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Happy Fathers Day!

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A Gift to My Brother on his Birthday

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Sorry, I was absent today. It was my brother’s birthday, and believe it or not, for the VERY first time, I got to see his son pitch a game.

I can’t tell you what a thrill it was, to see that, mainly, because on my father’s side, we did have a ball player who was on the cardinals team, my uncle Dean.  My grandmother even named him Dean, after Dizzy Dean.

And then my father had my brother pitching baseball, and now, my brother has made a hell of a great pitcher out of his son. He could go on to be in the major leagues, that’s how good he is, (and no, I’ve seen enough pitchers to know) but he’s a smart kid, and could do whatever he chooses.

But, let me tell you the main reason I’m posting this: I got this video off of an excellent blog by amfortas about the veterans, and he had this video in the piece, which I am putting here, so that I can send this to my brother.

My brother, was such a great trumpet player, he really was one of the best players in America. (In my opinion, the best.) While he never became nationally famous, For years he entertained the crowds in Chicago. He played rings around this girl, but I thought he would enjoy it, for the sheer beauty of tone.

BECAUSE…as far as I know, my brother has never read my blog. (Sneaky way to get him here, don’t you think? LOL!)

Anyway, GARY…you’re the best! I had a great day watching your son Cody pitch. DAD would be so proud!

Everybody else…excuse me for indulging my family memories, and do enjoy, the little Holland girls wonderful rendition of TAPS.

(Okay Gary, if you are reading this, it’s not MEANT to say you’re getting old, I mean, I know you’re only…what…29?)img034

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The Universe in a Mockingbird’s Song

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Did anybody get to see the meteor shower last night? I went out…looked up in the sky for about 15 minutes, and saw…nothing. Just the usual.

But the universe didn’t disappoint. One lone mockingbird was singing at the top of his lungs, in the silence at 2 in the morning. He was a block over and sang like he was singing to the universe and every star above his head in the sky.

I missed the meteorite show, but not even a song by the greatest voices on earth… could have sounded as sweet as that little bird.

Good Morning! And…Enjoy!


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Going on a Plane Trip this Summer? You might want to watch this….

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Amazing how many ways someone can steal from you…here’s one we don’t think about much.

This was from Kim Komando…if you travel a lot, you might want to watch this.


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Pictures of Mothers: All Good.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hey! I am going to give myself a break today because it’s MOTHER’S DAY and I’m spending the day with my family. As should you!

Here’s some of my favorite “mom and kid” pictures–but before I run off, I must say…last winter I was worried about the birds. We had a good run of near zero degrees here for months, and that’s in Missouri. It was brutal. But the birds not only survived, they flourished! Nature is AMAZING.

And, now that you know I’m a bird lover, I have noticed that the birds are exceptionally happy and joyful this spring. They are having babies all over the place, including right outside my window where there is a gaggle of them in a nest and they chirp for momma all day long. Poor mom. She is having a hard time keeping up.

The baby bunnies are out, and what is it about spring and babies? How can you not love it?

So, enjoy…the love between a mother and child. Remember, even Al Gore had a mother. (Hard to believe)

Everybody, have a great day! And be sure to love mom, even though your pretty sure she loves your brother more. (That’s me as a kid in that last picture.)

Happy M D 1Happy MD 2Happy MD 3Happy MD 4happy MD 6Happy MD7


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The “Dumb Asses” WIN!

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Men and their sons have memories of playing catch, but in my family, mother and daughter…waited anxiously each year to watch the Kentucky Derby.

My mother loved horses, and she passed that on to me–(Lots of stories to tell about that)— and each year we would gather round the TV to watch the Kentucky Derby.Kentucky Derby winners

We never missed one.I have never been to the Kentucky Derby, but I have driven through Kentucky, on a summer’s morning when the dew on the rolling hills of grass look like diamonds in heaven.

I remember how my mother loved Seattle Slew. And we always loved to see the hats the ladies would wear.

Oh yes, you HAD to make fun of the hats. And the half-drunk ladies underneath them.

Since she died in 2000, I noticed that the winners recently were always very rich men. So this year, when the “poor” men won, of course, in honor of the Nobodies of the world, I simply must make a mention today—

I’m always for the Nobody’s!

