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Have YOU Seen a Wolf Lately?

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It wasn’t too long ago that my friend Pattie and I visited the Wolf Sanctuary here in St. Louis. I was shocked to learn there that wolves were considered extinct, and not many of them were left. Or so we were told. We were told that just about every wolf was tagged and known, and that at the sanctuary, they CONTROLLED the breeding of the few they had left on the premises. Somebody somewhere, I thought, thinks wolves are dangerous…and we are better off with less. (The lady there told us…it was the government orders to keep strict control of the wolves.)

Not that I agreed. because, they told us there that no wolf has ever attacked a man. Ever. These people acted like they were ALREADY extinct.

In fact, we were told that many wolves are on the endangered species. Since every year, we hear people complaining about the over population of deer (And baseball players have a habit of hitting them with their SUV’s)  I could not for the life of me figure out why we shouldn’t be bringing BACK the wolf.

Now…imagine my surprise when I saw THIS video.

I’m not sure whose telling the truth. We are either sorely deprived of wolves, OR we have so many, that the UN elite morons are really excited because they can grab the land the wolves are on and declare it off-limits to people. So therefore, the people at the Wolf Sanctuary were keeping a deep dark government secret. They don’t want the public to know how the wolves are going to be used to take their land, and push them into little city apartments.

Coyote’s on the other hand…have moved into Chicago, and Nobody much cares about them. Maybe it’s because they are Cubs fans, and if you have ever MET a Cubs fan, you would understand why they would love coyotes roaming around Wrigley Field.

On a good note (and since it’s a full moon) I saw a real live wild turkey, a really BIG guy, walking along beside a very crowded highway on my way to Thanksgiving dinner with my son. He walked just a few hundred yards away from the highway, as though he did it every day…and it was Thanksgiving.

Now THAT’s bold. No wolves around here.

We were going about 50mph, surrounded by other fast-moving cars… and there I was yelling …. “LOOK!! A Turkey! A Wild Turkey! OMG!”

You can tell I don’t get out much.

It was either a sign from God (I love signs) that even turkeys like me won’t get shot while getting fat and sassy, or the Wolf sanctuary is right…otherwise…how did that turkey get so big?

So, let me know. If you have seen a wolf in your neighborhood, please tell me. I really have no clue. The only wolf I have seen is the little red fox down the street from me, and the ones I write about every day in Washington…

Maybe I should get a few chickens….

I know…and YOU thought I was going to talk about Susan Rice.

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  1. Wolves are magnificent animals. The destruction of the North American Wolf was a huge shame and distorted the food chain. I am glad to see them being returned to the wild and protected. There is plenty of room for them.

    Now, not many people know this but…. the ‘Alpha male’ was a term coined by one biologist chappie. It was based on his observations of wolves and he ‘saw’ the ‘dominant’ male at work. The term was widely adopted and applied to many species, including the Human. But it became almost a rude word in our femninist age and even men’s rights men adopted it as a ‘macho’ thing. BUT, that biologist reversed his thinking on further analysis based on far more observation. Instead of seeing a ‘bully’, ‘controlling’ animal ‘dominating’ a pack, he saw that it was a Father and most of the pack were his children. He taught them; he guided them; he sacrificed himself for them. Yes, he disciplined them too. He delineated their territory and protected it – and them. Most of his time was spent providing for them. The ‘Alpha’ female was just as ‘dominant’ and providing as he was. They were an adult team.

    Most people prefer to see the male bully. Most prefer to see the female as ‘fighting for her place’. They see what they want to see.


    Comment by Amfortas | November 28, 2012 | Reply

    • Yes…and they mate for life. We were told that if a female dies, the male never mates again. Wolves are wonderful.

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | November 28, 2012 | Reply

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