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Nobody’s Perfect: Congresstional Leaders

Nobody’s Perfect

I was thinking tonight that many of my readers might consider my decision to never vote again as…unpatriotic, bordering on the verge of “sore loser”, immaturity…or just plain daft. (That’s me…all those years I voted…)

So, let me put some backbone into this decision, which I have come to with heavy heart. Let’s just say, I have voted in all elections, local and Presidential since I started voting at the age of 21. I don’t think it much matters anymore, simply because, it’s the party leaders who control the issues, and they do not represent America. They really don’t. No matter who gets voted in, it’s the majority leaders that control the show. As P.J. O’Rourke noticed so very long ago in his book “Parliament of Whores” our top Congressional leaders really are…whores. They work for the biggest bribe. Not necessarily the majority, but the leaders of the House and Senate are, and THEY are the ones who are controlling the direction of the country. They decide which bills even make it to the floor.

Let’s take an historical view of these men, who have been given the gift of commanding leadership in the House or Senate:

From “Screwed” by Dick Morris.

The latest trend in the world of special interests is to hire former members of Congress as lobbyists. Especially those who have been in leadership positions. Former Congressional leaders bring experience invaluable relationships and in some instances, raw political power to their clients.

Since 1977, with only one exception, Bill Frist, every single retired Senate Majority leader– George Mitchell, Robert Dole, Trent Lott and Tom Daschle has gone through the revolving door on Capitol Hill that goes from the Congress to a lobbying firm. And many of them represent foreign governments.

Remember them all—

Trent Lot and Louisiana Senator John Breaux have joined Patton, Boggs, the mega lobbying firm. They represent China, Korea, Cyprus, Albania, Cameroon, Ecuador, and Sri Lanka.

Bob Dole lobbied for the Taiwan government.

George Mitchell lobbied for Dubai, the UAE and Turkey, until he became Obama’s special envoy to the Middle East.

Bob Livingston represents Libya, Turkey, and Egypt. Gaddafi paid him $360,000. He has his own lobbying group called The Livingstone Group.

The Podesta Group lobbying firm, is headed by the brother of President Clinton’s former chief of staff.

House Leadership Dennis Hastert and his son are lobbyists. Newt Gingrich says he doesn’t lobby,  but he earned over $40 million by ‘consulting. ‘ He was “consulting” Fannie and Freddie right before they crashed.

Dick Gephardt has his own lobbying firm— the Gephardt Group. Turkey paid Dick $100,000 a month to defeat his own Armenian resolution, which was to put on record the Armenian slaughter of millions by the Turkey government. For those of you not familiar: Turkey: Muslims: Armenians, Christians.

Now that Dick has his own firm he only charges them $70.000 a month. Dick also represents China.

Richard Perle was hired by Gaddafi for $3 million. He was the chairman of the Defense Policy Board under Donald Rumsfeld.

GE spends $40 million on lobbyists and pays no taxes because Jeffery Immelt is Obama’s jobs czar. GE has more employees abroad than here.

“Lobbyists routinely make campaign contributions to the members of Congress who have the power to help their foreign clients. Even though we have strict laws that prohibit the donation of foreign funds to federal campaigns. ” D.M.

So, there you go. Nobody Thinks that historically speaking, the reason our country is going downhill is because those in charge are working for other governments..and getting rich off the proceeds.

And who is the biggest lobbyist of them all? Obama. He lobbies for the Muslim Brotherhood. Before he became President an Arab Prince declared that a Muslim would be placed in the White House.

What oil money can buy….

They are busting  up America, and selling her off bit by bit.

They say it’s in the name of free trade and globalization, but it’s only in the interests of a select few.

After having said all that: You could say,  “But Joyanna, we can VOTE THEM OUT!”

You keep thinking that. You just…keep thinking that if you just keep voting,’re going to get that big bone.

This old dog realizes that I might not be able to learn any new tricks, but I don’t have to keep falling for the old ones.

That bone is fake.

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  1. Not far from your decision, Joyanna. After they rail-roaded Herman Cain out, I almost gave up then. But after the lies and fraud of the election. I’m done. I’m finished. No more. It is going to take a HELLUVA candidate to make me interested in voting in the election again. I’m an NPA so don’t vote in the primary, either. F’em.


    Comment by dandapani | November 20, 2012 | Reply

    • dandapani!

      So good to see you! No doubt it was disappointing, and doubly so for Oregon conservatives. My gal was Michele Bachman and her Tea Party address to the nation during the 2010 mid’s was 2nd to none. ( So she hat’ ta’ GO..! )

      Believe me when I say “I really don’t know where we go from ‘here’?” I’m INCLUDING Dimmocrats! Do we GOP/TP’s have our work cut out for us? You bet! But what will Dim’s do when it becomes clear over the next 2 to 4 years they’re no longer running the freaking show EITHER?

      What possible recourse will they be able to fall back to when global elitists above their pay grade begin elbowing them out of the way? Or more likely, failing to even bother ‘consulting’ with them at all! On issues large and small, global and local? Think ‘our’ little tiff was ugly? Wait to you see diehard Madison-tough Progs being told their local PEU ain’t the priority any more?


      Comment by Marshall_Will | November 20, 2012 | Reply

  2. You are right. You can’t vote them out.

    Do you recall when you and I did our tongue-in-cheek run for the Presidency? I made it clear right at the start that I would serve only one term and then retire on a small pension to an overseas island.

    We need (US, Oz, UK, anywhere for that matter) to have a firm policy that Presidents, Prime Ministers, ‘House’ leaders etc should be exiled after one term. And during that term they should recieve only the average wage. Their bank accounts should increase over that term only by a small amount of the pay they recieved. Any more (Obama is a multi-millionaire after one term !!) should be finalised by a 50c bullet in the back of the head.

    Our Democratic processes do not work. They have been distorted and disfigured by the people who get into politics. They line their own pockets at the expense of their Countries. They take the pay that the taxpayers pay for and a great deal more, also that the taxpayer pays for.

    And they have the sheer affrontery to suggest that if we don’t like it we can vote for someone else, knowing full well that they determnine who that someone else is to be.

    All systems have systemic faults. Dictatorships fall; Monarchs fall; but at least a change is made in the system.

    In Democracies only the facade of change is there. But behind that facade is a hollywood film lot style scaffolding, holding the false front up.

    Yes, Joyanna, you might be accused of ‘giving up’, just as the man who stopped banging his head against a wall could be accused of giving up. But oh, the relief !!


    Comment by Amfortas | November 19, 2012 | Reply

    • As usual, you say it the best!

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | November 19, 2012 | Reply

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