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Nobody’s Opinion

While I have complained, bitched, moaned and groaned, and basically been a real cantankerous slice of a human nobody on this blog, (sorry about that, like I said, I have my reasons) there is one thing that gets to me beyond all reason. Every time I think of it, I’m ready to punch pillows,…ready to…break a few branches…and then I have to just do something else…like…chill at the nearest mad

What upsets me about this is that nobody else seems to be bothered by it at all.

What? What haven’t you been upset about Joyanna?

I’ll tell you what gets my teeth rattling…It’s when masses of people are purposely being programmed, by very clever cable entertainment.

And you thought all the gays kissing on all your favorite TV programs was just a reflection of what the ‘people’ were feeling?

Wrong. Go back to Go. Do not collect $200. We are being ….programmed. Most people just can’t see it, or they have been programmed for so long, they just don’t care. And YES. It’s working. We have masses of programmed liberal Zombies, drooling insidious spittle of political correctness and they don’t even know why.

Their brains have been attacked. Holes of bloody nothingness are seeping down their shirts.

There are many ways they are doing this of course…the elite colleges are filled with Marxists, the liberal schools will now be completely rearing our kids, but that’s not the one that bothers me the most.

That’s school. Kids can grow up and realized that their education was a lie.

The one that bothers me the most, and I feel IS the most dangerous, is our favorite shows on cable. The most addicting brain sapping damage is what’s being done through our TV programs. And why is it the most dangerous?

Because it deals with our emotions.Bones

For example: My husband and I watch the weekly episodes of BONES. Bones is about this super-smart woman, Temperance Brennan, who WORKS for the Smithsonian, and she marries a macho FBI guy who was raised a Catholic. They often get in discussions about GOD (She is an atheist) and other subjects, and of course, SHE is the genius and he is made to look…not so smart. But he’s not really attacked because it’s a very subtle way of saying…we understand you people are just like Booth (that’s his name) but listen to Temperance, she’s the smartest. The message is loud and clear—people like him just don’t have the intellectual capacity that Bones has. (That’s her nickname)

Last week, probably because of the popularity of the book “Shades of Gray” they had to solve a murder about a popular conservative radio host. (THE PURGING OF THE PUNDIT) No, they didn’t call him Rush Limbaugh, but it was so obvious that’s who they wanted you to think of.Rush Limbaugh

Not too long ago, a few liberal jokes would have been made, but they went so much further. He was fat, hated, an idiot, and by the way, he likes to be hurt with kinky sex. In fact, he had a whole room full of S & M toys where he would hire different women to beat him to relieve his GUILT that he had for being a conservative, because you see, he really didn’t believe all those things he was saying. He was just doing it for the money.

Temperance Brennan, the genius, even stated as an intellectual fact: “Well in all cultures sex and violence have always been symbiotic.”  (Or something to that nature)


Is THIS the reason for “Shades of Gray”? They want us all to think we deserve pain to relive our guilt over whatever liberal program they want us to adopt? We will love the guilt they force upon us, and want more?

(Don’t get me started, see. )

Anyway, the message: Rush Limbaugh is a fat pig, and we shall degrade him as much as possible.

Now, if this had been a Saturday Night Live skit you could understand it, but it’s a very serious program meant to get kids to think science is cool, and women can be geniuses.

With every single Temperance sarcastic comment— I was sent into fury: My husband on the other hand was..hey, just watch the show. And that’s the catch here…He just wants the entertainment, but to get that, he has to put up with the attacks on conservatives. He has learned…to live with it.

I, on the other hand, find it…just plain rude.

To be fair, this was done to Obama when the Bible Series was being broadcasted…remember? They made the devil look like Obama. Conservatives loved it, the liberals went ballistic.Obama as devil

But—nobody has even said a word about the last Bones episode.

So, how did we get a black Muslim President like Obama? Obama came out of nowhere, and one of the reasons, is a lot of white people, watch the hit series on TV called 24.

Before we even knew Obama was running, we saw him as President on TV, on 24-the MOST watched program on TV at that time. Jack Bauer, the hero of the show worked for the most patriotic, sanest, kindest, bravest, smartest, black president that had ever walked the earth. I distinctly remember saying to my husband at the time, “Wow, if only we had a guy like THAT in the White House.”

That actor now sells insurance ads for State Farm. That program got us ready for…Obama. Why—- Obama had to be JUST like that guy.

I didn’t vote for Obama, but how many people did because of the conditioning and programming from that program?

How many times, on your favorite TV sitcom, do you see that it’s the BLACK man who is now the head guy. He’s the police chief, he’s the CEO, he’s the top scientist, and all the whites work for the black guy. While you might think this is to program minorities to aim for the top, there is also a more sinister reason for it and we are seeing it all around us.

Just last week, on the new TV series GOTHAM, the chief of police is a woman. The magazines are running “Powerful women” issues. We are swamped by so much liberal propaganda every single day, we now don’t even notice it. Like my husband, everybody just tunes it out.

Then there’s Madam Secretary, the new TV sitcom, which is all about rewriting Hillary’s history in Bengasi. I don’t even have to watch it, it will make you THINK of Hillary as the perfect secretary, brave, smart, invincible, never thinking of herself…it’s to make you think…Yeah, Hillary’s just like that. What a GREAT President she will be!Walking Dead

They want the masses to look at the fantasy, and not see the reality. The bombardment of propaganda is so relentless, most of us are like Zombies…and we just tune it out. We have been programmed, where’s the food? (Or shut up and eat.)

Tonight, on the first episode of Walking Dead, they showed humans, (not zombies) in the very first scene– getting their throats cut.

I have NOT watched the ISIS video’s, and I did NOT appreciate the gory realistic graphic of people’s head being cut off. It looked so real I could barely stomach it.  But I know many people probably thought :cool.

What’s next?Propaganda

A program about how Muslims and Islam is a peaceful religion?

(Oh. They already did that.)

