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Nobody Gets Email

Not awake yet? Then don’t miss this…One-of-a-kind, rather incredibe version of the Star Spangled Banner….then applaud! (LOL)

(Thanks to Conservative)

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Calling All Techie Smart People…..

Nobody Flashes

Okay. Maybe I’m just paranoid. Maybe my imagination is going too wild. Maybe I’ve been spending too many hours reading, lying in the sun—maybe I should not be concerned:

There IS a scientific explanation for everything…right?

Here’s what’s bothering me.

I spend much of my day online. Not all day mind you, but I’m here afterhours. And I have been noticing a tendency that has me going…WHAT?surprise three

Not too long ago, I got a new modem, and a brand new router. I have faster internet. AND yet,

Whenever I go to the Glenn Beck site, I get kicked OFF the internet. Within seconds. .

I can visit any other site on the net, and this doesn’t happen. It’s bugging me.

Could this be a virus? Could there be something out there that keeps people from logging on to Glenn Beck’s’ site?

The other weird thing I don’t understand is cell phones.

Just this morning, my husband and I were discussing going to see the new Movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” and on the table beside us, was his cell phone.

He picked it up to scroll down his messages and then all over a sudden we heard, (and very loudly I might add) two people having a conversation.

It took us a few minutes, but we recognized that it was a conversation we had had several days ago. In fact, it was a very long conversation.

I’m sure WE did not record that. (We have the cheapest cell phones money can buy) Neither of us had any idea that you could record whole conversations on your cell phone. It just popped out at us…and frankly, it was disturbing.

Since I don’t claim to know much about the internet, OR cell phones. Anybody out there who can explain either of these weird happenings in a common sense way, I’d appreciate it.

Will cell phones just record at random different conversations all by themselves and play them back to you for fun?

And more importantly, is this happening to anyone else?

The computer? I can easily assume that there are many people who would want to block websites.

In fact, is this just the beginning? Didn’t Obama give the internet up to the ‘world’?

The Cell Phone? I like to think that, IF someone has been monitoring our phone conversations, than I’d like to thank them for letting us know for sure. After all, we still believe that even though our leaders have gone completely out of their minds, most Americans are decent people.

We were discussing….rose bushes. I had a lot to say on the subject, you can imagine.

Anyway, if the NSA, or the Obama administration finds amusement in my little patriot world, may I end with one statement…

“Don’t you have bigger fish to fry?” LOL!

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Who You Gonna Call? Edward or Barry?

Nobody Flashes

I finally got to watch the Brian Williams interview with Snowden tonight. I found him much more stable and confident than when he was running all over the world looking for a place to hide.

Still, while I’ve yet to hear any damage to any person (besides our big government officials) from any source, there are still people out there saying he is a traitor.

If you get a chance to see the whole interview, it’s worth it. To many, the proof that he is a traitor is that he ran. Anyone who has looked at the list of people who have worked for the Clinton’s who have died mysterious deaths (over 60) probably would not take chances with our government giving them a fair trial. After all, did they give the video guy a fair trial?

Like Edward said: They HAD the intelligence on 9/11 AND the Boston Bombers, and yet, they did nothing.

Obama said today, while he was giving himself another photo boost with the parents of the young soldier he ‘saved’ from Afghanistan, “America never leaves our soldiers behind.”

While you may think, like me, that is a big fat lie, it’s not. It’s true: America doesn’t leave her soldiers behind. But Obama does.

So, who you going to believe: Edward Snowden, or Barry? More importantly, who YOU gonna call when the NSA is spying on you?

call grandma



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Nobody Knows: Boeing 777, GM CEO, Clooney, Beyonce, NSA— Puppies!

