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Nobody Knows Where the Money Goes

Nobody Knows

I went to vote at my local city hall today. On the ballot was one big issue: The city needs money, due to the fact that union pensions are not funded, and therefore to make sure that the expensive union pensions that were promised to the firefighters of a city that is not even ours, get what they were promised they need more money.Rahm the mayor

Nothing new here…it’s pretty much the same all over the country. Pensions are breaking the budgets of states, cities, and isn’t it exciting?

It’s probably one of the reasons Rahm Emanuel won reelected in Chicago.

Okay. So it wasn’t.

But, in my little town, we were told, they’d have to raise our property taxes, cut off city services altogether…like snow removal, left pickup, and the local pool, and no doubt the next thing will be to cut off our street lights. You see, the last time they wanted more taxes we voted it down. Then came…Ferguson. So they just tried to put the tax up six months later..again. and this time, they said, don’t worry, we’ll just add-on a city sales tax.

Here’s the thing…that bothers me. That sales tax. Every single time you buy something there is a state tax, and a federal tax.

And every time I got to the grocery store, I am paying around $10.00. Now, if 360 million people buy groceries, say, once a week, and the average tax collected is $10.00 that adds up to…let’s see, $360,000,000,000—-x ten equals…. and then my mind goes holy- moly and how about adding the gas taxes, cigarette taxes, liquor taxes, meal taxes…your head starts spinning like in the exorcist, green bile starts spewing out of your mouth.. and you understand WHY leaders never, ever, ever, ever, ever, in a million years talk about all the taxes you are paying every single time you buy something.

The government is raking in trillions…and they are not talking much about it. So, WHY are we trillions in debt?SpendingByTheNumbers600649

No…there is this magic trick that of vast media control so that you just think about the income tax. As if…all those other little bitty ten bucks here, five dollars there, is just…pittance.

So, since our government is rolling in money (let’s not forget the lottery taxes) why is it that they never seen to have enough?taxes cartoon

What do they do with all that money besides give it to the rest of the world and Barack Obama?

I wonder about the men running my little town, and I have a suspicion that the reason they say they need more is not just about pensions, but about supporting welfare for the illegal’s.

I could be wrong, but my poor little town is filling up with illegal’s so fast, we are starting to look like……the melting pot that fell over. Our schools are overflowing with kids that don’t speak English. So, they are telling us it’s for pensions, but…is it? How do we know?

We don’t. We can’t. They just don’t keep records. We have to take their words.

I’m sure I’ll wake up tomorrow to find out either: One: the sales tax passed. or Two: It didn’t pass and our property taxes will go up (along with more pawn shops) or Three: The sales tax did pass AND our property taxes will go up anyway.

No matter what, we lose.

And speaking of losing…

Are the people in Chicago out of their minds? How in the world did the Godfather get reelected to Mayor? He ran against a Hispanic guy who seemed to be winning the race…taxes charlie

Emanuel raised far more money than Garcia, plastered the airwaves with ads and had support from his former boss, President Barack Obama, who cast an early ballot for him from Washington.

Election officials said more than 142,300 Chicago voters cast early ballots for the runoff, far outpacing early voting turnout in February and four years ago.

Oh right. It’s those ‘early’ ballots where you can say you are anybody and there is no way to prove it.


Nobody Knows the boundless corruption running amuck in our country, and what’s worse, nobody ever will.

Wait. I take that back: Now that Vladimir Putin has hacked the White House, we might get some answers.


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