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Nobody Gets Email: Dance to the SugarPlums in the Universe

Nobody Gets Email

I love this. I have one childhood memory that sticks out from all the rest. I must have been all of three years old, because in the memory, I was sitting in the backseat of my Dad’s car waiting in the dark to pick up my mom at some store. The family moved to Naples, Florida when I was four…so therefore, I had to be three…since it was here in St. Louis.

It was Christmas time, and we were parked in a parking lot, outside a Mall. My father was in the front seat, and my mom seemed to be taking a long time.  I remember the backseat seemed as big as a boat, and I was curled up with my favorite blanket and gazing high up into the sky. Minutes before I had heard the, “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” on the intercom outside, and asked about it, and I remember looking at my dad, and he told me the story of how all the toys in the Mall came alive and danced, to the music. I don’t know how he knew that, but I believed him, and my mind of course went crazy..picturing all the toys inside the mall…and what if I could locked inside for the night and watch them…oh boy, would mom and dad be mad? And oh boy…that was fun to think about that…and the music was like nothing I had ever heard before, because of course, my parents only listened to Benny Goodman. Dad must have seen it on Lawrence Welk because my grandmother always had that on every week.

It seemed we were there for hours, and I remember gazing up at the sky, and asking my father about the stars. I honestly think it was the first time I had really looked at them, and he must have told me there were millions and they were far away, and right away, I knew that I was the tiniest thing on the planet…no bigger than a grain of sand. It was at that moment that I realized this planet was tiny, I was even tineir…and it was the scariest thing imaginable. Maybe my father told me that…I don’t remember…BUT it put the most horrendous fear of how insignificant I was compared to that vast universe, that I hide under the blanket until mom got to the car.  I was powerless. And if you think about it, my ‘Nobody” self is still under that blanket. (LOL!)

My love for music came from that moment I think. I became a musician, a dancer, and a lover of the stars. To this day, “The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” is one of my favorite songs, and no matter WHERE I am when I hear it, I stop everything and listen to it all the way through.

Tchaikovsky suffered from deep depressions, and committed suicide. And yet, he left us a small universe of music….His star still shines in this little girl’s heart.

My first piano!

My first piano!

Somehow, music and the universe are meant to be one. Music IS math in so many ways.

My liberal friend just sent me an email..he was upset that in Texas they were thinking about teaching the kids about intelligent design along with evolution. Really, he was horrified. (He HAS no children of his own, and probably never will, being as he is 75.)

So I wrote him back and told him Einstein believed in intelligent design. (LOL!)  And Einstein would agree, so many IQ’s…are lackig imagination. Without imagination, you are only halfway there.

Wait…Let’s make this complete: Here, close your eyes and picture yourself as that grain of sand in the vast universe and TELL me…this song doesn’t fit. I no longer hide under the blankets.

I just smile. And thankfully, I grew into my ears.

ENJOY! (Thanks to Ant)


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  1. Nice celebration of life here. Thanks to Amfortas (Percy) for tipping me to it. Of late I struggle with my own feelings of insignificance, not in the vast universe but in the very small one of people I love who still seem so out of reach, even in the same room. But these days I spend more time alone than any parent finds enjoyable, and I’m pondering what might be the way out of, or through, or beyond, where I am now. As usual it seems to come down to that most abonimable of things to me: money. If it hadn’t always felt so dirty in my hands maybe I’d have more of it…


    Comment by ron collins | February 17, 2013 | Reply

    • Yes…I know what you mean. Money. Unless you think about how to make more of it, everyday, you don’t have a lot of it. If you’re not interested and take great joy in “making” it, but are truly interested in more esoterical things…(Like the rest of the universe and all it’s wonders) then when you do need it, and don’t have it, you miss out on so much. Money. That’s another blog idea. I remember when Television was FREE!

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | February 18, 2013 | Reply

  2. Physically we are small. Tiny. But we are the ones that see that and know that. Even if that is all we know. Which is not the case. The immense stars and even immenser galaxies do not know anything. They are inert. Matter. Incandescent here and there and colder than anything we experience that other spot and the next, at the same time.

    We burn with a fire unknown to material fire. That ‘flash’ of light of Insight comes from so far down inside us, so far outside that it can shake us and confound us. It tell us that there is something else. Something that shines; something we occasionally catch sight of. It can scare us and render us almost as speechless and inert as any star. But we are not a star, not inert, and our profound insight sends us on a journey of exploration, discovery and explanation. We have to work backward from an answer to find the right questions.

    We are different. We share the same ‘matter’ as the Universe. Not one speck of material in our physical being is not found ‘out there’. Our basic building blocks, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon etc are all out there, some actually fashioned in the stars. But there is ‘something’ in us that is not out there. Just as an ‘idea’ or a piece of music does not exist out there but comes from within ourselves, the greater quest is to find where that comes from , if indeed a ‘where’ is relevant or possible. Along the way to finding the questions we encounter and apprehend life in all its strange manifestations and discover that of all life it is we, and seemingly just we, that has that ability to Insight, ability to apprehend even if not comprehend the Profound, the Mystical, the non-material substrates upon which the entire Universe is dependant. And it is bigger even than the Universe.

    For some reason we are different. Connected to the ineffible; to that which is so immense such that the Universe seems tiny. Tiny does not matter.

    We ‘think’ for the Universe. We are the ones designed to ask the questions and to know the answers. Eventually.

    We are not ‘nobodies’. We are special.

    Well, you are.


    Comment by Amfortas | February 16, 2013 | Reply

    • I play a little song, and amfortas as usual, plays a symphony. Beautifully said.

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | February 16, 2013 | Reply

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