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Goodbye America. Hello Comrades/Or…the Eagle Cries

Nobody Knows

—How Obama pulled this off. It was so close, and everyone knows the machine that was put in place long before the election in order to assure his “narrow” win was as corrupt as the man who illegally occupies the office.

The result came in so fast and furiously, and the early voting held for the first time in American history, also gave advantage to Obama. The fact that George Soros owned the voting tallying machine in Spain surely had something to do with it. And while many voted with paper, all the offices had brand new electronic paper machines to tally them. It was all very cleverly managed off site…probably in Spain.

And it’s the “tea party” that is still being attacked. Even by an Australian Minister. The attacks on Christians will be almost unbearable. Last night some liberal was making Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan out to be some kind of monsters.

The radio host cut him off…but the real war on “tea party people who cling to their guns and religion” will be horrible to watch. The Jews will go next. If I were a Jew, I’d get out of Israel as fast as possible.

My local elections, once again were rigged. The state voted for Romney, and  all the established very crooked democratic politicians stayed in place. We had a great turnout, and so the possibility of that happening is almost nill. ALL tax increases were voted in, and the whole city is decimated. For years now, every single tax increase has passed.

I don’t believe it. People don’t vote for tax increases in this economy. The politicians just say you did. We live in a happy-face Russia.

Could this be the end of America? Or did it die long ago, they just didn’t want us to see it?

The rest of the world thinks we are a cesspool. Our media,  is controlled, as it is in Russia. The few outlets of conservative talk will now be forced to carry the party line. It’s already happening on Fox.

We are now going to be bombarded with how Obama is going to lead us to “unite”. The opposite will happen.  Expect to see Obama’s image pop up everywhere. Just like FDR. Don’t rule out a third and fourth term.

A life to the America that we so desperately want will not come by voting. Obamacare will kill us all off sooner. They will cull the last of the patriots.

We live in a oligarhty of corruption. This is a divided nation…but when the North fought the South, it fought the evil called slavery, and won because it had the steel mills, the money, and the armaments.

Now, the slave supporters have all the power. Obama is not my President. And he is no Abraham Lincoln. He is unfit to even grace the left hand of General Lee. He is the President of the Ho’s and Bitches, the ‘great religion of Islam’ and children of lost baby boomers who never got over free sex and drugs.

God help us all.

And I’m so sorry my son. My generation has failed the world. Like the children of Germany…we were selfish, blind, and stupid. And you will suffer greatly for it.

I am so ashamed of my generation. We failed the world.

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Why the 47% Should Buy the Other 53% a Drink

Nobody’s Opinion

Nobody wants to compare the candidates today. Let’s talk political parties, you are either going to vote democrat or republican on Tuesday.

The day has come, and you are…a democrat. You loved Bill Clinton, and even though even you can see that the country is falling apart, both Obama and Clinton are shouting that the Republicans have destroyed the country, and Mitt will only put us back into depression. It sounds good to you. You are planning to vote for Obama because nothing is his fault.

So, let’s go with that…nothing is his fault.

Here’s what the citizens who vote Democrats just can’t seem to get through their heads. And yes, if you are voting for Obama, I’m talking to you…because most Republicans get this: Half of America…works for the government. Half. That means that the other half has to pay their salaries. (53%) This is BOUND to fail once the government outgrows the private sector, (which it soon will) who by the way, has to also fork over money to the 47 percent of Americans who do NOT work for the government but collect welfare.

(Whatever that welfare might be, or whether they paid into it..the truth is: Whether it’s rightfully owed to you or not…It’s gone. Our politicians spent it all.)

These poor 53% suckers are what’s left of your lifeline to your pensions, your jobs, and your children’s future…and they are about to go under. Hate them if you must, but if I were you, I’d buy them a drink.

Joyanna, you say, Hey…You’re WRONG. I’m a teacher and I pay taxes just like everybody else, I keep the government afloat too!

