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The House of Saud: Are Really Jews?

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X President George W. Bush was on TV again today, pleading for his brother Jeb to run for President, while we have Benghazi in the news, and it doesn’t leave Americans with much hope left, does it?

The one thing that has puzzled me about Presidents, (Reagan excluded) is that they keep doing things that do not benefit America. How long have we been arming our enemies? How many wars do our men have to die, while we put our own country in debt? Iraq now sends it oil to China.Bush and Saudi King

What have the last three Presidents done for us, really?

Last night on the radio, I heard a Russian expert say that while Putin got along with George Bush, Obama had promised Putin he would not go after Gaddafi, and broke that promise. And as if by following the McCain WWIII dance, we are now sending troops over Poland—

Some would say, to get out of depressions, the rich start wars.

As Eisenhower said, most wars could be avoided if our politicians didn’t do such stupid things. But if you believe, that we are being ruled by a global oligarchy, wars are money, and so many actions that they take that seem stupid to us, makes perfect sense in that global world of finance and control.

The one thing that sticks out in my mind about George W, was how very close he was to the Saudi Kings. After 9/ll while all planes were grounded, OUR president sent planes to pick up bin Laden’s relatives in our country and get them to safety.

He did this while the smoke was still billowing over the skyline of New York.

The more you witness the day-to-day news, it becomes apparent that our Presidents and their top officials are playing more on a global stage. We give billions to other countries, instead of taking care of our schools, our roads, our massive debt. We build those roads in other countries.

They have run us into debt, which doesn’t hurt them because they don’t play by our laws. They have the Fed and the stock market. Our billionaires in Congress are talking about the NBA, instead of the very real threat of nuclear attack by our enemies, which are everywhere now. And why should they worry? They have money AND bunkers, and mansions all over the world.

If you believe, like some believe (And that includes Lord Monckton, see video below) that there are a top elite class ruling the world, then you might like me, wonder why we have always been such friends with The Saudi’s?

I read this today, and share it here because I thought it was a concept that I had never heard: Are you ready?Obama and Saudi Kings

The history of the Saudi Family. (Taken from Human Race, Get Off Your Knees)

Have you ever wondered why the ‘home’ of Islam, Saudi Arabia, says and does nothing in the face of what is being visited upon the Arab world? There is a reason for this. The House of Saud is a fake front for the House of Rothschild and they are not ‘Arabs’ or “Muslims’ at all. They are Rothschild Zionists who can be traced back to a Jewish man called Mordakhai bin Ibrahim bin Moshe. Researchers say That in the year AD 851 members of the Arabic Al Masaleekh clan formed a trading caravan and met with Mordakhai bin Ibrahim bin Moshe, a merchant in Basra in what is now Iraq. Mordakhai was Jewish, but told them he was from their clan and had relocated to Basra after a family feud. He asked if he could join them on their journey to Najd, in Arabia, where he changed his name and eventually settled in the town of Al-Dir’iyyah, or Diriyah (where the founder of the modern House of Saud came from in the official story.)Mordakhai gathered support among the Bedouin tribes and then declared himself their king, this research suggests. Some tribes resisted and attacked Al-Dir’iyyah. Mordakhai was forced to flee and take shelter in a farm at near Al-Arid, which in now the Saudi capital, Riyadh. Within a month it is said, he had killed the farmer, blamed it on an band of thieves and then took ownership of the property, which he called Al-Dir’iyyah after the town had been forced to flee. Mordakhai, who now claimed to be an Arab Sheik. His family secured greater swathes of land through violence and deceit.

According to this author, Muhammad Ibn Abd al Wahhab claimed (from the Saud family) to be both Jew and Muslim and the country is now founded on his law of Wahhabism.

Which is a ruthless and fascistic, totalitarian theocracy.

According to this source, The Saud’s are really Rothschild Zionists, and this is why they are so close to the Bush family (also Rothschild Zionists) It’s why they supported Bush, and in 2009 gave Israel permission to use its air space if it chose to attack Iran., They called Israel their cousins.

