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Nobody Remembers:What Would Ronald Reagan Do?

Nobody Remembers

Ronald Reagan….the last great President of the United States.

I must admit, I was devastated by the news that Obama was being allowed to remain in power. Already he is off to Asia and you can bet a Hawaii vacation will be the first stop before he visits all those ‘democracies’ like Burma and Cambodia, and Thailand. I’m sure the whole Obama plantation is just Inching to get on Air Force One and get out of here.

They can leave. We can’t.

As I tried to get out of shock, it all came to me as clear as a bell. (I’ll write about it Monday) I had been incredibly stupid. Incredible gullible. Rayless. Ravaged by blind hope. How long had I been in this euphonious cloud…this American Dream fog? How STUPID I had been. How many hours had I spent listening to conservative talk shows, and reading all the popular pundits?

Had I not learned ANYTHING in my life?

While I listened to all the people I always listened to: Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Laura Ingram— all of them had the same message: Hang in there. we will win in the end. This is not the time to give up…

I actually heard Glenn Beck listen to a man who was closing his company and he told him, “You must keep the Constitution in your heart.”

Oh right….That will feed his family. And by the way…How is that Constitution working for us lately Glenn?

We’re obviously…just out numbered said EVERYONE.  We’ll just get more conservatives next time around.  Already Fox has suggested running Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio in 2016. Amnesty is being suggested. It’s the only way we can win now.

To the people, who are losing everything they have, and knowing that in the next four years, they will lose so much they might NEVER recover…all of this is too little. Too late.

You just wait! We’ll get em in 2016! Obama won fair and square!

Nobody was thinking: There’s something wrong with this picture. Notoriously wrong.

Like many people, I reached out for comfort to an old friend, wrote him a long letter, and later regretted it. I was in too much emotional pain. Dumping my life’s events on him…luckily, he is one in a million and understood.

On the radio, I heard a man say that he was shutting down his Chemical Company. He just couldn’t make a living anymore with all the government regulations. On the Drudge Report, a man in Las Vegas said that he was lying off almost half of his work force.

In St. Louis, not far from where I live, Boeing is going to lay off thousands. It will be the last of the big companies to be destroyed here. Ford, Chrysler, Budweiser, all went down during Obama’s first term.

Monsanto…is still here. But they are like Fort Knox. You never met anyone who works for them. I’m beginning to think there are little Chinese guys dressed in white lab coats that just live there, and never come out.

On the News: We MIGHT go into another recession.

Nobody Thinks: What? When did we EVER come out of it?

One poor woman was actually crying on the radio. She had worked in the medical field, and she was going to lose her job. She had discussed it with her husband and they were going to move to Texas.

Glenn Beck has been telling everyone to move to Texas. Nobody asks Texas what they think about that, or if they appreciate it. The last mass immigration from Katrina didn’t work out so well.

Another woman, who had lived in Russia was scared. She grew up in Russia, she told Glenn Beck. And Obama was a communist. She knew communism. She was scared. She couldn’t believe the American people would vote for a communist.

None of us can believe it.

I don’t know if you have noticed, but the people who actually have jobs, are annoyed by all the suffering and crying of the ones who don’t. They just don’t see the problem. They feel very safe. They are happy.

It won’t happen to them. They have all they need. Obama will bring it back. They go to football games, go out to dinner…nothing is wrong.

The only man I heard who was pissed off was Mark Lavine.

Out of all of those voices…just one guy. ..mad.

And that’s what we should all be.

I say, to hell with this “Oh..we’ll wait another four years.”

Look at that Reagan Video. How LONG do we have to wait FOUR MORE YEARS?

This is not a football game.

This isn’t the “democrats” vs the “republicans” and who will win the next game?

This is life and death for some people, but YOU are sold every day, that it’s just like a game.

You lose some, you win some…and we just keep on playing!

That’s NOT what the founders wanted the system to be. That was NOT their intention.

