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Ann Coulter Proves that THE DOCTORS are not Scientists

Nobody Wins

Recently, a brand new program to ‘educate’ Americans is gaining popularity here. It’s called The Doctors and this year the original four doctors have added a few more women…just what they DIDN’T need.

From left to right you have: A pediatrician, Jim Sears, a Dr. of psychology, Wendy Walsh, E.R. physician, Travis Stork, a ‘wellness expert’ Julian Michaels, OB/GYN Lisa Masterson, and plastic surgeon, Dr. Drew Ordon. They are here to save you, because they are experts.

This week they are talking about “sex.” And the guys, like all smart men everywhere, kept completely quiet. The women took off on their biggest tantrum ..single motherhood. And they went against the conservative heroine of wit, Ann Coulter— who has never backed down from a good fight.

Of course, that’s why they had her on…to fight.

The women “doctors” which consist of a gynecologist, a “wellness expert” and a psychiatrist all came from the same school: single mothers can raise a child and be a father, no questions asked.
Ann’s position: No way can mothers be fathers, period.

Someone with an online Social Work Degree  could attest to that.

Whoa…do not say that to women who have got degrees, are successful, and do not even want to wait around for some ‘father’. Jillian Michaels, was especially adamant that she had more money, more time, more love than many of the dysfunctional couples out there. She did NOT need a man. The new career women want that child, like they want those new shoes, and they can give it all they want they say. They have been brainwashed: women can have it all.


Now…the three men on the panel..said…nothing. Not a word. Not that the women would have let them talk. So, either they were told to shut up and let the feminist agenda of women raising babies on their own continue because they are making millions, and it’s the state’s agenda, OR…they secretly want to bed one or two of these beauties and don’t want to spoil their chances. Either way, THIS is why things won’t change. When good men say nothing. Where’s the TV program where men can say, “Hey, no woman is going to do what I can do?”

The real reason all these ladies threw such a hussy fit, (at least in Jullian’s case)  is because they secretly WANT a man but can’t find one, and for good reason. So, they have to say, “well women can do it all” just to make themselves feel better.

Ann was right. Statics show that 90 percent of jails are filled with men from single moms. As she said, it’s like some smokers can say “I never got lung cancer!” but most lung cancer is caused by smoking.
The other women never acknowledged Ann’s superior logic. BUT…the bachelor man (Travis) ended the fight and thanked Ann in such a way, that it was clear to this nobody, AND to Ann, that he was on her side.
Too bad he didn’t say it.


And to make matters worse, at the end of the show, Travis told us all about the endorphins caused in our brains from great sex, while smiling big about how much HE likes sex, and it’s just too bad, that he didn’t turn to all those empty womb feminist doctors, whose hormones were screaming night and day for a pregnancy—That: It’s okay girls…you feel bad because your hormones are controlling your brain. Let me help you out….the doc is in.

Nobody Wins when the feminists rule, and The DOCTORS keep silent.
Makes you really wonder…whatever they are teaching the doctors now, it sure isn’t how to use their own common sense.

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    Comment by Mia Parking | October 20, 2014 | Reply

  2. wow, ann coulter is actually hot here lol


    Comment by | October 22, 2013 | Reply

  3. My lady doctor, who is English and who persuaded her English husband to move here to Oz only a few years ago, has now ‘got a divorce’, so now she has it all. A career, a divorce and two father-at-a-distance children. He had to move out. and live elsewhere. Of course.

    My last three or four consultations have seen me sitting there doing what I did for 20 odd years: listening to a tale of woe and self-justification. Now if only she would pay ME, I might provide some of that advice the male doctors quietly did not. I agree that when men say nothing, the situation is unlikely to get better, but heck, quid me anxious sum? I am retired.


    Comment by amfortas | August 17, 2012 | Reply

  4. That’s three minutes of my life I’ll never get back. That ‘blog’ was worse than a typical yahoo contributor.


    Comment by Andrew | August 16, 2012 | Reply

    • LOL! I hate to see what you do with the other remaining minutes! Nobody Wants to know.


      Comment by joyannaadams | August 17, 2012 | Reply

  5. The vet down the road calls herself ‘Doctor’. And the naturopath further down.

    The ‘real’ doctors’ are not even real. They have batchelor’s degrees.

    My own ‘doctor’ is a woman. Right now she is on leave and when she is on duty it is for five hours a day, four days a week. Fortunately there are some chap-type doctors on hand for all the other hours. I reckon she will have to do 15 years or more to get 4 or 5 years of the men’s experience. Another fortunate thing is that doctors here are really gatekeepers who refer you to the appropriate specialist. I have yet to meet a female specialist.

    Lest someone thinks I am an unreconstructed old misogynist, I am not. I have a great respect for ‘Equality’. Women can – and should – do all the different work that men do. Unfortunately most women do not think this way. They claim that they can, and even claim they can do better, but work half-time or less and almost wholly ignore the difficult and dangerous and dirty work. That’s ‘mens work’, it seems.

    They want the same pay though.


    Comment by Amfortas | September 16, 2011 | Reply

  6. I agree with your last sentence 100%. They’re not taught much else either except how to push drugs.


    Comment by The harem's master | September 15, 2011 | Reply

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