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I thought I’d share this little event that happened to me recently. To most, it might seem kind of stupid, and my interpretation of the event as WAY off course. But I thought by sharing it, maybe someone out there would think: Hey..mmmmm…

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine that swims with our swim group at my local pool in the summer, came by my house to visit. She’s not a ‘best’ friend, more like, one of those people you really like but really don’t see much of outside of the “group” event.

Pool gals. I’m not in this one, Petra is last row, second from right, big sunglasses

Her name is Petra: She is all German. Big barrel of a woman. Like most pure bloodline Germans, she has the big chest and a barrel of an infectious laugh to go with it. When we are at the pool she sings, “I’ve got Joy, Joy, Joy, down in my heart!” when she sees me.

And I sing back to her…..”It’s all about the bass, bout the bass, no treble.”

In other words, we don’t act our age. We become 5 again in the pool.

Petra’s whole life is her Christianity. She’s a devout church goer (I’m not so much on church) and she believes in Jesus as her lord savior. Every morning she spends one hour listening to her Bible sermons.
One Saturday at the pool, while we were laying in the sun, she told me she was waiting for the rapture and if I didn’t get right with “Jesus” I would be stuck in hell.

Of course I laugh, and say, “But Petra….I’m not worried about it, don’t you worry about me. Jesus is just alright with me and I’m sure I’m on his good side.”

So anyway, when it comes to Jesus, I had only one picture of him in my house. Or. Should I say, I had one of those wood carvings from “Bethlehem” that you buy at the mall. I bought it MANY years ago one day to send to my best friend at the time who was in California and had just told me she had an inoperable cancerous brain tumor.

I remember my great grief that day as I walked through the local mall. When I saw that wooden head, laying on the table…in the middle of the aisle next to the sunglass stands— I just had to have it.
The salesman who was from Israel kept saying to me. “All these are genuine carvings from Jerusalem. They are truly holy!”

There were many copies of the same head of course, but one caught my eye. On Jesus’s sad face was a tear that was naturally running down his face, but it was IN the wood. It was a dark grain…in the wood itself.

Jesus was weeping….just like me.

I bought it and sent it to my friend in California to comfort her.

Years later, after she died, her mother called me up and asked if I wanted it back. It was the only thing I had of hers to remember her by, and it has hung in my music room on my wall, and I looked at it every day and thought of my dear Shelly, and how I missed her.

Fast forward to last week. Petra was about to leave, and I don’t know why, but I said, “Wait, I want to give you something.” And I ran into my music room, took Jesus off the wall and handed it to her.

You could say, I was compelled–I don’t do stuff like that often.

After she left, I must admit I thought to myself. “Why in the world did you give something that you really loved so much, the only reminder of your friend, to someone who really didn’t ask for it?”

What was strange is…I did it as if…I just had to.

Today, I found out why.

I called Petra to see if she wanted to go to a local indoor pool for a swim.

“Oh, you haven’t heard, have you?” said Petra.

“No, what?” I said.

“I’ve got breast cancer. I found out the day I left your house, the doctor called me and told me.

“I just had the lumps removed and I’m going through radiation.”

Here’s where you go…Oh THAT’s why.

Petra told me she was doing great…she had her lord. She truly sounded like she really believed that she was going to be fine. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone so truly unaffected about getting cancer.

Now, to the point I’m trying to make. I believe it God, Jesus, Budda, the great invisible force that rules the universe…call it whatever…THAT force made me give Petra that image of Jesus to help her through her cancer.

I know for a fact that Petra does not have even a picture of Jesus in her house, and she, at this time in her life, needs one.

So, God, just looked down on me, and said “Go to the room, and give it to her.”

And I of course obeyed. And that’s how this mysterious force we call ‘god’ works.

You just have to pay attention. Most people would say “Oh Joyanna, that’s just a coincidence, you’re reading too much into it.”

Some men say, “There ARE no coincidences.”

It’s not always about the bass, but the joy…isn’t it? It’s about the joy that I feel because I know Petra’s faith will pull her through each day, when she looks at the face of her lord….

In this case…I was just his currier.

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  1. Beaut, Joyanna. Now, being as Big G, my own Tavern’s Supplier, has given you a quite large hint, may I suggest you take Christ a tad more seriously and give thought to some (perhaps regular) gratitude, adoration and Grace from the Eucharest ! Hmmmm? Catholic of course.

    My love as ever.


    Comment by Amfortas | February 4, 2018 | Reply

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