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Nobody’s Email: God Made Liberals Too…

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Here’s a fun bit from FLOYD…which gives you the idea that God makes all things, and we have to ask…in his wisdom?

(Thanks to my Nobody self)

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  1. Well, I got the feeling that Speilburg was making a statement: All polticians do unlawful things, they are scum, BUT Lincoln was great because he brided and broke the law…FOR THE RIGHT REASON>

    So therefore, Obama can break the law and be considered as great as Lincoln because he will be doing it for the RIGHT reason.

    Sherman’s destruction of the South was sheer horror. Slavery was wrong, but so was burning down the whole South.

    But..back then, that’s how you won a war. I guess you have to decide if the ends justify the means.


    Comment by joyannaadams | February 9, 2013 | Reply

  2. They have always been here and sometimes they come as chameleons. It must be something to do with evolution. And popular memory:

    Chris Berg says ‘Lincoln’ (the film) is a whitewash:

    Spielberg whitewashes some of the great stains on the Lincoln presidency…

    Take one memorable scene. In Congress, a fiery New York Democrat, Fernando Wood, accuses the president of being a tyrant. Lincoln, Wood shouts, is a ‘’violator of habeas corpus and freedom of the press, abuser of states’ rights, radical republican autocrat ruling by fiat and martial law’’.

    The film skates quickly over the accusation. Wood seems ridiculous. He describes the president as ‘’our Great Usurping Caesar’’. He supports slavery, a much greater tyranny. But many of his claims were correct.

    The Lincoln administration declared martial law. It suspended the writ of habeas corpus, allowing the government to detain civilians without charge and without trial….

    Many civilians were locked up for selling alcohol to soldiers, even though there was no law against it. Others were locked up for ‘’disloyalty’’ or using ‘’treasonable language’’…. At least 14,000 people were locked up as political prisoners during the war, according to the historian Mark E. Neely, jnr….

    Lincoln’s administration suppressed at least 300 newspapers. Most of the suppressed papers were Democrat ones. Nineteenth-century journalism was proudly partisan.

    Lincoln authorised torture, too. The technique, also used against civilians, is eerily familiar…

    Essentially, a high-powered hose was sprayed against a person’s body until skin broke. This ‘’shower’’ could last for hours.


    Comment by Amfortas | February 9, 2013 | Reply

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