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Nobody’s Email: Mujibar is at Your Service

Nobody Gets Email

I’m not getting email lately. I’m not sure if it’s the NSA, or just that summer is here and everyone is outside.  So, to start out this Saturday, how about a ‘pertinent” joke, that I’m sure we all can relate to? India telephone
(Thanks to Pattie)

Mujibar was trying to get a job in India.
The Personnel Manager said, “Mujibar, You have passed all the tests, except one. It is a simple test of your English language skills. Unless you pass it, you cannot qualify for this job.”
Mujibar said, “I am ready.”

The manager said, “You must make a sentence using the words Yellow, Pink, and Green .”
Mujibar thought for a few minutes and said, “Mister Manager, I am ready.”

The manager said, “Go ahead.”

Mujibar said, “The telephone goes green, green, and I pink it up and say,
Yellow , this is Mujibar.”

Mujibar now works at a call center.
No doubt you have spoken to him.

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