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What just happened today?China takover

Did the Pope just give the sovereignty of the United States to the U.N.? Sounded like it to me. He endorsed the U.N. as being the official world “rule of law” and proclaimed that NO nation would be above any other, and that every citizen upon the planet had a RIGHT to an education, a house, a job, a religion, but only if they surrender to putting the ‘earth’ first and foremost. AND…the U.N. should control the economies, (and the world basically) and everything should be done for the ‘common’ good. Yes, a communist man, from a communist country, wants a communist world.

Good to know.

Did he get this permission from Congress yesterday to hand over our sovereignty in the name of ‘saving’ the planet?

Is THAT why John Bonehead resigned today?

AT THE SAME TIME….Muslim takover

Did the Chinese government just take over the United States? While our Presidents have been getting us all bound up in the Middle East, China as slowly been moving it’s chest pieces into place to take over as the leaders of the world and the U.N. Ha ha ha ha! Obama didn’t see THAT coming did he? You could tell at the press conference today that Obama and John Kerry had been really “screwed” in some deal by the Chinese by the looks on their faces. I’ve personally never seen them so pissed off.  John Kerry was sitting in the front row with his arms crossed, mad. Obama was…MAD. Oh sure, their speeches were “blah. blah, China is on board with climate change” but something happened.

First China gets the TPA through, then gets our companies through their OWN greed, to come over and give them all their secret technology, and now, they are going to put over a million Chinese students in our country to study. We in turn, have to learn mandarin. (Zuckerface already speaks it.)

Donald Trump is right.

On top of that, yesterday, Xi Jinping met with top executives from Honeywell, Boeing, Cisco Systems, IBM, Starbucks, as well as Chinese firms Alibaba, Lenovo and Baidu. Facebook, Twitter, and Google were not invited. Tonight at a big party at the White House, he is meeting with Hollywood—Disney, Spielberg, and Netflix.Mexico takover

I guess when it comes to money, you can scrifice a few hundred million for the chance at  4 billion. It’s all about the numbers.

China, is basically calling all the shots. After that last cyber attack where China took down our whole govenment apparatus, I guess they now can control just about everyone.

So, who will get to control the United States? Mexico? Saudi Arabia? or China?

Or ….the Pope?

Is this Friday the 13th? Somebody check. I think they marked the calendar wrong.

I know one thing for sure, I will never forget THIS day in history. To me, it was the final quiet submission of a great country…to foreign nations.

By the way…they forgot to make room for Russia.

Obama pissed at China one



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Nobody Remembers the Drug Running Fortunes of the Elites

Nobody Remembers…

We sort of forget that once upon a time, Bill Clinton ran drugs (according to many stories on Newsmax) when he was seventeen, for SOMEBODY high up in Arkansas. He also went to lunch with David Rockefeller when he was 17. How he pulled that off is anybody’s guess. Were these two events connected?

Nobody Knows. Bill Clinton was hanging out at that airport, even at a young age, and it was reported that like Obama, Bill Clinton and his brother liked their drugs.

Paul Joseph Watson then talks about how Obama is setting up “fact checking” institutions” (around 4.01) which I wanted to expand on in some detail, later on today.

And the video ends with a bit of ‘drug running’ history.

What did I learn? If you are NOT a heavy drinker, and you continue to learn all there is to learn, about all the things you never DREAMED of going on in the political elite world of big money and power… might want to take it up.

Which I am trying to do without much success.

(And thanks to Infowars)



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What? No Prayers for Congress?

Nobody Knows..

What a strange picture that was today…Pope Francis getting to sit in the front window of the giant American Airlines plane which was taking him to New York.

Talk about a photo-op! That guy really knows how to use a prop.Pope cartoon

I just got finished watching the Pope speak before Congress. …which by the way, he forgot to pray for.

I guess he figured he might insult “other” religions, so he didn’t.

The elite oligarchy is using the Pope (you know that one party-system of no-borders, America needs to redistribute it’s wealth to the rest of the world and sacrifice it’s children for the health and safely of everybody else on the planet)to launch the biggest Trump attack.

Immigration is a RIGHT, Donald, and you’d better not question the mouth of God!

Today the Pope, in front of Congress, addressed the nation as it’s true leader, with the express help of Congress…and basically lectured and imposed his demand that the United States become a theocracy, which it did today, and follow the Pope’s way…which is the communist way, of “sharing the wealth.”

King Frances is now the new King George. Expect the taxes to soar.Pope one

Clever. With one afternoon of spectacularly pomp and gentle demand that to disobey the Pope is to disobey God, they merged Church and State, and told the ‘representatives.” of the people that’s it their DUTY to legislate the “common good”.

And what the pope and your legislatures think is the ‘common’ good, is to dictate to YOU what they want.

I can’t wait. The common good of “You must not eat any more meat” is coming soon. The “common good’ of, “You must not own a gun.” is coming too.