The reason that film is so much more dangerous to the complete transformation of the masses it that it affects ALL your senses…and emotions, and therefore sticks with you and gets into your very being. It can change the way you think, and live.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s what the man who invented the motion picture had to say about that:

Every branch of education can be taught through books and motion pictures. Films already have done much to mold the public young and old. They have affected commerce too. We all wear English motor caps because we like them when we see them in the motion pictures. Australian buy America shoes because they have seen and liked them in motion pictures. Presently European clothing will predominate among the Asiatic in India, Japan, and China because the natives of these land have seen it in the motion pictures. I believe immensely in the phonograph, but talking machines can never do what motion pictures can do in forming the thought and habits of the whole world.—-Thomas Edison

Yes, combine that talking machine with the motion picture and look how you can form that thoughts and habits of the whole world.

The ‘motion picture” like the atomic bomb, in the wrong hands, HAVE “formed the thoughts and habits of the whole world.”

We are going to need a lot of Rick’s and Darrel’s to fight the liberal Zombies apocalypse among us.

Something tells me, in the words of a famous sheriff: We’re going to need a bigger boat.

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Two Card Monty

Nobody WondersSix oclock news

How do you tell when your government is actually running state propaganda instead of the news?Obama and Jay

It’s pretty simple I think, but nobody talks about it.

The people who have worked for the President usually go right into top positions as commentators on major Cable networks after they leave, where they continue to push their former boss’s agenda’s on a daily basis.

Here’s a few, that IF I was running a ‘fair and balanced’ news program, should NEVER have gotten jobs simply because of their bias.

Jay Carney: Jay has left the White House and is now going to be a network commentator on CNN. He had this to say about Obama:

I am who I am. I deeply believed in what I did and what he has done as president. And I don’t walk away from that at all. There is no nirvana, but CNN‘s mission is news-focused. They are not actively pursuing a niche in one political camp or the other. I believe in the president, believe in the rightness of his policies. I’m also my own person, and I’m going to express my views. But it would be disingenuous to suddenly pretend that I wasn’t loyal to [the president].

At least he admits it.

So daily we will be seeing a warrior of Obama propaganda on CNN. Of course, this is no surprise since his wife Claire Shipman (a senior correspondent for ABC news), now works with that OTHER famous presidential advisor, George Stephanopoulos, who was Bill Clinton’s advisor.Dana Prirenogeorge Stephanopoulos

He now has his own show. They cover all the progressiveness you can handle.

But, it makes one just as mad that on the other side you have Dana Perino, who was George W. Bush’s press secretary, AND the every so unlovable, Karl Rove.

Dana especially is almost the poster girl for the Bushes and keeping their legacy in the limelight. Karl, on the other hand…stole the chalkboard idea from Glenn Beck and is driving us all crazy, because to this nobody, he has been ruthless in destroying good citizens for office, that want to actually help America.

I can’t stand the guy anymore.

All these people should get jobs in the private sector, NOT continuing state propaganda for their old bosses on the most watched Cable networks.Karl Rove and Bush

So, how real is the news? Our news has now become basically a two-sided propaganda machine, meant to tell you what to think whether you’re a liberal, or a republican, and as we all know, the two sides may act like they hate each other, but they both end up doing the very same thing: Promote the two-party plutocracy.

MOST of the political pundits on the talk shows have all worked for Presidents, and they..NOT the independent citizen reporters, are shaping our news.

And nobody thinks a thing about, do they? I wonder why.Bush and Clinton



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The Reason That They Will Attack Drudge

Nobody Reads

Anyone who has been around for a while, knows that most cities, long ago, had two or more competing newspapers in their town. Here in St. Louis, the Post Dispatch (liberal) put the GLOBE (conservative) paper out of business long ago. Unions.

And now, the newspapers are dying. Here’s a few facts from the May Issue of Vanity Fair:The Post

Jeff Bezos bought the failing Washington Post for only $250 million.

The Tribune Company paid $8.3 billion for the Los Angeles Times, and several smaller papers. Today the Tribune Company wants to sell all its newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune itself, and can’s see to find a buyer at any price.

The New York Times Company bought The Boston Globe in 1993 for $1.1 billion and sold it for $70 million in 2013.

But…while the great newspaper men are trying to convince everyone that it was the internet that destroyed their monopolies, the fact is: America just stopped buying the liberal crap.

I stopped getting the Post because I was sick and tired of reading about the starving in Africa, and how it was up to me to save them all.

They are hoping…to be able to charge people online, and if I didn’t buy the Post Dispatch before, why on earth would I pay for it online? Obama simply must get ahold of the internet, because nobody is reading their crappy newspapers anymore. The New York Times

The real fact is, they don’t want to admit that too much of the country, despite years of liberal propaganda, is still conservative.

Is it any wonder Obama keeps begging Hollywood for money? This is why Obama will put every effort into controlling the content of the internet, and that’s the only place the people have a voice.

The Lady Graham…is gone.

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Rush Limbaugh: Too Big to Fail

Nobody’s Opinion

SMERCONISH: “—too many politicians are taking their cues from men with microphones. And why would they do that? Because we’ve got hyperpartisan districts, we’ve got closed primaries, and we’ve got the influence of money. So it’s all related. But, yeah, they’re taking their cues from the talk crowd and the cable TV crowd and it’s to the detriment of the country.”

Who do you think Smerconish is after with his new book, TALK? Rush Limbaugh— of course! If there is one man in the country, who has brought real conservatives back into the government, his name is Rush. Rushbo. Rush the magnificent. He goes by many names, and he drives the left wild with anger.

And he has been doing this for longer than we can remember.

The left has tried hard to silence him, and they can’t. They tried to ruin him when he was hooked on pain pills. They tried to ruin him when he lost his hearing. But he keeps coming back.

And like a hungry shark in the dark waters of politics, Rushbo eats them alive. Liberal talk radio shows ALWAYS crash and burn…and why? I mean, had you ever heard of this guy before today? I hadn’t.

And Rush drives them crazy.

