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Nobody Remember George Washington and Donald Trump

Nobody Remembers

Since we have been watching Obama make lame speeches about the Ukraine situation all week, and Putin making a fool out of him, only to find John Kerry THEN have to make a long speech because well, in his own mind he IS President, or should be, and wants everyone to know that…I came upon this quote by George Washington and it just fits the week.

That pretty much sums up WHY we are in the mess we are in. Obama is destroying our military, and spending us into oblivion. George Washington

 There is a rank due to the United States among nations which will be withheld, if not absolutely lost, by the reputation of weakness. If we desire to avoid insult, we must be able to repel it: if we desire to secure peace, one of the most powerful instruments of our rising prosperity, it must be known that we are at all times ready for war.

                                                                                                                —George Washington

And since Donald Trump gave such a great speech at CPAC, I figured I’d post it. In the last election, I was for Donald Trump. I have always been a fan of Trump. He is proud of being rich, and why not? I agree with just about everything he says here. But then, that’s me. Trump knows, and George Washington would agree, you have to be at all times ready for war, and that takes money, and Trump would be the best person to know, just how to produce jobs…if you have never read any of his books, go ahead…you cannot help but admire the man.

And the point I most agree with him on, is WHY did we not take Iraq oil? Was it really all about payback for Hussein trying to kill Daddy Bush? Have you noticed that President George W. Bush has never been asked about the loss of Iraq?  Sometimes Nobody Wonders…..

Anyway, Enjoy.

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Obama Doesn’t WANT Trump’s Money? Mmmmmm..

Nobody Flashes

As I supported the RICH man Donald Trump in the last election, many of my readers lost hope in me. But I had my reasons: If we are going to be ruled by an oligarchy, why not put a man in who loves the country and who actually could BEAT Obama?Donald Trump 2

Yes, I happen to know many democrats that would have voted for Trump.

I liked it when he questioned Obama’s birth certificate, and when he said he would build a party room for the White House so they wouldn’t have to keep throwing parties out on the lawn…and now, thanks to a suggestion from Newt Gingrich (who by the way, could afford to throw in a few bucks too) he is offering to pay for the White House Tours that Obama closed down.

From Newsmax:

Donald Trump says he’s willing to rescue the White House tours by financing the costs of the popular tourism activity the Obama administration cancelled last week as automatic spending cuts took hold.

“I guess it’s political. They want to hurt the people,” he said. “It’s just really ridiculous. I don’t think it’s a big deal, frankly. But it does make us look awfully bad and awfully pathetic.”

Yes, a fine word for Obama: pathetic.

I like it.  Nevertheless, Trump is out nothing because he knows Obama won’t take the offer, so therefore he can make himself look good by saying he’d do it, not that he wouldn’t do it…just that he didn’t get rich by making bad bets.

Anyway, I know he has drawbacks…but if we have to have a big rich ego in the White House, I’d take my chances with Donald.  White House tours

Okay…so he likes to put his name on buildings, but what politician hasn’t?

Don’t worry…this Nobody’s Pick for President will never happen….and that’s a good thing, because Donald would want his kids to become future Presidents, and we would probably have another family dynasty we would never get rid of.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Chuck Hagel VS Donald Trump

Nobody’s Perfect:

When it comes to punishing ‘opinion’ makers this week, we have two contenders: Chuck Hagel VS Donald Trump.

First: Chuck. Evidently ‘Chuck’ has been following Obama around on various trips overseas for years…either hoping he’d be nominated for the job of Secretary of Defense, or training for it.  Obama seems to love him, no doubt because he has the same philosophy about the Middle East as Obama does…everything Muslim is good. Everything Jewish…is not.Obama and Hagel

But many in the G.O.P. are not happy with Hagel’s past ‘opinions’, especially those opinions he has on Israel.—

Hagel once referred to the “Jewish lobby” and it’s supposed efforts to “intimidate” members of Congress, and he has openly distanced himself from Israel, reportedly asserting that he was not an Israeli Senator.

Right. So…once again…the G.O.P has put out a warning: Behave, or we won’t confirm you.

Lindsey Graham, a Republican Senator for South Carolina, has said Mr Hagel “would be the most antagonistic secretary of defense towards the state of Israel in our nation’s history.”

But when you got Henry Kissinger, the man who worked with ALL the Republican Presidents, stating that Israel will be gone in ten years…you have to wonder if Chuck Hagel isn’t just another Chris Christie—-and where does this all lead?

Second: And then there’s Donald.

