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Nobody’s Email: How They Can Win an Election…by Simply Pushing a Button…and..I told you So.

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Okay: For all you people out there who think these electronic voting machines were put in place for progress…here’s your proof. And the clever part…you can’t prove that it was manipulated.

Finally, some guy who explains how it done….and go to the end of the video…there is a story about the Chinese guy who got fined $100 for stealing technology.

And that’s why I’m not ever voting again….unless they go back to paper trails.

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  1. Stumbled on this video earlier today while looking into 2012’s version of voter fraud. This ‘should’ be enough to take them out of every polling place in America. I’m sure whomever allowed the voter to SEE his/her Romney selection toggle over to O’Drama caught an EARFUL!

    You IDIOT. How simple can this BE? You told us no one would ever catch wind of it!? Let me say, I worked and worked HARD for our local Oregon GOP. Didn’t want to but felt no other choice. We went door to door, CALLED, sent flyers blah, blah. We eked out an 86.3% GOP voter turn out.

    Now… with all the foreclosures ( and there were plenty in my precinct ) it isn’t something people exactly want to TALK about? So many simply don’t re-register but do you mean to TELL me in so many of these hard hit Blue Metros they were able to get “100%” voter turn out!? Really! How did you track all those people DOWN? This ain’t over guys, not by a longshot.


    Comment by Marshall_Will | November 20, 2012 | Reply

  2. The best ballot I have seen so far is the Maryland used to have. You “colored in” the arrow for the person you wanted. So you would have the back half of the arrow, a space, and the front half of the arrow which was pointing to the person’s name. Once you colored it in you went to a scanner and scanned it in. There is your paper trail plus the person had confidence in their vote counting. But scanners are just a form of computers so I am not sure if they can be rigged as well. But certainly FL should look into this.


    Comment by Debbie | November 19, 2012 | Reply

  3. It is scary disclosure.

    I have to say this though: I am impressed by the ‘tradition’ in America to hold such open ‘hearings’ into all sorts of matters. In Oz there is very little coverage – or even interest – in our Senate Hearings. America is streets ahead of us in such openess.

    But, back to the corruptability of computer voting – I agree with you that voting in such a way is just begging for interference. It cannot be trusted. Your voting system (ours too for that matter) is a farce. The votes of the individual do not even matter in the USA, as the President is elected by just 570 people who are given an either-or choice.

    Why you all permit that particular farce, I do not understand.

    In Oz we elect an MP for a variable number of people (the Constituents). We cast a paper vote which is far too complex for most people to read, let alone understand, so we oblige them to vote on pain of a fine. Presumably that is to encourage them to go and learn to read (we have a 25% functional illiteracy in Oz). Also the labour party has the zombie vote all stiched up as every election sees countless dead people’s votes cast. Of course, it is difficult to get those dead people to admit their corruption even when their noses and arms have rotted away and they cannot lift a pencil. (Oh yes: we use pencils too !!)

    The largest number of Party ‘seats’ wins the election (regardless of the number of actual votes – stupid, innit?). That ‘Party’ then elects a PM, which is usually the Leader of that Party. On the Labour side they do not bother to disarm the deputy leader if it is a woman and she can stab the leader in the back anytime she has a hissy-fit. What the voters want does not come into it. The assassinated leader cannot then vote again unless he (always a he) joins the zombie voter block.

    I don’t understand why we here permit such a farce either.

    Back to the video: the very idea that ‘exit polls’ ‘should’ reflect the actual vote is dumb-trust. Why on earth would people go into a ‘secret polling’ booth to cast a vote and then come out and tell anyone how they voted? It is a ridiculous notion. The only answer when asked by some partisan surveyor or a ‘reporter’ should be, “My vote was in secret you dumb shyte, now f*ck off”.

    The man giving evidence in that hearing was not the best witness, to my mind. Early on he was asked a question several times and completely misinterpreted what was being asked, and answered as though he was being asked the negation of the question. The questioner gave up after the third time. And the last question went to his ‘qualification’ to which he gave some nonsense answer about being a ‘programmer’ for this and that department. Heck a sixteen year old can be a ‘programmer’. What we needed was some indication of his level of expertise and experience. Where he did his work is neither here nor there.


    Comment by Amfortas | November 17, 2012 | Reply

    • I agree…for the older ones like us, we would tell them “It’s none of your business” but for the younger generation…they do not think anything of it.

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | November 17, 2012 | Reply

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