So, how DO they get rid of him? They got a liberal to write a fictionist book, trashing the man…himself. You are supposed to read this fiction and know what a fake, and stupid man Rush Limbaugh really is.  Michael Smerconish puts his anger into words:

 “I think it’s entertainment masked as news and I wanted to expose it because I think it’s had a horrific impact on polarization and incivility in the country.”

Right. To the Smerfy liberals of the country, anybody who disagrees with their communist/socialist agenda is polarizing the country. And it should. And who are the most uncivil people in the country?

People like Michael:

“I’m not Stan Powers, I’m not the protagonist. I didn’t say things just so that my star would rise. Listen, to the contrary, guys, and you know this, I voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and I did it in a public way. I did it in a public way. If I were motivated by my career interest, I’d have shut my mouth and closed that curtain because that’s how you succeed in this business.”

WHAT? You KNEW that backing Obama would be unpopular? What do you want…a cookie? The Pulitzer? Obama’s special invite to the White House? Tina Fey to take you to Cancun?

Michael thinks that Rush is just an entertainer. Obama has said this many times.  It’s the common liberal attack when it comes to Rush. But, unlike Obama, Rush doesn’t need Beyoncé to keep his rating up, and they just can’t understand it. It’s beyond their comprehension.

Here’s some more: KING:

“It’s good to see you because many times when I used to listen to talk radio, it’s hard to do now, I used to listen to these guys, Michael, and say, “They can’t possibly believe what they’re saying.” And after reading your book, Talk- KING: Did you always believe what you were saying? SMERCONISH: I believed what I was saying at all times. I look back, Gayle, and I say, “My God, over the span of two decades I’ve said plenty of ridiculous things.” But at the moment that I offered them, they were in my heart.”

The cue in this last statement is how very rich, elite, snobs just can’t possible relate to the working man’s Rush Limbaugh. The working guy, is busy WORKING, and so they listen to Rush— in the bars, in their cars, at work— they relate to him. Liberals wouldn’t be caught DEAD listening to the radio. They have their IPAD, and IPHONES, and FACEBOOK…all those places where they learn so much…..nothing.

Oh sure, there have been times when even I have been angry with Rush. When George Bush did the bailout, he remained silent. He tried to get the nation to vote for Hillary as a joke. I had a hard time understanding that one.

And he was always putting down Independents. Being a proud member of Republican Party, Rush actually believes that it was the independents that were ruining their chances at the voting booth.

I would scream at the radio, “RUSH! Stop putting down the independents! They love the constitution just like you, you big lug! The GOP are just as corrupt! It was JUST a birthday cake for goodness sakes!”

The people knew the Republican Party had left Rush Limbaugh’s conservative America, he just didn’t know it yet. …or refused to believe it. Rush stayed true to the GOP far longer than the American people.

BUT–it was Rush Limbaugh that helped get the Republicans back in control of the House in 1994, after the democrats had controlled Congress for over 40 years.

He helped get George Bush elected–twice. It’s no wonder George gave him a birthday cake at the White House.

Romney lost, because Rush thought too many conservatives stayed home. (Frankly I don’t think they did.)

And Michael is right: there are more independents in the country than republicans or democrats now, because both parties are corrupt, and the American people know it.

Rush took some time coming to the people, but he finally did. Here’s the Rush Limbaugh that Michael thinks is just so much entertainment, and you have to wonder: what radio talk show host you know can beat this? There isn’t any.

Rush does entertain. But he entertains with love for the country, and for the people in it. We want the truth, and Rush speaks what he thinks, with humor, with conviction, and with knowledge…and you can get it while you’re changing the oil in your car. And it…free.

Smerconish has no idea where the people are that listen to Rush. He says he pumps his own gas tank and actually talks to people, and those people don’t like Rush. He doesn’t get it.

Once again…we are suppose to give him a gold star for pumping his own gas. Gee.

But, Smerconish is right on one thing: Fox, Drudge, Rush, Savage, Levine…they draw the biggest ratings again and again.

.Michael says:

“They’re taking their cues from the talk crowd and the cable TV crowd.”

He’s right

“and it’s to the detriment of the country.”

No, in fact, Rush and his radio spawns: Hannity, Savage, Levine, are the only ones trying to save it, Michael, and if not for Rush Limbaugh, YOU would not be having your 15 minutes of fame.

The truth is: conservatism is logic. Liberalism, is illogical. Either you stand up and say 2 plus 2 DOES make four, and you BUILD that skyscraper, or you go the communist way and your crop fails. Liberals say it really doesn’t matter if you know anything…2 plus can equal six! Now, go live in this tent.

Yes, the liberals have one more big fence to crush to get total control: And his name is Rush Limbaugh.

Sorry Michael, I hate to break this to you, but like AIG,GM, and Wall Street— Rush Limbaugh is just too big to fail.

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The Tonight Show Ends…With Jay Leno

Nobody Cares

Nobody was expecting Jay Leno to break down like he did, on his last show, but the whole show was…depressing. Billy Crystal, while funny, did a whole routine on the fact that Jay was fired. In fact, the theme of the show was: You’re Fired! WHY they didn’t get Donald Trump on, I have no idea. The only guy who made me think was, Charlie Sheen who told him to buy the network and fire everybody.

This morning on Fox, one of Jay’s old producers more than hinted that Jay was fired because he, more than any late night talk show, made jokes about Obama. If he did, I did not hear too many…but it’s obvious the firing of Jay was a political decision. To be fired, even though you’re doing a GREAT job, because a failing President wants to use your platform for his own agendas…has got to be hard. Jay was gracious throughout the whole ordeal. There was no reason for Jay to leave, Jimmy had his own show…why?

(You already know what I think.)

And for the President of the United States, to come on, and make a lame joke about sending Jay to the Antarctica…well, I think there’s some truth to that. Jay, pissed him off.

Obama has NO class. And continues to show his vindictiveness.

A good friend of mine and I were discussing this today. We think, even top people are now scared of Obama.