But the Pope is starting with the common good of letting Mexicana and their families to be let into our country and be given jobs, food, healthcare, houses,…okay…and then bring ALLLLLLLLLLLLL their families!

HOLA! You natives don’t have enough babies to keep all us rich politicians and churches going!

Somewhere the Bushes were celebrating…”BEAT THAT—DONALD TRUMP!”

Oh, and just in case you wondPope and Congressered if the Pope is truly a “Godly” man, we heard him chastise the death penalty for those hopeless criminals, who have killed and maimed, but only mentioned the unborn…in one word.

Forget those babes in the womb, we need to stop killing criminals…unless of course it’s ISIS…the Pope gives you permission to …get rid of them.

If you wonder if the Pope is a godly man, that should tell you right there.

Nobody Knows what will happen with this merging of church and state (funny how all the liberals are embracing the Pope right now, isn’t it?) but the Pope is in alignment with Obama, which is communism, tyranny, whatever you want to call it, and then they are telling you it’s God’s blessing.

You’d better DARE not question the Pope! Just as you DARE not question a black man.

This country was FOUNDED on the people running away from church/state governments. The people that came here wanted to get away from the “Power” of the Catholic church, and seek God through their own private lives.

And it is stated in our Constitution that the state shall never become a theocracy. That is exactly what happened today. Oh, how far down the slippery slope we slide.

The Pope demands we give these new Mexican’s jobs.

The Pope, has just taken your country and given it to Mexico, with the blessings of BOTH parties.

Are we going to let him?

Sorry, I think I’ll go out into ‘nature’ take a walk, and pray to God, that he finds us a real Moses to lead us out of the upcoming communist hell of darkness that the elites have in store for us.

“Don’t kill the murderers in jail, but it’s okay to kill the innocent in the womb? ”

Well, it’s not like the Bible didn’t warn us: Beware of false prophets.

Especially ones who cloak themselves in the mantle of global warming taxes.



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Pope Francis: Sacrificing His Air Conditioner…To SAVE the Planet

Nobody Wonderspope moblil two

Today, we got Pope Francis on U.S.A. soil for the first time, and just in time too! Nobody was paying much attention to the rest of Obama’s “Hope and Change Agenda” …good thing he had the Pope fly in and help him out

The Pope spoke in front of large outdoor crowds today in Washington D.C., and if you happened to glance at the audience, you’d have sworn he wasn’t in Washington D.C., he was in Mexico City.

Historically it was a sort of miracle! The Pope truly IS god, when he can change an English speaking nation to a Spanish-speaking nation…with the wave of his papal hand! Thousands of Mexicans must live in D.C., they were all there. All they needed was the Miami Sound Machine and Pit Bull.

The merging of Mexico and the United States was just given the Pope’s blessing, in fact, I’m not sure America was there at all.

Are we having fun yet? Do we all wonder if Obama and the Pope will fundamentally change the American country into a Spanish nation? If you are Catholic then FOX (BUSH) news was where you were at today….the BUSH/FOX station had full coverage of the basically Pope Mass today, which was more like a Papal endorsement of Agenda 21. It was basically a performance for the illegal’s and Chinese, and disabled, and blacks…everybody but the white Americans who the Pope just informed must once again open their hearts and have mercy on..the Pilgrims (Illegal’s) and I guess the drug lords that come with it…Pope picture

AND SHARE THEIR WEALTH!  Right down to our underwear and socks.

And HOW is America going to support this mass wave of pilgrims? Why…with a global warming tax silly!

The Pope truly wants to stop pollution…and how else are you going to pay for all the trash left by the millions rushing into the country? China is not going to keep buying our trash.

Not that I didn’t see a few white faces in the crowd. There are still good Catholics in the world, but you have to wonder, how do THEY feel about being asked by their Pope to house, feed, educate, and basically forgive (the murderers, gays, abortionists, etc) just because he says Jesus wants him too?

All the pomp and circumstance is a bit much for me. …as it was for the country’s founders. Still, if you like that sort of thing, the Pope is your man.  And the Pope wants you to endorse climate change.

To show his support, he got around in a tiny fiat car…he turned off that polluting air conditioner…bless his heart.

But…you have to ask yourself…does the Pope REALLY believe that riding in his iitty bitty cars while in America, with the air conditioning turned off because he doesn’t want to put pollution into the air, that his one little act would offset the millions of cars, buses,  and airplanes  that are coming to see him?

How much does that big Airbus that flies him around the world pollute?

The Pope, like many of his fellow elites ,truly believe they don’t have to play by the same rules.Pope and Obama three

You have to pay big time, but I really need this airbus because I’m special.”

And THAT’s how ALL elites think, including, yes..the elite Pope.

Jesus, he is not.

On top of that, while he wants to help the poor, he doesn’t think twice about breaking the bankrolls of cites all over the world who have to hire extra security that cost already bankrupt cities millions upon millions of dollars just so the Pope can ride around in his little car and show the world, that he is doing his part for global warming…by not running his air conditioner.

