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Nobody’s Fool: Charles Krauthammer

Nobody’s Fool

While we all go down into the cesspool of Obama’s history, there are people still shouting and crying as we now quickly boil. This man, may sometimes make mistakes, but on this subject, he is right. The republican party is going down. Obama is out to get rid of them once and for all.

And the Rhino’s, will go right along with it.

Will anyone in Congress care?

Nope. Congress is just a place now, where rich men can get RICHER!

Nowhere else do we have more millionaires in one place than in Congress, where if you get in, you win the lottery for life!

And now…watch Obama’s billion dollar Hawaii vacation! To be followed by Michelle’s million dollar vacations… least we have Charles as an outlet to our anger…right? Feel any better?

I know. I don’t either.

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  1. See my comments on a Liberatrian/Tea Party alliance sent to you earlier.  Use your blog wisely.


    Comment by tombeebe | November 29, 2012 | Reply

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