From MSN News:

In a sport dominated by wealthy owners and regally bred horses from Kentucky’s bluegrass country, this was a victory for the little guys. Owners Perry Martin and Steve Coburn bred an $8,000 mare to a $2,500 stallion to produce the winner of the world’s most famous race with their one-horse stable.

California Chrome has the unlikeliest pedigree for a Derby champion. His mother, named Love the Chase, won just one race. She was purchased by Coburn and Martin, a move that prompted a trainer to call them “dumb asses” for getting involved in racing.

Feeling inspired, they named their operation DAP Racing, which stands for Dumb Ass Partners. Their silks include an image of a donkey.

Coburn lives near Reno, Nevada, rising at 4:30 a.m. for his job as a press operator at a 13-employee company that makes magnetic strips for credit cards and driver licenses.

Martin lives on the California side of the border near Reno, running a laboratory that tests high-reliability equipment, like car air bags and medical equipment.

So, here’s two working guys, and the oldest trainer in Kentucky Derby history, that put their ‘dumb asses’ to the test of positive thinking…against the millionaires of Kentucky…

AND WON! On one of the owner’s birthday even. California Chrome…will now be set down in history as the poor’s man’s victory.

Horse racing is a wonderful tradition, and in this world of depressing news…how great is it to see a horse race in spring time to remind us all…

We could use a lot more joy, and a lot less politics.California ChromeP.S….Did anybody else but me noticed that the winning horse was NOT in the winners circle with the giant bouquet of flowers around his neck?

Does anybody know why? Do the owners have to pay for that? Or did it look (I thought) that the horse was limping a bit off the track…Where WAS the horse after the race? Did they edit him out?

(Stop it Joyanna)



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Zippy: The Dog Who Did…Nothing.

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This morning I was reading about dogs…how they understand how to read human communications, even better than chimps. For instance, every day, when I go outside to work in the yard, all I have to do is go into the bathroom, and tie my hair back…and my two dogs go absolutely nuts. They jump up and down, bark, yelp,—- you would think it was the last inning of the world series and I had just hit the winning run in. They know they will get to go out too.DSCN0041

Just by me simply putting a rubber band around my hair.

And here’s what even more fantastic…I can go into the bathroom, and CLOSE THE DOOR, and they STILL know I’m putting my hair back.

When it comes to food, Zippy comes and scratches my leg. Or stares at me. And if I ignore her…she barks. I am like her private IPAD. I am at her command.

Zippy is an excellent communicator so that’s why I’m baffled about last night.

Why didn’t Zippy TELL us that the kitchen was on fire?

Let me set this up.

It was around 10.30 at night, and my husband had put on his CPAC machine, and rolled over to sleep…I still had the TV on, and I was getting ready to go into my office to write, and I heard a funny popping sound.

Now, Zippy was ON the floor, staring into the kitchen, literally watching a blanket that I had on my bird’s cage…go up in six-foot flames. She just sat there…

“Hey, your machine is making a funny noise” I told my husband.

And then for no particular reason, I decided to go into the kitchen for some water…that’s when I saw flames, reaching up to the ceiling…a lamp that was turned off, had touched the blanket on the bird-cage and instantly, that blanket had flared into flames. The metal bird-cage was on fire, and my three parakeets were of course, at the other end of the cage…fighting for their lives.

Zippy, just sat there…smiling…calming watching until I yelled.


My husband jumped out of bed, and took two blankets and somehow miraculously smothered the fire out, although it took him some time. If the curtains which were near the flame had caught on fire, we would have not have been able to stop the room from going up.

He got second degree burns, and big blisters on his fingers from the flames.

Smoke was everywhere, and since we had two blankets that had caught on fire, we had thrown one on the kitchen floor. It was no longer in flames. (or so we thought.)

We left it there. (Bad idea)

I went to caring for the birds. Flames had even fallen to the bottom of the cage. Half of the white bird-cage was black. The lamp plastic had melted on to the rug on the floor, and my kitchen chairs which were nearby, were damaged from the fire. Flames had fallen all over the floor.

