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Wesley Clark: Loyal to Obama

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I just saw ‘General’ Wesley Clark talking to Shepard Smith on FOX, and he was exclaiming that Obama has done wonderful work on our foreign policy. Benghazi was just a small thing in lew of the “big picture”.

Makes you wonder why nobody ever explains what that “big picture” might be.

Basically the General was repeating that Benghazi was just a bump in the road. Obama got bin Ladin, he said with great pride.  Generals are now being used as propaganda agents for the left, and THIS general has always been a useful tool for the democrats.

But remember, here Clark—-in 2007, was criticizing George W. Bush for going into Iraq after 9/11  in this video. He is shocked by the  ‘plans’ to go into all those countries and get rid of their leaders.

Clark by his own assumptions, should be also critizing Obama today, because Obama has carried out Bush’s plans…at least in Libya, and Afghanistan. Obama went into Libya and got rid of Gaddafi. He helped Egypt to get rid of Mubarak. The difference is Obama is helping the Muslim Brotherhood leaders replace the dictators, something George W. Bush would by all accounts, not do.

Wesley Clark makes no mention that Obama is doing the same work of–Dick Cheney. He forgets to mention Obama has continued the “big picture” of Cheney amd Bush, and once again…what “big picture” is Wesley talking about?

What is surprising to me, is that a very well know writer for WND sent me this video, claiming he if fed up with America, and it’s people.

He now lives overseas, and doesn’t want to come back.

And to me, that’s a good thing. Let him stay there.

It seems, even our finest journalists can’t tell facts from fiction, and that there are still Americans living in America, and we have no intentions of going down without a fight.

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