I will bet you my next paycheck that Jimmy Fallon will, after just a few days, start into promoting Obamacare.

Let’s hope the young people in this country are not that stupid.

The class of the Tonight Show is gone forever. Jay Leno may not have been Johnny Carson but he could appeal to all ages. Jimmy Fallon, will mostly appeal to the college kids, which the democrats need for the upcoming future of America because it will be so radically changed.

And that’s why he got the job in my Nobody Opinion.


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The King’s Court Jester: Jimmy Fallon

Nobody Knows

Neil Cavuto just couldn’t figure out today, why Jay Leno, who has the highest ratings on late night TV, was being replaced.  And that’s the question isn’t it? David Letterman use to be the big guy on the block, and then…one day after Hillary Clinton was a guest on his show, Letterman had a heart attack. I saw that show. I never wanted to watch him again, he was such a kiss-up to her.  And that’s probably the reason that Jay got the job. Many Americans, stopped watching Dave after he started promoting the Clintons and other democrats on his show. The big guys know the numbers. But Jay, is doing great…so why replace him now?

Nobody Knows, you might say. Wait..We certainly DO know. It’s call midterm elections. Obama GOT elected by going on all the late night talk shows. It helped endure him to the mindless masses who get all their ‘thought processes’ from entertainers. Reassure the white audiences who weren’t sure about him, and promote his big flashing pop-star smile. Obama needs to get to the young, his base…because the older people tend to be conservative……..and who has promoted the Obama’s better than Jimmy Fallon?Court Jester

Nobody has promoted the Obama’s more than Jimmy. He’s almost the White House live-in court-jester. How many times did Jimmy Fallon do exercises with Michelle at the White House? Can you picture Johnny Carson, going to the White House to do sit-ups with Nancy Reagan? Maybe if Jay Leno had gone to the White House and followed Bo around, and said really nice things about the “Commander-in-Chief” –how really cool he was, he would not have been fired.

Yes, fired. GE owns the network, and Jeffery Immelt is Obama’s bud. GE pays no taxes, and Jeffery is one of his advisors. Obama needs Jimmy. Real bad. Even the dumbest of voters are waking up to the high cost of Obamacare and the fact that he lied to them. The college kids are finding out there ARE no jobs. And Obama needs them to sign up to that Obamacare. Who better to get to promote Obama’s agenda than Jimmy Fallon?

(see video below)

Yesterday I was at my local Dollar Store (buying my weekly pack of Juicy Fruit)  and I stopped in front of the cheap magazine isle. There was a TIME magazine made just for kids and it was all about Obama. It was filled with great glossy pictures of Obama at his desk, with his kids, the dogs,—- looking like he was working, and then it was going to teach the kids about their government. It started with the great President…(Obama) and then the Senate…and then. That’s it. No mention of the House of Representatives. The people’s house was conveniently left out of TIME.  To any kid reading this—There’s President Obama and his Senate. Bo the dog…

And…Jimmy Fallon. The Tonight Show will become Obama’s personal message board— a place where all his Marxist ideas can be made into the most coolest propaganda…with the help, of little Jimmy and his all black-band. To fundamentally change America, you must get the young. The old people remember.

So, will the American people watch Jimmy Fallon, if he keeps promoting the Obama’s? Nobody Knows, but I do know that I won’t.

And Nobody Knows what will happen to the very popular Jay Leno, but at least he won’t have to be a ward of the state. He can retire knowing that he did not become the King’s personal political court clown. He can go back to doing what he does best….being a comedian.

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Five Minds for the Future is Five Too Many

Nobody Reads

Okay…I’m almost finished with Howard Gardner’s propaganda book on Harvard’s guide to Social Engineering called, “Five Minds for the Future” And let me say, I was doing pretty well, until the last few chapters…then this came out of me—–

It’s official: Harvard should be razed to the ground. And I think, I could have a say in this as I have a land deed, handed down in the family, where the first schoolhouse was built, which later morphed into the Harvard college. I’m not kidding. I’m ready to kick them all out. Henry Adams tried to warn us all about Harvard, but no, they didn’t listen. It should have been destroyed long ago, because almost every elite politician that has ever ruin a good thing has come from Harvard. The Skull and Bones have really lived up to their names.

Like a creepy liberal, Howard is not up front about his global intentions to brainwash the world. The first part of the book is mild, and nebulous, and he could just as well be talking about a trip down the yellow brick poppycock road—-and then…he starts creeping: Because the parent have to work, it’s up to the teachers to mold the children into model workers. Individualism is selfish. In fact, it’s up to the state institutions to mold these kids into ‘community and unselfish workers.”Howard Gardner


“In a New York City based program called Common Core, youngsters collect pennies from the community and then decide as a group how to allocate these financial resourced. Individuals with an entrepreneurial bents should be encouraged to build organizations that serve the common good, rather than more selfish ends, and that recruit and promote across the demographic spectrum.”

Yes! Get the little buggers to start taking money (that they don’t earn) and pass it around for fun! Howard keeps going—Students should ask themselves:

“What does it mean to be a lawyer/physician/engineer/educator at the present times? What are my rights, obligations, and responsibilities? What does it mean to be a citizen of my community/ my region/ the planet? What do I owe others, and especially those who through the circumstances of birth or bad luck, are less fortunate than I am?  Community service and other forms of giving are or should be an important part of the curriculum of any schools.”

Howard,….our kids are doing so much community service now, they don’t have any time left to do math homework. The only good community service does it prepare them to dig ditches for the Chinese engineers who will be their bosses someday.

Then he talks lovingly about his favorite leaders:

“On the one hand they have adopted the heart of socialist ideology, a society in which property is not aggressively accumulated, many goods are shared, and each individual works to the utmost of his or her abilities.”

Howard’s ability is being a very good communist…we see that now. Stalin would be proud!

