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Nobody Flashes: The History of North Korea and the Democrats

Nobody Flashes

North Korea just released this video in where they dream of nuking New York. In the background is the music of Michael Jackson– “We Are the World.”  Nobody asks herself —is the reason they want to nuke New York is because Steven Spielberg lives in California? Why hit the same place twice? Isn’t Micheal Bloomberg doing enough damage as it is?

And oh my goodness…’President’ Obama today…all of a sudden, seems a bit worried about the “sequester” coming up in March, which will decimate our military down to the point that even people with the video capabilities of a six-year-old can fire some missiles at us, and have a decent chance of succeeding.

You know, it’s got to be tough. Here’s a President that is trying to bring troops home from around the world, in order to put them to work as his own private HomeLand Security army, and some little dweeb over in North Korea is making him look silly.kris 11

And you might say: Come on Joyanna…how can a country that can’t even make a simple video actually launch a missile to hit New York? (And once again…why is it always New York?)

Well…once upon a time…Bill Clinton sent over his favorite plutonium giver Sandy Berger, and Sandy supplied North Korea with enough uranium to make their own bombs, which they did.  Of course, Clinton  said later that, “They lied, they told me they needed it for peaceful means.” Google in NK two Google in NK three

And just recently, Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, went over to North Korea with Sandy Berger, and…you have to wonder what else was given to them? Have you noticed that Bill Clinton and Sandy Berger are the only two politicians that love to visit North Korea? Have you also noticed that every time a democrat comes back from visits to countries that don’t like us, they want to kill us even more? Google in NK

Democrats. Arming the world…with the help of Michael Jackson. In the meantime, who are all the democrats screaming about as the ones that have to be destroyed forever more?

The Tea Party.

And that’s because the Tea Party KNOWS where the real enemy lies, and it’s not in New York.

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  1. Nations and governments abide by the ‘Human Being’ rule. They are not abstract entities but conglomorations of people and develop as people do. And we are all aware that some people are a brick short of a wall, have kangaroos in the top paddock, are a sandwich short of a picnic; ie nuts. And some are plain bad, psychopaths, sociopaths, heroic figures fighting for the freedom to take you for a mug. Some are as thick as two short planks but many are just plain nasty dum-dums.

    North Korea sank into loonie territory a long time ago and went downhill into psychosis and sociopathology. They are dangerous. Some might say the same about many western countries, even the USA, even if to a lesser extent.

    We lock up the mad and the bad, but even they get ‘visitors’ from time to time. And some of the visitors take in reading materials of a dubious nature, drugs and mobile phones, and weapons. The guards are often a bit suss too.

    All those ‘democrat’ visitors to NK who find it difficult to criticise the Great Leader and his meglamaniac minions, are democratically elected by millions of good old American folk choreographed to put on a fine display because they too have much the same mental defect. The NK mob dream of nuking New York but the democrats AND the republicans of the USA are wide awake as they buy up millions of dum-dum bullets for internal use, thousands of spy drones fitted now with weaponry in case the sane US citizen says ‘hold on a minute, pardner’, and pass laws that create gulags in Connecticut. Not to mention the war on anyone they cast a Beenevalent eye on.

    The US arm reaches out much further than NKs and far more often. I would like to think it was to help folk in furrin’ climes but the talk in the pub says it ain’t so. Even the sane and resonable can have senility creep up on them or get a bang on the head from a falling dollar, or drink too much Power-Aid.


    Comment by Amfortas | February 5, 2013 | Reply

    • Now..that was just downright brilliant.

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | February 6, 2013 | Reply

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