With an itinerary that includes three cities in six days, the upcoming papal visit to the United States will mean huge logistical and security costs. Philadelphia plans to be all but locked down for the two days Pope Francis is in the City of Brotherly Love. New York and Washington are imposing their own restrictions, along with a heavy police presence from Central Park and the United Nations to Capitol Hill.

Think of all the homeless a city could feed if he had just sent an email message.

You can’t blame the guy for being the typical business man and going out for more Catholic converts in the Unites States by wanting the whole world to flock here, but you CAN blame him for putting the expense of feeding all those mouths on us.

Why doesn’t the Pope  give THEM the money and let them stay in their own countries? I don’t like being dictated to by the Pope any more than I like being dictated to by Obama…climate change is simply tyranny in disguise.

I won’t say any more about the Pope, because I happen to love people who worship in any Christian Faith.Pope and Obama two

But what I WILL say is that anybody who has read the Bible…knows that the real Jesus in the bible would probably lead his flock right into that big throne that the Pope likes to place himself on in that opulent Vatican, with all his glory and pomp and say..

“Get off.”

(He might even throw a few gold coins at his feet…)

“Only through ME can you get to the father. .”

The son of God never put himself on a throne…..why should a regular man?

(NOTE: I do not mean to offend Catholics as the people in all churches have done wonderful always comes down to the leaders, doesn’t it?)


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Nobody’s Fool: The Doctor of Common Sense.

Nobody’s Fool

Just by random search, I ran across this video by E.T. Williams, who calls himself, The Doctor of Common Sense, and so he is.

I REALLY enjoyed this rant by the good doctor. …He fills you in on the fact that we have another fraudulent and unabashedly un-American elitist President in the White House…and informs us that Michelle Obama used to live with Jesse Jackson before she was put together with Barack…in order to run for President. Also, more proof that Obama is gay.

Let’s hope the good doctor doesn’t go the same way of the LAST person who claimed Obama was gay. Glad to see the good doctor certainly has no need for plastic surgery.

So…Congratulations Good Doctor of Common Sense! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week.

I’m sure I’ll be looking out for more of his “nobody” opinions.

If you can’t bring the video up where you are…try this link.….

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Hillary Wants Your Newborns.

Nobody WinsHillary and baby

Talk about ‘coincidence’. Just in time to join the Pope and Obama “global warming initiative’ (along with Joe Biden) Hillary quickly came out today and said she is against the Keystone Pipeline because of global warming reasons. Never mind that it makes no sense, because all THAT means is Canada will sell its oil to China, which will use that oil to pollute much more than America ever would, most of us know that it’s all about the money.

Global Warming Control is all about  grabbing MORE money from the middle class Americans, and redistributing it to the rest of the world—-and control. And money for the libs, who didn’t get in on all the oil deals.

Hillary has laid low for good reason. It was Hillary that started this universal Health Care, and it’s Hillary that wants total control of your child from cradle to death. She devoted a chapter to it in her infamous first book “It Takes a Village” (To really screw up your kids!) I found this in my little neighborhood grocery pick-up paper…you know, the ones that announce all the leftist goodies?


It might be hard to read, but what it means is that the federal government is giving North Country (And that includes Ferguson) a $12.3 million dollar grant so that mothers can put their newborns into EARLY HEAD START. Hillary Clinton has wanted to do this ever since she got to Washington. Notice that this mean also that the “state” nannies will come INTO your home and give you advice on how to raise your kids. And trust me, they will be taking notes and names of those who don’t obey…and you could lose your kid for being a terrible parent.

This is already happening in England.

Babies brains are formed from ages one to five. This IS the ultimate state control. This is as scary as it gets.

I guess if they can’t prevent that child from being born, best to get those little suckers brainwashed with the right communist! Oh, I mean Hillary Baby Trooper.

Obama has already kick stated this abomination, and the GOP, once again, said…nothing. In fact there aren’t too many people talking about it….meaning once again that both parties fully support the idea.

Why aren’t the republicans worried about the democrats being in control? They’ve already got the grade schools and the universities, and NOW they will have the kids from the moment they are born, making them all obedient ‘progressives’ forever.

Maybe because, at the very top…it really doesn’t matter at all.

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Nobody’s Rant on Muslim Immigrants

Nobody Flashes

Here are two basically nobody views on the fact, that letting Muslims into our nation is basically suicide. Moderate Muslims are NOT tolerant of Western Ideas. As everyone should know, Islam IS a theocracy. And while our American press is out there trying to sugar coat the idea that a Muslim COULD be and American President and we’d be racist not to know that…just read this Australia’s experience in visiting the Muslims in his native Australia. Muslims are not your typical immigrant, no matter WHAT the democrats are telling you.

