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NEVER Get Sick on a Weekend…

Nobody’s Opinion

Okay…I know I said I’d be back…but in my humble Nobody Opinion, my ‘flu’ has turned into major bronchial infection. Somehow, I now need brandy to stop coughing. I need drugs.

Life is rough, when your husband is trying to get you to drink, so he can sleep. funny 1

So— I need at least a few more days to stay in bed.

But, there is one thing that drives me crazy. You know how everyone has complained that everyone uses the ER instead of going to their doctor?

Could it be that half the people get REALLY sick on the weekend, and—


There. I’ve said it. And not loud enough either. You either pay a fortune at the ER…or you try not to die on a weekend.  And with Obamacare, soon you will be lucky to even see a doctor during the week…it will be the “nurse.”

I know one thing; Next summer: EXTRA laps in the pool…

Thanks everyone for hanging in there, all your well wishes…and PLEASE stayed tuned. I have a BIG bottle of Brandy.

(By the way, I just thought the picture was funny…)


January 12, 2014 - Posted by | humor |

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