NBC, the station that had made tons of money off his very successful TV programs are ready to punish Trump if he makes ONE MORE SLIP with his ‘opinions’—Donald Trump

Now, Trump might want to make sure he keeps on the “buzz” side of the equation, with Comcast‘s (CMCSA) NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt saying the network will take action if he “becomes somehow hurtful and says or does things that cross a line,” according to a report in Accordingly, Trump has “engaged in sexist behavior” and “perpetuated the racially charged birther conspiracy.” The same campaign, from the liberal group, last month hired a mobile billboard reading “Dump Trump” to circle Macy’s corporate headquarters.

So? Who is going to be censored more in the press whenever they state their opinion?

Nobody Thinks that Donald will be censored more, because he attacked the main man himself…Obama, AND because he could still run for President in 2016. The press hate him. You will see an onslaught of bad press coming up in the next few years. I’m sure Trump tied a dog to his limo at some point in his life…we just don’t know about it yet.

Besides, Hagel seems lame compared to the new CIA appointee Brennan, who once referred referred to Jerusalem as “Al Quds,” the Arabic name for the city, and he announced that the government would not use the terms “Islamists” and “Jihadists.”That little nit bit alone makes us all soooo much safer, don’t you think?Obama and drones

But…Mr. Brennen sure does a fine job of killing them Muslims with drones. So, I think Brennen is going to attract more fire…than Hagel. This will all die down in a few days, unless of course they want to use his confirmation as a big show…to distract us from the economy.

They do love to all  blow hot air.

While we will be talking about Hagel for weeks, Trump will be somewhere doing what he always does: Making money.

So, Donald Trump wins  the Nobody’s Perfect award for today simply because I like his opinions!

And it’s because it’s my blog…with ALL my opinions! dog upside down

And by the way…Mr. Greenblatt also said: “We talked him out of running for president, wasn’t that good enough?”



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Nobody’s Fool: Donald Trump Fires Obama

Nobody’s Fool:

This video was made for the Republican convention, but it wasn’t played. No doubt, Mitt didn’t want to hurt Obama’s feelings.

Really, we need MORE of this stuff, not less. I’m in the mood for an uplift, how about you?


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Trump VS George Will VS Zombies in Miami.

Nobody’s Perfect

There will always be conflict–men wanting to kill other men….BUT, unlike the rest of the animals on the earth, “man” likes to pride himself on being civilized when in disagreement with other men. Most men try to ‘reason’ when in conflict, with intelligent conversation.

Unless of course, you happen to live in Miami.

Last week, a man decided that he was hot and hungry, and so he decided to strip off his clothes, get naked, and eat a homeless man. He started with the nose, ears, and cheeks, and no doubt was getting ready to go for a thigh.., until a cop shot him, and then he just looked up and growled, and continued to rip off more flesh. Why let a little bullet stop him? It took a few more.

Here’s the first report:

 “When the officer approached him, told him to stop, pointed a gun at him. He turned around and growled like a wild animal and kept eating at the mans face,” said Fraternal Order of Police President Armando Aguilar. The incident happened near the west end of the MacArthur Causeway and Biscayne Boulevard, near the Miami Herald building”

Nobody Wonders if this will be considered a ‘hate’ crime, don’t you? You have to really hate someone to want to eat his face off.

At first they blamed this on cocaine—now they are blaming this on LSD..which is a drug which both Cary Grant and Steve Jobs swore by, not to mention half the people driving around listening to the Grateful Dead on Sirius radio at this moment.

We could have a Zombie breakout at any moment.

The homeless man lived thanks to the good cop, who will no doubt be called a racist if the zombie guy was black. And if that’s the case, they won’t blame the black zombie, it will be his drug dealer’s fault for giving him zombie drugs, and he will be racist if he is white.

And then we have another man fight: between two civilized men: George Will and Donald Trump.

George Will viciously attacked Donald Trump for questioning Obama’s birth certificate.

On May 25, Trump once again said in an interview that he does not believe President Barack Obama was born in the United States. “He didn’t know he was running for president, so he told the truth. The literary agent wrote down what he said… He said he was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia,”

After George Will dubbed Donald Trump a “bloviating ignoramus,” the real estate mogul shot back by calling the columnist the “dumbest (and most overrated) political commentator of all time.”

“Donald Trump is redundant evidence that if your net worth is high enough, you IQ can be very low and you can still intrude into American politics.” said George.

Nobody Wonders just how long has it taken for George Will to notice that most of the people in politics have strolled into the arena with a low IQ? What else explains the $15 trillion dollar deficit? Hasn’t he been writing about politics most of his life? Has he NOT noticed that Joe Biden makes Donald Trump look like Albert Einstein every time he opens his mouth? 

What? Did George get some of that bad LSD?

Nobody (me) sides with Trump on this one. We do have the ‘rule of law’ and Donald has every right to question Obama’s birth certificate. George is only saying this stuff because obviously he is in the Rhino court who want Marco Rubio as VP for Mitt, and Rubio, like Obama, does not have the birthright qualifications to be President.

