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Nobody’s Email: The Art of Lying Starts Young

Nobody Gets Email

Here we see the little liberal. This boy could grow up to be another Clinton. The evidence is on his face, he IS guilty by what all lawyers in court would claim to be circumstantial evidence.

But no matter HOW hard mom tries to get him to tell the truth…his self-preservation wins out.

All he needed to do is say, “I did NOT eat pringle’s from that jar, not now, not ever.” Or

“Turkey? This is the first I’ve heard about that!” (Hillary denying knowledge of gun-running in Turkey at the Benghazi hearings.)

While this little boy is cute…it reminds us all that people who lie often, start lying when they are little kids. But when they become our “leaders,” its never good for us, and we have a whole slew of liars ruling us.

He IS cute though…which works in his favor.


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