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West Virginia Spends $87 Mil. For New MUSLIM Housing…

Nobody’s Opinion

This man’s testimony pretty much sums up what most Americans think about all the Muslims being “Dropped” into their neighborhoods.

The GOP hasn’t said a WORD about this. Not a word. Just yesterday, my husband was walking the dog around the block and a Muslim lady came outside and was throwing shoes at her children, yelling and screaming in Arabic. It made him so angry he wanted to call the police, but he knew that was pointless.

The video speaks for itself. I agree with this man 100%, and funny thing is, when I tried to download this off Google, Google wouldn’t let me, and even showed a sign at the bottom of my computer that said, “Can’t get this to load? Find out why. Google.” I KNEW why, so I went to a different search engine until I could get it. I’ll be surprised if it even shows up tomorrow. If it’s blocked I’ll try to give the address so everyone can see it.

Anyway, I’ve reprinted some of the comments below the video here….I just left off the names:

This, like illegal immigration, is to dilute the voting block in purple states for Democrats. The catch and release, “refugees” are funneled into strategic locations in preparation for the 2020 election.

America will not wake up. Our government places clusters like this and then elections get them elected.

The Noahide laws is the sharia law our government passed. Wake up!

They are doing this as Albert Pikes ww3 agenda is in full swing. Flood the world with Islam to cause chaos and terror. Then ride in with the savior of Luceferian doctrine. It’s filthy but it’s happening.

I hope those units BURN before our enemies move in. And stuffing AMERICANS into shitholes so these bastards can move in on our dime and plan jihad? Unbelievable!

Maxine. Dirty Waters is one she took money for putting Samoli Muslims in a high rise in LA. Paid for by the Muslim Brotherhood

Noahide = Sharia = New World Order. I knew a guy who’s dad moved to Libya and he said he converted to Islam because it was “easier”

America knows what is happening, but they feel powerless to do anything. 

Nobody Thinks: We had BETTER fight back.

We had BETTER…keep our guns and keep our President. 

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  1. While the video was proven as false, we still have many areas in the United States being polluted by islamic filth. Google Dearborn, Michigan for one.

    -Islam is not a religion but a totalitarian political system (like Communism, Nazism, or Japanese State Shinto from 1868 – 1945) with some minor trappings of religion.
    -In the USA, Islam should not be granted First Amendment freedom of religion but should be considered an alien organization subject to the Foreign Agents Registration Act.
    -This is why Islamic governments in the oil-rich Persian Gulf spend money in the West to build mosques: it creates political influence for the foreign Islamic government and is thus, not about religion.

    The Quran is mainly HATE SPEECH directed against KAFIRS.

    There are over 400 references in the Quran to hate, over 300 references in the Quran to Allah and fear, but there are only 49 references to love.  Of these love references, 39 are negative, such as the 14 negative references to love of money, power, other gods, and status. 

    Three verses command humanity to love Allah and only two verses are about how Allah loves a believer.  There are 25 verses about how Allah does NOT love kafirs (disbelievers.)

    This leaves 5 verses about love.  Of these 5 verses, 3 are about loving kin or a Muslim brother.  One verse commands a Muslim to give money for the love of Allah.  This leaves only one quasi-universal verse about love: give what you love to zakat-charity and even this is contaminated by dualism since Muslim zakat-charity only goes to other Muslims.  There are over 400 TEACHINGS of HATE directed against all Believers: Jews, Christians, idolaters and kafirs.

    So much for love.  HATE and FEAR are what Allah demands in the Quran.


    Comment by Anonymous | April 23, 2019 | Reply

    • Well said, and thanks for the well researched info. Too bad not many people know it.

      And it’s false? Who said it was…Snopes? The guy seemed real to me.


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | April 24, 2019 | Reply

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