Right…and uh…if YOUR salary is paid by the private sector, then the taxes taken OUT of that salary has to come from the private sector. If the private man with his little business wasn’t paying such heavy taxes, then YOUR job would not even be there.  And when the private sector dies…Then how long do you think you can hold on to that job? Hundreds of towns all over the United States are bankrupt.


I have no idea why the Republicans never make this simple statement, because I honestly think that too many people think a government job is the same as a private sector job.

Here’s the bad news: The people in government make a LOT more money than the people in the private sector.  We are now sucking the cherry on the bottom of the glass…the 53% milkshake is almost gone.

When Obama says he wants jobs for the middle class…he means government jobs: Teachers (notice how many more teachers he wants) policemen, firemen,—and those jobs are paid for by the private sector. The more people working for the government, the more people vote democrat, and the more they stay in power.

And that’s why the country has been so damaged. It’s not the big business taking away your country, it’s your welfare state democrats. Don’t believe me? Look across the ocean. Europe is on fire.

The change you thought Obama was going to bring to you, has not come. If you have a a union job, a government job, or you are getting help from the government, you’re happy now and are afraid you will lose it….but you might want to think about voting for a man who will just hand out more of that borrowed money. Every single time he spends money, your job just got closer to being eliminated. After all, in his first term, he has spent more than all the former Presidents combined.

What? The Feds can just print more? Yeah..that’s the idea. You still don’t get it. The 53% suckers are going to have to pay more for everything, AND pay back the Feds.

Even YOUR big pension won’t buy much…if you can hold onto it.

When Mitt Romney spoke of the 47 percent, he spoke the truth. Let’s face it, if you are getting welfare or social security or Medicaid you have been told that Romney has taken that away from you and you are NOT going to vote for him. It’s not that he doesn’t care…he did not say that. Obama said that. He just stated facts. Mitt will try to get more money. Obama plans to kill off old people by not giving them care, so he can get money that way. Obama-not-care. It’s much easier.

All you have to ask youself is: How good are the democrats at what they do? FACT: Every city a democrat has controlled, has been destroyed. What makes you think they do any different with a country?

Obama has done a fantastic job destroying our country, and he wasn’t alone…Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Raid, all had a big hand in it too.

The cities with the biggest poverty levels have been under democracy for over 50 years look like war zones:

Let’s look at their records.


Detroit, MI            Poverty level: 32.5%

Buffalo, N Y        .Poverty Level: 31.5%

Cincinnati, OH   Poverty Level: 27.8%

Cleveland, OH    Poverty Level:27.0%

Miami, FL             Poverty Level: 26.9%

St. Louis, MO      Poverty Level: 26.8%

El Paso, TX         Poverty Level: 26.4%

Milwaukee, WI    Poverty Level: 26.2%

“If you divide total federal and state spending by the number of households with incomes below the poverty line, the average spending per household in poverty was $61,194 in 2011.”

Those that receive something for nothing, in theory, get used to their situation. They want it, or better yet for the politicians, they need it to continue and will then re-elect the re-distributors. In modern Baltimore, the (political) machine has exploited class divisions, not ethnic ones. Officials raised property taxes 21 times between 1950 and 1985, channeling the proceeds to favored voting blocs and causing many homeowners and entrepreneurs—disproportionately Republicans—to flee. It was brilliant politics, as Democrats now enjoy an eight-to-one voter registration advantage and no Republican has been elected mayor in 48 years.

Bush was blamed for Katrina, but it was the democratic mayors who were given money for years to fix the dikes, and they spent the money on something else.

People in New York are suffering tonight because they have democrats who did not prepare for the storm. Their Democratic President did not get FEMA prepared.

Our school have been decimated by the democratic unions.

Obama blames Republicans, but the real truth is, it’s the Democrats who caused this depression…it was the CEO’s of Fannie and Freddie and Barney Frank. It was Obama who contnue to bail out Wall Street.

