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According to many, and that includes everyone BUT the Mayans, who by the way, did NOT predict the end of the world, they were just tired of making calendars…you have just four days to get yourself one of these nifty underground shelters!

Nobody Thinks we should thank those nifty Mayans, because they somehow knew, that in the future, we would suffer the same fate as THEY did! Which means, evil and powerful men would come to destroy just about everyone they could think of. Is it any wonder they stopped? They just disappeared….or more than likely, slaughtered.

Yes, in the future, we might ALL need to hide, from Washington D.C., so that we don’t go the same way of the Mayans.

Notice, the TV. …and the small frig. Not much room to stock up food is there?

Don’t let this video fool you…this is just a big playhouse to hide in….when Obama hands guns over to all his “citizen” army….to stop the carnage of his “citizen” mad dog adolescents and dear hunters who have gun-crazy paranoid mothers….he is now taking action.

And it COMES with a gun rack. And LEATHER couch. And a private bedroom. And a tub.

Somebody tell Ted Nugent.

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