So, what does George Will do? In civilized terms, George was eating Donald’s face off.

Too bad we can’t get the good officer that saved that poor homeless man’s life to settle this manly argument between Will and Trump, in a very civilized manner..

If George growled from the suggesting that he quit making stupid moronic attacks, then Nobody suggests that we should arrest George Stephanopoulos….after all…who is giving Mr. Will the intellectual LSD which is making him make stupid Zombie comments?

Nobody Wonders.

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Secret Video of the Trump and Mitt Deal….

Nobody Flashes

THIS JUST IN! Here we have a video recorded of the secret meeting between Mitt Romney and Donald Trump. Donald, as you see in the foreground, had to make sure that Mitt was the right man, so he did the mirror test. When he tried it with Newt, it did not go well. But as you can see, Mitt and Donald are a perfect fit.

Really, I was doing my taxes all day–so the silence (you’re welcome)  but after Sarah Palin said she was putting her two cents behind Newt Gingrich, and then now…we have no idea if she took it back, we found out to everyone surprise that Donald choose Mitt as his man.

To most of us, this looks like Mitt took Donald aside and said, “Don’t Worry Donald, I’ll make sure you get to build those casinos in Shanghai.” I think it was the hat that convinced him

Palin with Newt? Donald with Mitt? Who would have thought?

But, that’s not all who put their money behind their favorite candidates today: Betty White came out for Lou Grant, and Spock came out for Captain Kirk.

The candidates are getting exciting!

Okay, the world is absurd. After today, I’d be happy for Steve Forbes to run again. A flat tax would be simply marvelous. I’ve added up so many columns of what I spent…just in pet food alone, I’m not sure I’ll ever get another dog. (just kidding.) You SHOULD be able to take all pets off as dependents…don’t you think? My Diva Zippy is going to have to get used to worms.

Spock puts full support for Cap. Kirk

Betty Supports Lou for a Candidate

I knew you’d agree. See you tomorrow.


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Trillions…and Trillions…and Trillions….

Nobody Knows:

Well, here we are at the end of the year, and Nobody is going to sum up her opinion on the race for the White House…so far, just about everyone is up for grabs, but, who can win? Let’s take a less than perfect look, shall we?

Mitt Romney: He has nice hair and has the most “You can put me on that dollar bill” look that we all like to see in a President. He keeps replaying fixing the Olympics card, but really, you can’t compare that to dealing with China. His good grace comes off as almost wimpy, and it’s certain Mitt would get some disenfranchised Obama votes. Because he is the most liberal of the group, the leaders of the party figure he could win. He says he is an outsider to Washington, but he is obviously the favorite of Wall Street, which runs Washington, and  is why he keeps getting the center position on stage in every single debate. All the networks are owned by just a handful of companies, and THOSE big companies would like to see Mr. Mitt as President. He is the son of a Senator, and will continue to represent the rich…just the same as Obama does now. The rich, will continue to get richer under Mitt, but he would probably let us nobodies keep a few more freedom than Obama…like picking our own fast food.

In a debate with Obama, Romney would look very weak.

Newt Gingrich: Even though he took the lead for a while, Newt is like a sore toe. You can bandage it up, but when you put on your shoes and walk in it, you go back to being in a lot of pain. The ONLY reason we would want him over Romney is because we all want to see him dish out his quirky and witty professor knowledge on a man who can’t even decide if America is good or bad.  In office, Newt would be a lot like the Bush family, a sort of second cousin.

In a debate with Obama, Newt would far better than Romney, but they could dig up some pretty sad dirt on the man. Probably in the form of another sex scandal. Toe suckers just can’t help themselves.

Ron Paul: This is the man Obama is most feared of. He represents the last of our Constitution’s survival. He wants to end the Fed, which to Washington and Wall street, would be more painful than telling their wives that they can only go on one trip to Hawaii every ten years. Ron Paul sees it all. What he doesn’t see, is that one honest guy cannot fight the humongous Kleptocracty that is trying to rule everything. Without Congress behind him, he would really be a one-term President. The corporate boys are all in the bag.

In a debate with Obama, he would sound smart, but Obama would get him all flustered and he’d blow it.  All the stations, both FOX and CNN would attack him unmercifully until he would end up like another Perot. The people would vote for him, and then he would fade into the sunset. Both parties want a globalist into that most powerful seat, and GE, Monsanto, the corporations that the Supreme Court made into persons, can BUY the Presidency, and  will. (see tomorrow’s blog.)

Rick Perry: Who? Never mind his recent wonderful ideas, the man can’t talk. Until he comes to the rescue of Sheriff Arpaio who has endorsed him, I don’t believe a word he says. He manadated that vaccine. Really stupid. What would he mandate as President?

