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Were Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck Complete “Asses” Today?

Nobody Wonders

There are two established conservative voices who basically rule the daytime radio waves: Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck...and both of them today, attacked Trump’s Presidential run with the almost laughable insensibility of a Whoopi Goldberg in heat.

First: let me say one thing: I have been an established radio listener for years, mostly because I worked at night..and you could say, I’m a political junkie.  So, I REMEMBER what both these guys have said in the past, and the one thing they always say they insist they hate…is name calling.

Because that’s what liberals do when they can’t think of a legitimate argument.

And yet….Trump


That’s exactly what both these guys did to Trump today on the radio.

Let’s start with Rush: He called Trump, an ass. Did he say anything about the many fine points he made in his speech? No. Well gee. There you go. And he’s worried that what Trump said would resonate with many people.

Ya think Rush?

Ross Perot, a man I voted for twice, was also called some names. To Rush, anybody trying to destroy the Republican Party is a traitor.

Well, maybe the Republican Party should be destroyed if it keeps putting in morons.

I am a Rush fan, but if you listen to Rush you have to understand, that Rush became successful in a time when America was doing very well…and that’s when Reagan was President. He made his fortune all by himself (So did Donald, but somehow that point never crosses his mind) and therefore he thinks ALL Americans can do, just what he did. He still thinks America is doing well, we just have a liberal in the White House.

How can I put this: Rush and conservatives believe that not ALL men are equal, so, they cannot all succeed.  AND YET…when it comes down to it, Rush believes everybody can.  And he says it daily. You start getting into a hornet’s nest of reasons WHY many people despite their best efforts DON’T. (Another blog)

You can’t have it both ways Rush.

Rush will help elect whatever established GOP candidate that will be nominated. He will use all his powers to get everyone to vote for Jeb, and he will continue to compare Trump to Ross Perot.

Accept the fact that Rush only supports POLITICIANS.  He thinks only a politician can run the great United States of America….and good lord, look where they have taken us. Trump is right.Rush Limbaugh

(He should read his own Rush Revere books)

But Rush calling Trump an ass, was not as funny as Glenn Beck today.

Glenn Beck’s MAIN reason against Trump, is that Trump…is…arrogant.

Now…follow this logic. If you had listened to Trump’s speech, he brags about what he is worth. This is Trump. He wins, he gloats, he’s PROUD…an arrogant man cannot occupy the White House says Beck.

I will do a piece on arrogance but not today…

To go on with his story: Glenn and his family stayed at the Trump Towers for 10 days. The service was impeccable.  He then “bragged” that he wanted to stay at another famous hotel, but because they wouldn’t allow Glenn to bring his personal dietary chef, he was forced to stay at Trump’s hotel.  He got EXCELLENT service from the Trump Hotel. And so, when Donald Trump called him to ask him if everything was okay…Glenn said that everything was fabulous and named names, to which Donald Trump said, “Well, that’s because I keep an eye on all my people.”

To Glenn Beck: This was the height of arrogance. Donald Trump should have praised his people, because that’s what Glenn would have done.  To Glenn, Trump took all the credit.

So he’s not fit to be President.Glenn Beck

Here’s the funny part: By telling this story about how he stayed at Trump Towers, Glenn Beck was telling the world that he TOO was rich, (yes he was bragging) and on top of that, he saw no problem in the fact that he wanted special treatment from hotels because he wanted them to accommodate his own personal chef, who no doubt, needed to use their kitchens.

King Beck. Please…talk to us about arrogance.

What he didn’t realize is that nobodies like me are thinking “Gee, if Trump is making SURE that the people who work for him are doing the very best job possible, just THINK how he would watch over the country? And Glenn Beck, you are becoming a big elite snob, —-the worst kind…like the Clinton’s, the Obama, the Bushes…you tell everyone that everything you do is for THEM!

Really? Come on. How much are you making off those tee-shirts?

The only reason you think you are superior to Trump is because you would praise others before yourself, because in the ‘lords’ grace, that’s not right.  It’s all about your “image.”

Is Glenn Beck REALLY humble? Listen to him for a few weeks and the answer is pretty clear.

So…if I had to pick between a hotel run by Glenn Beck, or one by Trump, who would I pick? Would Glenn Beck’s hotel make room for everybody’s personal chef?