(Thanks to amfortas)

Australians Visit a Muslim Open Day in Sydney.obama and Islam two

From an Australian:

“Hello All,
I have never been an “in your face” guy about political or any religious concerns , and have a truly great love of our beautiful country Australia, with all her natural beauty and easy civilian and community ways.
Recently, Della plus 3 other mature adults, one a 73 year old German National whom I had never met, and myself went to a “Muslim” open to the public day in a 1,200 seat Arabic community centre in the Auburn area of Sydney.
We did this to broaden our understanding of the Muslim in “our” Sydney community, we went peacefully and did not really know what to expect. We entered the Arabic community centre freely, and respected without compromise all Muslim ways and were totally compliant to every request and custom without fail.
All the “on stage” male speakers were exceptionally well dressed and groomed, the one hate-filled female speaker in traditional garb, with just her face exposed, was only allowed to speak from the very side of the venue in front of the “women’s area,” but still behind 10 rows of men abutting the full width of the base of the stage.
Within 2 minutes of the first speaker starting, I was already feeling very concerned about what was being said to the very attentive overflowing 1,200 seat audience.
After the end of the second speaker’s calculated but crazed ranting’s, I was actually feeling scared for the safety of our little group, but more so our ” Australian way of life”.
To cut to the chase, this was in absolutely no doubt a Muslim sleeper cell being formed, amongst many dozens of others already in existence around our Australian cities, with the sole intent of taking over Austraila and overall the world, and I am 100% serious, this is no joke, you had to be there, to feel the hatred towards Australia and the non-Muslim West.
Our little group witnessed these words first hand. It shocked all of us “hardened business people” beyond description, to a point of Della crying in despair for our countries future, on the journey home.
The venom and heated hatred, plus absolutely crazed religious emotional outpourings against all non-Muslim Australians, our Government, our way of life, plus the ways of all other non Muslim Governments and peoples of the world, was unable to be misconstrued, no matter which way you looked at it.
The exact words, “The war” that “will be won” against Australia and their non-Muslim, non-Sharia society , was clearly screamed into the PA system dozens of times, to the absolute frenzied verbal backing of all the speakers, and by the 99.99% Muslim audience that also had many dozens of young children in it.
The exact words, “All Brothers and Sisters do not have to vote in Australia any more, because “Sharia Law” will be your only guide, and Australian law is to be 100% discounted and abolished”, was a real shock to our little group.
The exact word,”All Brothers and Sisters this God forsaken land will be conquered , and become the new homeland for the true Muslim believer and Sharia Law will rule, all non believers will be dealt with and severely punished under Sharia Law”.
I could quote 6 hours worth of crazed hatred, but I feel you all understand. I honestly fear for my children, and our special Land, and none of you have ever heard these sorts of words from my mouth.
To finish, the 73 year old German National sitting next to me leaned close to my ear and quietly said at the end of the second speaker, “This is exactly how Hitler started.”

With all honesty and sincerity,”
David S.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Scott Walker VS The Moon

Nobody’s Perfect

It’s so easy to blame other things and people for your failures in life…the democrats are GREAT at it! For instance, both Obama and Hillary Clinton still blame George W. Bush for the sorry economy.

Yes, we expect that kind of low-class behavior from democrats…but from a Republican?  This week we have the whinnying of big time republican loser as he drops out of his bid for the Presidency. And his name is— Scott Walker.scott walker

Scott walker dropped out of the Presidential Race today, mainly because he just couldn’t connect with the American people as well as Donald Trump. I couldn’t get excited by him. I’m not sure why. He seemed to be a nice guy, but more like a soccer coach, or maybe a mayor of a small town…but President? Donald Trump treated him like a minor leaguer and face it…he just didn’t light any national fires.

A man of character, would have just smiled and dropped out…but Walker was MAD. He attacked Donald on leaving the field:

‘I encourage other Republican presidential candidates to do the same so that the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive conservative alternative to the current front-runner,’ Walker said. 

And then we have ….another sore loser it seems: The moon. While the moon it’s true, is not running for political office, it seems the moon has spoken to someone about the Earth. The earth, according to the moon, is cracking it’s surface.

The moon is shrinking, and Earth is to blame for how the moon’s crust has cracked.  The tidal forces of the Earth pulling on the moon, while small, generated enough stress to break the moon’s crust

Yes, that’s what I’m saying. The Earth cracked up the moon’s surface and now, evidently, the moon is really MAD…according to somebody who thinks they know. Probably Al Gore.

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?moon smiling

Is it Scott Walker, who can’t seen to look in the mirror and wonder WHY he lost? And by the way….if his donors dried up on him, why isn’t he blaming Jeb Bush, who got all the big donors right out of the gate? How is that Donald’s fault?

Scott, it’s clear is just doing what the big GOP Rino’s bosses are telling him: Attack Trump, so we can finally get on with electing Jeb, and we’ll let you keep some of that money you still have in your pocket.

Rick Perry did the very same thing. I want to know how much money they raised and got to KEEP, don’t you?

