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Zimmerman: Saved By a Gun…


Nobody Wins

Most everyone has seen this YouTube video. Here in America it’s becoming almost a common practice on any given night: The “natives” go wild….and go into stores, and basically terrorize everyone. And please, these kids deserve the name “natives.” 

Notice: They are …mostly young blacks. It makes you miss the days when young kids just went out and teepeed the lawns.

Right now, I’m watching Sean Hannity’s interview with George Zimmerman, the man who was accused of racially killing a young boy named Trevon Martin. (or is it Trayvon? I keep seeing two different spellings)

By all accounts, after watching this video, Nobody Thinks that this man has been severely wronged, by Jesse Jackson, by the Black Panthers, by the media, by Spike Jones, and by the President himself. His story is one of just many in America. His crime seems to be that he was trying to PREVENT a crime.

As he explained in the interview–He got on the neighborhood watch list because his wife witnessed robbers running through their back yard loaded up with their neighbors stuff.

So, that night when he saw Trevon, walking on and in-between properties, he CALLED the police…which is the last thing you would do if you were out to commit a “racist” murdering act.

Zimmerman, like any sensible person who sees the young black kids robbing in the neighborhood– wanted to have protection, therefore, he carried a gun.

That gun saved his life.

I can relate to Zimmerman. The weather here in St. Louis has been on average, 100 degrees for more than two weeks, and so, last night as I was walking my dog and for the first time since I have lived here in my neighborhood, … I was scared. Up and down the street were about twenty parked cars, filled with black teenagers. Pants hanging down, mostly young boys, just hanging out. I put on my “fearless” face and just kept walking by them. In my mind, I was praying that they didn’t want to ‘steal’ my dog. As I passed by one car, I watched a young boy light up a reefer. Many of them were drinking beer. Most of them looked to be around sixteen.

I walked …fast.

Now, years ago, I would have called the police. But I didn’t. Why? I wasn’t as brave as George. I’m sure at least one of those young people saw me come out of my house, and my house would have been targeted. The police would have stayed out of it.

Nobody wants to cause racial riots, including the police.

I blame this on..Obama. Because he sides with the blacks. His silence is their ‘get out of jail’ free card.  

The Black Panthers have come out and put hit marks on Zimmerman. Eric Holder should have them arrested. So, even if, and when Zimmermann is released, he can never ever turn his back again.  Too many blacks want him dead. He is a marked man for trying to prevent a crime.

Really. Welcome to America.

If George Zimmerman, is killed, Nobody Thinks–that death falls on Obama. Plain and simple.  It’s his policies of racial division and economic Armageddon that have put many good citizens on guard.

Barry is being silent on all the black violence because they are his base.  He needs them.

Nobody Wins, when you have a President who is so lack of a moral base, that he will condemn an innocent man,  in order to get reelected.

Nobody Wins when that President, by his very actions and words, incites racial division.  

And Nobody Wins when citizens become too afraid to do what’s right, and to report what’s wrong, and that’s why Obama HAS to go.

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