Nobody Wonders.Ass

Oh…and by the way, I think I backed up my reason for this outburst…and can say with all honesty..

Russ and Glenn—You were both incredible asses today.

It’s one thing to not like Donald Trump. It’s quite another to resort to petty name calling.


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Nobody’s Fool: The Master—Rush Limbaugh

Nobody’s Fool

Not exactly a great video, but we don’t need to see Rush to appreciate, why he’s the master.


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Rush Limbaugh: Too Big to Fail

Nobody’s Opinion

SMERCONISH: “—too many politicians are taking their cues from men with microphones. And why would they do that? Because we’ve got hyperpartisan districts, we’ve got closed primaries, and we’ve got the influence of money. So it’s all related. But, yeah, they’re taking their cues from the talk crowd and the cable TV crowd and it’s to the detriment of the country.”

Who do you think Smerconish is after with his new book, TALK? Rush Limbaugh— of course! If there is one man in the country, who has brought real conservatives back into the government, his name is Rush. Rushbo. Rush the magnificent. He goes by many names, and he drives the left wild with anger.

And he has been doing this for longer than we can remember.

The left has tried hard to silence him, and they can’t. They tried to ruin him when he was hooked on pain pills. They tried to ruin him when he lost his hearing. But he keeps coming back.

And like a hungry shark in the dark waters of politics, Rushbo eats them alive. Liberal talk radio shows ALWAYS crash and burn…and why? I mean, had you ever heard of this guy before today? I hadn’t.

And Rush drives them crazy.

So, how DO they get rid of him? They got a liberal to write a fictionist book, trashing the man…himself. You are supposed to read this fiction and know what a fake, and stupid man Rush Limbaugh really is.  Michael Smerconish puts his anger into words:

 “I think it’s entertainment masked as news and I wanted to expose it because I think it’s had a horrific impact on polarization and incivility in the country.”

Right. To the Smerfy liberals of the country, anybody who disagrees with their communist/socialist agenda is polarizing the country. And it should. And who are the most uncivil people in the country?

People like Michael:

“I’m not Stan Powers, I’m not the protagonist. I didn’t say things just so that my star would rise. Listen, to the contrary, guys, and you know this, I voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and I did it in a public way. I did it in a public way. If I were motivated by my career interest, I’d have shut my mouth and closed that curtain because that’s how you succeed in this business.”

WHAT? You KNEW that backing Obama would be unpopular? What do you want…a cookie? The Pulitzer? Obama’s special invite to the White House? Tina Fey to take you to Cancun?

Michael thinks that Rush is just an entertainer. Obama has said this many times.  It’s the common liberal attack when it comes to Rush. But, unlike Obama, Rush doesn’t need Beyoncé to keep his rating up, and they just can’t understand it. It’s beyond their comprehension.

Here’s some more: KING:

“It’s good to see you because many times when I used to listen to talk radio, it’s hard to do now, I used to listen to these guys, Michael, and say, “They can’t possibly believe what they’re saying.” And after reading your book, Talk- KING: Did you always believe what you were saying? SMERCONISH: I believed what I was saying at all times. I look back, Gayle, and I say, “My God, over the span of two decades I’ve said plenty of ridiculous things.” But at the moment that I offered them, they were in my heart.”

The cue in this last statement is how very rich, elite, snobs just can’t possible relate to the working man’s Rush Limbaugh. The working guy, is busy WORKING, and so they listen to Rush— in the bars, in their cars, at work— they relate to him. Liberals wouldn’t be caught DEAD listening to the radio. They have their IPAD, and IPHONES, and FACEBOOK…all those places where they learn so much…..nothing.

Oh sure, there have been times when even I have been angry with Rush. When George Bush did the bailout, he remained silent. He tried to get the nation to vote for Hillary as a joke. I had a hard time understanding that one.

And he was always putting down Independents. Being a proud member of Republican Party, Rush actually believes that it was the independents that were ruining their chances at the voting booth.

I would scream at the radio, “RUSH! Stop putting down the independents! They love the constitution just like you, you big lug! The GOP are just as corrupt! It was JUST a birthday cake for goodness sakes!”

