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Piers Morgan…Go Back to England?

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It the BRIT and the AMERICAN! Check this out. Which man-made the best points?

I’m not going to get into my opinions here on this ‘gun’ problem issue tonight, but watch this in point for point logical argument. Piers Morgan gets so mad he starts name calling.

It’s an interesting debate.

The liberals today are beside themselves with grief because Americans went out in droves and bought guns….go which I say…HURRY, there’s still time!

Have fun watching it…I did.

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  1. I saw that too. A disgrace from a man who had no grace about him. The American gentlemen was polite and firm but Morgan was supercilious, rude, nasty, and interviewed like a 34 going on 14 year old girl at a feminist blockade.

    I was just hoping and waiting for the American chap to ‘cut a deal’ “I will stop my wry smile when you stop sneering and dribbling. A two fer one. Deal?”

    I was in discussion just yesterday with a chap who put a hypothosis that perhaps the Lanza boy shot his mum in her sleep to put her out of her misery. She expected an all out civil war and was clearly paranoid. He may have killed the children to ‘spare’ them the horrors of such conflict too.

    It is a long bow to be sure, but the same sort of rationale is often used for mothers who kill their children.


    Comment by Amfortas | December 19, 2012 | Reply

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