The moon on the other hand, cracks or not, would NEVER blame the earth for those adorable cracks..the earth and the moon are like an ageing couple…so what if the moon is shrinking and getting a few wrinkles? Aren’t we all? I’m sure the Earth adores the moon, and the moon adores the earth, and leave it to the media to report the whole thing as some kind of disaster.

We will all love the moon forever more. The moon has more to worry about from the Chinese and the Russians, never mind the adoring Earth.

So, Congratulations Scott Walker! You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week. The great earth tide of Donald Trump popularity shrunk your moon-like dreams of a Presidential run, and you just JUST couldn’t handle it.

Nobody likes a sore loser. And by the way….the moon agrees with me. I asked her.

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The REAL Question here is: Would a Muslim President Follow Our Constitution?

Nobody Flashes:

Tammy Bruce made the statement today that she thought the man who said that “Obama was a Muslim” to Donald Trump, was a plant. No one can find this man, no ones knows who he is, and in her opinion, it was all a plant by the democrats to get us all talking about the “racist” Trump.

In other words, they set him up.

Let’s follow the bouncing Muslim Ball shall we?

Bounce: We have a historical invasion of Muslims overwhelming the European nations, asking for sanctuary, millions are flooding the borders of Western countries, and many of them from Syria. Of course, most of these immigrants are strong, young men, who look VERY well feed and well dressed. Obama has now just said he will allow 100,000 of these refugee into OUR country to help out Europe, who cannot afford them all….being careful to say he will make sure they are not terrorist. (right)

Bounce: Since the Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia have refused these people, it’s more like a well-staged colonist takeover of Western Civilization, with Obama’s blessings, but you dare not notice the truth, or you will be ostracized.

Bounce: By magic, a young Muslim boy takes a suitcase to school with a clock that looks like a bomb. The cops are called in. Obama immediately invites the boy to the White House and Zuckerberg wants to give him a job. But watch that video…that was ALSO staged to silence the American people about the new immigrants that Obama plans to invite into the country. (our expense of course.)

Bounce: The media grate Ben Carson and ask him if he would vote for a Muslim President…to which he says the right thing: No. Common sense tells you that Muslims believe in Sharia law which is totally against our Constitution, but yet, on the View today, Whoopi makes the argument that the Constitution says no man can be refused the right to run for President regardless of their religion.Obama and his brother

It might say that, but clearly the founders were talking about variations to Christianity. From there, they get into John Kennedy being a Catholic, but nobody on the View says, “But Whoopi, that means that gays would be killed, and woman would become second class citizens, do you really think that is in line with the Constitution, which every President is sworn to uphold?

Anyway. This is nothing different from Hillary and Obama going around apologizing to Muslims after Benghazi.

Will Obama come out and admit his true faith is for Allah? No, he plays all sides.

So the question is: if a Muslim was elected to the presidency, would he follow the constitution, or just make up his own laws as to HIS own god?

Obama may or may NOT be a Muslim, but he sure acts like one…and remember, he said, he would ALWAYS side with the Muslims. He said “My Muslim faith.”

I…believe that he has that Muslim faith. For goodness sake, he was raised in it.

What could be plainer?

Crazy, isn’t it?

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Polishing the Turd

Nobody’s Opinion

Okay: Confession…I cannot take claim for this title as it was my husband’s.

“Help me out.” I said, to my husband, while he was making his protein-fruit drink for confused

” I cannot for the life of me think of WHAT to call this marketing scam, you know, when they take a politician, or a TV program, and you get hooked on that candidate or program, and then they do the old bait and switch, and viola…just when you start believing that person or program reminds you of every thought you’ve EVER had, and then you are HOOKED on that person or program and THEN— that person or program turns out to be the exact opposite of whatever you believe in?”

Grabbing the vitamin C bottle I went on: “You know, it’s like when you get on a great hotel travel site, and you find the most WONDERFUL hotel to book: swimming pool, beautiful baths, soft looking beds, and when you get there and check in, you get..Hotel Hell. And you walk into the room and go, “What? It didn’t look like this in the picture!”— as you look for the pool and see it’s still got last year’s leaves in it.

“It’s called a lemon.” he said.

“No…that’s not it.”

“Sounds like bait and switch”

“No…that’s not it…it’s…it’s…”

“What was that guy’s name? You know the investment guy that stole all that money?”

“No, that’s a Ponzi scheme…no…”

‘I don’t care— YOU figure it out.” he said rather curtly…I knew that was my cue to shut up.

And then, leave it to the man to come to the rescue, because, as a man, he knew he was a bit harsh on his wife asking him to think about meaningless things right in the middle of his very important task at hand..which was going back to his very serious work of being a pirate in a video game, and sinking TWO ships at once. Still, it wasn’t like I was asking him to clean the gutters out.

“It’s like polishing a turd!” he said, quietly.

“That’s it…I like it! But, I’m a woman, If I say that, I will sound..well, ladies just don’t say that. After using the ‘n’ word last week, I’d better be careful. I know— I’ll blame this on you.”