So go ahead,…vote for Obama. But when the city closes down, and your pension gets cut to the bone, you’ll be wondering why the 53% didn’t save you, and you will blame the Republicans.

And I’m sure, Bill Clinton will say…”Hey, at least we have a strong military now!”

Yes, and someday that ‘storng’ military might show right up on your front door….just ask little Elian.

If you vote for Obama, you will someday say,  “I wonder whatever happened to the 53%? I sure miss them.”

If I were you, I looked for them down at the local pub..becasue if Obama stays, the only thing left in life to do will be to drink.

It works for the Russians….and Nobody will say, “I told you so.”

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Nobody’s Email: STAYIN’ ALIVE!

Nobody Gets Email

Okay…we have only FOUR more days until we go vote in the most important election in our lifetime.

So, Let’s start down the road with this wonderful remix of Stayin’ Alive and Rita Hayworth!

(You’re welcome boys)

In New York, In New Jersey, where YOU live, where I live, it’s all about STAYIN’ ALIVE and keeping America from disappearing into a second term watching Obama throw America down a black hole of despair forever.  THINK POSITIVE!

And besides…I LOVE the old dancers!


(Thanks to Pattie)

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Nobody’s Fool: Chris Christie

Chris Christie and Barack Obama in New Jersey

Nobody’s Fool

Everyone is screaming about the traitorous actions of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie–rolling out the red carpet for the President and pretty much proclaiming him a God. While everyone is afraid that Christie is handing vast amounts of votes to Obama…Nobody finds it too funny.

Has everyone forgotten that politicians…all politicians, use disasters for reelections? It’s the most golden opportunity that they can hope for.  Obama could have cared less about New Jersey, he wanted to set his presidential Commander-in-Chief podium down in the middle of the disaster  (by the way, some poor sop has to drag that stand and a generator everywhere and set it up) and get Christie’s endorsement.

Christie needed something from Obama, and for that–Obama got his endorsement. It’s that simple. Christie is up for election next year.

Christie is a funny fish…like the republican Mayor Bloomberg, he supports many issues that conservatives abhor…global warming, cap-and-trade, Muslim judges,…and yet, people like Ann Coulter were giddy over the man. Conservatives loved his stance against the teachers unions, but the union leaders themselves had already decided that they didn’t want to honor those big pensions promised. After all, their benefits won’t be touched.  Besides, those big pensions would take money away from the Democratic politicians…money sorely needed to keep them in power.

When you see Obama bowing to Chris Christie, certainly you know Christie was given him something pretty big.

While many believe that Christie’s actions of kissing the ring of the Potus just to save lives…you have to admit that his sorrow is real.  No doubt there was some of that in his head…but if you think Christie didn’t also do this for himself…think again.

He was the leading speaker at the Republican Convention, and nothing about his speech, until the last few sentences was about Mitt Romney. Nothing. Most everyone was going…”Huh?”

Christie is less a Rhino, then a future Donkey.

Did that photo-op help any of the people in New Jersey?

Nope.  Nobody Thinks the voters will just not bother to show up. Why in the world should they? They have much bigger concerns.

Nobody in the Government is coming to their recue..and they are about to find out just how broken everything really is.

On an ending note: Notice that it was the rich people’s houses that were totaled on the Jersey Shore, and was this also about Obama getting the taxpayers to rebuilt those houses? Was Christie lobbying a broke Federal Government for the rich? Nobody Knows.

And if that’s true, will YOU hear about it?


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Can You GET Any More Disgusting?

Nobody Wins

Well, for ONCE I can agree with something a man who is an Obama supporter said: His name is Reverend Lowery, and he delivered the benediction at Obama’s inauguration:

Lowery decried the harsh tone to come from this campaign cycle, saying: “I’m frightened by the level of hatred and bitterness coming out in this election.”

Nobody Wonders if he is talking about this video.

Probably not, because this video was made by a very WHITE Micheal Moore who according to the Reverend…is going to hell.