In the end Howard goes wants the adolescents—-

“Unlike younger persons adolescents can readily imagine different possibilities, try out and see what’s its like to be to be a scrupulous or an unscrupulous lawyer, a dedicated or a self centered-citizen. No longer do they dress up as Mommy  or Daddy they envision themselves as a journalist or as a judge.”

Yes, they can also grow up to be just like an unscrupulous self-centered lawyer we all know that became President.

Mommies and Daddies just don’t rate anymore. So my dear readers…I must honestly tell you, that I am thinking about buying this book. It would bring me great satisfaction to gather a group of friends around the fire on a Saturday night, and burn it. I truly want to do my good deed for “community service.”

Howard. In fact…could you send me a copy for the good of the common core? After all, you do want to help the less fortunate, don’t you?

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The Difference Between Obama and Bush: Russ Tice is NOT Living in Ecuador

Nobody’s Opinion

I was watching a movie today called IKE. Tom Selleck played the WWII general, Dwight Eisenhower and he did a fairly decent job. It was all about recreation of the days leading up to D-Day and the heavy decisions that the general had to make leading up to the invasion. I only mention this because in the movie, Eisenhower talked about psychological warfare.

Psychological warfare, was used during all our wars by the generals who wanted to influence the enemy.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but think that WE, the American people, are now being attacked by our own government…with…psychological warfare. We have been relentlessly manipulated on every issue: Gay rights, abortion, guns, illegal immigration. The right people to deliver this propaganda has been placed on every channel. The real news is being replaced with commentary, and psychological warfare.

And it’s all over our movies and entertainment. For years now, we have been watching endless doomsdays movies and TV sitcoms, which put fear into us. Our politicians are on TV daily, telling us what to think,  and what will happen to us if we don’t think or believe what they tell us. You can’t tell me the government isn’t in on all these “Zombie, end of the world.” sitcoms. Sure, they can be fun, but is that ALL they can think of?

Oh right. They did release a movie about two nutty guys joining Google, just to advertise Google.

No, to this Nobody it’s as obvious as the rain on my roof. The propaganda to change America has been ongoing and pernicious. And above all: Treasonous. For example, witness this gestapo like interview by David Gregory of the Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald, on Meet the Press this morning:

Yesterday, on all the Sunday talk shows, the gunning for the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowdon…… was surreal. I feel like my mind is being put under machine gun attacks.  Snowdon, has endangered us all. It’s official. Now the terroritst won’t use cell phones anymore. We are now, all in danger. High danger.


Gee, the Boston Bombers were on FACEBOOK and the FBI didn’t even notice them.

I’m going to write about Snowdow tomorrow. But today, take a listen to THIS former NSA agent, Russ Tice, who worked during the Bush administration. Mr. Rice, tells us that he was wiretapping Supreme Court Justices, Congressmen, and the then running for Senator, Barack Obama. He thought it was insane. Gee…wonder why Dick Chaney didn’t call him a traitor? Did I miss that? Why does he get a pass and Snowden doesn’t?

Instead of us all being outraged by the government that is doing this, our attention is RE-directed to the new villain on the screen: Snowdon. He’s in Russia. He’s in Cuba. He is cavorting with the communists. He is destroying the world.

There are two sides to this story. You either believe that the government is right, or you believe that Snowdon was trying to do the right thing. It depends on who you trust.

There IS a another side.—- IF we are attacked by terrorists, then you can bet your next boy-child that they will  blame that traitor, Edward  Snowdon for it. NOBODY in our government will be blamed for not protecting us.

Nobody. They are never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever to blame.

And that’s the psychosocial war-game that they have already won…isn’t it?

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Global Warming Now Send Email Jokes…

Nobody Gets Email

The elites will continue to push Global warming, and they are getting very creative at propaganda. Here they put two liberal messages in one so-called joke. Message One: Men are stupid and mess up nature.  Message Two: People that live in the suburbs are morons and all this mowing of lawns is a complete waste of God’s green earth.

It was sent to me by my liberal friend JR….and he thought it was true and clever, but of course he did. Note that since many liberals do not believe in God, isn’t it clever how they used GOD in the joke? I’ll let you ponder that.


Conversation between God and St. Francis. It would be funny if it weren’t so true…

GOD–Frank,  you know all about gardens and nature. What in the world is going on down there on the planet? What happened to the dandelions, violets, milkweeds and stuff I started eons ago? I had a perfect no-maintenance garden plan. Those plants grow in any type of soil, withstand drought and multiply with abandon. The nectar from the long-lasting blossoms attracts butterflies, honey bees and flocks of songbirds. I expected to see a vast garden of colors by now. But, all I see are these green rectangles.God

St. FRANCIS: It’s the tribes that settled there, Lord. The Suburbanites. They started calling your flowers ‘weeds’ and went to great lengths to kill them and replace them with grass.

 GOD: Grass? But, it’s so boring. It’s not colorful. It doesn’t attract butterflies, birds and bees; only grubs and sod worms. It’s sensitive to temperatures. Do these Suburbanites really want all that grass growing there?

 ST. FRANCIS: Apparently so, Lord. They go to great pains to grow it and keep it green. They begin each spring by fertilizing grass and poisoning any other plant that crops up in the lawn.

 GOD: The spring rains and warm weather probably make grass grow really fast. That must make the Suburbanites happy.

ST. FRANCIS: Apparently not, Lord. As soon as it grows a little, they cut it-sometimes twice a week.

 GOD: They cut it? Do they then bale it like hay?

ST. FRANCIS: Not exactly, Lord. Most of them rake it up and put it in bags.

 GOD: They bag it? Why? Is it a cash crop? Do they sell it?St. Francis

ST. FRANCIS: No, Sir, just the opposite. They pay to throw it away.

 GOD: Now, let me get this straight. They fertilize grass so it will grow. And, when it does grow, they cut it off and pay to throw it away?

 ST. FRANCIS: Yes, Sir.

 GOD: These Suburbanites must be relieved in the summer when we cut back on the rain and turn up the heat. That surely slows the growth and saves them a lot of work.

