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Nobody Flashes: Get Rid of the 22nd? HELL NO!

Nobody Flashes

By now you’ve heard that some crazy guy is trying to get rid of the 22nd amendment.

Representative Jose Serrano (D-NY) introduced a bill Friday which would abolish term limits on the U.S. presidency. H.J. Res. 15 seeks to repeal the 22nd Amendment, and if passed, would allow President Obama to become the first president since Franklin Roosevelt to run for a third term.22 amendment

Evidently, it’s not the first time. Most all the men who become President, never, ever want to leave that job. The power, the luxury…Air Force One…it must go by all too fast for them. Wherever they go after that must be like falling off the edge of a cliff. I doubt that even George Washington, if alive today, could give up the almost fantasy like life that the modern Presidents get to live.

This from Glen Beck’s site:

Efforts to repeal the 22nd Amendment are nothing new. A 2005 attempt by Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) had bipartisan co-sponsorship that included Reps. Frank Pallone (D-N.J.) and Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) but went nowhere, as did a resolution introduced by Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) in 1989. Reagan himself expressed support for the amendment’s repeal, saying it interfered with the right of the people to “vote for someone as often as they want to do.” Former President Bill Clinton has frequently spoken out in favor of allowing presidents to serve more than two terms, provided they take some time off before running for a third time. “I’ve always thought that should be the rule,” Clinton said in November. “I think as a practical matter, you couldn’t apply this to anyone who has already served, but going forward, I personally believe that should be the rule.”

And, as you can see by this video above, made in 1958, we’ve got bigger problems. So…this HAS been a planned destruction…because how did Robert Welch predict this so long ago? They must get our guns, and then the Presidency will be next. That WILL be the final nail.

Anyway, just thought I would flash the video…and it’s no wonder the John Birch society was compared to Hitler. It seems…even back then, they knew the plans.

How do American’s feel about getting rid of the 22nd amendment? Well, we know the liberals would love to have Obama be President for life…but, here’s a comment on Glenn’s blog, by a guy named Spankthemonkey. (I know…free speech is still alive!) And I liked it so much, I had to reprint it here.  He had this to say:

“When they also pass a law that let’s us Beat the Crap out of them with a stick, It might be OK……..”

Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that….

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