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Nobody’s Perfect: The Greatest Generation’s Kids…Will Win.

Nobody’s Perfect

Americans are not perfect, but if you have ever listened to Tom Brokaw promote his book, “The Greatest Generation” you would swear, by his opinion, that they were.

And yet, yesterday, on a morning news program, there was old Tom, sour faced, and saying some really nasty remarks about how that Tea Party was here to stay and was never going away. He was mad. He was upset. That darn Tea Party was going to ruin everything.

Nobody Wonders why Tom was not excited about the Tea Party, because frankly speaking, they are the last remaining clones of his “Greatest Generations.” It’s THIER sons and daughters who volunteer to go to war, just as their parents did before them. It’s their sons and daughter, who like their parents, try to be good citizens, and go to the churches, and help their neighbors, and pay their taxes, and work long hours and try to raise decent kids. It’s the Tea Party who honor their greatest generation parents by trying to be just like them.

The Tea Party movement didn’t exist before Obama.

But they woke up.  Somewhere in the first year of Obama’s reign, they KNEW this guy was a fluke. A cad. A racist. A divider, and someone who was acting like a tyrant. Fundamentally changing their country into a dictatorship. That’s NOT what their parents, the greatest generation fought and died for.

They started paying attention. They had to..Obama  was ruining their lives.

They protested…in great numbers. Then quietly disappeared because they are the ones who work. Then, in midterm elections, they came back. They voted so many democrats out, it shocked the democrats deeply. It was a clean sweep.

They took over the House. Janet Napolitano  had to put them on a terrorist watch list, she so feared them taking over Obama’s Marxist liberal plans.

So, here’s the question: Are they still out there?

Tom Brokow thinks so. And he’s mad about it.

Nobody Thinks they are still out there too.  And tomorrow, they WILL turn out.

Tom Brokow is not the only one who is mad. There are millions of patriots just quietly waiting..for the chance to make a change…and vote in honor of the Greatest Generation, for a man who seems to most of them, so much more respectable. Someone who is not, in the words of a wise man, “A scam.”

Tomorrow, if Romney wins, we will be called a racist nation once again, and Tom Brokow will have to write another book: “How Obama Lost the Election to the Children of the Greatest Generation.”

Too bad Tom Brokow wasn’t one of them. Now…I don’t know about you, but I think revenge is a good motive, and a Romeny win, would be worth the look on old Tom’s puss. And I can’t WAIT to vote. Besides, I’m tired of looking at this mean face…and I want him out.

How about you?



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  1. Hopefully there will be a positive shock to the system tomorrow, but I doubt it, old skeptic wot I is.

    Here is the Richest Country in all history with more greedy, idle, demanding thickos than were ever inflicted on a nation.

    I would – were I the King of America – pass an edict saying to the effect that arrest awaits anyone who does not get off his or her arse, get a job – even if it is ‘just’ cleaning up your own neighbourhood – rid the nearby places of thugs and hoodlums, druggies, bums and welfare-mothers, and take some responsibility for themselves in a civil manner.

    I would quite happily support the poor who are unable for one temporary reason or another to support themselves, but I would also publish a list, monthly, of all on benefits. I would expect those people to thank their benefactors. I would decree that ‘benefits’ are billed directly to all those within one mile of the recipient.

    Obama the multi-millionaire (just how did a socialist bum from nowhere, a ‘community organiser’, managed to amass so much in four years on a salary of $400k?) and his cronies wants to ‘spread the wealth. There is a mechanism for that, called ‘work for a living’.

    I would decree that no public servant, no matter how high up the food chain, should be paid 1c above the average wage. That would clear a lot of blood-suckers out. No Politician should recieve more than the average wage. Not even the President. If they want to tell everyone that they are ‘community organisers’ or public servants, then let them prove it by working for love of country and the average wage.

    That is leadership.


    Comment by Amfortas | November 5, 2012 | Reply


      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | November 5, 2012 | Reply

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