Zippy thought it was pretty I guess. (Yep, she was sitting there calmly…just like that picture.) Kitchen fire

While I was trying to calm the birds (By the grace of god they only got soot on them) the blanket we had left on the floor was STILL on fire.

“Hey ! This blanket is still smoking!” I yelled, to my husband who of course, was in extreme pain with his hand in a pan of water.

When we lifted it up, a big hole had burnt through the kitchen rug. We threw it in the sink, which is what we should have done in the first place.

So, here’s the moral to the story: If I had NOT had gone into the kitchen when I did, the house could have very well burnt down, no thanks to the dog who did NOT save his masters from the fire.

I read these stories all the time….

Dog saved baby from fire.

Dog went back into the house to save kids.

Dog WARNED the people in the house that it was on fire.

You read them too.

Zippy did not move until I yelled FIRE!

Then she ran…and hide in the front room. So much for the “Zippy saved our lives” story in Readers Digest, which I CERTAINLY would have written.

Tonight my birds, won’t go over to their side of the cage. They REMEMBER what happened last night, and how they were almost fried.

Zippy the great communicator, acts like it just another day. She doesn’t remember a thing.

But I can’t blame this on Zippy.

It was my fault for thinking that JUST because a lamp is off, doesn’t mean it’s not still hot. The simple truth is, I was just tired and not thinking when I put the cover on the cage.

As for Zippy, she saves my life every day with her joyful happiness at the simple sight of me putting my hair back. Or going for a ride, or a walk, or just eating her bone.

I guess I’ll forgive her this time. But, we DO have to work on our communication.



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Do YOU Have a Messy Desk?

Nobody Gets Email

I very much liked this picture. My desk is a mess. My house is clean, but my office, OMG. I take after my mother, who always had a messy desk. But..if you have tendency to be “messy” have good heart…it’s not necessarily a bad thing: (Thanks to Kris)

Albert Einstein

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Nobody’s Email: How Wolves Change Rivers

Nobody Gets Email

I got this last week, and found it extremely fascinating. And also scary, because it’s more proof that everything is connected.

And if this works in nature, think of what Monsanto is doing with food.

What the chem trails are doing to the earth.

What the government is doing with land and water.

Okay…don’t. It might ruin your weekend.

But…do enjoy the video!

(Thanks to JR)

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Nobody’s Fool: Randy Pausch

Nobody’s Fool

I don’t usually post long lectures like video’s, but I read this guys’ book last week, and I found him to be a most amazing human being. This was called his “last lecture” because when he made this video, he had about 3 months to live due to the fact that he had pancreatic cancer, therefore he wanted to stuff all he learned in life into a video for his kids.

What’s amazing about Randy, is his incredible optimism. In this video he takes you on the journey of his life, how he got to work at Disney on all the great rides, and how to face death.

He gives lots of good advice, and even it you can’t watch it, just listen to it, or take it in pieces like I did.

Randy Wins the Nobody’s Fool award for being probably the most pragmatic human to ever walk the planet. He was truly, a remarkable man, and more than that….so VERY American.


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Nobody’s Email: Bella and Bubbles

Nobody Gets Email

Here’s a video for all my friends! (Yes, you’ve got a friend in me!)

Enjoy the wonderful friendship of Bubbles the elephant and Bella the dog!

(Thanks to J.R.)

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Nobody’s Email: Good Men Save Whale

Nobody Gets Email

This is a REAL feel good video….a humpback whale, almost dead, was saved by a few good men.

It’s great!


(Thanks to Kim Komando)

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It’s ALWAYS Best to Share the Beauty

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I went to see my son last week at his home. We watched Cosmos together, and marveled at the universe, and I got to thinking…I had never talked much to my son about religion. I never took him to church as a small child, even though I myself was taken every Sunday to a Methodist church by my parents.

Sometime when I was about six, I became very spiritual…and thought I felt God. After all, I was out in the swamps all day, among all the marvelous nature that it holds. I have never lost that revelation ever, and I don’t believe you need Jesus to get there.

Some people even think there is a “god’ gene. And that could be true, if we are all stardust, it would explain the tremendous proclivity people have toward the spiritual.