Nobody Knows

It’s the Wednesday addition of Nobody Knows anything…good luck trying to find out!Malaysia plane

Nobody Knows: It’s been almost two weeks, and nobody knows where the Boeing 777 went, but what we DO know, is that the cable stations have MILKED this story for all it’s worth. Did the pilot kill the passengers by going up to 45,000 feet? (And do oxygen masks stop working at that altitude?)  Did he just kill the oxygen? Did he program the plane to turn left? Was it an electrical short? Was there another person on that plane that helped hide Obama’s birth certificate in Hawaii? Was this a radical Muslim working with Obama on a secret mission to hide out in an undisclosed bunker, until the day it would be released only to drop a nuke on Washington D.C. while Obama (and his buddies) were out-of-town? Hey…that’s at least as feasible as the Indian Triangle supernatural theory. Or aliens stealing it to study. And since two Iranians got on board illegally, will Israel be the target? Nobody Knows. Nobody knows what happened to Jimmy Hoffa, but then again, Nobody Cares.

Nobody Knows just when they are going to stop talking about it, but if you want to read ALL the theories, it’s all here.

Nobody Knows: Gee. When did GM get a woman CEO?  (just a few months ago) Was this done in order to ‘soften’ the blow that for 11 years GM knew about a hazard that killed people in their cars, but it was all about keeping your eye on that bailout money? You had more important things to do GM? Was that part made in China?  Anyway, the woman is now being hailed as great, (just watch this fantastic propaganda video below) because she came out and admitted it.  Mary looks like everybody’s sister…you wouldn’t want to hurt dear Mary by suing GM now would you? Evidently Mary just found out about I suggest Obama make her his new Auto Czar. Being good at denying knowledge of ANYTHING, is the progressive metal of honor. And speaking of Metals of honor–

Nobody Knows why Obama gave veterans Metals at the White House today. Everybody knows he hates the military. I think I would have suggested they send it to me in the mail. I don’t care how much I deserved that metal, to receive it from Obama would have been…more than a letdown. I would have HAD to say something like “I don’t LIKE what you are doing to our veterans Obama, and …just hand it to me. I want my fellow soldier to do the honors.” And then, I would have been escorted out of the room, and you would have never seen me again.

I don’t think I could have done it. But that’s me.

Nobody Knows—that I watched the movie, THE AMERICAN staring George Clooney last night, and unless you like an hour of sex scenes, with what is SURE to be a photoshoped Clooney, skip this one. On a scale of one to ten, I’d give it a .0005. There was only one scene that was worth watching, the evil sinister woman assassin gets a bullet to the head,–very rewarding, looked real. She deserved it. George had ONE expression throughout the whole movie, no doubt, from eating too many goats in  Somalia.  The American

Nobody Knows if Russia is going to invade all its old territories, since it has announced that it could make nuclear toast out of America. And Nobody Knows, if those elite rich snobs in the European Union still think the United States is going to come to their rescue. Would they give up their countries for Putin’s assurances that they would be allowed to keep their own fortunes?

EVERYBODY knows that answer.

Nobody Knows–It’s now being revealed that the NSA has recorded every single phone conversation ever held in probably every country. So, Nobody Knows why they haven’t used that to find out where that plane went….probably because they were listening to Mitt Romney’s phone conversations.

He has a really big family. So does Sarah Palin. I, on the other hand, am VERY boring. Absolutely. I swear on Justin Bieber’s left foot.

Nobody Knows—how hard it was to date Mick Jagger. (His girlfriend committed suicide) and Nobody Knows how Justin Beiber really hurt his foot. And Nobody Knows how many girls are going to complain to their boyfriends that they want to make love in the back of a limo because Beyoncé does it. And Nobody Knows if those girls will have to PAY for that limo. (See Beyoncé’s last video because Bill O’Reilly can’t stop talking about it.) Beyonce in limo

Nobody wonders if this is going to boost limousine company profits? Anyone with a limo service out there?

Nobody Knows what we found out that Obama did this week:

“In a move that went little noticed in 2009, the White House quietly amended portions of the Freedom of Information Act, making it more difficult for Americans to request public documents for review.”