“Go ahead. ” he said. (Relieving me of the NSA for one night. )

See? That’s how man and woman work together.

So– I got my title. Let’s call the theory I’m trying to explain ‘Polishing the Turd’— which is what I’m sticking to until a better name can be thought of…it works like this:

The elites love social engineering. It’s so wonderful to them,–and to them it’s just as wonderful as my husband conquering every pirate in his video game. We’ve all heard Obama’s old friend, Van (“I’m a communist”) Jones, explain how to change America as, “Bottom up, top down, inside out!” And he wasn’t talking about diapers.

The purpose of most social engineering is to ‘change’ the behavior of the masses. If they would use it to figure out how to stop ISIS from wanting to cut off the heads of people they don’t like that would be one thing…but nooooooooooooooooooo, they are more concerned with…you and me. And that’s what occupies almost all of their time these days.

Suppose you want the masses to forget all that they have been raised to believe, and think another way. That’s not easy to do. And somewhere some elites in hundreds of think tanks paid by the very people they want to ‘change” have come up with the perfect formula.

“How to change a tea-party American into a global citizen, Muslim-loving, diversity-loving, obedient lap dog, who will vote for our progressive idea and basically…obey.”

It’s not been easy for them has it?

As we have seen in the last decade, the American values have always consisted of—-Family and fReedom

  1. Belief in God
  2. Marriage is between a man and a woman.
  3. We are a Christian nation
  4. Americans should come first and foremost.
  5. The Constitution is the law of the land.
  6. Criminals should be prosecuted, no matter who they are
  7. Protect the homeland at all costs, but leave us our Constitutional rights.

—– And most important: We are a great people.

The country, throughout her history, has held these beliefs.

But how do you take a conservative country to the “progressive” stage of socialism and China-like communism? How DO you change the behavior of those Duck Dynasty, god-loving, family orientated, hard-working, and most importantly, I don’t want to have to support 10 illegal alien babies and their vast army of cousins, VOTING idiots?

First: Spent a LOT of money on the problem.

Second: Good old fashion brain-washing.

And Washington is great at it. Washington has always worked with Hollywood on state propaganda. But in the last decade, they have perfected it.  They have successfully done a great job brainwashing the younger generation on gay rights, universal health care, promiscuous sex, woman’s rights, and global warming…but there were just too many boomer voters left to change…so, how do they do that?

They do it though the media. You HOOK them to their own ideas…and then, you slowly manipulate them into thinking different.Jack Bauer

You’ve heard me mention before the most popular TV program in the United States before Obama became President: 24. Even Rush Limbaugh was hooked on it. The hero character in 24 was Jack Bauer. He was everything a conservative, god-fearing, hard-working, American could believe in: He fought the terrorists, stopped nukes from being set off, loved his wife, sacrificed everything for his country…a true American Patriot…and he worked for a black President, who was the most patriotic, honest, President ever portrayed on film. He was the quintessence of what every ‘conservative’ in America wanted as a President.

He was…Perfect.Presdient in 24

Not long after that program stopped airing, Barack Obama appeared on the scene. What timing! You see, conservatives didn’t know that they were being primed to elect exactly the opposite of the fictional black president on 24. When Barack Obama came upon the scene, most folks thought, “Wow…he’s just like the guy on 24…I’m voting for him!”

They expanded this ‘polish the turd’ game to include a sort of “Presidential Survival” TV series, where daily, the candidates are scrutinized, attacked, voted for or again, rated…and it’s ongoing until the REAL winner, who you will think will save the country, will become the winner.”

You will think YOU choose him.

Anyway, that’s the way they had it all planned to run…(the winner being Jeb Bush) and then along came Donald Trump: The Second Ross Perot.

I’m still not sure what to call this marketing game..actually, I think polishing the turd is more of a description of what Hillary Clinton is doing–when asked about the fact that people don’t want anymore lifetime politicians but are more inclined to vote for the outsider in 2016, Hillary said this:

“I cannot imagine anyone being more of an outsider than the first woman president,”

Can you think of anyone polishing more turds than Hillary Clinton? I can’t. Right now, I don’t even think if they invented a TV series where they had an American woman President who was just the most perfect President in the world…could make us want to shine that turd into the office.Hillary two

But then again….it happened once….before.

How stupid are we? Face it: No matter how much you try to polish a turd, it’s still remains a turd.

This time, let’s not forget to flush.



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Nobody’s Email: Isaac Caldiero: Master Ninja Warrior

Nobody Get Email

The TV show, Ninja Warriors, is always fun to watch…but how can you tell a REAL master of anything?

If they make it look easy, they truly ARE the best, and this young man really is a natural climber.

Something tells me that Isaac Caldiero is not going to be a bus boy all his life.


(Thanks to Kim Komando)

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Nobody Flashes a Man Who Hates Drones….