It was at that moment when I was five,  that I decided that churches were not necessary for a relationship with god. And so, I’ve always had that…connection. Churches became…places where people gathered. But you certainly didn’t need them at all.

Nevertheless, I wondered what my own son thought about…God. I know I have always put the Ten Commandments as a rule for my own life, not because they were in the Bible, but because they make so much sense. But I never wanted to force my son to church. I figured that when he got older, he could study it all on his own.

As we watched Cosmos, I didn’t say what I was thinking, and at some moment (when they were talking about the big bang)  I wanted to ask him if he believed there was a ‘god”, but then, he turned to me and said, “You know, there is absolutely no reason at all that evolution and God can’t exist together. It could have been his plan all along.

Exactly. (It must be genetic)

The universe is filled with so much beauty….and it’s always better to share it, isn’t it?

So, Enjoy some smaller parts of the universe and…hopefully, you will feel the need to share.

(Thanks to JR)

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Feminism: Be Careful What You Wish For Girls—- You Just Might Get It.

Nobody’s Opinion

Not too long ago, I use to post on a men’s site, called MensNewsDaily.  It was a place where divorced men could rant about their divorces.  I have to admit— the anger, the frustration, the hatred that some of these men had for their ex-wives were confusing to me, mainly because, most of these men had not gotten over the betrayals or the pain. And some of them had been divorced over five years.woman's logic

That fact amazed me. They told me stories about women that I just couldn’t understand. These women took all their money, and left town.  My problem was—(stupid me) I was comparing these women to myself. I thought, since I had gone through a painful divorced, and moved on, why couldn’t they?  I did not get anything out of my first husband. Not a thing. He had a better lawyer, who delayed the whole thing for years, and even though my first husband was ordered to pay child support, and health insurance, he did neither.  I didn’t have the money to take him back to court, and he knew it.

The way I looked at it, I had the biggest treasure of all: my son.

So, I bucked up, supported us the best I could (with the help of my parents, bless their souls) and went on with my life. The logical thing to do was to forget the past, put the pain behind me, and move on with life because…life is short.

So, why couldn’t these guys?  ARE the women of today really that bad?

Sadly, I’m finding out….yes. “Feminism” has turned too many women into a new set of idiotic sharks.

Just last night, I put some comments on a feminist blog. It was by a young woman who went on and on about all the ‘sexism’ in life and patriarchy, and unfairness, and according to her, that was life’s worst problem.

(Wait till she has to worry about kids.)woman's thatcher

So, innocently enough, I wrote a few lines and said: Gee, my mother ran her own company, I worked for years in bands with all men, I never saw this “sexism” –give me some examples.

Of course she didn’t…she lashed into me, accusing me of not liking sex, or gays, or didn’t I know there is a war on women?

No…sorry. What war? I don’t like sex? I didn’t even TALK about gays…where the heck did she get all this from? Like the Fed’s money, it came out of thin air.

The last few years, it has started to dawn on me that YES…the young girls of today are simply not thinking. (I’m talking many, not all understand) They have bought into the feminist BS philosophy hook, line and sinker. The teachers union have raised, not only a generation of uneducated kids, but generations of women with no common sense whatsoever.

God, did Gloria Steinem mess up a good thing.  Both my mother and I had never even given what we wanted to do a second thought.

Nowadays, the women want, (like the blacks) affirmative action. All men should bow, because all men are bad. This is the propaganda.woman's ball

As I read on, this girl claimed she really liked men. Well, I thought…there’s hope there I guess., so I kept writing…

I tried to tell her that like her, I didn’t realize that feminism was a well thought- out political propaganda agenda, until later. That feminism is being used to get all women in the workforce, their kids in state schools, where they can introduce socialism, then soft communism, and it’s not a pretty end.

But she was going to a university, where being a ‘feminist’ is a must and all the rage.

The angriest she got in her rant, was when she talked about her mother.  No doubt, her mother was a feminist, because her mother left dad with the child to raise. Why…it was just sex.  Her mother was a feminist. I don’t think she even realizes she is being like her mother.

Do you see the dichotomy here?

This woman ranted about her life as being wonderful because she could have FREE sex, just like a guy,(unlike her mother, she would probably just abort) but she wasn’t getting the ‘respect’ that a man gets, and that’s ‘sexist.’