So, while I have read that the Shiites and the Sunnis are the reason the Arabs are always fighting each other, and this historical rendition of the House of Saud could be true or not…. I must admit. I always found the relationship the Bush family had with the Kings were strange beyond comprehension. What else explains it?

The men that attacked us on 9/11 were almost entirely from Saudi Arabia, and yet, Bush attacked Iraq. Our media guided us all into blaming one man…bin Laden, to take us all off the fact that these men were from Saudi Arabia. Their pictures were shown briefly, but NEVER anywhere did they go into any of those men, or their lives.

I found that a red flag waving at the bull.

That is something that just doesn’t muster up, and never will.

Lord Christopher Monckton, a former policy adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and an activist against global warming “alarmism,” went all-in on questioning President Barack Obama’s citizenship.

And he is alarmed at what many call…the illuminati, the rule of 300.

In this video, Monckton warns us of the global government.

I think he is absolutely right. Did Obama sign the Copenhagen Treaty? I don’t THINK so…but then, I’m not sure, Nevertheless, the Benghazi cover up was just as much about the NEW WORLD ORDER of making it a crime to speak against Mohammed, as it was to cover up Obama selling weapons to Al-Quada. But from now on, I’m keeping my eyes on the House of Saud, and the House of Bush, the House of Clinton’s, the House of Obama….because the House of America seems to be the farthest thing from their minds.


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  1. “the Issue therefore is about the heart and soul of those we appoint to govern”

    That’s just it…we will have no say in the matter. They will ‘appoint’ themselves forevermore. That’s what the good Lord Monckton was saying.


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | May 2, 2014 | Reply

  2. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”
    Ephesians 6.12.

    I don’t know about Jewish traders and merchants, nor about tribal arrangements in the deserts multiple centuries past. Not much anyway. I do know that Islam was the work of those dark forces of evil rather than the Angel Gabriel – who one day will sue the entire Arab peoples (and a few Jews too) for defamation.

    Nor do I know much about the ‘House of Bush’ et al (or bin) today. I know a little about the European ‘Houses’ and the Hanoverian take-over of the British throne only to leave it again after they ran out of male offspring and could not bear to have Queen Victoria as a Hanoverian Monarch in the middle of Germany.

    I do not know (beyond speculations) about the ‘300’ who would rule the world, other than if there are then they too will be dead in a few decades and their heirs will have to contend with their own self-imposed irrationalities of succession. There are always another lot waiting in the leathery wings.

    ‘Twas always thus.

    But I do know about evil and good at war with one another in the hearts and minds of man. (That is woman too, by the way). I do know that with vast wealth comes a desire to have things one’s own way. Heck, were I a fabulously wealthy chap, I might want a seat in the halls of direction m’self.

    301 anyone?

    And I do know, after many years in this mortal frame, that my heart and soul are of vastly greater importance than my diabetes. Lotsa moolah does not protect from illnesses. They are more important than my houses (not that I own one). The hearts and souls of rulers are no less important.

    I do know that those who would gain power are subject to far greater forces than they can imagine. I do know that if they go against those forces, they will remain simply history. So it is vital that the ‘right’ side of that great divide is chosen by the most as well as the least powerful.

    The issue of ‘who is to rule the world’ has been talked about since before the world was properly or comprehensively defined or even mapped. Struggles occurred over the issue between tribes separated by rivers and mountains; tribes and ‘families’ who did not even know about oceans. But we are vastly more in number now. We are a spherical planet. One mankind. It is inevitable that one day, possibly sooner than later, that we will have an over-arching World Government.

    The issue therefore is about the heart and soul of those we appoint to govern, not whether a One World Government is a bad thing or not. The anti-democratic; the greedy; the power-desirers; the thugs and bullies must not be enabled or promoted. Those who deceive have already shown their unwise choice. Instead, those who understand and acknowledge the existence of “the powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” and fight hard right now to overcome that diabolical influence in our hearts and souls may be best able to govern for the good of all and in accord with the Will of the Creator.


    Comment by amfortas | May 2, 2014 | Reply

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