In a debate with Obama__do you really want to go there?

Michelle Bachman: Michelle, is better at looking presidential than Ron Paul. She would do us proud. But, they will not even let her near the gate. Even Ron Paul has said some nasty things about her, which should put HIM right off the list. He should be attacking Obama. Not Michelle.

In a debate with Obama, Michelle would look the weaker, unless of course the moderators give her a fighting chance.  I said that same thing about Sarah. They were both born with the high voices. Sadly, it’s true that even Einstein would listen to Michelle and not hear what she says. It’s the way we are all built. Example: Margaret Thatcher, had a deep sonorous voice…that commanded attention. Obama has that voice, and it got him elected over McCain.

The brain just works that way. It’s why these people hire consultants to work their images.

Rick Santorum. Poor guy, like Michelle he is put at the end of the stage. You may not think this is important, but imagine Rick Santorum at the center of the stage in every event. He be a front runner right now. The position that Mitt has now, has given him unfair advantage over everybody. The rich people, of course want their guy to win, so that’s what you get…advantages.

Rick would do fine aganst Obama. Better than Romney. He does have a good point…Democrats do vote for him. But, he is always at the end of the line. He is closer to the people. Therefore, he will always be on the sidelines exactly where they want you to put him in your mind.

Having said all that…consider the video at the top, which shows that no matter WHO gets in as President, it’s our crushing economic debt that will be our doom. China owns us.

The only person who actually has the guts and the knowledge to save us from disaster is Donald Trump.  I’m still hoping he gets in the race, because he can defeat Obama in a debate.

Donald is the only candidate who can broker with both parties, and the Chinese, who have planned our destruction, and are doing it one big grand step at a time.

That’s the elephant in the room that Nobody is taking about.

When the country crashes, it won’t matter what the color of you skin is.

Nobody would like for just once in my life, not have to “hold my nose” when I vote. —-Just once, before  I die.

Run Donald. This Nobody implores you.

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Nobody Needs Photoshop Welfare

Nobody Cares

America bailed out Europe today, with the spin “Hey…We have to bail them out or we will go down!” The stock market soared, and like the Nobody that I am, it really meant nothing to me, so I went out and raked leaves.

I have a LOT of leaves. I’m considering asking my trees to switch their diet. I’d set my lawn on fire, and get rid of them all at once,  but I think that’s illegal.

Nevertheless, Nobody searches hard now for the good-news nuggests, and I found this great video of Donald Trump, dishing Obama for coming to New York on the same night that the Rockefeller Center turns on its Christmas tree lights. If you have never experienced a “President” coming into your city, you should move to Russia. Wait… don’t have to move. Here in the United States they have to shut down whole city blocks, subways, and highways..for hours…just so Genghis Obama can make his lordy way to his fund-raisers. They hardly EVER mentioned this fact on TV, which is again, why I wish Donald would run for President, because he mentioned it.

He mentions a lot of stuff that this Nobody likes.

Tonight, the Rockefeller Christamas Special on NBC was a perfect example of how you didn’t see any of whatever trouble in traffic that Obama caused.  All 900 teenage girls were in front, to see the Beaver (sorry he looks like a small beaver to me, he needs a Wally) and the Kicking Rockets (okay, so that’s not their real name)  looked perfect and…Coral King can’t sing anymore, but Neil Diamond still can, and Tony Bennett is the only singer in the world that can smile and hold a loooooog note…and not break his smile. And I simply don’t know how he does it.

It’s like it’s cemented on his face like that butt-lady who has cement in her cheeks. Maybe he dabs a little super-glue in his cheeks. Something.

Anyway, this leads me to point. Nobody wants to assure all the women out there, who are tired of looking at beautiful women in perfume adds, videos, clothes commercials, angels of fluff in scanty Santa outfits, that, while you are searching you memory for one girl that you ever saw that never had one pimple on her face…

THESE GIRLS ARE NOT REAL! Why do I say that? They have help. They have been airbrished, polished, computerized…need I say more? And what about us nobodies?

I say we need Photoshop Welfare. Forget food stamps.

Now, in case you doubt me, here’s a video that I wish I had never seen…because now when I watch TV I’m thinking..”He’s NOT in that plane, they are NOT in that car, that is NOT New York City…that is the young Mariah Carey  in that old rehashed Christmas video with Justin Beiver, Obama is just an actor from Kenya, not really our President, and that girl doesn’t even have pores! “

It sort of spoils some of the “I’m escaping from the fallen dollar, and lack of photoshop mode”... you know what I mean?

I’d say ENJOY this next video, but if you think that ignorance is bliss…..don’t watch it.

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