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Nobody’s Fool: Henson Ong

Nobody’s Fool

If there ever was a time in American History that we all need to shout out loud that– “You WILL not take away our rights!” it’s now.

Henson Ong’s speech is simply…fantastic. I got tear eyed…the truth is so rare nowadays, that when I do here it, I get…emotional.

Don’t miss this one!


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  1. Cogent arguments, provided by people far more eminent than himself, yet ignored by the drones in Government.

    One point that has always impressed me about America is the ‘Public Hearing’ and its televising/broadcast. It is a powerful means for the average citizen to make him/herself heard. Of course this is ‘balanced’ by the agitprop pumped out daily by the media, particularly the ‘news’ and entertainment industries.

    Impressive about this gentleman’s short speech was his early identification of the real issue: the decline in society, rather than ubiquity of guns. Yet the thrust for gun restriction comes from the very same people who work so hard to ‘change’ society, the ‘social engineers’ who have so far succeeded in ‘changing society’ with such disasterous results.


    Comment by Amfortas | January 31, 2013 | Reply

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