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Dewey Defeats Truman.

Nobody Flashes

It’s just like the deep state to declare Biden President on a Friday/Saturday morning when everybody is busy, and pretty much pissed off at all the news of how huge the coup was to FINALLY take over the Presidenty.

How would WE know. We all are reading the hundreds of ways the ballots were stolen: From hiring people to just sit and fill out the ballots inside, to destroying thousands in trash, and old trucks, to very well turned election machines which changed the votes, to blocking republicans from observing, to…fixing the election BEFORE the votes, which we all know they did.

Forget Russia. Mitt Romey, Obama, The Rinos’, the communists, the CIA, and FOX news made Russia look like an amateur’s. The CIA was running a “colored revolution”, you name it.

They did it.

Why, just stuff the ballots AFTER the election and get every single major news network to claim Biden won! What can the American people do about it? RIOT? Ha ha ha ha…we’ll burn their houses down!

I must admit, after election night, I swore to my husband that I was never going to watch FOX again. All my friends said the same. I don’t go on Drudge anymore either. And I figured Trump would fight the fraud, at least until the legal votes were counted.

My husband and I were working hard today, moving our water fountains, bagging leaves, putting up part of the Christmas outside decorations. We did a lot of hard physical work which gets no easier when we both have had knee surgery (On the same knee) In fact, every doctor we see my husband remarks “How many couples have you treated that had the same knee surgery at the same time.?” They never answer.

So, imagine my surprise when we finally put our iced knees up to relax at 6 pm and turned on FOX (sorry, I had to know) and saw Biden shooting fireworks claiming victory.

I would bet my grandmother’s old fur coat that millions of American like me, took a few seconds look, turned it off, said “There Goes America” and turned on the movie Tombstone. Yes, imagining ourselves saying “I’m your Huckleberry” to all the enemies’ that have betrayed us.

So dear follow nobodies… have heart. I found this guy and after I watched it, I felt relieved. Trump did NOT give up yet. This victory party was all about making YOU beleive that Biden won. It’s official. They did so that ALL would not question what they are telling you.

Anyway, I’ll never give up unless I hear our President Give up.

And something tells me THAT is not in his DNA.

Watch it, it WILL make you feel better.

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