The people knew the Republican Party had left Rush Limbaugh’s conservative America, he just didn’t know it yet. …or refused to believe it. Rush stayed true to the GOP far longer than the American people.

BUT–it was Rush Limbaugh that helped get the Republicans back in control of the House in 1994, after the democrats had controlled Congress for over 40 years.

He helped get George Bush elected–twice. It’s no wonder George gave him a birthday cake at the White House.

Romney lost, because Rush thought too many conservatives stayed home. (Frankly I don’t think they did.)

And Michael is right: there are more independents in the country than republicans or democrats now, because both parties are corrupt, and the American people know it.

Rush took some time coming to the people, but he finally did. Here’s the Rush Limbaugh that Michael thinks is just so much entertainment, and you have to wonder: what radio talk show host you know can beat this? There isn’t any.

Rush does entertain. But he entertains with love for the country, and for the people in it. We want the truth, and Rush speaks what he thinks, with humor, with conviction, and with knowledge…and you can get it while you’re changing the oil in your car. And it…free.

Smerconish has no idea where the people are that listen to Rush. He says he pumps his own gas tank and actually talks to people, and those people don’t like Rush. He doesn’t get it.

Once again…we are suppose to give him a gold star for pumping his own gas. Gee.

But, Smerconish is right on one thing: Fox, Drudge, Rush, Savage, Levine…they draw the biggest ratings again and again.

.Michael says:

“They’re taking their cues from the talk crowd and the cable TV crowd.”

He’s right

“and it’s to the detriment of the country.”

No, in fact, Rush and his radio spawns: Hannity, Savage, Levine, are the only ones trying to save it, Michael, and if not for Rush Limbaugh, YOU would not be having your 15 minutes of fame.

The truth is: conservatism is logic. Liberalism, is illogical. Either you stand up and say 2 plus 2 DOES make four, and you BUILD that skyscraper, or you go the communist way and your crop fails. Liberals say it really doesn’t matter if you know anything…2 plus can equal six! Now, go live in this tent.

Yes, the liberals have one more big fence to crush to get total control: And his name is Rush Limbaugh.

Sorry Michael, I hate to break this to you, but like AIG,GM, and Wall Street— Rush Limbaugh is just too big to fail.

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Leave it to Rush…

Nobody Flashes–

I just had to flash this bit of sanity today, from the Master of opinion, Rush Limbaugh. I had just switched off THE FIVE, after listening to the four conservatives on the program, (FOX) say that the young whistleblower, Edward Snowden was “just trying to get attention” and suspicious because he fled to China. They believe in Obama’s take.


Nobody Thinks that Dana Perino is still getting talking points from her old boss George W.. She just pretty much dismissed the 4th amendment with a shrug of her shoulders.


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About That…..

“I had a nervous breakdown when I was 17 or 18—It didn’t feel like me at all, I felt really bad about straddling this buff guy. I didn’t like it. I couldn’t get out of bed for two weeks. I thought I was going to die.”–Kate Moss on how she felt after posing for Calvin Klein Jeans.

Nobody Wins.Kate Moss and Calvin

In a recent issues of Vanity Fair, there is a piece about the model Kate Moss, ( I know…who?)  included with a LOT of semi-nude pictures of various silly poses that graced the article. In fact: There were so many erotic shots, Nobody Thinks Vanity Fair is trying to become Playboy for feminists. If you pose nude in Vanity Fair: you are cool…to the rich.

Evidently Kate’s ability to pose nude whenever asked was  one of the reasons why Kate Moss had been so popular among the rich and famous. She started to take it all off at 15. They still can’t stop talking about it. She was their “wild child.” Dennis Freedman (big-shot fashion guy)  said, “And suddenly this little, unknown fresh face scruffy haired, no makeup boyish girl appears…” It seems, Kate Moss had the sex appeal of a child nymph. The kind of look one pictures some pedophilic staring at.

Because, she looks like a kid. She still does.

I sort of remember when this “shaped like a young boy” look when Twiggy was made popular in Vogue. Suddenly, the no hips, no bust, (well, not this pic) look of a young girl looking like a young boy was all the rage…and it carried on all through the sixties and seventies. No matter how hard they tried, most women just couldn’t pull it off.