Yes…the powerful don’t want you to know.

So, you won’t. Hey, we STILL don’t know who killed JFK, so we might as well get used to being ignorant.

And finally, Nobody Knows, I have no idea how to fly a plane, and Nobody Knows, that I thought this video was cute.

Next week, I’ll be sure to tell you more stuff…I don’t know.


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If You Like Your Privacy—You Can Keep Your Privacy: Period

Nobody’s Opinion

Did you get the feeling that Obama wanted to speak for an hour about the NSA program last week? I didn’t. If you read the speech: it’s very clear—this is one speech Obama just added a few things to because he said too many patriotic things in it. For instance, he had some grand quotes like this one:NSA one

“The world expects us to stand up for the principle that every person has the right to think and write and form relationships freely – because individual freedom is the wellspring of human progress.”

Obviously not an Obama thought, and why?

Because the Obama’s administration has been targeting conservatives with the full arm of his power: It’s been proved that the IRS, personally went out to destroy the Tea Party. This of course, is not new. Both Nixon and Clinton used the IRS to go after their political enemies, but in typical Obama fashion, he has taken the executive power to the 9th degree.   After all, the former IRS commissioner visited the White House 118 times in two years.

I don’t think they were talking about Beyonce.

Obama tried to assure the world last week that he will take some steps to help us all feel better–like give the problem over to Eric Holder (yeah, that trustworthy guy) to find some answers. And…all those emails and phone records of good American law-abiding citizens? Obama is going to find a ‘third’ party to hold them. NSA 5

Obama’s solutions always have someone he trusts in charge. Obama can, with this new-found idea, put a third-party in charge that answers only to him. And that third-party will have all the good stuff.   Valerie Jarrett is going to need an island, and probably at least $600 billion dollars to build a new NSA office. Yes—Obama says he will have–

“a third-party retain the bulk records, with the government accessing information as needed.”

It’s the phrase “as needed” that we should ask, “Who determines when it’s needed? Obama? ”

So, why does the Government have to collect data on every single human being on the planet?

Here’s why according to Obama:

“It is hard to overstate the transformation America’s intelligence community had to go through after 9/11. Our agencies suddenly needed to do far more than the traditional mission of monitoring hostile powers and gathering information for policymakers – instead, they were asked to identify and target plotters in some of the most remote parts of the world, and to anticipate the actions of networks that, by their very nature, cannot be easily penetrated with spies or informants.

Why is this necessary? The program grew out of a desire to address a gap identified after 9/11. One of the 9/11 hijackers – Khalid al-Mihdhar – made a phone call from San Diego to a known al Qaeda safe-house in Yemen. NSA saw that call, but could not see that it was coming from an individual already in the United States.”

Gee…how about we monitor all guys with names like Khalid al Midhar living in the United States? Is that too much to ask? What does this tell you? NSA 4

This tells you the problem: In order to protect ourselves from getting attacked again, our leaders are telling us we must go OVER THERE to fight the jihadist, while at the same time ignoring the fact. that they are coming in to our country through our own –unprotected borders. Evidently, nobody knew Khalid al Mihdhar was even here.

But…neither George W. Bush OR Obama ever brought up that rather obvious fact.

Our men and women in the FBI and the CIA had given at least 15 warnings about 9/11 (Not to mention during Clinton they bombed the trade center once before, a BIG clue.) but it was the people at the very top that FORBID the departments to communicate with each other. To most Americans, 9.11 should NEVER have happened. Are we to believe that the billions that have been spent daily on our defense …uh…well…we just missed that one? Are we to accept that Ft. Hood was a workplace problem instead of a politically correct military gone mad?

And by the way…..exactly what does the government do that is right? It’s getting that bad.

Add to that the insane liberal Presidents who LOVE to transport as many Muslims as they can into America out of the good of their hearts. Clinton brought thousands over from Bosnia, and Obama just announced he wants to let in at least 30,000 Syrians. All funded by the American taxpayers of course.

