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So…You Elected Obama….

Nobody’s Opinion

First, thanks for your feedback on the larger type. I too have trouble with the smaller type, and so, maybe with the larger type I’ll make fewer mistakes…

HA!..Okay. Well…I’m sure you’ll let me know about ALL my mistakes. In fact, I’m counting on it.

I am blogs behind, so I’m just going to touch a few subjects and try to catch up. I’ve come to some decisions about the whole American mess that just happened–I’ve come to the conclusion that everything that happens in this country, has been planned. Everything. Washington, the Federal Reserve, the rich CEO’s…have been working at all this stuff for years. What stuff Joyanna? They call it ‘social engineering.” We call it corruption. This mostly liberal corruption has been going on since FDR, who once famously said.

“In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens you can bet it was planned.”

Here’s the secret: They convince you that it’s all true. Whatever our politicians and pundits say about how you should think about most anything. In the meantime, American society is being slowly changed…to fit into a borderless world. They keep your eye away from the ball, from what’s really happening…looking the other way….”America is the richest and most powerful nation in the world.” all the Presidents declare.

 Uh…have you SEEN Singapore? Do you think that’s just movie magic in a James Bond Fantasy? 

All the top leaders of BOTH parties, are in on this New Borderless World, like a yellow billed woodpecker plucking parasites on a Water Buffalo shuffling through the Kenyan mud.  

Let’s look at the election:  Did Obama REALLY win this election? Well yes, says everyone, including almost all Republicans, because there are just that many idiots out there who would vote for him, and the Republicans, we are told, stayed home.

Nobody Thinks that there’s a lot of truth to that statement. Ron Paul had a big following in many of the states, but the GOP, in almost all cases…shut them all out. Illegally in many cases, and with rude force.

The Republicans did not take them into the fold. Many of them did stay home. Karl Rove led the way on attacking Tea Party candidates. Mitt did his fair share too.

On the other hand, we are constantly told this is a center-right nation…and that 63 percent of the population is white, 17 percent is hispanic, and 12 percent is black. So by all accounts it was the single white women who put Obama back in.

On those “stats” alone, you could say that the country has changed and Obama won. Promoting the single mom who can’t live without the Obama dad, has a lot of traction.

But—What about all the votes that weren’t counted? What IF early voting had not been allowed, in any state? This year alone, they went NUTS with it. Before you had to have a good excuse to vote early. This election, it was encouraged for everyone to do it.

Hey…come on down and vote! Hurry! It’s okay this year! See..Obama is voting early!

When you are not there to prove who you are: you could be anyone. How many people voted twice? How many illegal’s had fake ID’s and were allowed to vote? How many false votes were sent through the mail?

And no politician ANYWHERE complained very much at all by how our military votes were barely even counted. Those late arriving military votes ( sent to the men too late for them to even be able to get them back in time) were not allowed to be counted– but hey..If you live in Florida, you got to get in line at two in the morning. You’re vote was counted.

Nothing unfair about that.

Did anyone think it was a bit odd that Florida was allowed to keep voting well into the wee hours of the morning? YOU dear citizen,  were convinced that it was perfectly normal thing to do (even though it was totally not legal OR fair) because Obama had already been declared the winner. Florida took what…a week trying to tally the votes? It took them a whole WEEK to get enough votes to declare Obama the winner of Florida. The buses that should have been in Jersey were stuck in Miami.

That’s fraud, whether Obama was already the winner or not. Why keep counting?

To get you used to it as being…okay. It’s Orwell’s Animal Farm. Some people are more equal than others.

In my Nobody lifetime, I have never seen such a speedy election. They predicated the results  within a few hours. The main cable stations had spent millions of dollars making fabulous videos screens just to prove to you how everything went. Hollywood’s technical superiority is NOT to be doubted.

Electronic voting. (Which by the way, can be very easily manipulated. There is no paper trail to record it, or way to verify it.) made this the fastest election in American history.

After the election, Fareed Zakaria (CNN Journalist) introduced the New World Order that they have in store: Everyone in the world should be voting by fingerprinted electronic voting.

Now, think: How did we get to electronic voting?

Florida. 2000. Nobody wanted to see people having brain aneurysms counting loose scads ever again.

Was the 2000 Gore-Bush presidency fiasco in Florida a ” create the problem so you can come in with a solution”  planned debacle, so that the plans of a one global electronic controlled machine could be launched with the consent of the governed eventually?

Looking back now, after this election: Nobody tends to think so.

Others think it’s just ‘progress.’

It’s not progress when votes can be manipulated with the push of a button, with no paper trail, no oversight…no real proof.

I repeat FDR.

In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens you can bet it was planned.”

Mitt Romney, didn’t even look upset about losing. Neither, as I remember, did John McCain.

And while lesser representatives and Senators come and go..there are a very select few that never seen to leave.

These are the ones you know are in on the great plan. And they get VERY rich.

The good news is: All over America, people are signing petitions wanting to secede from the Union.

The bad news is: The Washington elite will just laugh. HA, HA…Ha…Go ahead and sign the petition…we’ll have you on our “tea party” list of terrorist at the White House! You will be so easy to find!

Thank you very much!

Right AFTER the election: A scandal has been put on the front page for everyone to get their focus off of what just happened.  Get off the election people, more sex! Check it out! A GENERAL!

In the meantime, America has chosen the worst President in their history…AGAIN.

Yes…you REALLY did.

Or…did you just think you did?

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  2. I too would like to think that things are ‘planned’ but my experience of the world says that most is just cock-up. There are ‘forces’ at play that are ‘natural’ rather than man-made. Sometimes some insightful person (de Tocqueville anyone) gets a glmpse and warns us. And we have to bear it high on the mind that there are good people, bad people, clever people and stupid people, and the stupids outnumber all the others put together.

    Some stupids are ‘good’ and some are bad, though clearly not clever. Some clever people are good and some are bad, but both lots are small in number. The bad-clever seem to congregate in Government. That does not leave many left to plan anything. And most of those are underground in a Torus in Geneva spinning photons around at enormous expense. Or looking out into the Universe and giving us fine snaps, again at enormous expense.

    That last lot I quite like.

    It is a fact of life too that many people in the ‘clever’ group swing into the bad / stupid quite easily, even if briefly. Just what General Patraeus was up to letting some bimbo (with regulation-sized tits compared to the generous ones of his wife) into the higher echelon offices beggars belief. Hubris is a nasty trip-wire for the unwary. When we have immanent daft buggers who suddenly move to thinking with their be-medalled dicks running the show, it is a bit presumptious to talk of ‘Plans’.


    Comment by Amfortas | November 13, 2012 | Reply

    • Well…not ‘planned’ as particulars…but policies. If nothing was ever ‘planned” we would not have Republics, democracies, or communism. I’ve read too many books on communismto dare think that everything is random. This time, I stick to my thoughts. Too many leaders shout “New World Order” for us pions to just think they mean well, but can never control the masses. They can, and HAVE..killled millions by sheer design.

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | November 14, 2012 | Reply

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