The reverend who delivered the benediction at President Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration said Saturday he believes all white people are going to hell, according to a local Georgia newspaper.

Notice the theme of all these old geezers, not only suggesting violence if Obama is not reelected, but also that if Romney wins, then it’s a sure thing that they STOLE the election. Already the machines are being tampered with to register “Obama” when someone presses “Romney”

Just the fact that Obama has invited the UN to monitor the elections, shows you he plans to win by screaming “NO FAIR>>I WON! YOU CHEATED!” and of course, it will have been the democrats who cheat.

You know, everyone knows the blacks are going to riot, jump up and down, throw hussy fits, cry, shout at the top of their lungs that all white people are racists…but to use children and old people to deliver their hate filled messages show you what cowards they all.

So, if Reverend Lowery wants to stop all the nastiness, then he must address his own party…or he just might end up in hell…with all those white folks.

Oh my…and what will he do then?

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And the Virgin Vote For Sex Oscar Goes To…..Australia!

Nobody Knows

I have avoided posting this ad for Obama, because it’s just so embarrasing…I couldn’t help but wonder if women really are so stupid now, that they think that IF they vote for Obama, they might have sex with him. They left loves this bimbo, she is so creative! So original! So cool!

THEN it was reported that Lena Dunham was not so original (They claim she thought this little “lose your virginity”) concept all by herself.

Then it came out that Putin used it FIRST.

BUT—-Let’s get the record straight: It was Sarah Hansen-Young, Green Party women from Australia that had them BOTH beat! And notice, she actually looks like she would be good at phone sex..unlike Lena, who you can’t picture doing anything but buying really ugly jewery and getting a tatoo on her butt saying she voted for Obama. I’m not sure she’s READY for sex.

What’s the message? SLUTS VOTE!

Good god. This is solid proof that all liberals and communists think all women are good for is sex. They HAVE no brains.

Now we know. Lena copied Putin who copied Sarah Hanson Young…Australia. The Brits are FIRST again!

(Thanks to amfortas)

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Obama…Great Promises…Same Old Song.

Nobody Reports

As anyone knows who owns a house, millions of people right now on the East Coast are calling their insurance agents who are telling them: “Uh…flood damage is not covered.”

BUT…if Obama gets reelected…you can be sure he will spout off that he ‘saved’ the car industry, because by March, all the thousands of cars that were damaged in this storm will have to be replaced. I know, that’s what happened to us. We had an old Ford Cougar that we would have driven until its last putter, but hail the size of baseballs totaled it. We had no other choice but to buy a car. We could have skipped the montly car payments and use that money to buy new gutters for the house.

So it goes. We will be climbing up those latters a few more years.

I was thinking that this seemed a fitting ending to Obama’s Presidency, because since he’s been in office, we have had  enough natural disasters, in tornado’s, floods, oil spills, forest fires..etc…that in the future, we will associate all these disasters with the Obama Presidency. I know I will.

God speed all of those that are already struggling in this economy, and then got slammed with Hurricane Sandy.

Let’s hope, they make it to the voting boooths.

Swim if you have to…

And watch this video….it’s almost perfect.

(Thanks to Tom Beebe)

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Will the Election Be…Delayed?

Nobody Flashes;

Hurricane Sandy Could Have Profound Effect on Voting

—–Said the headline of Newsmax:

Remember when Rahm Emanuel said “Never let a crisis go to waste!” ? Well, the White House has to be truly excited by Hurricane Sandy. I can hear it already:

So many people were disenfranchised by not being able to reach the polls due to the Hurricane Sandy, therefore, certain states need to do a recount.

By executive order..of course. Obama CARES about your vote.

This might take a month or two months, depending. Obama could stay in the office way past his overdue date.

The democrats HAVE to win by fraud. They have been working so hard to get everyone to vote early, and NOT show up at the poles, because those votes, if illegal, can be easily registered for Obama.