Poor people. Can they assure us that none of these people want to strap on a dirty bomb and shout “Allah Akbar” in the middle of some sports event?

No. And that doesn’t seem to bother them…let everybody in so we NEED billions to fund the NSA every year. elephant in room

What Obama did make clear is —This is my decision, I am going to keep the NSA spying.

How did the rest of the world take this? This from the BBC:

But the real truth behind the Obama administration’s proposed reforms may have come from Business Insider’s Josh Barro, who tweeted that “nobody votes on this issue”. For the most part, the US public just doesn’t care – and Mr. Obama appears happy to keep it that way.

(We don’t CARE? )

True, there’s a portion of the population, composed of civil libertarians and conservatives suspicious of government power, that vociferously objects to the government’s intelligence-gathering activities.

In a poll the first week of January, 48% of Americans said they support the government’s phone metadata surveillance program. While 47% opposed it, these are hardly the type of numbers that will encourage a massive policy shift.

Okay…I’ve told you before. Don’t believe polls. They are as about as real as the money the Feds print out of thin air.

The truth is: Obama is a liar, he doesn’t know what the heck he is doing on the world stage, and that makes him a dangerous man. How can anyone deny that now? Other former allies are drawing their own “red lines” to his face, and they are not about to back down.

And Obama’s answer to them?

“in the same way that the intelligence services of every other nation does. We will not apologize simply because our services may be more effective.”

Obama just slammed Merkel. And then he slammed the world and all the people who are upset about Obama spying on everyone when he said this:Kirs 44

No one expects China to have an open debate about their surveillance programs, or Russia to take the privacy concerns of citizens into account

I don’t know what you thought about that line, but I thought it smacked of a bit of jealousy. Poor baby. HE is expected to tow the line and everybody else gets off Scott free! Not fair! Yes, Obama is jealous. Jealous that China and Russia don’t have to give long speeches about democracy because being a dictator is so much easier, and he is trying so hard to get there. That’s why he says over and over how he will ‘act alone’ without Congress to get things done. He just can’t help himself.

Toward the end he said this to assure his fairness and concern:

Just as we balance security and privacy at home, our global leadership demands that we balance our security requirements against our need to maintain the trust and cooperation among people and leaders around the world,”

Obama might as well say: “If you like your privacy …you can keep your privacy .”

Right…Mr. President: Say it one….more….time.

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Nobody’s Fool: Rand Paul

Nobody’s Fool

Rand Paul has some ideas on how to stop the NSA from gathering everyone’s information. As far as I know, he’s leading this movement, and despite the vast propaganda on how much they need this power, I agree with Rand Paul. It’s overkill. There’s a better way, because as we saw with the IRS, any President can use it to his advantage.

It’s a fundamental right that we all deserve, and should fight for.

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Nobody’s Fool: Jon Stewart

Nobody’s Fool

Here’s a first: Jon Stewart wins the Nobody’s Fool Award this week for putting forth the perfect comedy routine about the lies Obama told about the NSA.

He goes on the theme: “If You Like Your NSA Spy, You Can Keep Your NSA Spy.”

Congratulations Jon! Hanging out with Bill O’Reilly is actually helping you become a more ‘enlightened’ comedian….

Now…if you would just get your friend Bill Maher into rehab….


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Hey GOP…How about the NSA?

Nobody Gets Email

So, even supporters of Obama don’t like being spied on? Why aren’t the Republicans making these video’s, mmmmmm?

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Nobody’s Fool: John McAfee

Nobody’s Fool

Everybody who has had a computer, probably at one time in their lives, had McAfee antivirus on their computer. And last night…John was on Coast to Coast.