At the time, I did not connect the dots. But now, I’m sure more than one gay designer were attracted more to those models than the busty ones. They were ‘expressting” their desires. They were attracted to the young boys. Except, they had to work with women. YOUNG women. So they made them look like young boys.  Nobody Thinks…it’s was a no-brainer that these fashion designers were pleasing themselves.Twiggy

Now…before you think I’m crazy…Rush Limbaugh was talking about this subject the other day. He had read an article in The Guardian, claiming, (Insanity check here) that sex with children does not harm them:

“It caused barely a ripple. ‘Childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in with an adult,’ it read, ‘result in no identifiable damage … The real need is a change in the attitude which assumes that all cases of pedophilia result in lasting damage.’” So you see it’s you who have to reorient your thinking. It’s you who have to get rid of your bigotry. It’s you that have to open up and become more tolerant. It is you judgmental people who think this is child abuse when it isn’t.

‘Adult sexual attraction to children is part of the continuum of human sexuality; it’s not something we can eliminate,’ she says.

Anyone, who has experienced sexual abuse as a child, would want to throw this woman in jail.Rush Limbaugh

To that Rush had to say this:

There is a movement on to normalize pedophilia, and I guarantee you your reaction to that is probably much the same as your reaction when you first heard about gay marriage. What has happened to gay marriage? It’s become normal — and in fact, with certain people in certain demographics it’s the most important issue in terms of who they vote for. So don’t pooh-pooh. There’s a movement to normalize pedophilia. Don’t pooh-pooh it. The people behind it are serious, and you know the left as well as I do. They glom onto something and they don’t let go… You know how much progress the notion of gay marriage has made. So I’m just keeping you here on the cutting edge.

What has this got to do with young boyish looking models posing nude in fashion?

It’s all about the culture. Fashion has been subliminally making the young, almost gay, very fashionable for a very long time. Remember…it was called “unisex.”

It’s in the playbook of “How to break down the family.”

Rush was attacked for even talking about the subject, but NOBODY WINS if we don’t protect the children. There is NOTHING normal about sex with children.  shatter the silence

Kate Moss left home when she was young. She grew up in a broken home. No father was there to make her feel special, and it’s no wonder she took off her clothes so much.  She may be rich and famous, but I feel sorry for her. They say in the article that nobody really knows her…..

About that…..

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Andrew Breitbart Destroys Glenn Beck

Nobody’s Notes

I found this bit of radio gold, while I was over at the Alex Jones Site. It has some very severe criticism of Glenn Beck by the late Andrew Breitbart….his main complaint being that Glenn Beck stole from Alex Jones and Andrew every single day and never gave them credit

Nobody Thinks, that is true, as I use to watch his show, but it was not all stolen. He gave valuable history lessons that were not stolen and the country needed that.

Nobody also thinks that in Glenn’s mind…information was all free…on the internet, and he could pick and choose as he liked, much as the rest of us do. In this way, we see it’s rather more an internet problem. Remember all the trouble the music industry had with Napster? Songs were free, untill Steve Jobs figured out how to charge people for songs on the internet. All creative endeavors USED to get paid for their hard work, but now with the internet, much of it is free or next to nothing. The internet has single-handedly destroyed the newspaper industry…not many are left.

Still…not giving credit is sort of “rude.” He certainly should have, but he didn’t want to, for his own obvious reasons: success and money. Most people know Glenn is all about making money for himself, and Glenn does not deny it.  If you don’t want to listen to him plug his latest book, or his newest concert, or his new DVD…turn him off, that’s what I do.  Go listen to Rush, who sometimes promotes his latest ice tea products, and talks about football and his golf games, Alex Jones sometimes starts yelling, and Michael Savage gets really funny about his dog.

What are you going to do? Listen to Don Imus?

Still…this is the first real knock-out I’ve ever heard against Glenn Beck, it’s worth a listen. I still can’t believe he’s gone. (And by that I mean..Breitbart)



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Obama Fears…Sarah Palin?

Nobody’s Opinion

What perfect timing. The weekend that HBO released “Game Changer” which was made by liberals to show their own ‘passionate and tolerant’  version of that stupid, narcissistic, religious, moose- killer Sarah Palin, came out—Obama released this video warning just how dangerous this “mother- not- ready for Presidential primetime” really is.