“The state board of elections is already planning for extended hours in advance for absentee voting, and it’s now a priority, moved up to the same level as hospitals and police stations to have power restored,” said Gov. Bob McDonnell, a top Romney ally.

Yes, extended hours. That’s how an election here in Missouri was stolen in 2000. John Ashcroft was up against Mel Carnahan for the Senate, in a very tight rice, and Missouri was a pivatol state for Bill Clinton. Two weeks before the election, his small plane went down, and his wife took his place on the ballot. Bill Clinton practically RAN to the funeral to get the “pity” vote for poor dead Mel…it was quite a show. That very day the mantral “Don’t let the fire go out.” was repeated over and over to get his wife elected in his place.

On election day, the voting booths downtown St. Louis were allowed to stay open way past midnight for some lame excuse that they lost some votes…somewhere.

Of course, the democrasts bused in hundreds of blacks voters…and John Ashcroft lost. There was outrage here in Missouri over the “fraud” and abuse, and the stolen election–but due to Carnahan’s  death, George W. Bush just made him Ashcroft the Attorney General.

How propitious the act of nature was: Mel was behind in the poles, his plan crash delivered the state to the democrats.

Nobody Thinks that it’s Virginia that Obama needs, NOT Ohio. Virginia is going to be hit hard. I have friends that live in the area and they have told me there is not a day that seems to go by that Michelle or Obama are not campaigning there.  Romney has taken the lead in Virginia.

I also think it would be safe to assume that if all this actually comes about..and Obama declared the winner in a state he would have lost without the hurricane..due to extended hours, or recounts…or by so much destruction being done that the elections are called off for sometime…

You can be sure they have now MASTERED weather manipulation. It’s a fact that they can maniuplate hurricanes…but…would they do it to steal an election?  After all…you can’t cry “foul” when mother nature is to blame now, can you? And just think of how Presidential Obama can look “saving” his people.

Nobody Wonders: But I would like to quote Bill Clintons’ favorite President, FDR: Nothing in politics is a coincidence.

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Nobody Gets Email: Who Do YOU Trust? Obama, or our Soldiers?

Nobody Gets Email

If you are not living under a rock, then by now you have heard how the President, along with Panetta, (Let’s not forget Hillary) — gave instructions for NO help whatsoever to be given to the poor souls in Benghazi. They did nothing, and watched them be murdered.

The election was more important.

But, despite the order of “no engagement” from Obama, some brave Navy seal men went anyway even though they knew they were outnumbered….and lost their lives.

Hundred of our soldiers are coming back from Iraq and committing suicide, and Ted Turner thinks: that’s a good thing. He thinks it’s because they find out that war’s not good.

No…it’s because all their hard work has been undone by Obama. Their buddies have died in vain.

Nobody Thinks we should send Ted Turner to do time in a Iraq jail.

Hillary has now said she might just stay with her job, and we all know why. She wants to make sure she is not prosecuted for her crimes.  If they stay in power, we must as citizens force our Congressmen to impeach them all.

Anyway….these pictures say it all: Whose side are you on? Our soldiers? Or Obama telling lies right in front of your eyes? You might want choose.

Look at that last picture, and TELL me, your not mad….Every American, Democrat, Republican and Independents… should be outraged. (Thanks to Pattie)

Armed American Troops Force Iraqis to Seesaw Until They Talk!Armed American Troops Force Iraqis to Seesaw Until
They Talk!

Iraqi Child Bites GI In Self Defense After Obvious



GI Overheard to say ‘Talk or I’ll tickle you till you pee!’
More Evidence Of Failed US Intelligence Policy.










Soldier Attempts to Eat Iraqi Child!







Clear Evidence of Forced Labor by Troops!










Soldier Caught At ‘Tickle-Torture’ To Extract Intelligence!







GI Forces Iraqi Child To Hang By Fingertips!












No comment here. There’s nothing funny about this one.

May the good Lord bless every one of our troops wherever they are!