The man is pretty incredible. He started out selling drugs: got a Master’s Degree in Math: than worked with NASA, started his own highly successful Antivirus company, and then…suddenly he was on the “most wanted” list. The liberal media tried to hang him as a criminal, and make him out to be a drug-selling, cocaine sniffing, murderer. And dangerous. He said he was set up in Belize, and yes, I believe him. In case you were not aware, he was living in Belize when the government accused him of murdering his neighbor.

But…it’s no wonder they don’t like him.  John is developing a device that everyone will be able to put on their phones and computers that will keep the NSA from listening in on you or tracking you. He admitted that the government will probably not let him sell it in the United States, but he will sell it to the rest of the world.

Merkel will probably give him free beer for the rest of his life.

Can you imagine? That is going to be one of the hottest products in the world, and everybody is going to want one. (Including me)

Oh…he also said he looked at the Obamacare code, and you can’t even repair it. It should be thrown out, which he said they will NEVER do.  The reason he gave was that to save money, they hired people from India, and for it to work, the systems have to download to every computer, and it’s just too big, and that’s why it’s such a mess.

He reminds me very much of Richard Feynman. Very high I.Q….and a bit of a shit disturber…Having said that: He believes in the Constitution, and loves the founders of our country, and therefore, he is on a big hit list…because that makes him a terrorist in Obama’s world.

AND–He looks fabulous for a man of 78.

So, Richard wins my Nobody’s Fool Award for the week. We could use a lot more fools like John McAfee.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Facebook VS NSA

Nobody’s Perfect:

This week we have two security mishaps: Facebook VS the NSA

Let’s start with the genius who single handedly invented the perfect spying system for the U.S. government: Mark Zuckerburg.  It seems Mark must have been out looking at Google glasses instead of taking care of business,  A Palestinian hacker found a way to get on Mark’s personal message board:Mark Zuckerburg


A computer hacker has broken into Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg’s account and posted a message on his homepage to show how the site’s security is deficient, after the company’s security team snubbed his efforts to report the problem.

The man, who goes by the name “Khalil,” said on his blog that he submitted several reports to Facebook’s “white hat” team about a site vulnerability that allowed him to post on anybody’s wall, despite their security settings, reports Gizmodo.

But the second time Khalil submitted the error, he received an e-mail telling him “I am sorry this is not a bug.”

“Exploiting bugs to impact real users is not acceptable behavior for a white hat,” said Facebook.

Researchers are permitted to create test accounts through a special Facebook site, the social network’s security team said, noting that more than $1 million has been paid out in rewards to people who report bugs.

Right. The guy tries to help Zuckerface out, and Zuckerberg  acts like your usually immoral liberal: He tells him thanks, but get lost. After all, the government can get on FACEBOOK and get into anybody’s homepage, so what’s new here?

And then, there’s the NSA:NSA hackers

Last week, The Washington Post reported that an NSA internal audit and other secret documents provided by Snowden showed the agency “has broken privacy rules or overstepped its legal authority thousands of times each year since Congress granted the agency broad new powers in 2008.”

But there was less than meets the eye in this story, Journal editors write. “The critics claim to have finally found evidence of government abuse, but the truth is that the evidence shows no abuse and even reveals admirable self-monitoring by the NSA.”  The audit reveals that the agency only broke its privacy rules 2,776 times over the last year among the tens of millions of communications it intercepts monthly. And the auditors said the majority of slip-ups were “database query incidents due to human error.”

Wow. This is how you spin it. You tell the American citizen that — “Hey! Mathematically speaking, we are doing a great job at collecting everybody data, aren’t we!”Kris 13

Nobody wants to know why we are spending trillions funding the unconstitutional NSA spying when Facebook does most of the surveillance on everybody in the world for free?

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect award for the week?

David Miranda—a journalist working with the Guardian who visited Edward Snowdon in Russia, and very stupidly took his laptop and all his notes with him on his return trip to Britian.  He was stopped by the British government, interrogated for 9 hours, and then his laptop and notes were confiscated.

Really…hasn’t he EVER seen a James Bond movie?James bond

He should have found some chick at the airport to carry that back for him.