We have a right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursue of Happiness.

And they are not only going to cut short our lives, but take even MORE of our liberties, and completely destroy any attempt we have to even pursue happiness.

In the upcoming months, I’m going to be thinking out loud about all of this. We are more controlled as a society than we have EVER imagined. I’ll try to point out how.

We have fallen into the fate of all people’s in history, who have been controlled and enslaved.

The question is: Can we remain a free people?

Nobody Knows.

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  1. A friendly blogger, Bill, dropped this in my inbox just today. He is a Christian and blogs ‘God stuff’ in the Pentacostal manner. He is also a ‘sound’ American who moved to Oz years ago when the writing was on the wall. He writes:

    Weeping in Babylon
    “Thus the Western church today is certainly in its own Babylonian captivity. It may not have been hauled off physically to some strange hostile land, but it is living in one. And worse yet, it is not just surrounded by and dwelling in pagan culture, it has largely capitulated to it and absorbed its values.

    The evidence of this is all around us, including the latest piece of evidence.

    Over six million evangelicals in the US actually voted for Barack Obama.

    This man – who supports not just abortion but infanticide, who is on a mission to destroy God’s institutions of marriage and family, who is warring against Christianity while sucking up to Islam to mention but a few grievous concerns – was actually favoured by millions of people who claim to love Christ and obey his Word.

    These believers are not only not mourning their Babylonian captivity, they are actually supporting it and celebrating it. They are applauding their captors! It is a case of Babylon so greatly getting into the church that the captives have grown content and happy with their condition.

    Like the Israelites of old they should be mourning, grieving, lamenting, and repenting. But incredibly we find just the opposite amongst so many believers today: they not only do not mind their Babylonian captivity, they actually enjoy it and prefer it.”

    I too sounded a warning some years back. Reagan sounded alarms and ‘named’ Russia as ‘The Evil Empire’. He did well. But I warned and named America as ‘fallen’. I stressed what Reagan did not, that the rot was inside. Integrity and Authenticity has disappeared from the American soul. It was psychologically and spiritually ‘weak’ and ready to be picked off. And it has come to pass.

    Steve Kates wrote yesterday: How did he do it?
    “I have an article at Quadrant Online that tries to deal with this conundrum. This is how the article begins which summarises what comes after:
    “”The confluence of the mendicants, the envious, the abortion lobby, what I will call the cohort of damaged women, and the social sciences know-nothings has proven a formidable combination. They are a new constituency amalgamation that will affect the politics of the United States for the foreseeable future.””

    We can look to all sorts of rationales for just why and how America fell; how it gave away its freedom; how it abandoned it’s hope. The answers are not ‘out there’ as Fox Mulder imagined, but ‘in here’; in the breast of the people. The hearts are rotten and the soul stained beyond recognition. No shining light illuminates the dark.


    Comment by Amfortas | November 8, 2012 | Reply

    • Thanks for posting that amfortas…Americans are no different than any other people on earth that has been taken over by communists.   They have been slowly and methodically, brainwashed.   But, let me tell you…there are still plenty of people who are the decent hardworking Americans everyone remembers.   You only see…on your TV..the bad ones. That’s the only ones they let on. It’s very controlled.   The churches…are getting money…to change, to hire women preachers, to become arms of the government. This has all been done in history before. It’s just a soft tyranny…soon to turn hard.   So I take it, Australia’s population is filled with no liberals?   Good to know.

      Joyanna Adams

      ________________________________ From: Joyanna Adams To: Sent: Thursday, November 8, 2012 11:31 PM Subject: [Joyanna Adams] Comment: “Nobody Remembers:What Would Ronald Reagan Do? ”

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      Comment by joyannaadams | November 9, 2012 | Reply

      • You are quite right of course. Oz is as far down that slippery slide as any in the ‘west’. And the lessons in this vid are as relevant to Oz as to America.


        Comment by Amfortas | November 9, 2012

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