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Lucas, Beyonce, and the Commander- in- Chief

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As you watch the trailer to Red Tails: is it me? Or is every white person in the movie racist? Just saying.

“Money gave me exactly what I wanted, power over others.”—Oscar Wilde

Today it was released on CNN that Obama is leading in campaign donations. He has about $220 million to spend as compared to that snobby, rich, job-busting, mean capitalist-leading Republican Romney, who has only $56 million.

It helps when you don’t have to pay for your own travel expenses.

While they say most of the donations are in small amounts, from all the millions who love him..Nobody Wonders if those ‘small’ amounts are coming from some Saudi King laundered into a “democratic NGO” of some kind.

Really, if it’s the poor minorities, who voted 95 percent for Obama in the last election where they claim he gets the bulk of it, somehow it’s hard to imagine 16 percent of the population donating even $50 dollars apiece. The math doesn’t add up. Besides, most of his following are in the unemployed 45 percent. So, the man who claims to be with the poor man is actually getting more cash from the rich, like his friends in Hollywood and Wall Street (as it is being reported) than the Republicans. But, he doesn’t want you to know that.

The man who hates the rich actually has some rich friends that he adores. Two of his favorite friends are —

George Lucas and Beyonce.

Beyonce not only sang at his inauguration ball, she is helping Michelle with her “move on” program. And to set a fine example for their “race,” Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z just spent $1.5 million dollars spoiling their new little baby, Blue Ivy. She has a $15,000 Swarovski high chair, a $22,000 crib, a $600,000 solid gold rocking horse, and a mini Bugatti Car.  

Remember it was Obama that once said: There comes a point when the rich have enough money.If he believed that, then he shouldn’t even be talking to Beyonce.  I’d say buying a solid- gold rocking horse for your baby would go well beyond Obama’s definition of ‘enough.’ 

George Lucas, is another great bud. He not only leant the furry Chewbacca to help the Obama’s out on their favorite holiday at the White house, he has made a film to help his old buddy out, called Red Tail. It’s a film to encourage the young black boys who are sitting around watching football to join the Air Force and military.

“I wanted to make it inspirational for teenaged boys. I wanted to show that they have heroes, they’re real American heroes, they’re patriots that helped to make the country what it is today. And it’s not Glory where you have a lot of white officers running these guys into cannon fodder. It’s like a real, they were real heroes.”

Unfortunately, Hollywood didn’t want to make it, because it would not make a profit…evidently the rest of the world is racist, not only America..or it’s because it’s jingoistic— as Lucas admits. Yes America, Lucas, who is a liberal, has made you a war movie.

Lucas continued, “It’s a reasonably expensive movie. Normally black movies, say Tyler Perry movies or something, you know, they’re very low budget, and, even they won’t release his movies. It goes to the lower, not major distributors. And they do well, but they do a certain amount of money, and they know what that is, and this cost more than those movies make.And they don’t believe there’s any foreign market for it. That’s 60 percent of their profit.”

He’s mad because those Jews that control Hollywood wouldn’t do a movie that would not make money.

Right. George Lucas, a man who made his billions off of that exact capitalistic concept; wants everyone else to be a socialist. Make the movie, even if it is a flop. We need to influence our black youth to join up, get a free education, and become Americans. Not a bad idea really. But, why should they? They can get a free education without joining the army. Obama really is a master. He got Lucas to make a film help him shore up his upcomng plans for a military of young black men, with his OWN money.  The “Jews” in Hollywood, that have always dropped their millions into democratic coffers are racists. That’s basically what Lucas is saying.

Well, then Mel Gibson can claim they hate Christians also, because they wouldn’t fund HIS movie “Passion” either.

Coming from a man who took a character named Jar -Jar Binks and put him in his Star Wars episode to be the most perfect modern “Negros” stereotype ever invented in the modern world…a character who you not only had trouble understanding when he talked, but acted stupid and dumb…well, that’s mighty white of him. I’m sure all the black children in the world understood Jar- Jar perfectly. The rest of us had trouble.

What Lucas doesn’t tell the black youth is that war makes cannon fodder out of everyone: the color of your skin really doesn’t matter. And uh…we have a black military general. And a BLACK commander-in-chief, who will think nothing of sending those black boys to Iran and cannon fodder.

Nobody Wonders: Who ARE these people?

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