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Nobody’s Fool: Clint Eastwood—Thank You

Nobody’s Fool

I can’t think of a better man to honor this week than Clint Eastwood. This very short commerical sums up what’s at stake.

Nobody can see this commerical enough, and I have to post it, because they are NOT showing it in Missouri.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Obama Has Binders Too!

Nobody’s Perfect

Today, we see that Obama has binders too!

Somebody should check to see just HOW many women have been put in Obama’s binder.

Having said that: To come out with a plan a few weeks BEFORE the election?

Sort of like: “Don’t have time to read it? Well..I WAS going to wait until after the election to put it out, but uh…uh…I thought you might have to read it to see what’s in it!”

(Notice how THIN it is.)

So, let me get this straight. Obamacare was about a trillion pages long…and that’s was just one aspect…but his plans for  “jobs” is only about two pages?

Which means the women’s section on jobs might be a full paragraph, and the rest is about electric cars and solar panels.

Proof that Harvard is way overpriced.

Mr. President: Don’t you know NOBODY puts women in binders anymore? For SHAME.


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The Foreign Policy of Obama, is So Foreign, Nobody In America Recognizes it

Nobody’s Opinion

If you have lived long enough, you know this strategy…the strategy of using a strong offense to deflect a crime. When guilty…attack. And attack viciously. My first husband used it all the time. If he  came home at 3 in the morning and I accused him of doing nefarious activities, he would attack. How DARE I accuse him of anything!

How dare I. And then he would throw a hussy fit, until I would just shut up. It was a sure sign that he was guilty.

As a strategy, it’s very effective. Ahmadinejad has it perfected.

This past week, very damaging evidence has come out about the Benghazi  raid on our embassy. It was so dangerous there, everyone had moved out but us. Attacks were happening in April. Requests for aid were refused, and the most damning evidence revealed by Glenn Back was that our ambassador was helping Turkey move shipments of heavy armaments into Sudan to be used by Al-Qaeda. In fact, Ambassador Steven’s had dinner with the Turkey liaison,  and then a few hours later, was killed, and raped,—and then dragged through the streets. Notice, nobody is talking about that little tidbit much. It might make a few “gay” voters angry.

Obama’s strategy in the last debate, was to be offended at the mere suggestion that anybody of his administration was guilty of anything.

To make themselves look “respectable” they plan to investigate themselves. Hillary has put the “investigation” off until after the election, of course. We all know how that will go. Both are guilty of at best, horrible neglect, at worse–treason. Nothing will happen.

But the spin…the SPIN…is fantastic: Here’s a clever one:  Americans all gathered together on 9/11, and now the Republicans are using a terrorist attack, and the death of four Americans, as cannon fodder for political points.


They are totally insulted that Romney came out BEFORE the President and called it a terrorist attack. In other words: Attack! Attack! Attack! Even if the attacks are really lame.

BIG BIRD! Romney wants to take away…BIG BIRD!

Another attack:  Congress released names of people in Libya, putting them in harm’s way. Let us not forget the “harm’s way” that Obama has put ALL our soldiers in overseas because his administration has helped turn the whole middle East into a Muslim Brotherhood Hotbed of Jihadists.

And let’s not forget the good doctor who helped us get Bin Laden…rotting in jail in Pakistan thanks to Obama.

Nevertheless…his band of minions are coming out strong:

“President Obama is a towering figure on foreign policy,” Jones said during the panel discussion on ABC’s “This Week.” “You’ve got somebody with a Nobel Peace Prize and he killed Bin Laden.”

Speaking of the whole bin Laden thing..according to many reports, Obama had been asked many fact for months… for the go ahead..but Obama waited, until the right moment: Obama waited until his State of the Union speech…so he could go over to Panetta and shake his hand in front of the whole world and say, “Well done.”

You want ‘political’? That’s political.

Listen to that Nobel Peace Prize speech..Obama says he knows it’s just the beginning of his life on the world stage. The Presidency is just a stepping stone where he will continue to work for “global’ works. Ask yourself: Why did Obama AND the EU get a Noble Peace Prize? Obama had done nothing— and the EU has been a disaster.

