

(Thanks to Alex Jones site.)

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Conspiracy Theories Everywhere!

Nobody’s Opinion

Right up front, true confession: I do believe in conspiracies. Anybody that tells you that conspiracies do NOT exist are either 1. lying 2. stupid 3. never had a date  4. think people attacking Hillary Clinton are just jealous of her, OR 4. In the first grade.conspricay therioes

In the dictionary, under ‘conspiracy” the first three results say there has to be an EVIL intent. BUT…I say that to conspire can also mean simply to work together for the same result. (Number 4) ..and most of the time, conspiring to get the job over your buddy doesn’t require lying, or something evil. You could just quietly make HIM look like a fool. But, when it comes to keeping and making billions of dollars, I’d say, the temptation to be evil multiplies exponentially.

It’s mostly done by the powerful, and it’s mostly about fraud, and those powerful keep telling us that THEY don’t conspire to do evil, but others do.

It’s been Hillary’s benchmark defense on every criminal act she has commented: Others conspire to bring her and her husband down.

And the powerful conspire. Oh boy do they.

Someone conspired to kill JFK, and someone conspired to cover it up.

Someone conspired to kill Princess Diana, and someone conspired to cover it up.

Someone conspired to kill JFK Jr., and someone conspired to cover it up.

Many have conspired to make the world a global government, and many people are conspiring to cover it up.

And I’m just talking about America.

Go ahead. Call me paranoid and crazy.  I find it ludicrous for anyone to believe that every move taken by a politician is done “for the people.”  Look around you? Whose having nightly champagne golf outings on Martha’s Vineyard last weekend?

The Hillary’s and the Obama’s WANT us to think that they are just going for their vacations. BUT..everybody is going to met up for Vernon Jordon’s birthday.

You remember Vernon Jordon, don’t you? He was the man behind the scenes in the Monica Lewinsky impeachment. He gave her a job.  You can bet, with the overwhelming success that Trump has had in the polls, and the very poor ratings of both Jeb Bush and Hillary, that the discussions of conspiracy of HOW to take Trump down and keep him out of the presidency were probably the only thing everyone was talking about.

As we see in t his picture.  Was Bill talking about his golf swing? Or trying to get Obama to do something for Hillary? My educated guess…he KNEW the camera was on him, and was trying to make everyone think he was talking about his golf swing. Ha!

President Barack Obama, left, talks with former President Bill Clinton, center, as they play golf on the first hole at Farm Neck Golf Course in Oak Bluffs, Mass., on Martha's Vineyard, Saturday, Aug. 15, 2015. AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

President Barack Obama, left, talks with former President Bill Clinton, center, as they play golf on the first hole at Farm Neck Golf Course in Oak Bluffs, Mass., on Martha’s Vineyard, Saturday, Aug. 15, 2015. AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Here’s another conspiracy: I think Presidents play golf so much because it’s the ONLY place in the world they can feel safe enough to discuss the really evil conspiracies they might be thinking about. Every other place might be bugged.

Do I think American Presidents are capable of assassinating other people to keep their own power?

Ask me if I think dogs are capable of hoarding their dog bones.

Yes. 1. Historically speaking, it’s very common 2. Obama has already given himself the unconstitutional power and WHY would he give himself the power to kill if he isn’t thinking about using it? and 3. Don’t get me started on the Clinton’s…half of the people who they have employed have ended up dead.conspricay theroies

Dead, is dead. Winning elections and keeping their power are WAR to these people.

X-President George W. Bush just showed up for jury duty last week, and got his smiling face plastered all over the place. Of course, he didn’t have to serve. Donald Trump, has just been called…

And wouldn’t it be lovely for Jeb and Hillary if he had to serve on a loooooong jury trial?

He might not. But really, what are the odds that both get called in at the same time? Do I smell a conspiracy here?

Not to mention, what are the odds that all Eastern air traffic gets delayed the very same day Hillary is flying back from Iowa to Martha’s Vineyard and the big liberal golf matches and parties MUST be attended by all those who conspire? That’s an awful lot of private jets needing to get there.

Coincidence? Or computer glitch?

So yes, I believe in conspiracies, wither they are evil politicians, or just a wife trying to get her husband to mow the lawn.

