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Nobody’s Fool: Lt. General W. G. Boykin

Nobody’s Fool

As you watch this video: (and I hope you will) remember that this was taken a few years ago.

That’s all I’m going to say, because, as you know, I tend to agree with him, as events are bearing out the facts that everyone just cannot believe. (I think too many Americans just don’t believe complete tyranny will come to America.) thing. At the end of the video, the General mentions how Obama wanted a standing civilian army…and also remember that John Kerry, when running for President, said that he believed America should have a National Service:

April 12, 2004, Political News:

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry on Monday renewed his call for a comprehensive commitment to national service by Americans of all ages, telling college students that “change starts with you” as he proposed to tie aid for college tuition to national service.

Whether Kerry will implement mandatory “National Service” for all citizens in Obama’s second term remains to be seen.

We had Sandy Hook to moblalized control of our guns. Hagel will control Homeland drones. All Obama needs in one ‘national’ disaster to take full control of the whole country.

It’s been done by dictators before.  All we can hope is that there are enough good men in Congress to stand up to them.

NOBODY really misses Ronald Reagan.

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  1. What a wierd period we are living in. The General’s views are feely available due to the freedoms and technologies we enjoy. Yet his views point to a rolling back of freedom and the imposition of a totalitarian ideology. Paradoxical.

    What is even more scary than his words (and information is quite ‘checkable’) is the attitude of such a substantial proportion of Americans who appear to be walking and skipping with a song in their iPod earphones right into the gas ovens, and praising their overlords. Home-grown overlords at that.

    Now you know me, Joy. I maintain that America is a country with a far greater share of loonies than even history would say it deserves. And say it it does. The condemnation by the General of ‘nationalising’ the assets and treasure of others is given without a hint of irony. Heck, how did America gain its ‘Independance’ again? Wasn’t the ‘enemy’ back then the very people who had established the place and invested their hard-earned money and blood that the ‘rebels’ took?

    If and when America does fall apart and a civil war breaks out between the forces of the current mob and the forces of those ringing the alarum bells, which is very likely going to quickly devolve into one state against another, and another and another, some of those states will be trying to ‘pull-out’ of the Union and the Union itself will become the new enemy. How many times does a nation have to produce ‘rebels’? And if they are successful, will they pay compensation? Won’t they be ‘traitors’? If they are not successful, should the winning Union just give the entire shebang back to the original investors?


    Comment by Amfortas | January 19, 2013 | Reply

    • I’m not sure giving America back to the ‘investors’ would be a step forward…being the state of those ‘investors’ In the beginning of the country, there was a vast continent of land to spread out into. Now, there is nowhere on the planet for free people to go… Even your dear Australia is lead by loonies. The traitors are the governments everywhere that have taken over people lives…and sucked them dry. It seems no matter what country, or what political system, a few rise to the top, and grab all the power…leaving the masses hopeless. I’m ready for aliens.

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | January 19, 2013 | Reply

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