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There Is Nothing Nobel About Giving the Nobel Peace Prize to the EU

Nobody Cares

I’m sure all the citizens of the world are celebrating the news released today that the EU, has received the Nobel Peace Prize….for keeping the peace in their countries. And as you can see by these pictures, peace reins throughout the European Union…the people are happy and content. We applaud the elites in Brussels for giving this prize to themselves, because if it was put to a vote by the people in the EU, I doubt it would have made the headlines today. One can only wonder what would happened if “war” broke out. Poor Mr. Clinton, missed it again. Congratulations to the people of  Europe. You have all–just been ignored by the one percent. Don’t forget to give those elites in the EU your vote! Wait, you can’t vote for them? Oh…well then, enjoy the flowers, and remember…somebody is getting millions…and it’s not you…so keep being peaceful…who knows? Maybe they’ll get the prize again next year too…because NOBODY wants Bill Clinton to get one.  I think we should make him sweat.









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  1. There was Yassar, then O’Barmy, now the EU led by a chap called ‘Rogue’. I must be in line for it as soon as all the loonies, pretenders, despots and committees have had theirs. It will be a long soon, but I am patient.


    Comment by amfortas | October 12, 2012 | Reply

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