It’s all about getting what you want, isn’t it?

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Nobody Reads Josh Gate’s Take on Transvestites.

Nobody Reads

I was reading in a book yesterday called Destination Truth, which is based on the Sci-Fi series of the same name. Basically, it’s a funny book written by the star of the show, a rather handsome man called John Gates. The show is all about hunting for ‘monsters’, like Big Foot. Josh gates

Let me say right up front: I’ve never seen the show. But there is a philosophy that Josh has that can be used in all of life:

“The true secret in seeking the unknown is in the looking, not the finding. The journey is what matters.”

Which is what you tell yourself when you can’t find Bigfoot or what Hillary is finally going to say about why nobody can find her lost emails.

Josh says some man in Malaysia told him this, who I am sure did NOT check out Snopes first, for those of you who are concerned. :)

Here’s what Josh said that got me to thinking___(page 41) gay four

“The night ends at a strange little bar down by the docks. We throw back more than a few drinks and reminisce about our misadventure into the jungle. I spin around on my stool to catch sight of one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever laid eyes on. She’s alone at a corner table. I may be in love. Gupta sidles up beside me at the bar and leans into my ear. “Josh, That’s a man.”

My introduction into the pervasive “ladyboy” culture is a harsh one,. Incidentally, there’s a bit of rock-solid travel advice: when getting hammered in a bar in Southeast Asia, make sure to kick the tires a little before you drive off the lot. As we spill out of the bar, I’m still in disbelief about the transvestite, but at least Gupta has finally earned his paycheck.”

I had to laugh, because even though I’m a woman, MY first encounter with a ‘transvestite’ was when I had just turned 18. My brother and I went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and I remember seeing the most beautiful woman I have EVER seen in my life, walking down the street in a full sequence red dress, and she looked like Diana Ross. Only BETTER> I had no idea such beauty could even exist in a human.

But…I was told, she was a man by my ‘boyfriend’ Rod, who played bass in Al Hirt’s band, who knew just about everything in New Orleans.

How could this be possible, was my first thought? How could a MAN, look more beautiful, than the most beautiful woman? Later on, I was sitting in a bar, waiting for one of the parades to start, and evidently I was in a gay bar. And then I noticed, some gays LOVED women. Some gays HATED women, some gays looked like the most macho men on the planet…there wasn’t just one kind of gay, or ONE kind of transvestite.

Who knew?

Not long after that, I remember going to the burlesque show in East St. Louis one night, when I was much older.  After hours band member’s, being night owls, would sometimes go across the river. In other words, you cross over the Mississippi from St. Louis into Illinois and you were right there to the late night strip bars. One mile further, and you were in East St. Louis.

In other words, a girl like me had to be real careful not to get too drunk, and make a wrong turn.

Around the strip bars there were the gay bars, where the gays would put on big Vegas-style shows.  My curiously overwhelmed me finally one night. It was in the 1970s, and I just wanted to see the shows.

Being an entertainer myself at the time— makeup and costumes, were just as much part of the job as being a singer or musician. These ‘women’ were astounding. How can a man master the art of makeup and costume so well, that he can actually outdo the woman in beauty in every aspect? Not all of them, of course, but some of them were like Josh says…They left you in sheer disbelief.

To this day, I have never seen a woman as beautiful as that transvestite in New Orleans.  Of course, I was lucky not have been a man when I saw her..uh..him, and I wonder how many drunk men have made the mistake of not kicking the tires and what happened when they found out?

By the way Josh, how do you actually “kick the tires” in a bar?

Nobody Wonders. Where exactly ARE the tires? How many tires are there? Okay. I’m still naive. 

Anybody have any theories on this?

Is a man so superior to a woman, he can be more beautiful if he so chooses? (And leave Bruce Jenner out of this, he has professional help.) 

I’m not sure I even want to think about it. But Josh, made me wonder.


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Nobody Flashes Wonders of the Hubble

Nobody Flashes

—What I usually think about on Sundays. I have trouble getting my car fixed, can you imagine how hard it was to fix the Hubble Telescope?

This looks a bit blurry, don’t you think? Hubble two

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