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Obama Speaks: You are ALL, Going to Die…

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In true liberal fashion, Obama was late to his appointment with the “press” but in good fashion, he did NOT disappoint the people who think he is rightfully out of his mind.

Like me.

Obama continues to blame Republicans for everything under the sun, and he also admitted that he loves to party, but he is going be lonely in that big old White House because his girls are not interested in him anymore…setting us up for the fact that he is going to need to go on more vacations, and have more big rapper parties at the White House.

He warned the nation that the Republicans are about to destroy the country, by not giving him the ability to raise the debt limit. In his usual finest dictatorial manner, he threatened the masses. He said if the Republicans did NOT give him the power to have as much money as he wishes, the old people would not get their SS check, veterans would not get money, planes would crash, and that ALL the little children would be starving in the streets by the weekend.Obama dictator five

He said this before. He loves to threaten us all with his idea of a good punishment.

Oh..but don’t worry about all those people buying guns right now,…in just a few days, Obama will solve the problem of the government’s fear of a people taking over, by banning assault weapons, leaving the idea of any kind of militias being formed by the people, in order to protect themselves against Obama’s upcoming domestic drones and army, will be nipped in the bud. After all, he said, the people VOTED for bigger government.

He won…don’t forget.

Everything he wants is a commons sense approach….and that means it makes sense to him.

He kept repeating that Republicans didn’t want to “pay their bills.”

He wants money that we don’t have to pay the bills. No cutting his vacations, welfare recipients, free money for prostitution, alcohol,  sex changes, free cell phones, free housing, billion dollar checks to Muslim dictators…. No..the veterans and old people will just have to suffer first.

He blamed the credit rating on the Republicans…He figures we’ve all forgotten that it was Obama that spent more money than all the previous Presidents combined before him, in just three years.Obama dictator four

Nobody Thinks we are just a step away from Congress requiring an exorcist. Impeachment would not be enough.

If you were looking for anything other than a mean dictator meant to further his own power…then you didn’t get it. You got more of the same Obama.

We are not a deadbeat nation,” he declared, less than a week away from taking the oath of office for a second term.

Sure we are:  We have a deadbeat President, who likes to party, and who really hates America.

We have Django in spades.

Lucky us.Django

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