 ST. FRANCIS: You aren’t going to believe this, Lord. When the grass stops growing so fast, they drag out hoses and pay more money to water it, so they can continue to mow it and pay to get rid of it.

 GOD: What nonsense. At least they kept some of the trees. That was a sheer stroke of genius, if I do say so myself. The trees grow leaves in the spring to provide beauty and shade in the summer. In the autumn, they fall to the ground and form a natural blanket to keep moisture in the soil and protect the trees and bushes. It’s a natural cycle of life.

 ST. FRANCIS: You better sit down, Lord. The Suburbanites have drawn a new circle. As soon as the leaves fall, they rake them into great piles and pay to have them hauled away.Man mowing lawn

GOD: No! What do they do to protect the shrub and tree roots in the winter and to keep the soil moist and loose?

ST. FRANCIS: After throwing away the leaves, they go out and buy something which they call mulch. They haul it home and spread it around in place of the leaves.

GOD: And where do they get this mulch?

ST. FRANCIS: They cut down trees and grind them up to make the mulch.

GOD: Enough! I don’t want to think about this anymore. St. Catherine, you’re in charge of the arts. What movie have you scheduled for us tonight?

 ST. CATHERINE: ‘Dumb and Dumber’, Lord. It’s a story about….

GOD: Never mind, I think I just heard the whole story from St. Francis.

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Nobody Wonders About Hollywood’s Bones

Nobody Wonders…

How come, Democrats cannot see any correlation between video games and violence? Nobody Wonders if it’s because Hollywood is used daily by the liberals as the perfect vehicle for molding the minds of the masses. If you put a limit on violent images than the door opens up for all kinds of “limiting,” and that’s not something they want.Bones

I was thinking about this last night after watching an episode of “Bones.”

“Bones,” in case you have never seen it, is about a fictional genius character named Temperance Brennon— a forensic anthropologist, from the books of Kathy Reichs, who is herself is one in real life. She lives with an FBI guy named Steely Booth, and they both work for the Smithsonian and solve crimes.

There is a lot of fun science, and great characters, but Nobody Wonders, why they always have to put the “liberal” lessons in the story?

Last night, my husband and I were watching the latest episode of Bones, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Seely and the FBI psychologist were investigating some survival guy and his group. This guy had bought property, and built a bunker on that property, and so therefore, Seely, the FBI agent, and the psychologist, right away saw dangerous nut jobs.

In one scene, Seely, goes in with a group of FBI guys,  guns loaded to “catch” these dangerous citizens, who were underground playing checkers.

And I kept saying to my husband:

“It’s the guy’s own property! If he wants to buy property and build a bunker on it, it’s HIS land. He hasn’t done anything wrong. So, if nothing happens, he will just have wasted a lot of money, and  that’s HIS business…the only crime he’s committed is maybe wasting a lot of his own money…they can’t just go in guns a blasting legally, can they?”

Sure they can: They did it in New Orleans. Seely

The script was written, to show, that anyone who is a “survivalist” is a danger to America, and the FBI has a right to treat them as terrorists. Right out of Napolitano’s terrorists book, and placed in a very popular TV Sitcom. This stuff should not even be happening on a popular TV show, with fictional characters claiming that this very innocent American man was somehow a loon, a crazy nut job, on and on they went. I was disgusted that they left that whole scene in.

The show has feminist leanings…Dr. Brennen  is presented as pure logic, and superior to her FBI boyfriend. She never marries Seely, the father of her child because she sees no reason to, another liberal lesson for the masses: Women are superior and marriage is outdated.

America is being indoctrinated with the best writers in Hollywood.

Nobody Wonders just how many people are being molded into thinking that the man who lost his legs in Iraq, is a real threat: The people building bunkers underground are VERY dangerous, and getting married is stupid because they are big fans of the show?

I fear, too many…but then again, it’s not only the LEFT that can do this…right? Nobody Thinks the conservatives need to catch up…and this is a good start! The Devil

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Nobody Wonders If Lincoln Is Spinning in his Grave

Nobody Wonders

This week, I wrote about how the movie Lincoln was being used by the democrats as a “propaganda” film, to enforce the idea of further empowering the office of the Presidency, and I had forgotten about Bill Clinton introducing the movie at the Golden Globes last January. (more proof that this has been the plan all along.) Bill Clinton is helping the “Obama needs to be ‘Lincoln” fantasy” once more…in May:

Former President Bill Clinton is the 2013 recipient of the Lincoln Leadership Prize — the first time a former U.S. president has been awarded the prize, The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation announced Tuesday.  The leadership award honors “outstanding individuals for a lifetime of service in the spirit of President Abraham Lincoln,” and those who “manifest great strength of character, individual conscience, and an unwavering commitment to the defining principles of democracy,” the foundation said in a written news release.

Nobody Wonders if Lincoln would have also paid the past debts of someone in his cabinet….for the good of the country. Obama has just helped Hillary pay off HER debts….Hillary & Obama 2

Last week campaign disclosure reports revealed that Hillary Clinton had finally retired the debt from her 2008 presidential campaign—with a little help from the guy who beat her, Barack Obama. Clinton’s debt once totaled more than $20 million, although it had dwindled to about $250,000 by last year. That’s when a team of top Obama donors decided to surprise Clinton, and thank her for her loyal service, by raising enough money to pay off her bills.

Evidently, the love fest between Obama and Hillary grows…it wasn’t easy to get that money….Nobody Knows..just why Obama and the Clinton’s are so close? Just what is in this for the Clinton’s? Obama’s Vice Presidency? Mmmmmmm?

In the meantime, they continue their song and dance! (See my little Jibjab!)