Nobody Flashes

Wow…I was really angry yesterday…and for some reason…this video made me feel a WHOLE lot better!

Steven Stankos,  one of the best hockey players around, just happens to hate drones….and has a good idea how to take them down.

Thanks Steven, I needed that.




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Of We Can’t Call Obama a Muslim, Can We Call Him a Megalomaniac Mulatto?

Muslim cartoon 7Nobody Cares

Today, Donald Trump was all but claimed Hitler’s clone by every man and woman reporter on the world network, when he didn’t comment on a rant by a man who insisted that Obama was a Muslim…and the outrage from BOTH Democrats and Republicans were overwhelming! Why, Donald Trump was not even fit to be President.

He did not ‘correct’ the man. It is by the way, the elites responsibility to silence the masses. You would have thought they had called Obama a…nigger.

To call someone a Muslim it now seems, especially the President of the United States, is the height of treason.

Never mind, that most of us still believe that we have a first amendment right to free speech, which include calling Obama a Muslim if we fel like it. I prefer to call him our Megalomaniac Mulatto, —but that’s me.

After all, he was raised a Muslim, and has talked about his Muslim faith— ALWAYS sides with the Muslims, speaks perfect Muslim, …surrounds himself and his cabinet with Muslims…but OMG…don’t call him a Muslim.  The Pope is coming soon.

Hillary, was appalled.

She wasn’t appalled by Bill Clinton having sex in the Oval Office with Monica Lewinsky, or at the many women who claimed they had been raped by him.

She wasn’t appalled when Obama went out to play golf after a video of an American was beheaded by ISIS.

She wasn’t appalled when Obama gave Iran the go ahead and the money to make nukes…which, by his own admission, will kill more Americans.

She wasn’t appalled when Obama honored a deserter on the White House lawn.

She wasn’t appalled when Obama traded six Al Qaeda leaders for him, who went on to kill more Americans after being released from GitmoClintons

She wasn’t appalled at the video’s of Planned Parenthood making money off of live butchered baby parts and salivating about how they were going to get rich.

Nevertheless WE the American people are appalled that…

She wasn’t appalled when Bill Clinton help give China and North Korea the nuclear capability to hit the United States with a nuclear weapon.

She blamed and had arrested a Muslim who, made a film against radical Muslims, so that she wouldn’t be blamed when she let four of our best Americans die in Benghazi.

She was trading arms to Syria through Turkey and sent one of her favorite gay men to take the fall in Libya.

She help disrupt the whole middle East by getting rid of Kaddafi. She shares the responsibility with Obama on the crisis in Europe.

She made a fool of us all when she presented Russia with a red button, then got the Russian language wrong. AND THEN she made a sweet deal with Putin to have American’s uranium stock pile. Thanks Hillary.

She and Bill put up our National Parks to China as collateral for our debt. (Didn’t know that one did you?)

She set up her own private server as Secretary of State, and erased the trail of her crimes, and continues to make millions of personal income off of selling access to her and her husband’s time all over the world.

And I’m personally appalled that she can’t even learn how to speak without saying “uh…uh…uh…uh” fifty times in a sentence.angry bird

Many people in America are appalled that the rich elites in Washington all back her.  If we knew the many crimes that Hillary Clinton has REALLY committed in our lifetime, we would pray for George Washington to come back from his grave and do what he does to all traitors.

(look it up.)

By the way, for the record, Jeb Bush gave Hillary Clinton the Metal of Freedom one YEAR to the exact date, of the Benghazi attack, 9/11/13. That’s a little bit more suspicious than inviting her to a wedding.

So now—- the word “Muslim’ can only be spoken by the elite. Just like the word “Nigger” can only be spoken by a black.

And so ask yourself: Do you REALLY think you still have the right to free speech?

THIS is what Hitler did. If you spoke against Hitler, it was a crime. Now, if you speak ill of Obama, you will be ostracized.

Shame on the elites that run this country. FOX, CNN…all of them. 

It time we take our 1st amendment rights BACK. From now on, I will use the word ‘nigger’ and ‘Muslim’ and moron, and whatever else I can think of.

Millions of good American have died to preserve that right. We should NOT let them take it away.

If it was good enough in 1776, it’s good enough now.

(P.S. Okay,—so I don’t use the word ‘nigger” ever, I don’t. But it REALLY pisses me off that the blacks use it constantly…and that’s …okay. They use words as weapons against people who have committed no crimes…and if you wonder why I’m in such a mood today it’s because I have been on a four day fast…and it’s ENDING now. LOL! )


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They Don’t Want ANYBODY To Remember….Andrew Jackson

Nobody RemembersAndrew Jackson two

If Andrew Jackson gets taken off the twenty-dollar bill, there is only ONE person to blame: Hillary Clinton. During the debate last night, CNN asked the candidates what women should be put on the twenty-dollar bill? The men all gave politically correct answers, but Carly Fiorina gave the right one: We shouldn’t change it.

