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Nobody Wins

Nobody is talking about the race of this man. He is obviously NOT Muslim. He is black, and speaks perfect English. And the fact that he says he is sorry that women and children have to witness his decapitation of this poor soldier, is proof that he was not raised a Muslim. A real Muslim jihadist would never have apologized for doing such an atrocious murder.

So, this is another ‘home grown’ terrorist.

England should hang this man. These nutjobs will only get bolder when they are treated with kids gloves. Go ahead, and give him a trial, then a jury should do what he has said he thinks is fair: “An eye for an eye.”

Cut off his head.

But, they won’t. Worse case scenario, he will go to jail for awhile.

Over here, Obama has chosen to not punish a Jihads’ either. The Muslim who slaughtered unarmed soldiers at Ft. Hood is actually getting a paycheck. Ft. Hood

Soldiers wounded in the Fort Hood shooting spree in November 2009 have a new problem on their hands: getting the shooting’s classification changed from “workplace violence” to “combat related.”

As reported by Dallas-Fort Worth’s NBC 5 Investigates, the injured soldiers are struggling to pay their bills. Because the government doesn’t classify the shooting as an act of combat or terror, those injured don’t receive additional pay or Purple Hearts.

Receiving the “pay and medical benefits earned by those wounded in combat” would be a big help to these soldiers and their families.

Adding to the soldiers’ concerns: Major Nidal Hasan, the man charged in the shootings, continues to be paid his salary and has earned more than $278,000 since the shooting, which resulted in 13 deaths and 32 injuries.

Yes, our good soldiers get the shaft, while the Muslims are protected and even rewarded by our own leaders. It’s time the people of both countries start making a big fuss about this, because Nobody Wins when your enemy knows, he can play on the endless stupidity of his enemies’ leaders.

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Jihad! Just Another Friendly Word!

Nobody Wonders

I came across this video this morning…and I couldn’t help laughing. In order to get Americans to put up with all the Muslims coming into their neighborhoods, they are now putting advertisements on buses trying to “change” the meaning of the word “Jihad” so that you won’t be scared. And low and behold, they have some kids being ‘sensitive’ to that sentiment.

Good god.twin towers attack

Right….according to this girl, Muhammad was just trying to get better abs when he slaughtered all those Jews.

Why…jihad is just a struggle, like going on a diet! HA ha ha ha…uh…tell that to the families of the dead from the 9/11 attacks and Ft. Hood, which according to this woman,  the Jihadest Nidal Hasan, the killer at Ft. Hood… must have just been having a struggle with trying to decided whether to kill ( disarmed military women and men) while screaming Allah Akbar—or just make a trip to the gym to go work out.

I guess the gym was closed.

The rest of the tape explains the “enemy” within, and while you MAY know it…it’s worth repeating to yourself. I do it daily.

Also note…I haven’t heard ONE Congressmen express concern.

Not one.

Nobody Wonders…Why? Didn’t we shop enough?

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