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Nobody Remembers the Nafta Highway…Come on In Amigos!

 Nobody Knows

____How long ago the globalists elite had big plans to make America a bi-lingural country? But…it was George W. Bush who put it in place. Obama here is very clevely trying to make us feel stupid because we don’t speak two languages. He knows what’s coming, even before he was President. Why else do you think our govenment have let so many illegals into our country?

It…was planned.Superhighway

What a better place to announce the continuing plans for amnesty than Las Vegas? Obama was so sure of Congress putting through legislation that he likes, he decided to make a trip to the city with the most promising numbers of union hotel workers. Who are mostly Hispanic..

Nobody Thinks somewhere tonight, the Bush family is finally happy. After all, it was President George W. Bush that came up with the great plan to make us one big North American Continent.

Obviously, if you have memory longer than your five year old…you will remember that our government has been promoting the North American One Continent fits all…all the time working for a big increase in a younger population to support the older one that is dying…they just denied it—all the elites at the top.

First came Nafta…Than all the other ‘afta’s ” after that. They told us it would bring American’s jobs.

It didn’t. We got the biggest Hispanic invasion in history…and that was the plan. The real plan for all the last four Presidents was how to get some cheap labor pouring into this country to kept it afloat. So they thought up the Nafta Superhighway. Starts in Mexico…(where China unloads its stuff) than goes through Texas and up through Canada.Nafta super highway

You didn’t hear Obama say a word about that did you? But today, was the final seal for every single Hispanic that can latch a ride on a truck to come up, along with the rest of his family and his gay friends too.They don’t need to pass any laws. It’s all a big put-on. When the Republicans complain that it’s because the democrats just want the votes…it’s a lie.

BOTH parties want this. It assures their very survival.

As you can imagine, Texas was pretty mad about the Nafta highway, because Spain was going to build it, and get all the money off it’s taxes. I wrote about this when Bush was President. We were told, that Rick Perry stopped the plans.

Nope…he just said he did. He lied. As they all do. Now they lie right to our faces.

Despite Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s pledge in 2009 to end the Trans-Texas Corridor project with a Spanish-owned construction company, the bureaucrats at the Texas Department of Transportation figured out a way to keep it alive.  Soon, Americans will have to pay tolls to foreign companies to drive on roads in their own country … Very quietly, Gov. Rick Perry and the Texas Department of Transportation, or TxDOT, signed in October a comprehensive development agreement to construct a toll-road redevelopment of Interstate 35 north of downtown Fort Worth. the Trans-Texas Corridor project, a 4,000-mile network of privately built and operated toll roads to crisscross the state, with Spanish development company Cintra scheduled to earn the tolls under 50-year leases. It’s four football fields wide, through the heart of Texas, parallel to Interstate 35, from the Mexican border at Laredo, Texas, to the Texas border with Oklahoma;

So…watch that highway go up REAL fast now. It’s time…as Obama said..for the rest of the invasion.

And no matter WHAT you hear…they will get welfare, and develop their own Spanish speaking cities.Rick Perry ad hot dog

The only time they will have to speak any English is if they run for office and work in Congress.

It’s a done deal. It was the plan all along for years.

After all..their children won’t have to ever worry again.

Ours…will have to learn how to…as Obama said: Speak Spanish.

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  1. A pretty nifty way to get a Statist-controlled highway for moving troops too. Oh, and pay the Spaniards whenever a convoy goes up or down it. The only upside is Spanish, it seems to me. Maybe it will help their debt problem – shift it onto America.

    But here’s the rub. Americans in their millions seem to continually vote for the liars and ‘anti-America’ politicians. Why is that? Can we put it down just to propaganda from the ‘Elites’? That would mean the American voters are sheep. The ‘elite’ idea is rubbing a bit thin too as they don’t appear to be very elite to me from over here. They look and sound just like our own lefty wreckers and frankly I just cannot see the ‘Elites’ of other nations (the New World Order crowd) wanting half-witted lefty Ozzies in their soirees. Can you imagine what a sour-puss like JuLiar Dillard would do to a party in a german castle?

    Most of the noise comes from the media (which knows it cannot be allowed to exist under a totalitarian regime, shirley?) and academia, which also knows that the curriculum will be handed down to them once the ‘Them’ take over and most of them will be put up against the wall regardless of previous loyalties. So why do they do it?

    Could it be that they are plain thick? Just as thick as the average American voter who continues to vote for the lefty wreckers?

    I know what the answer is in Oz. It’s the friggin’ Irish ex-convists’ decendants. They are always pissed and pissed off with the British who made Oz. They revel in their ‘separation’ from Britain, just like the Americans do. Maybe you guys need to round up all your Irish. Start with the terrorist supporters who sent American money to buy Russian guns for the IRA to kill British people. Maybe we should too. We can both send the lot of them, fiddles and jigs as well, back to the bogs.


    Comment by Amfortas | January 30, 2013 | Reply

    • Okay…when the “irish” came to America..they formed the Democratic party. They are still there. We have another Kennedy coming up. And it was our democratic party who helped the thug Irish throughout the religious wars in Britain. There IS voter fraud throughout our history, we just have state controlled media who swear…it only happens here or there, not enough to make any difference.B.S. In my little town, we have “approved” every single tax increase that was ever put up…for over 20 years…and yet, millions are losing their homes and jobs. Somehow…after all these years…especially when they count the votes AFTER midnight behind closed doors…it goes for the state.We live in a Happy-faced Russia, Czars and all, who are now crying out that they should have the guns, and we should not. State propaganda is well intrenched….and I still think the majority of the people…are really pissed off..and yet, you will NOT see them on any station. I know from experience that they only let out what they want you to see. The real truth is mostly on a few radio stations and the internet…which is also going to be controlled. But hey…we fight.

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | January 30, 2013 | Reply

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