What does this tell you? Barack Obama seems to be afraid that Sarah Palin will enter the race.

I watched “Game Changer” today, and if you don’t have the stomach for Marxist propaganda here’s the message: Sarah Palin is just a talented “mother”  who could NEVER compare to the Constitutional Lawyer in the White House because she— 1. Thought the Queen ran England, 2. Has the geopolitical knowledge of a first grader (At least she know how many states are in the Union) and 3. is JUST like Hillary Clinton and 4. Has too MANY children to worry about, poor dear, (subliminal message don’t have too many kids, it will mess up your career) and 5. Sarah lost the race for McCain because she ignored all directions given to her by the most wise and concerned political consultants that ever graced a Presidential campaign.

And most importantly, Sarah didn’t read any magazines, so because of her ignorance,  she lost the election for McCain.

OH…it goes much deeper than that, but you’ll have to watch it.

It’s beyond belief that the left thinks that the most important qualification for President is being able to site what magazines you read…and that tells you that they (liberals) all read the same ones.

Talk about dangerous.

McCain, played by that creepy Ed Harris, is made out to be  decent, caring, and honest (cough) politician—Yes— Mr. Honorable McCain was humiliated because of Sarah, and even DARTH VADER Cheney warned them all not to pick her.

So Nobody Knows what this means: Obama is scared…of Sarah Palin.  Really? No?  Go watch it…but …word of advice. Don’t drink or drive afterwards. Better yet…just go for the bee-bee gun: put up a few beer cans in the back yard.

Obama’s strategy is in full mode of attack— Tea party, Rush, Sarah,— any conservative that dares breathes the air of liberty in America.

This attack on Sarah, came fresh after last week’s attacks on Rush Limbaugh. While we all know that Nobody’s Perfect, Rush was not on his game…he played right into the hands of the left with his “slut”  remark. Every “creepy” feminist in the world came out screaming bloody murder about how poor Ms FLUKE was damaged. 

Note the word: Creepy. That’s what Bill Maher calls Rick Santorum. “THE CREEP.”

The President made a sooth Fluke’s poor bruised ego, and then called Hamid Karzai in Iran to soothe the Afghanistan’s for losing 16 people when an Army sergeant went besert and killed them all, and THAN called the Iraq government to say how sorry he was to hear about the 58 gay EMO”S that were stoned to death.

Wait…he didn’t call Iraq to say he was sorry about 58 young gays being stoned to death? Nobody Wonders: Did ANYONE apologized for the stoning death of 58 young gay men?

Nope. But Nobody Reports there definitely was not an apology from Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem, or Nancy Pelosi, whose job it is to stand up for the rights of ALL women, (gays included) No, they were too busy calling for all advertizing sponsors of all right wing talk show hosts to discontinue advertizing on those right-wing, hate filled, talk shows–they even named names: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin…and anyone who basically has a brain.

Limbaugh doesn’t just call people names,” they write. “He promotes language that deliberately dehumanizes his targets. Like the sophisticated propagandist Josef Goebbels, he creates rhetorical frames — and the bigger the lie the more effective — inciting listeners to view people they disagree with as sub-humans. His longtime favorite term for women, “femi-nazi,” doesn’t even raise eyebrows anymore, an example of how rhetoric spreads when unchallenged by coarsened cultural norms.”

Nobody Thinks the line “inciting listeners to view people they disagree with as sub-human.” is exactly what they are doing. Bill Maher, as everyone has pointed out, makes his living doing just that.

Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem, two icons of the liberal feminist establishment, are taking aim at Rush Limbaugh in a bid to end the career of America’s most popular conservative talk show host. They just want him fired.

In another landmark case for free speech…The liberal creepy siren Gloria Allred has stated that Limbaugh should be arrested.

Well, let’s arrest all the men who have called any woman a slut, and throw all women who call men sluts in with them. Let’s start with the biggest pod of that category: our elected leaders.

Nobody Remembers that there was a time in the United States when if someone was slandered so badly and it hurt his reputation so badly that it effects their bottom line, then they could be sued. Ms Fluke has not lost a dime due to Rush’s mistake. Rush on the other hand, has the entire force of Obama out to get him fired, and can lose millions.

