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Michael Reagan…Doesn’t Drink the Tea

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Okay…I’m swimming against the tide on this one.

Michael Reagan, who I have always liked, has come out saying some pretty idiotic things. (Mr. Reagan…are you up there? Uh..put your hands over your ears.)

This from Newsmax:

Ronald Reagan’s elder son Michael Reagan declares that some tea party candidates were “absolutely fools” for getting involved in moral controversies instead of concentrating on economic issues. Observers in the media have been saying that the GOP lost the presidency and the Senate because the party put up too many tea party candidates. “Social issues are important. I get involved in social issues, but those are not the issues that unite a country. What unites the country are, in fact, the economic issues.” it’s the Tea Party’s fault that Mitt lost the election.

Shame on you Michael.

He was talking about Todd Akins, the candidate that said THIS about “abortion” sometime right before the election:

“From what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare,” said Akin said of pregnancy caused by rape. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let’s assume maybe that didn’t work or something. I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist.”

People took that sentence and twisted it to make the man sound like he approved of rape. That’s not what he said.

This is astounding. I did NOT take it that way. I took it that he meant that so many sexual encounters are called rape, and years later the girl says…”Oh, he really didn’t rape me.” And the guy, most of the time black, does hard time. Sometimes it’s a black stripper claiming boys raped her at a university party…remember that one? That wasn’t a legitimate rape.

In the case of ‘legitimate rape” which means a rape did occur, as terrible as that is, and BECAUSE it is terrible, the woman’s nerves are such that the baby aborts naturally. Even if a woman is having a hard time with loss of a job or a parent or another child, that does happen. I know a lot of women who have lost babies due to nerves.

And the REASON we are in such an economical mess is because morality has been thrown OUT the window. Just look at Wall Street. Look at our Generals, and politicians, and President. We are a morally bankrupt nation.

We now have more single moms being supported by the state, and kids growing up without dads, and so the taxpayer has to pay for all these kids, and that’s why Mitt lost. All those moms, many of them Latino and black, need money–and so, I just don’t get it. Morality is a big part of our economic problem.

Mitt Romney ran on nothing BUT the economy. It was the GOP, that ran all Tea Party candidates out of their jobs. Even the great Allen West–lost. (And yes, I capitalize Tea Party)

The Tea Party candidates, all of them….Were more trustworthy than any of the GOPs now in power. And that’s why they..the GOP AND the Democrats MUST get rid of them. They stand for the Constitution.

Remember Michelle Bachmann? She was the best candidate in the primaries, but they trashed her day in and day out…on purpose.  She was a great Tea Party candidate. They gave her very few questions to answer during the debates.

The Tea Party is the new Jew.

The GOP wanted this guy removed. He did not fit into their global plans. obviously Michael Reagan has bought on to the GOP globalization plans….or he really thinks religion and morality should never be discussed when running for office.

Somehow, I remember his dad talking about God….a LOT.  Maybe Michael wasn’t listening…or worst…he wants to remain in power makers of money…Funny, I remember a Peggy Noonan doing exactly the same thing.

I almost thought…this was April’s Fool day…or Friday the 13th…but no, it’s just another sad day in Obamaland.

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  1. Michael who? Let’s remember that he is a failed radio commentator. He has never held an office, or produced anything. He’s opinion is worthless. Also, the fact that he endorsed one of the most liberal, democrat, pro-abortion members of congress makes me sick. So don’t even pay attention to what this Michael Reagan idiot is saying. He is only a cheap talking head. Let’s also remember that his last name is pure luck.


    Comment by L Ray | November 17, 2012 | Reply

  2. Hmmmm. I can count the number of cases known to me of a rape victim carrying the child to full term. And a quick google shows many more. I do not know of any hormonal or nervous system mechanism for sponatnously aborting because of the circumstance of conception. Were it the case we would not be bombarded with stories of war rape victims and their children.

    The political storm was, as you suggested, more to do with the defining of rape and the rod that feminists have made for women’s backs by classifying non-rape activities as rape. Most ‘rape’ these days amount to little more than a woman’s regret the next morning when the sunlight hits the stubble on a chap’s chin. Violent, forced rape is extremely rare. But let us look at the moral issue and look at forced rape, even with violence.

    The baby has no interest in its conception. It is an innocent party and just as righfully entitled to life regardless of the circumstances of conception. It cares not just who his/her parents are or their background, or the love between them or not or whether it was totally down to lust on the part of either or both, nor if a vicious crime was perpertrated.

    The ‘body’ does not care either. It cannot differentiate. Only the mind can. The parental mind.

    The baby does not care. It is just a developing life in the womb.

    A baby conceived in rape is ENTITLED to the same consideration of rights to its life as anyone else.

    That is what I think the issue was supposed to be about.

    Nature does seem to miscarry babies quite frequently. But that is not a deliberate strategy. Rather it is just the nature of organic, evolving systems which are far from perfect. I see no reason – no moral reason – to use our reasoning to provide strategic deliberation to murdering innocent babies. Rather, the opposite. We should defend our babies no matter how they are conceived.


    Comment by Amfortas | November 17, 2012 | Reply

    • Mmm..we do disagree on this one. While a baby conceived of rape can very well be carried to term, SOME women can be so upset that she aborts naturally. I have had this very discussion with my old friend Lee Salk (famous brother of Jonas Salk inventor of polio vaccine, and famous child psychologist) in fact he would go FURTHER. He believed that babies are very muchaware in the womb…and the mother’s emotional state was VERY important. Myself, when I was pregnant I had a condition where my doctor told my husband do NOT get me upset. You will endanger both their lives he told my husband, and so, my (x) husbandpicked a fight with me and I went into labor within the hour…at six months. It was a nightmare…. So, I know personally and first hand, Therefore, it was me…the mother, getting upset, that brought on the premature birth of my soen.Emotions CAN effect birth….especially if you are a “sensitive” person and get upset easily. Some woman get upset, and some women don’t. Sure, the baby has no interest in conception, but it’s attached to the mother and ALL her hormones are flushing through to him or her…in the placenta. You are right…the subject WAS about abortion, but everyone comes back to that one word: legitimate…which means..”According to law.” So, by law, was it a legitimate rape…or not? It’s the word. I don’t think Todd Atkins was saying thata baby of rape did not deserve a life. On the contrary, he is, I believe, pro-life.

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | November 17, 2012 | Reply

      • Then do not listen to me, but to women who were conceived by rape. Hear what THEY have to say.

        You can easily find a dozen more by google.

        The issue you raise is flawed, my dear friend. A child in the womb has to develop for several months before becoming ‘aware’. The state of mind of the mother IS important, I agree, and it is HER mind that affects the child in the womb. Not an event several months ago, but her current thinking and feeling. She has the power to change that.

        There are also videos of women who were raped and made pregnant who show clearly just how a loving, kind woman with a Faith in the ultimate goodness of life have overcome the ‘state of mind’ that wants to rid themselves of an un-asked-for baby.

        It is a very personal matter and I do not sit in judgement against a woman who aborts after a rape. I feel sad for her. But I do judge her actions. I recognise that TWO great crimes are being committed and one is not more excusable than the other.

        Rape leaves a woman alive. Abortion leaves a baby dead.


        Comment by Amfortas | November 17, 2012

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