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Bridge of Spies—Another Home Run for Spielberg–(Ignore the Media.)

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The last really good movie I saw, one that I wanted to actually see again, was Jurassic World. Sure, The Martian was fun, but nobody does the sets, the acting, the action, the drama, as well as Steven Spielberg. The man was just born to do what he does.

Bridge of Spies is a movie of American history, and coming at a propitious time when daily we are bombarded with news that black is white, and our whole very notion of being “American” is being torn down.  It’s A spy movie about when America traded ‘spies’ in the cold war, with the help of an insurance lawyer, who basically, against even our own government’s wishes, just does the right thing.

Yes, there still is a right, and a wrong. (even dogs know that.)

From HC

Tom Hanks stars as James Donovan, an American attorney brought on to defend “suspected” Soviet spy Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance) in 1957 in the early stages of the Cold War. Donovan is reluctant to take on the controversial client, but is encouraged to do so by his boss (Alan Alda) because America needs to prove that it gives everyone a fair trial. In other words, America is supposed to appear morally superior to its enemies, even though Abel’s guilt has already unofficially been determined.

Yes, James Donovan (Tom Hanks) defends the Soviet spy in the same tradition that John Adams defended the British soldiers of the Boston Massacre, and the whole time I was watching this movie I couldn’t help but think of how off the course of America we have come.

Obama can now, if he believes ANYBODY to be a threat to the nation, without a trial, imprison them for whatever time he likes, and Congress let him take that power. It was never even discussed in public, and yet a fundamental American right has been taken away. With Obama’s love and protection of all who are Muslim, this scares mostly those who HE thinks are enemies…and in Obama’s world, it’s a lot of the American population.

In this movie we see a normal citizen fight for the rights and lives of BOTH ‘spies’, American and Russian, the point being driving home is they are just doing their jobs. The ‘governments’ of our world, make decisions that a normal citizen would never make.

Not to mention, (going back to Obama) —Obama didn’t even attempt to get the release of four Americans out of Iran, when he was signing his ‘historical’ nuclear deals with Iran. You can’t help but compare Obama of today, with the past man in this movie, James Donovan, a nobody from some law firm, who goes on to get thousands of people released from jail in communist countries—which you learn as a footnote at the end.

Too bad we don’t have a James Donovan today.

As I left the theater, I wanted to see this beautifully told and meticulously crafted movie a few more times…but I can’t help but wonder why Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks continue in real life to support Obama? Why?

It’s a dichotomy that remains inexplicable: How many liberal actors make their living by blowing up people on screens with guns, and yet, want all guns banned? And how can directors and actors who make uplifting themes of the goodness of America, endorse someone like Obama? The MOST Un-American President to ever hold the office. How?

Is it really just all about the money? Can somebody answer that to me please? (I have my suspicions, but would love to hear yours.)

Anyway, go see the movie, because the PR is telling everyone NOT to.

You’ll want to see it…one more time.


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