It’s not for what they’ve done..but for what they are GOING to do.

There is a group trying to destroy America to form an unelected global government. They absolutely do want a borderless world ruled by a few elites.  Check out this EU poster….notice the communist sign in it?

These nut jobs are trying as hard as they can to mix up all the populations of the world into the Tower of Babylon FUBAR pot of chaos. It’s a plan. They think it will work.

They’re wrong.

Obama and Hillary want to put America into this “global” village, and they have both put America on the “We are so sorry…we need to tone ourselves down to fit the rest of  the countries that don’t have anything.”  pather…Have they not? All their words, all their actions…point to America giving up all her rights to other countries.

They have been working in stealth deals at the UN. They are planning to sign UN treaties, not only depriving us of our guns, but they want to give the UN sovereignty  over all our laws. They would put us into the International  Criminal Court, The Law of the Sea Treaty, where a good portion of all oil revenues would go to the UN to redistribute to other countries.

And the UN will tell us all how to raise our kids. It’s Hillary dream: it takes a Hillary World Global Village to raise your child. Hand them over. Make them eat Spinach..

Putin, Chavez, Castro, and Ahmadiimjad all want Obama to remain President…because America will be destroyed, and they expect to get big dividends

On the Travel Channel  today, they showed a Nazi camp that was built North of Los Angeles to be the Headquarter of the Nazi takeover of California when Hitler took office. It was Hitler’s plan to take over America, and the camp had all it needed to start operation.  The FBI destroyed it right after Pearl Harbor.

It ‘s the same plan that the Muslim Brotherhood has, and Obama is helping them get as many Mosques and Muslims here as he can. Clinton did the same thing. He literally transferred thousands of Muslim Bosnians right here into St. Louis, back when he was President. WE paid for it.

My city is now training Iraq police.

They really don’t talk about this much, Western Nations trying to get Muslims populations to merge into ours–but it’s why Obama is bent on getting speaking against Islam a crime in America. It’s why the Europeans have let their countries be overrun with Muslims.

It’s part of the global borderless government that they are striving for.

BUT—it’s not working The Muslims will never tolerate anyone but their own. Thanks to Obama, the new President of Egypt, is praying for our destruction.  Here’s the prayer:

“Our God, grant us victory over the infidels… Our God, deal harshly with the Jews and those who are allied with them… Our God, our God, deal harshly with the Jews and those who are allied with them… Our God, frighten their masses… Our God, disperse their union… Our God, show us your strength over them, your greatness over them… Our God, reveal to us your wrath over them, you are the Lord of creatures.”

One lady on Fox described it perfectly, “We have taken out dictators and put in psychopaths.”

Obama will say elect him, because he was brought up a Muslim and he won’t attack Iran, and therefore we will be safe. Right….we are about as safe as ambassador Stevens.

Many voter would say, “But Joyanna, Mitt Romney could be part of the Global Government too?”

Well, he just might be. But, then again, his name is not Obama Hussein. That’s good enough for me.  If I were MITT, I’d call Obama by his real name: Barry. Get the Manchurian Muslim out of the White House.

One step at a time.

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Nobody’s Email: How Many Americans Are Like THIS? Ahhhhhhh!

Nobody Gets Email

I have never been to an Obama function, but this guy has. Watch this video and be amazed….and you will understand WHY these people vote for Obama.

Nobody Can watch this more than 3 times, without wondering…what the heck just happend.

(Thanks to Floyd)

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Nobody’s Email: The Perfect Political Tee-Shirt

Nobody’s Email

Funny thing about email..there seems to be a lull in the conversation. Hmmmm…or I get such big bunches of stuff to read, I can’t find the time. Do you have that problem?

Anyway, here’s a picture I thought was worth showing. I’d love to get one of these.

(Thanks to Tom Bebee)

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