So, David Miranda, you win the Nobody’s Perfect award for the week! Congratulations!  Unless of course…David maranda

You really gave them….holiday pictures of Moscow encoded with secrets because Edward Snowdon is actually an undercover agent for the CIA.

Hey…I’ve read all  those books!Edward Snowdon

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Nobody’s Perfect: Edward Snowdon VS The United States Presidents

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.- Albert Einstein.

Nobody’s Perfect:

This week we have the NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowdon, VS the United States Government.

Let’s start with Edward Snowden.Edward Snowdon

A young man does an interview with the British paper, The Guardian, and tells the world that our government is spying on everything we do. He believes it’s wrong, and even though he knows he will be hunted down, and possibly killed, he did it anyway. After that statement, the man just disappeared. Snowden, and this is very important, allegedly downloaded the country’s most sensitive secrets, especially how the U.S. Government does surveillance abroad, so other countries would know how we spy on them. If it’s true, that’s not good, although I don’t for a minute believe that the rest of the world is that stupid, and didn’t know this anyway.

Since we haven’t heard from the man, we have no idea what the truth is. John Kerry, a man who lied big time about his own involvement in Vietnam, and who branded American soldiers as war-criminals when he was younger, said that “people may die as a consequence of what this man (Snowden) did.”

And, in a “I told you so” Nobody smirking moment, (Read yesterday’s post) John Kerry, our defense secretary, also said this:

“It is possible that the United States will be attacked because terrorists may now know how to protect themselves in some way or another, that they didn’t know before.,”

Life is wonderful when you can blame some insignificant nobody, isn’t it?

And then, we have The United States government:

When it comes to protecting the secrets of the United States, I think the Democrats make Edward Snowdon look like an amateur.

Take Bill Clinton. His North Korea appeasement program included a nuclear reactor. He also provided North Korea with detailed satellite photos of Kadena during the 1990’s as part of an “earth resources” deal with China. The U.S. Dept. of Commerce documents show the Chinese satellite “remote Sensing Center” was supplied with “world class remote sensing data acquisition, processing, archive and distribution” equipment. The state of the art satellite equipment was proved by Huges Corp.Nuclear China

In 1996, President Clinton personally signed an executive order releasing a wide variety of space and missile technology for export to China. That executive order was supported by the CEO’s of Lockheed, Loral, ad Huges and it allowed China to purchase sophisticated electronic guidance and control systems for its military missiles.

Remember: China helped Pakistan nuke up, and Pakistan helped North Korea, Iran and Iraq. All because Bill and his big military companies, wanted to make some money. In the meantime, he was encouraging all other nations, like Japan and India to not nuke at all.

So, Bill Clinton has made it possible for China to be able to nuke the United States. Any city. Any time. And now, North Korea. And yet, he is still adored.

That was treason of the highest order. No other way to look at it: Treason.

What else happened during Bill’s reign? Remember the Los Alamos fire? Opps, a Chinese spy got in and downloaded everything. In fact, in the last ten years that I have been reading about politics, I can’t count the number of times our secrets have been stolen. Remember when the head of the CIA was our biggest informer to Russia? Who let THAT happen? If this program is so damn good, how come we do not stop China from stealing all our good stuff?

And then you have the current President, who has continued to lie. He continues to fundamentally change our now, socialist America, into a soon- to -be communist dictator. He is flooding our shores with Muslims, and his cabinet with Muslim sympathizers. He let men die in Benghazi, sent the IRS after patriotic Americans, pushed Obamacare through in the middle of the night, and that’s only what we know of.

Who is the bigger monster here? Do we let him pass because we honor the office, even if it means the office is destroyed and replaced with a dictator?

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect award for the week?

Is Edward Snowdow out to kill innocent Americans? Or, do you trust the government that rules you now?