Jib Jab


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Schwarzenegger: The New Goebbels

Nobody’s Opinion

“Scientific socialism” would hold especial attraction for intellectuals by promising to replace spontaneous and messy life with a rational order of which they would be the interpreters and mentors.–Richard Pipes


Sorry. I have been in the land of Hallmark’s Christmas, “Santa makes all your dreams come true” marathon all day yesterday. My husband had a nasty cold, so we watched 4 Hallmark movies in a row— in bed. In fact, we only stopped between movies to eat,  and then jumped right back under the covers again.  What’s endearing about my husband is that he keeps the Kleenex box on his side of the bed, and I have always wondered how in the world he knows when to hand me one. He just does. He doesn’t even look at me, he just reaches over, grabs one, and hands it to me at the perfect moment: You know, at the big ending where everyone that was fighting makes up, and Santa Clause finds his way home, and the orphan kids get a meal, and they find the lost puppy, and well…these movies are all about family, love, and doing what’s right. There are not too many “gay” love stories in them…yet. Most of the Hallmark Movies are in the traditional Christmas spirit.

And darn it…Where else can you get that kind of entertainment anymore? In the last ten years, Hollywood has been promoting its social messages in every sitcom, movie, and song. They’ve been cramming them down our throats. In other words, we are being socially engineered by some of the most brilliant minds on the planet, to accept all their future goals for the masses.

And now, “Professor” Arnold Schwarzenegger has been put in charge of a special school, where these new propaganda artists will be trained to …as he puts it, “educate” the masses. Film, art, and government will become one entity, much as in old Germany. An institute to train future artists to continue…globalization.

He held a panel at the school on C-Span today, which consisted of Ron Meyer, President of Universal Studios, Brain Grazer of Imagine Entertainment (Apollo 13) Rob Friedman, Co-Chairman of Lionsgate, and Jimmy Iovine, record producer of Bruce Springsteen among others.

The giants.

Arnold said very bluntly that his institute was there to bring students and world leaders together to “educate, inform, and change attitudes.”

And these men were obviously proud of the social issues they had educated us on. They were all very proud of Brokeback Mountain for instance. What was very clear is how seriously these men took what they perceived to the social issues of the day. EVERYONE in America needed to be trained, educated, and taught how to think and act…and they knew how to get that message across.

The issues? Name every liberal issue you can think of…we’re going to see more of it: climate change, global warming, women empowerment, end of life issues (euthanasia) eating healthy, immigration, race,  etc….

In other words..Marxist propaganda all wrapped up in big smile— like only Arnold can deliver.

Yes, right there in Southern California, Arnold’s propaganda ministry will be training future propagandists for the global government.

Just look at who’s on the board: This is from Arnold’s website—

The new institute’s bipartisan Board of Advisors includes international leaders in business, public service and education. Initial members include Henry Cisneros, who as San Antonio’s mayor became the first Hispanic-American mayor of a major U.S. city and was appointed by President Bill Clinton as secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; Vicente Fox, who served as president of Mexico from 2000 to 2006; Rajendra Kumar Pachauri, chair of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; George Shultz, economist and statesman who served as U.S. Secretary of State from 1982 to 1989; Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann; and Kandeh K. Yumkella, director-general of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

Guiding principles include: science and evidence must play an important role when finding solutions to policy and social issues; local solutions are often the best means to solve global problems; and future leaders, including students and young people, must help shape the solutions for our future

The USC Price School of Public Policy, established in 1929, is one of the premier schools of its kind in the nation. Through a time-honored commitment to public service, a legacy of strong connections to professional leaders and a world-renowned research portfolio, the school’s faculty, students and alumni work to improve the quality of life for people and their communities worldwide. The USC Price School of Public Policy is at the forefront of research and teaching on today’s major issues, including: housing and real estate markets, environmental sustainability, health care, economic development, transportation and infrastructure, governance and leadership, nonprofits and philanthropy, civic engagement, immigration and the impact of terrorism

Gee…sounds like you, dear poor pathetic uneducated citizen won’t have too much to say about any of this…but you can be sure they will try to ‘entertain’ you while you’re being brainwashed.

And Arnold may be a registered Republican, but like New York Mayor Bloomberg, there’s not a thing conservative about the man.

On September 27, 2006 Schwarzenegger signed a bill creating the nation’s first cap on greenhouse gas emissions.  He left California with a record high deficit, and worked with the Chinese Government to build a bridge there.

The politicians and Hollywood are practically united. This instituted will seal the final deal…and Nobody is more afraid than me, that these old Hallmark Christmas movies will someday stop, because they offend our Muslims citizens.

I did notice they are keeping a lot of the old Christmas songs out of them….even this year.

So…Arnold has a new job. He is now the New American Goebbels.  His father, would be proud.

Nobody Thinks I’m going to miss those old Hallmark Christmas moves…someday. Where else can you find so many happy endings? With all these morons taking control of our lives and taking away our religion, our free speech, our jobs, our dreams and Christmas wishes….happy endings are getting harder to come by…

Pass the Kleenex.

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Cloud Atlas: Toxic Gas

Nobody’s Opinion

If you have been thinking about seeing the Tom Hanks movie, Cloud Atlas,  and you are like me..a conservative, then please…I will give you a heads up and tell you: don’t waste your money. Money is precious at this time, and the money you spend on this movie could be used for a nice meal out.

I was sucked into seeing it, because of the Sci-Fi scenes that I saw on the trailers. And when I saw Tom Hanks and Halle Barry being interviewed, they BOTH promoted it as a love story through time. Trust me, that was done on purpose. This was not “The Curious Life of Bejamin Buttons.” What you get when they’ve got you in the theater is one nightmare liberal social programming scene after another.

Tom and Halle barely fall in love anywhere in the film, instead you are bombarded with some sick barf of a liberal psychotic dream…the big fricking social messeage being: are you ready for this…?

OUR LIVES OUR NOT OUR OWN  (see video) Who knew?

In this movie slaves are being whipped, there are messages about how a big oil company is going  to buy a Nuke plant and blow it up for the oil industry to continue, and a full-blown love affair with two gay gays who, I noticed during the “gay” scene, the only other person in the theater, one man alone, got up and left. I would have left if not for the fact that well…Joyanna, you now have invested in this crap, and you’d better watch it and warn everybody else.

