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Johnny Depp it seems, has finally come into his real Captain Jack senses. Since France is determined to grab 75 percent of the “wealthy” in France, and Obama wants to basically, do the same…Jack is having to realized that maybe he should stay in America.

Johnny, who has houses in France, the US, and the Bahamas…will end up with no money, and he is not sure he likes it. He used to bash America, but now he is softening the blows.

“Well, I kind of do (live in America). I’m between wherever I end up on location, and then the States. (I left because) France wanted a piece of me. They wanted me to become a permanent resident. Permanent residency status—which changes everything. They just want …Dough Money…I’m certainly not ready to give up my American citizenship.”

Depp explains that if he spends more than 183 days a year in France he will have to pay income tax in both Europe and America, adding, “So you essentially work for free.”

Why did he move to France? Because he once said he would like his children to “See America as a toy, a broken toy, investigate it a little, check it out, get this feeling and then get out.”

So, here’s what Nobody Wonders: If Obama is reelected, Johnny will have to move to somewhere where his money is not taxed.

Will Johnny move to Hong Kong…or be voting for Mitt Romney?

That secret will go deep into Johnny Jones’ locker, but this Nobody does Wonder how many other movie stars will be moving back to America. They all love socialism as long as they don’t have to pay.

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  1. In the movie “Tropic Thunder” Robert Downey Jr. counsels Ben Stiller to; Never going full retard. Neither Speed Tuggman nor Johnny Depp get it. Depp has made so much off the Pirate franchise he’s slid hopelessly into a character he can’t get OUT of.

    He thinks the joke’s on us. The sheer success really HAS been a throwback. There’ll never be another band that so completely dominated like the Stones and these days, other than legacy acts, everyone get paid pretty much the same. Paltry. Just as there’ll never be another Marilyn Monroe, Clint Eastwood etc. Studios have been forced to treat the talent as disposable or face working w/ another Tom Cruise. They’ll disband the Pirate fran. before talking of replacing Depp. So IMHO JD has no choice but to embrace the role. No matter how much it CONSUMES him.


    Comment by Marshall_Will | September 5, 2012 | Reply

    • You know, I never thought of it that way…you truly ARE a deep thinker Marshall.. What do you eat? Really, I’m starting your diet. I do NOT want to become a full retard.

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | September 5, 2012 | Reply

  2. Depp is so far gone it isn’t funny. He lobbied to get Keith Richards a part just so he could hang around a REAL rockstar. ( Johnny failed as a musician but found better traction w/ his looks ) In any event, it’s no secret he idolized the Stones and/as they hid out in France while on the lamb from Brit taxing authorities in the early 70’s. He’s desperately trying to re-live out that fantasy. Truly freaking sad. Please STAY for that 184th day Johnny. Millions of so-shuh-list Frogs are counting on you!


    Comment by Marshall_Will | September 4, 2012 | Reply

    • What..he doesn’t hide his money in the Caymen Islands? Really?

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | September 5, 2012 | Reply

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