If you choose our government, then you are doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Snowdon, might be a lone traitor, we won’t know unless we hear him speak. BUT—Our own government has hurt, and will continue to hurt more of its own citizens that Edward could ever dream of hurting. You have to buy the ‘facts’ that everyone is telling you, that he intends to give all our secrets away.

And if he is a “traitor” is he any worse than a President that gave nuclear capability to China?Barack and Bill

To say the Edward Snowdon is a bigger traitor than Bill Clinton or Barack Obama is insanity. And to keep trusting the criminals in office, is just more insanity. But that just my lonely Nobody Opinions.

(Information taken from Newsmax articel: China Acquires Missile Technology– Charles R. Smith, May 17, 2007)

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Former Whistleblower: Shia Labeouf and FBI

Nobody Reports

Edward Snowden, is being ostracized all across the United States: on the blogs, in the media, across the web.


So, the question is: Should Shia Labeouf be prosecuted for letting out the fact that he was told by an FBI agent that we were all being recorded, and then telling millions about it on Jay Leno?

The show aired October 16, 2008.

While Edward was sworn to secrecy, he did not give any secrets up…just the methodology. Its seems strange that Shia, who was working on a movie and got this information from an FBI agent, was not even talked about…because he was just a movie star.


Whatever happens, the great secret is now out, and forever more, we all have to really watch what we say, and do, because Big Brother is watching.

And that kind of stress put upon a people, is draconian. It goes against all levels of freedom.

Do we have to give up freedom for ‘protection’? When they stop building Mosques on every street corner, then I will consider that they are telling the truth.

This collecting of data is insane.


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Nobody’s Perfect: James Clapper VS Barack Obama

Nobody’s Perfect:

This week we have Obama VS the National Intelligence Director, James Clapper: Who is the biggest liar?

As you can see by the video, on March 12, 2013, James Clapper was pretty sure that the NSA had never spied or gathered Intelligence on American citizens. Of course, we all just found out that was a big, fat, lie.

It’s not the first time he sort of ‘missed the boat.”

From Wikipedia:

March 2011, Clapper was heard at the United States Senate Committee on Armed Services and commented on the 2011 Libyan civil war saying that “over the longer term” Gaddafi “will prevail.”  During the same hearing he was also questioned when he neglected to list Iran and North Korea among the nuclear powers that might pose a threat to the United States.

While teaching at Georgetown, Clapper was officially nominated by President George W. Bush to be Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence on 29 January 2007. Clapper was confirmed by the United States Senate on 11 April 2007.[17] He was only the second person to hold this position, which oversees and provides policy, program, and budgetary guidance to the defense intelligence agencies—DIA, NGA, the National Security Agency (NSA), and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)—and also works closely with the Director of National Intelligence (DNI).

So, if ANYBODY would know about what was going on, it would be James Clapper, and he lied to Congress. And nothing whatsoever happened to him for lying. Which means, Clapper is NOT afraid of Congress, and why should he be? He’s probably knows all the secrets about every one of them. He probably knows where Lindsey Graham keeps his underwear. I bet half of them left town that day.

And then we have Obama. Again.

I found the video below on Youtube, and it presents just about a dozen or more lies, and that’s just about one subject: Obamacare.

Just ONE subject. Think of all the other lies he tells.

So, who’s the biggest liar?

Professionally speaking: James Clapper is just doing what he is told, but that still doesn’t make him as brave as the young Edward Snowden who made a fool out of him. Clapper for all his metals, is a coward.

Obama wins, but you have to wonder if Clapper was thinking of Hitler….who once said:

“The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a great lie than to a small one.”

Nobody thinks: Comparing Clapper’s lie to Obama’s great mountain of lies, is like comparing a sand dune in Daytona Beach to Mt. Everest. in the words of too many sports commentators: NO CONTEST. I usually congratulate the winner of the Nobody’s Perfect VS contest, but I refuse to encourage a lying beast of such magnitude.

(PS.: Whoever made this video had way too much fun!)