It’s the same argument I heard back in the sixties, and it makes me laugh. You can’t be Miley Cyrus and expect ‘respect’ from men. Even a man doing that would get no respect.  She said Miley Cyrus was art.

Okay, now we are getting into the  absurd. You can call Miley Cyrus a lot of things, but not art.

And what was Obama’s big beef to women? Why, they shouldn’t have to pay for contraceptives…and so he made the rest of us pay for their pills AND their abortions. All these strong women…gee. They need to be taken care of.

Where is their pride?woman's liberation

Hell, I would have been insulted as a person if somebody insinuated that I couldn’t pay for my own contraceptives, but not today’s feminist…oh no. What wimps. They want to be equal? Well then, pay for your own pills, girls.  What don’t you get about equality? You want to be respected and be equal?

If you can’t pay your own bills, and your own pills, you are …well, what are you?


What did all that free sex get women? A lower paycheck for one thing. (and millions of abortions) The very things that the women’s movement was supposed to fix, have been multiplied ten-fold. More women are portrayed as sex objects in our movies, the porn industry, the music industry, than ever before.  Oh…and no-fault divorce. Great gains gals.

And don’t call them sluts! No! They now have EQUAL sex now! Your body is your own, and therefore, you can raise that child by yourself! You are….liberated! Free at last girls! (Never mind the horrific damage it does to the kids.)

Newsflash: Fathers are a GOOD thing.

I wrote that men ‘built’ the world, and so, she explained how I left out all the women who were scientists….etc, etc….adding onto my plain fact. As IF by saying that men built the world I had muttered some kind of blasphemy. And so I said, I meant every word. Men…built the world. The road, the skyscrapers, roads, cars, my snow blower, the Statue of Liberty……..I’m forever grateful to those guys! I LOVE a good sewer system! God, I just want to kiss them all. (Okay, maybe not all of them.) I’m SO thankful.

What don’t women get? Can’t they stop and think for just one minute? Where in the world would they be without men?womans pee

Digging holes in the sand, to cook in. (Thank you Thomas Edison. I love you! I love electricity!)

Any woman who has had a baby, can see from the beginning, boys and girls are different. From the time they are born. That doesn’t mean women can’t be as smart as men, it just means we are different.

Good lord, why is everybody making such a big deal out of nothing?

For the same reason they make a big deal about another very historical normal act of nature–climate change: Control.

Our government knows how to  keep the nation divided:. Men VS women, black vs. white, America Vs. the world, Atheist vs. religious, gays vs. straights….and they have good reason to. IF we ever united as a people they would be in REAL trouble.

Today I talked to a very smart man, who went on an angry rant about women. It almost brought tears to my eyes: Every woman he dates, expects the WORLD…and he is just not perfect. That utopia the feminists want…does not exist, and none of the women he dates know this. They all take his money, and leave. He wants so much to find a woman to love, but he just can’t.

No man is perfect. But the young girls today demands to be the top dog. That man has to be perfect, or else they are gone. They don’t need men anymore. Sex, is sex. There is no partnership between a man and a woman anymore.

Not a good sign for the species, and it’s one of the reasons Western Civilization is going by the wayside: We did not populate our nations, and feminism had a lot to do with that.

So Europe brings in the Muslims, and the US brings in the Hispanics in order to survive. Yes, this “I can live without a man” stuff has hurt the best of us all.

While Putin is encouraging marriage to repopulate his country for SURVIVAL…what are WE doing? We are promoting…homosexuality. women sanity

My mother’s generation, men and woman were so much more mature. Marriage was a team effort. But this new generation of women…they have been completely subdued with BS Feminist 101. The leftist have made children of them all.

Children. Which is exactly the plan. A nation full of emotional retarded, dumb-downed and stupid dependent children.

I told her that if Hillary is voted in to be the next President by the feminists, the men vs. women argument is not going to matter.  because we will all become “comrades.”

Women will finally be ‘equal’ to men. In fact, when war comes, (And it always does) you will be slaughtered right along with the men, or haven’t you figured that out yet?

Be careful what you wish for girls, you might just get it.

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