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Goodbye America. Hello Comrades/Or…the Eagle Cries

Nobody Knows

—How Obama pulled this off. It was so close, and everyone knows the machine that was put in place long before the election in order to assure his “narrow” win was as corrupt as the man who illegally occupies the office.

The result came in so fast and furiously, and the early voting held for the first time in American history, also gave advantage to Obama. The fact that George Soros owned the voting tallying machine in Spain surely had something to do with it. And while many voted with paper, all the offices had brand new electronic paper machines to tally them. It was all very cleverly managed off site…probably in Spain.

And it’s the “tea party” that is still being attacked. Even by an Australian Minister. The attacks on Christians will be almost unbearable. Last night some liberal was making Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan out to be some kind of monsters.

The radio host cut him off…but the real war on “tea party people who cling to their guns and religion” will be horrible to watch. The Jews will go next. If I were a Jew, I’d get out of Israel as fast as possible.

My local elections, once again were rigged. The state voted for Romney, and  all the established very crooked democratic politicians stayed in place. We had a great turnout, and so the possibility of that happening is almost nill. ALL tax increases were voted in, and the whole city is decimated. For years now, every single tax increase has passed.

I don’t believe it. People don’t vote for tax increases in this economy. The politicians just say you did. We live in a happy-face Russia.

Could this be the end of America? Or did it die long ago, they just didn’t want us to see it?

The rest of the world thinks we are a cesspool. Our media,  is controlled, as it is in Russia. The few outlets of conservative talk will now be forced to carry the party line. It’s already happening on Fox.

We are now going to be bombarded with how Obama is going to lead us to “unite”. The opposite will happen.  Expect to see Obama’s image pop up everywhere. Just like FDR. Don’t rule out a third and fourth term.

A life to the America that we so desperately want will not come by voting. Obamacare will kill us all off sooner. They will cull the last of the patriots.

We live in a oligarhty of corruption. This is a divided nation…but when the North fought the South, it fought the evil called slavery, and won because it had the steel mills, the money, and the armaments.

Now, the slave supporters have all the power. Obama is not my President. And he is no Abraham Lincoln. He is unfit to even grace the left hand of General Lee. He is the President of the Ho’s and Bitches, the ‘great religion of Islam’ and children of lost baby boomers who never got over free sex and drugs.

God help us all.

And I’m so sorry my son. My generation has failed the world. Like the children of Germany…we were selfish, blind, and stupid. And you will suffer greatly for it.

I am so ashamed of my generation. We failed the world.

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  1. I am so sorry. I am stunned that the American People can vote TWICE for a charlatan like Obama and his crowd of wreckers.
    I am speechless.


    Comment by Amfortas | November 7, 2012 | Reply

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