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Edward Snowden—Patriot.

Nobody’s Opinion

“The total influence – economic, political, even spiritual – is felt in every city, every state house, every office of the federal government,” the outgoing Republican president said. “We must be alert to the … danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific technological elite.”

      —-Dwight D. Eisenhower

Edward Snowden…must have had great parents. We found out today that a young 29-year- old NSA agent was the whistleblower of all whistleblowers.

He told the world, that the American government was spying on us all, and keeping it secret. Edward was very smart to come out and show his face, because if he dies mysteriously, we will all know who did it. Dianne Feinstein wants him prosecuted. And I’m sure if we could read HER emails, that’s just the beginning.

Yes, we are all being watched. It costs them $80 billion dollars a year, but hey! They are trying to keep us safe!

That’s why we have open borders…to keep us safe.kris 29

I was telling a woman at a gathering today, that I had always been suspicious of someone watching me…not because I consider myself of any threat to the United States, but because I looked up at the drone above my head in 2007, and was positive that my picture was taken by that drone, along with the rest of the people there at that first tea party gathering in St. Louis.

The drone made at least five passes over the crowd.

I don’t think they were looking for Muslims.

And a few weeks ago, I was finishing a blog piece, not yet published, and I stopped to look at my words, and RIGHT before my eyes, the whole last paragraph disappeared. Either Bill Gates puts a, “You were too mean in that paragraph, can’t print that.” in his Windows Seven, (or was it Google?) or somebody was watching me type in real time, and didn’t like what I was going to post…so they just erased it.

I swear to God this happened to me. My mouth dropped open and a, “Bust my biscuits and call me a buttercup!” expresstion came out of my mouth.

Anyway, the woman at the party thinks that I’m a complete nutcase. I think she’s probably doesn’t read much. What else can I think?

And that’s the problem, too many people don’t give much thought to the Constitution and how it effects their daily lives. A politician comes on the TV and tells them don’t worry, be happy—- it’s for their own protection, that every single word they have ever written, every single email, every website, every purchase, every picture, every video…is being gathered for their own protection, and that’s okay with them. They have their daily routines. And as long as their daily routine goes on, they really don’t care.Kris 76

Unless they are arrested, or it affects their life, they really don’t give a damn. And that’s the honest truth of the matter. So those of us that DO care, are looked upon as conspiracy nuts.  It’s right in front of their face and they still what has that got to do with anything anyway?

McDonalds is still open. We can’t buy Twinkies anymore, but Little Debbie is still out there. You could say, we have reached a tipping point in intelligence in this country.

But not with Edward Snowden. Edward did the right thing. It’s about time the American people knew.

“Oh, but we won’t EVER go over your stuff, we are just collecting it for the future.”

I paid careful attention last week to who played this down: Guess what? On the 5 o’clock program, THE FIVE on Fox, the ONLY one who complained was the Democrat. Bush’s x-press secretary, Dana Perino, was fine with it.

Rush Limbaugh was outraged. But Mitt Romney would not say a word. Lindsey Graham is all for it. Pay attention to who shrugs it off: Because they are not for the American people.

Drudge was all over this today:

Noting that he enjoys a relatively comfortable life — a stable career, a girlfriend with whom he lived in Hawaii, a close relationship with family — Snowden said he is “willing to sacrifice all of that because I can’t in good conscience allow the U.S. government to destroy privacy, internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they’re secretly building.”

And he’s right. If they have been keeping this a secret since 2000 (and probably before) what ELSE don’t the American people know?

We can never trust them again.

I remember years ago, reading in the Library that in the future America would become a ‘service’ economy, and America would go from the industrial to the Knowledge era.

Knowledge would be the new economy.

Thanks to Edward Snowden, I finally know what that means. Just imagine what you could do with all…that…knowledge.

Edward Snowden did…and now he’s telling the world. And I would like to personally thank his parents.

They did a GREAT job.

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