I guess some social engineering guy somewhere has decided that if you shove enough gay people making love and kissing onsecreens everywere, sooner or later we will all accept it as lovely. They are going to brainwash you into not wanting to “gag” everytime you witness it. Gay rights are one thing,…but brainwashing is quite another.

Oh…global warming was in there…the seas were rising in the future, and there was a revolution at the end, lead by a regular Budda black man, probably related to Reverend Wright.

The gay guy committed suicide because of “abuse.” He had a job taking notation from a composer that he could have walked away from ANYTIME…but of course he ends up shooting the man.

And then back to slavery…

I don’t know about you, but I am literally fed up to here having to watch over and over and over again white men beating slaves. Guess what…white men don’t own slaves in America anymore. If anything, it’s the black man who is “beating” the white man now. And I am sick to death of it.

The whole message of the film was white men are the evil ones. There was lots of talk about “tribes” and men looking down on women (got the “poor” women bit in there) Big corporations are evil. And then there was the violence…And bascially the whole film was done simply to put out all the liberal oligarchy messages..right into your little global citizen brain.


In other words, if you want to “stick” to your tribe, dear future maggots underneath our dear Hollywood superior elites, you will DO as we say, LIVE how we say, GIVE UP to the common good as we say…all because the great Tom Hanks and beautiful Halle Barry are making movies to guide you to see the truth in your ‘obvious’ bigotry, ignorance, and unwillingness to give up your Constitution right to life, liberty and your own very individual pursuit of Happiness.

They also question God…there is not a god, but maybe reincartnation…and that concept has no more proof than real faith, and yet they will use it for now…to control the masses in KARMA. Or THE SECRET, or Oparh Winfrey’s revelations,  or Madonna’s newest global Kabala with a exercise gym, faith crap.

I can’t say this enough: I am sick of all the social brainwashing crap. National Geographic is putting out a big Obama propaganda film on how Obama killed Bin Laden.

I am NOT going to watch it.

Anyway, I’m mad that I wasted so much money on this movie. I will never ever pay to see another Tom Hanks or Halle Berry propaganda movie ever agin in my life.. While there were a few seconds of comedy in the movie, it was not worth the pop. I walked out of that thearter wondering how Tom Hanks could be so bad.

Trust me. It’s garbage. Rent it if you must for educational purposes, but be prepared to be bombarded with YOUR LIFE IS NOT YOUR OWN…

Cloud Atlas really was nothing but a lot of bad gas.

And keep your life…tell them to go shove theirs into their libearl clouds of tyranny and go move to another planet. Now THAT’s a movie I’d pay to see twice!

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Nobody’s Perfect: Frightened Seniors

Nobody’s Perfect

If you watched the video (go ahead, the rest will make more sense) you have to ask yourself: why in the WORLD would anyone who has been on this planet for 81 years say such a terrible thing to a little boy?

What has she done with her life? And WHY in the world is she driving a bus at 81 years old? Obviously, this lady is scared. She should be scared of getting sick instead of Romney, because with Obamacare, if she needs any kind of heart surgery, or cancer treatment, she will just have to get off the bus of life and die.—Which some would say, would be sweet Karma.

So what is happening to some of our Seniors? You would THINK.. they would see Obama for what he is.

I ran into one of these “Seniors” today. She was behind me in the line at the grocery store. We both started putting up our items out of our carts, and as I was lifting my milk to put up on the counter, she said, “I can’t believe how much money food costs! it’s half of what I spend!”

She was dressed nice, with short white hair, a pretty face, and blue eyes that once upon a time, must have broken a few hearts.

I laughed and agreed with her. “I know, I spend a good portion of the paycheck on groceries, and there’s only two of us.” I said, as I slammed the 24 pack of “purified” water on the counter. I said I would never pay for “water” and yet, my husband is addicted to it, and now, so am I.

Americans…can sell you ANYTHING.

Having found an agreement with me..she continued, “Yes, things are bad, and when my husband died, his company went bankrupt and left me without any health insurance, and I’m now 93 years old!” But she had remarried when she was 72. Already, I was admiring this lady. I thought to myself, “The older people know…she must be a conservative, like me!”

The conversation continued as we both pulled our carts over to start our bagging.

“You know, I can remember when gas was 23cents a gallon. My son’s company moved overseas and at 50 he had to find another job. I have seen a lot in my lifetime.” she said.  “And everything is so expensive these days. I feel so sorry for the younger generations.”

Having filled our baskets up, we both continued talking while getting our stuff to the car, which just happened to be parked next to one another.

“You know” I said. “Its so nice to talk to someone who sees the condition of the country, and you must be upset to see the changes that have happened.”

“Yes…you know the rich are going to get richer, and the poor will get poorer, and we will just be like all the other countries.”

And then she said, “You know…Romney keeps his money in the Cayman island!”

She could have thrown a watermelon at my head, and I wouldn’t have been more surprised.

I realized that this women…was actually scared—but not too bright. She had been told, by Obama,  that all the things happening in her life were due to rich people trying to screw them, and so she was going to vote for Obama.

Sadly, the only thing I could say was, “I’d rather vote for a rich man, a Christian man, than vote for a Muslim. America, is a Christian country.”

I know, stupid. What can you say in 30 seconds to reeducate and soothe the fears of a person who has been brainwashed, and has no clue? You can’t.

Obama has literally repeated the same lies over and over and over…a point used by Hilter’s propaganda minster Goebbels.

Repeat a lie long enough, and it will become the truth. And for so many people, it has. Romeny is a rich, evil man.

And the lie continues.

Those 81 years olds…can barely get by. The dollar has been so devalued they have to keep working…like the rest of us, just to survive..And Obama has told them Romney wants their Social Security.

That is no excuse for telling some little boy he should have been aborted, but then again, that’s how the liberal minds works. Only the “left” should be allowed to live.

America….can sell you anything, especially if you scare them while you’re doing it.

And to many in that nation, they are selling… a madman.

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