The complaint from the left? Too many white men faces on our currency. Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman are both women and black…and Obama will probably have the last say, even though, if he could, he would pick himself.Obama worthless

A few of the men suggested Rosa Parks (Including Trump)

Now, no offense to Rosa Parks, but that “I’m not giving up my seat on the bus” incident didn’t happen in a vacuum. It was, by most accounts that I’ve read, well organized…it was meant to make headlines.

Let’s compare Rosa’s life to Andrew Jackson…a man whom both John Adams and his son John Quincy, despised: Andrew Jackson was a tough ruthless killer….and it was Jackson who took care of American’s “Indian” problem. Never mind that their land was taken over by those horrible white Europeans who basically invaded their country…and the rest is history.

The way he treated Indians is why both the Adams hated him. But…in the light of history, he DID do some great things for America.

After the revolution, Americans thought, well…those ‘savages’ must either assimilate or move west. Americans were organized in townships, and states. The Indians were organized into tribes, and the hunt for game. Two different cultures. Two cultures that were not going to mix.

(Sort of like Muslims and Christians.)Andrew Jackson dollar

Now, remember—- the British had a policy of organizing and arming Indians against the United States. In the region of the Apalachicola River, the British major Edward Nicholas, with four officers and 108 Royal Marines, armed and trained over 4,000 Creeks and Seminoles, distributing 3,000 muskets, 1,000 carbines, 1,000 pistols, 500 rifles, and a million rounds  of ammunition. That it was the British arming the Indians was left out of most American history books.

Most of the Indians thought it was a bad idea to attack the whites, but the Shawnee Chief Tecumseh wanted blood:

‘Let the white race perish! They seize your land. They corrupt your women. They trample on the bones of your dead! Burn their dwellings, destroy their stock, slay their wives and children that their very breed may perish! War now! War Always! War on the ling War on the dead! “
If ONLY he could have said Allah Akbar!

Anyway, Tecumseh got war. The Creeks came upon some settlers in Ohio, and murdered 553 men, women, and children and took away 250 scalps on poles.

“The children were seized by the legs and killed by battering their heads against the stockading, the women were scalped, and those who were pregnant were opened while they were alive and the embryo infants let out of the womb. “

Well, they were so ruthless in their attack…America was appalled.

Enter stage left: Andrew Jackson.  He got up an arm of 5,000 strong and attacked their main fortress at Horseshoe Bend.  Jackson won that battle and killed a total of 557 plus another 300 drowned.  After that, he went on a rampage, burning villages and destroying crops and the Indians just gave up.

He forced the Creeks to cedes to the United States 20 million acres of the cream of the Creek County, opening a communication from Georgia to Mobile. It was called the treaty of Fort Jackson.battle of new Orleans

The people of the NASCAR South can thank Andrew Jackson, and he wasn’t finished. But it was in the Battle of New Orleans that Andrew Jackson did his most impressive feat.

When he reached New Orleans on December 1, he found it virtually undefended. He worked swiftly. He formed the local pirates, who hated the Royal Navy, on whose ships they were periodically hanged, into a defensive unit. Hundreds of free blacks were turned into a battalion under white officers. He paid them well. When his paymaster protested, Jackson told him, “Be pleased to keep to yourself you opinions…without inquiring whether the troops are white, black or tea.”

By the time the British got there, with sixty ships and 14,000 troops, New Orleans was strongly defended. (A History of the American People)

The British land commander General Sir Edward Pakenham, “not the brightest genius” as his brother- in -law the Duke of Wellington put it, planned a two-pronged assault, up the almost undefended left bank of the Mississippi to take the rampart from the rear, while his troops in front kept the defenders occupied. They got lost, and delayed, so he proceeded with a frontal assault.

The result was a pointless slaughter of brave men. The advancing redcoats met a combination of grapeshot, canister shell rifles, and muskets all skillfully directed by Jackson himself. All three British generals were killed. Jackson lot only thirteen killed. The British lost 291, with 484 missing and over a thousand wounded.

Codrington, watching from HMS Tonnat could only shake his head in disbelief at the debacle. “there never was” her wrote to his wife, ” a more complete failure. “

The Battle of New Orleans put the final nail in the coffin of Britain and America fighting each other.  They made a deal…Britain could have Canada, and we got the rest of the country in the Treaty of Ghent.

John Quincy Adams who was there at the signing said.
“I hope this will be the last treaty of peace between Great Britain and the Unites States.”Hillary Clinton dollar

And it was.

And this is all about electing a woman president. If it was just about too many white men being on our money, Obama would have put Martin Luther King.

Whether you thought the man was a ruthless killer or a moron,  the truth is, it’s changing our history once again. All this burning of the Confederate Flag is no different from ISIS going around destroying ancient historical monuments.

I think Jackson earned his spot in history AND on our twenty-dollar bill.

It’s silly move, it’s a insidious move,  and it took a conservative woman to say it.



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