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Nobody’s Fool: Anne Barhnard

Nobody’s Fool:

Tired of Benghazi? Do you by now realized that news on ‘sex with a wimply looking General who falls in lust with a woman who has bigger abs than he has’ is going to go on at least another month?

Then take a trip with one of my favorite ladies: Anne Barhnard. She fills you in on why any gold you buy..needs to be xrayed.

Good to know. I will appreciate that knowledge when I save enough from my grocery coupons to buy an ounce…which will be….never.  Buy food. According to Anne, you’re going to need it more than gold.

(Thanks to Amfortas)

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  1. I can remember back when Bankers were prudent. Yep, I am that old.

    Back in the early 70’s when this Corporal was elevated to the dizzy heights of Officerdom – well, sent to Officer Training, which was a cross between a schoolroom and hell – I went to see my bank manager about a loan for a car. After a long interview during which tips on maintaining the car, driving carefully and a copy of the highway cose were gratuitously offered, the loan was given. I had been prudent in response too, omiting to tell of how I lost my driving licence for six months for three-in-a-row infractions.

    I bought a huge (in those days) Ford Zephyr which Mrs Amfortas (the first) swooned over.

    A few months passed and a Graduation Ball was due to which all the wives and girlfriends were expected to do their decorative part. Mrs A (the 1st) dolled herself to the nines and set off for the long trip to my base. En Route, on a freeway the bottom hose on the radiator blew and all the water decanted. Mrs A (the 1st) was oblivious to the cause of the sudden change in the temperature guage but prudently decided to pull over, moving decorously from the fast lane to the side shoulder in a leisurely fashion as befits a Belle of the Ball.

    By which time the engine had melted.

    I won’t tell of the frantic phone calls and gathering of beautifully attired Officers of HM’s RAF who leapt into action, but my lady wife was rescued and my lovely new and expensive car was buggered.

    Cap in hand I went back to my bank manager for another loan to rebuild the wrecked engine. Spitting chips he explained to my military mind that there was another interpretation of the term ‘collateral damage’. I got the loan but with an extra 1/2% added to the interest.


    Comment by Amfortas | November 15, 2012 | Reply

    • Wow…those were the days…and you remember them well! Great story!

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | November 15, 2012 | Reply

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