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Nobody’s Fool: Rand Paul

Nobody’s Fool

Nobody Thinks it’s very sad that Rand Paul is the only Congressman delivering this message to us…telling us just how far our rights have been taken away, without even much of a peep. And I got this in an email or I would have missed it.

Yes, we are being censored, photographed, spied on, and watched with creepy Big Brother eyes, and we don’t even know it, —-OR think about it much, do we?

Recently I downloaded Google Crome and I couldn’t even put up a post on WordPress. I was thinking it was WordPress…but no…I took off Google Crome and was back in business. I can’t help but wonder if I was being ‘tea party censored’ or it was a computer thing. I suspect, both.

Anyway, I thouight Rand’s message was an important one. So—Rand wins the ‘Nobody’s Fool’ award of the week!

(If I had a lot of money…I’d send him some!)


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