But Rush is Nobody’s Fool. Short of a “heart attack” in the middle of the night, Rush will not be destroyed.

Nobody Wins when the left attacks with the full force of Hollywood and now major corporations.  They are out not only to destroy the established conservatives, they are out to destroy America.

At the end of the movie there is a scene when John McCain gives Sarah Palin some advice. He tells her to not fall in with the Rush Limbaugh crowd–proving that this stuff is all well-timed.

 Obama is not scared of Mitt, or Rick, or Newt. He’s scared of Sarah and Rush. And that means, he is very scared that of the American people. One thing we can agree on, is we all want a major game change—this time, we should try to get it right.  Right Jane?

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Nobody’s Perfect: Obama VS Rush

Nobody’s Perfect

Ah…Last week, we had the 30-year-old misabused Georgetown student named Fluke, who testified in front of Congress that ‘women students’ are walking around the Georgetown University (that she can’t seen to get enough good grades to graduate from)  depressed, because they don’t have the money to pay for birth control. NONE of these very wealthy “students” seem to be able to figure out how to get a man to buy a condom, (But they plan to win great cases in court) and so in her testimony, MS Fluke is out to save them all—all the poor little college girls–from collapsed fallopian tubes, mental illness, rashes, cancer…etc.

Suddenly, a woman without a birth control pill is a woman condemned to suffer untold maladies. No other time in history has this occurred.

Upon hearing all this total nonsense, Rush Limbaugh reacted much the same way a majority of the men in the world reacted, you know, the ones that still think ladies “exist” …and blurted out the fact that she is asking the American people to fund her “very humongous thirst for sex” (my words)  thereby making the American taxpayers the “pimp and her the slut.”

Rush got down.

Liberals in the world, can call a woman a slut, ho, bitch, fuck, cunt…and we all know it–and it’s considered very cool. But it’s the conservative that gets slammed when they slip— and why? Obvious isn’t it? They hardly ever resort to that level because they have respect for women. Liberals don’t.

Rush is now losing his advertisers because this woman, was handpicked to cause an uproar, as sure as Hillary Clinton was handpicked to take down Richard Nixon. (Not that Nixon didn’t need to be taken down) but  it’s the hypocrisy that screams to be noticed.

So, let’s take the gloves off. This Nobody as a woman, thinks Obama and his wife owe all the women in the United States an apology. Also, the blacks. They love to have “rappers” in the White House at all their parties. Rappers don’t sing,  Not much. They say the most disgusting thing about women and black people that anyone can imagine. The above video is JAY -Z…who has been to the White House many times.

Here’s the Chorus to Jay-Z wonderful song: ..”Ain’t No Nigger Like the One I got…No One Can Fuck You Better.”

I advise you to closely listen to the words. Obama and Michelle love this guy.

Another favorite of Michelle is Mr. Common. (see video below)

These people DISGRACE the White House.. And the White House is not Obama’s House, it’s the people’s house. If they want to throw birthday parties for themselves with their rapper friends who pretty much put all woman in the slut category, and also the n word every other line, then let them do it when they get out of office.

What great parents huh?

Obama of course, called Ms Fluke right on cue. He saw an opening and he went for the throat of Rush Limbaugh…who said this?  

“This is the mistake I made: In fighting them on this issue last week, I became like them. Against my own instincts, against my own knowledge, against everything I know to be right and wrong, I descended to their level when I used those two words to describe Sandra Fluke. That was my error.

A woman of class would have said, “I accept the apology.” Not Fluke, because she is not a lady of class.

We all know this is to keep the focus off Obama.

Nobody Bets that MS Fluke will be dancing at the next rapper party in the White House, and will be smiling when Jay Z comes over to here and says, “No One Can Fuck You Better!” I wouldn’t doubt if Obama lets them stay in the Lincoln Bedroom, which has been rented out so many times by Democrats,  it’s seen more traffic than the Bunny Ranch.

Nobody hopes the conservative women will come out on this issue. We must stand up for the conservative men..and demand a President who doesn’t hang around with “sluts.”

If Jay-Z doesn’t fit that bill, I don’t know who does..

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